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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Blog Freebie Alphabet Weekend Recap

Hey girls... Just wanted to catch you up from the weekend. And the party. And life in general. I've missed a few days. It's been a rough few days. Good in ways. But bad in others. See, on Saturday evening, we realized that Jake hadn't been taking his meds. He SAID that he'd been taking them, but when I went to look at his pill container, it was full since Thursday morning... NOT good.

Anyway, by that point, he'd already trashed his room, and him and his dad had had yelling matches, and everything. Super bad. I managed to calm him down long enough to get him to take him Saturday pills (all of them), then he started trashing stuff again. We locked him in his room so he didn't hurt anyone. Eventually, he fell asleep. Needless to say, all the rest of our Saturday plans were out the window. It totally takes a toll on a person. I didn't blog that night. CPT and I just watched episodes of The Office and tried to laugh. We needed some laughter.

But Friday was a good day. I had my Miche party. I did pretty good, even! CPT and I had a little tiff that morning, but we were still speaking, thankfully. I had to run to Walmart after I got the kids off to school in the morning, and I was still fighting off a headache. Sigh.

I got the stuff that i needed at Walmart, and headed back home. I was in and out and back home within the hour. CPT was at the gym when I got home. I was supposed to follow him to the West side to pick him back up after he dropped his vehicle off at a car place, but he was late getting back home from working out. Maybe that's what our fight was about. I can't remember now.

I made homemade pretzel dough, and got some dipping sauces ready. And now I know why the hostess is supposed to be in charge of the food. Definitely the hostess' job. Not the consultant! hehe. Because it's WAY too much.

Anyway, the pretzels took FORVER, but I was chatting with my mom while I was making them, so that was fun. I decided that I really liked baking and working with dough. I wanted to hop in the shower no later than 10. Nope, didn't happen. Finally, I was done with the food at 10:45. Yeah, shower not happening. I threw on some nice clothes, put on a fresh layer of make up, fixed my hair, and CPT helped me load the truck. And he realized that I didn't have time drive him to the West side. He was a bit grouchy, but still helped me get my stuff to Maggies house.

He helped me unload over there, and I set everything up. It looked pretty good! It took RIGHT up until the time for the party. Kim came over and helped with food, and Maggie helped with my product folder. THANKS you guys! Leigh came, and Kari was a little late. Julia was a little late too. And Maggie's neighbor, Reese, was there too. It was a pretty good party.

We ate first, then started the "show" at around 1pm. I did my little spheel, then opened it up to questions. I think I did ok. Once I know the presentation cards a little better, I think it should flow a bit better. I had them fill out the order forms, and then those who had to leave, left. Julia went to the bus stop to pick up the kids, and went to the park with mine. Maggie and I and Kari took down and packed up my suburban, and we headed to the park. And we were there for about an hour, letting the kids play.

CPT had gone to the East side with the OLD truck, and came back home around the same time that the kids and I headed back home. We got the kids fed and situated, and he and I headed out for our date night. We got to the main drag of restaurants on the Northeast side at around 7pm. Yeah, so did the rest of El Paso. 45 minute wait. SO not gonna do that. So we drove over to the East side and went to Rudys.

I just LOVE Rudy's, and so does CPT. Well, after about 30 minutes in the restaurant, my stomach didn't love Rudys. We stopped by the Dollar tree on the way home, and at 9pm, I thought I was gonna die. I couldn't get home fast enough. And I spent the next 2 hours on the toilet. OUCH!!! That's why I didn't blog. Because I was in such pain. OUCH!!! I was dying. Was it food poisoning? Or what? Or just a bad reaction? I don't know... I eventually fell asleep, dying...

On Saturday morning, Tom went on a Scout hike early in the morning. Jake was supposed to go. But CPT and I had talked about how because of his particular kind of Aspergers, he can't really be unsupervised. Well, he needs to be supervised by someone who knows about Aspergers, that is. When he went on that one float trip, he got SUPER bad sunburned. When he went on that one hike, he sprained his ankle. When he went on the campout, the leaders were calling me and telling me that he wasn't listening. 3 times. 3 bad reactions. Not gonna do it again. I don't trust the situation to be different. Especially with CPT and Jake fighting so much.

So sending CPT with Jake isn't gonna be a viable solution either. Because obviously, CPT doesn't know how to deal with Aspergers at this point. He hasn't been around him enough. He doesn't know enough about his condition. Or the triggers. Or how to calm him down. It would be the same as sending some random adult. So, we decided to let Tom go with the Scouts, and to take the rest of the family on a hike together.

CPT dropped Tom off at the hike, and I got the other kids ready at home. It took a LOT longer than I though. But we got it all. Backpacks and the right shoes and extra socks and water bottles and trail mix and this that and the other thing. CPT had an errand on the West side, so he went and did that real fast, then we met at Circle K, then continued over to the hiking place.

It was a beautiful day for a hike. We did the beginner hike, then went a little ways into another hike. But yeah, Jim was tired. So we headed back. Unfortunately, he cried the whole way back. CPT and Joe had gone a bit further, so I had to drag Jim back up the hill. Not so fun... Poor kid. It was a good hike all in all, though. Jake and Boxer REALLY liked it.

We headed back to post, and CPT got a call from Tom saying that they were done with their hike. He went to pick Tom up, then headed back home too. We did some cleaning projects, and that's when we realized that Jake was having some problems. I chalked it up to Jake and CPT not getting along well at first. But this was horrible. Jake was whiny. And disrespectful. And REALLY bad. Throwing fits. And crying. And stomping off. And eventually breaking things. And then spiraling further and further out of control. Yeah, we eventually got it figured out.

So yeah, that's what you missed. I'll try and keep up from now on :)


marsie55 said...

Oh, not so bad as I was imagining .. but bad enough hey?? My nephew is autistic, so I understand a bit of what you have to handle with respect to Jake. It is a steep learning curve, and I'm sure Cpt will get there quickly. Thanks for the update! xxx

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 6 post on Feb. 27, 2012. Thanks again.