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Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Frame 2012

OK, so here's a picture of POOR Jake's nose... Poor honey. We did let him stay home. He was all congested sounding anyway. He rested and felt much better in the evening. By the end of Wednesday, he was having a fun time joking about stray elbows, and fat lips, whatever else little boys joke about. Sigh. Men and their wounds... Girls SO wouldn't be joking about such things. ha!
Morning was typical. CPT got up and got off to work. Tom was off to the bus at 7am. I got the kids off to the bus at 7:15am. I sat with one of Kim's sick kids while she ran her non-sick kid to school. Then, I headed to the pool and swam laps with Kari and Erin. 32 half laps, 16 full laps! It was 1 mile!!. And yeah, 1 mile doesn't sound like a lot when you are walking, but in a full sized Olympic sized pool, it's SO big! hehe :)

I probably shouldn't have taken all of my Topomax before going swimming, though. Because at half lap 20, I kinda forgot what I was doing, mid stroke. And then rammed my head into the wall. But I re-focused. And finished off the swim. LOL. At least I didn't drown, right? ha!

I was gonna stop right then, but I pushed on, and finished off the swim. I was so proud of myself when I was done. Unfortunately, I found some cookies that Kim had left in my Suburban yesterday, and ate those. Not the best choice. I blame Kim. Totally not responsible for yummy cookies left in my rig, right?

Jake was watching TV when I got home, and I hopped in the shower, and got pretty for the day. And put on a little jacket thing with sparklies. Just for fun. Because I had it, and wanted to wear it. When I walked in the light, Jake said I looked like a disco ball. ROFL!
I used Kandace today. I thought she matched with my jacket well enough :)

I spent the majority of the day at home. I designed 3 WordArt packs, and watched "The Walking Dead" with Jake. That show is pretty graphic! I enjoyed the premise, but thought it would have been better without all of the blood spatter! Still, it's only PG-14, right? I'm pretty sure I saw that. I may need to re-confirm that. That's the assumption I'm going off of... It seems pretty well done for a Zombie show. A lot of my friends' hubby's watch it.

Anyway, CPT came home for lunch, and we hung with him. Then he left back for work. And I designed some more. He and I had a couples counseling session at 2:30 on the West side. He was coming back here, and we were going together.

We left the house at 2:20, and got there a few minutes late, but it was OK, because the therapist was running late. As usual. All therapist run late, huh? Have y'all noticed that??? Or is it just me and mine?

We had a good session, and got some good handout about identity/love trust/safety and such. Maybe I'll take a picture/scan them tomorrow if I have time. They were very informative. We talked about that, and soon it was time to go. I had to get back to post, drop CPT off, pick up Eme, and take her to Piano at Logan. It was gonna be close.

Maggie had Jim at the park, so first I dropped CPT off at the house, then went and got Jim. Then dropped him off at the house with Tom, then got Eme, then headed to Logan. Yeah, we were about 15 minutes late for Piano. I did manage to get 2 WordArt packs designed before my laptop died, though. I only had about 10 minutes to kill before piano got over and Eme came out, so that was good.

We headed home, and my Miche Party order was on my doorstep! I separated out the orders, loaded them up in the truck, and delivered them to my girls over the next hour. First, to Maggie and her neighbor, then to Kari, then to Julia, and then to Kim. Everyone was SO excited to get their stuff. Then I played with my stuff. And yeah, CPT was home by the time that I got home. And we were SO late for Scouts. And I wasn't ready. And we were rushing. And unprepared. And CPT was a bit upset by my lack of preparation. And it was totally my fault. I admit it. I'd been too busy doing other things. Sorry, CPT. I'll do better prioritizing next week!

We did get to Scouts, though. 10 minutes late, but we did get there. And it was a lame meeting, but we had one. We talked about Pinewood derby cars. CPT talked about how to do the wheels. And the nails. And a few other things. And that was really it. We did a few other things, and called it a meeting. I chatted with a few of the moms, and CPT went to meet with the bishopric.

I eventually went to hang in the lobby. Here's me, and my purse, with my NEW white handles! Aren't they pretty!!! And Angel charmer! And was there FOREVER. Apparently, CPT was getting a calling. Boy Scout Committee Chair. He'll do really well at it. He was even in full Boy Scout uniform tonight. Nice, huh? I think they must have been having a committee meeting or something. Because it was around 9pm or later before we got out of the church.

Luckily, the kids were all doing super good. Had people been fighting, I'd have been going crazy. LOL. As it was, I was just sleepy. We headed home, and FINALLY, my crock pot of meat and carrots and potatoes was done. I'd put it in too late. Tom and I were the only 2 that wanted to eat. So we sat down to eat some. It was SO yummy. I dished the rest of it out for tomorrow's dinner and put it in the fridge. Oh well.

And sat down to blog. It's now 10:23pm. I'm sleepy. CPT is sleepy. Jake and Tom are still wandering around. People are gonna be hurting in the morning. Wednesdays are brutal nights. And Thursdays are SO hard to wake up after such a late night!!!

SUPER cute one, Sharon!!!! Love this one, my dear!!!

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CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 9 post on Mar. 01, 2012. Thanks again.

Vanessa R said...

Thanks for the WA - can't believe it's March already!