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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Blind as a Bat

Welcome to Saturday!!! I should have been sleeping in. Oh yeah. It should have been a grand time. Instead, I woke up at around 5am with a growing headache. I think it was my lack of caffeine. Not so good... I woke up for real at 8am, and hustled to get the kids ready for basketball games. I grabbed some Excedrine Migraine, and left the house at 8:30am. Tom needed dropped off at the On Post youth center. His game was there at 9am. And Eme's game was also at 9am, but at Logan. Sigh. All these games at the same time are killing me!

So Jim and Joe came with me, cause Jake was still sleeping, and we headed out. Here's my thinking. I couldn't decide who's game to go and see, so I decided to pick none. We went to big lots instead. Neutral ground. I'm Switzerland! To quote Bella Swan. ROFL!

Really, maybe, I just wasn't up for a headache and crowd controlling kids at a basketball game first thing in the morning. Crowd controlling in the toy isle at Big Lots seemed easier. We wandered around the store for about 45 minutes, paid, and went back to get the kids. Much better option.

Rebecca texted and said that she'd take Eme home (score!), so I just went to pick up Tom. Captain America was on Facebook, so I got to message with him for a while. Quite a while, actually. ha! It was a good time. I got Tom, then dropped the kids off at home, and sat in the driveway and messaged Brent. It was good to just sit and chat. Then we both realized that I hadn't sent the Droid phone to him that I was supposed to (for his return trip home early next year!!!), so I told the kids I was leaving and headed to the post office before it closed.

I got to message with Captain America while I was in line, sent the package, and sent back to the truck. And chatted for about another hour. Until the phone died. LOL. Yeah, it was a good day. It was like a date day with my hubby :)

At around 3pm, the little boys and I headed over to Kim house to play outside near the German vacant lot. It had rained, and they were hoping for puddles. And Kim has a fire pit.

I saved the fire (hehe), and got it going very nicely. I've got mad skills, you know :) Gotta be good at something. The kids played, and Kim and I chatted. Kari came over soon, and the three moms hung. It would have been perfect if we could have convinced the kids to play far enough away from us to give us a break. LOL. They kept coming over and needing us. ROFL!

We were over there until around 5:30 or 6pm. It was a good time. We got out some old stale marshmallows and roasted them. It was fun, though!

And roasted some stale donuts too. ha!

Eventually, it got too cold to stay outside much longer. Like my cute braids? hehe :)Joe and Corey and Leo decided that it would be fun to have a sleepover. And our rule is, if someone sleeps over from Saturday to Sunday, then they have to come to church the next day. So I agreed. I must have been crazy, but I agreed. LOL ;) We headed home, and soon, had 7 kids at the house!

Kids had some Ramen for dinner, and watched some Avatar cartoons, and I showered and hung in my room for a bit. Then came out to see what they were doing. They were doing great :) I wanted to work on my blog, and watch an episode of X-files. But the problem was, that I needed the TV laptop to watch TV on, and it was dead. But my regular laptop was dead too. And I only know where one power cord is.... Drat. Watching an episode of X-files won. hehe.

At 8:30pm, I came out and put all the kids to bed. We had church in the morning, and kids needed to start going to bed. Eme and Tom went upstairs and did whatever they do. Jake and Boxer went to their room. And Jim and Joe and Corey and Leo went to the downstairs room.

And it was crazy insane in there. I had to get Jim out of there. Way too crazy. I think Jim must have been tired, because about 3 minutes after I put him in my room, he was TOTALLY zonked out asleep on my closet floor with a pillow and blanket. Nice :)

The others? Yeah, not so much. I was gonna wait till they all fell asleep, then go to Walmart with Amanda. Cause we were out of toilet paper. Well, my bathroom was. The other bathrooms were on the last rolls. And tomorrow is Sunday...

I decided to have Jake come sleep on the couch to be the "guard" to make sure that everyone was safe. And Boxer, too. That way, if anyone "got out" of their rooms, Jake and Boxer would know. And he could call me and let me know.

Amanda came and got me, and we headed to the "Jaurez" Walmart. And Oh My Gosh was it ever packed! It looked like the Day After thanksgiving!!! What the crap??? The lines were INSANE!!! We grabbed the few items that we needed, and went to electronics. Surely it wouldnt' be so bad there...

Wrong. The line was 15 people long. Um, CRAZY! So we went back up front. We couldn't even see the beginning of the line. We debated ditching the cart, and starting over again. Going to a different Walmart? Was toilet paper REALLY necessary? Going to Walgreens? Dang!

Then an associate came and said that if we maneuvered our cart through the clothes section, we'd find shorter lines in the middle of the registers. Of course, that's where people had been ditching their carts to leave the store... But we eventually did. And found a line with only 6 people in it... Crazy insane!

We waited and waited and waited forever, then paid. I was feeling super anxious, by this point. There were people everywhere. I think I got my butt grazed about 5 times total. Not on purpose (I don't think, anyway), mind you... There were just SO many people there.

We asked an associate, and they said that on Saturdays after the Mall and Bus Station closes, that the Walmart gets SUPER crowded. INSANE! Who knew??? Note to self. NEVER again come at this time on this day of the week to THIS Walmart.... *committing to memory*

We headed home, blasting the tunes and singing loudly the whole way. Sure gonna miss that girl when she leaves!

She dropped me off at the house, and we noticed that the light was on in the little boys' room. They were sitting on the bed eating apples. Sigh. It was 11pm. I chewed on them a little bit, and told them that they were gonna be SO tired in the morning. Amanda left, and I finished up my blog.

It's now about 11:15pm, and I'm gonna go to sleep. I guess if they don't sleep, then they'll be crabby in the morning. And Joe will never have another sleep over again. On a Saturday to Sunday, that is. I'm not losing sleep on the deal, though. I need my rest!

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LOL @ the glasses. Sometimes I feel like that without my contacts/glasses. I think I AM blind as a bat. hehe. But thank goodness for them! What would I do without them! Great layout, Sharon! You are the BEST for consistently doing these pages for me! Thanks, chicka!


Becca said...

So over here on the Oregon coast, I had to make a trip to WalMart, which is THE place to go after the Coos Bay Stake Conference lets out. Guess what? NO LINE! I so know you are jealous. Have a fabulous Sabbath!

deb said...

Walmart today was a nightmare. I finally paid at the jewelry counter for our 4 items. *sigh* Thank for the word art. Without my glasses, I can see stuff WAY OFF but to read is near impossible.

Shelly said...

Ooooppppsss!!! You used Captain America's real name in this post.

Thanks for the terrific word art. Hugs!!!