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Saturday, March 3, 2012


Hey there, girlies! What up today?? So, I woke up on the wrong side of the sleepy bed this morning, me thinks... I somehow managed to get Tom and the little kids off to school, but Jake was sleepy too. And just wanted to lounge around on the couch. And I couldn't seem to light a fire under his behind. I yelled at him, and poked at him, and prodded him. Darn that child... I even threw a partial cup of water on him! Finally, I gave up, yelled at him, said that he'd BETTER get ready and go get ready and be out the door by 7:55am.

I went to lay down. Because I was feeling like strangling someone. LOL. CPT was long gone. And strangling Jake wasn't an option. hehe. I texted with Kim for a bit, and tried to relax. And dozed off for a minute. And soon, it was 7:55am. And it was super quiet out in the living room. I went out to check. Surely he was gone. Cause it was WAY too quiet. The freakin' kid was sleeping on the couch!!! Oh I was hot! I yelled, and he kinda sleepily stumbled about, scurrying about to throw on some clothes and get out the door. He was gone in 3 minutes and out the door. Sigh. KIDS! He must have made it to the bus ok, because he never came back. LOL.

And I was SO tired. I got a text from my supervisor in Miche, who said that she could meet me at the Outlet mall to give me the catalogs that I'd earned! Score! And a trip to the Outlet mall? Oh yeah! I texted Kim so that she could come too :) But first, Nap... I so needed one.

I slept till around 10am. Because I was so incredibly tired. Maybe I was getting sick. Maybe it was all the exercise. I don't know. But I really wasn't feeling too hot. I woke up, and showered. But as soon as I got my hair washed, the water shut off, mid shower. SO not cool! At least I'd gotten the purple shampoo rinsed out of it... There had been a problem with the water yesterday, too, but it hadn't effected (affected... I can never quite remember which is which).

I got ready real fast, and Kim and I headed out for the day. We were meeting Barbara at the Outlets at Whataburger at 12:30. We had about an hour before and we were gonna go to a different outlet store. One that had kitchen gadgets and hair stuff. I'd never been there before. I was excited :)

See my Miche for today? Classic size, but I can't remember her name. She's retired. SUPER cute, though :)
I found some clearanced bagged up hair stuff, and a few kitchen scrubby things. Kim found a few more things. hehe. It was a good time. I'm gonna have to go back again! They had FUN stuff!

Then we headed to meet up with Barbara. We were STARVING by the time we got to Whataburger. We got the Bacon Whataburger with onion rings. Oh yeah. SUPER yummy! With Diet Dr Pepper. Score it! I was in heaven. hehe.

Soon, Barbara and her 3 kids got there. The little one was in pre-k. The older 3 had a half day, so they were there to shop. We had a good time chatting and getting to know each other. She was SUCH a nice lady! We all ate and chatted, I got the catalogs, and then we went to the outlets. Thanks, Barbara! Hope to see you soon!

First stop, Disney store! Check out the funny hat! hehe.

We went to a few clothes stores, and then ended up at the kitchen store. I liked this cool corn bread pan. Isn't it cute?
And this baby cast iron skillet is precious - hehe :)

I also got a KITCHEN AID!!!! It was the 5 QT, 450 watt, red mixer! All for only $197, after tax and military discount. Booyah! I was pretty excited.

Next stop, Jewelry Box. Lugging that giant mixer around. ROLF! check out the pretty hair clippies that I got!
Then it was back home and time to pick up the kids from the bus stops and schools for Kim and I.
My butterfly ring
I was home for not too long after the bus, and then CPT came home early from work. We hung out and watched a few episodes of Walking Dead. The kids watched some Merlin (some new show they are watching), and we hung and had a nice relaxing evening. We had left over pot roast and veggies for dinner.

Then CPT and I got ready for our date night. We were going to go see "This Means War" at the movies. Movie started at 7:15 and it was pretty close to the house. It was a SUPER good movie. I loved it! Action and funny and romantic comedy all at the same time. Good one!

And check out my purse for the night, too!
After the movie, we drove to the West side to Circle K for a Diet Mt Dew. And it was worth the drive, because we could chat the whole way over and the whole way back. It was a good date night :)

We got back home, put the kids to bed, and CPT went through some of his civil war stuff while I blogged. Tomorrow is Leo's birthday party. Not sure what I'm gonna do for the rest of the day. Night, y'all!

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Tink said...

Love your blog!!
Could you post a demo of how the Miche bag works? How do the shells stay on them ?ETC. I like the Hobo and the Demi bags, thinking bout getting one..

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 6 post on Mar. 03, 2012. Thanks again.

Knowly said...

I would love to see the inside of the bags.

marsie55 said...

Love the w.a. ... thanks!!

BB said...

Sometimes you just have to say it like it is! Love it!


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 5 post on Mar. 14, 2012. Thanks again.