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Monday, February 27, 2012

Blog Freebie Alphabet Z

So, it's Sunday. Which means that we slept in, got up, got ready for church, went to church, had a very nice time, came back home, and that WOULD have been the end of our typical Sunday.

But, they boys had a fireside. So it was a bit different. I made some cupcakes for them to take with them, and Eme made some cookies for Family Home Evening. We'd split up tasks for Family Home Evening earlier in the day, so we had about an hour to hurriedly do those. Jake and Steven (the bishop's son - who's house the fireside was at) had made plans to meet at 5 at his house (2 hours before the fireside and hang out), and we said that they could, so long as Tom could come too - we weren't making 2 trips to the East side of town for the fireside...

Anyway, we had Family Home Evening, and the lesson was about the Prodigal son. That's what the first talk in church was about today. Joe conducted, CPT said the opening prayer, Jim picked and led the music, Jake found the video online, Tom found the scriptural referrence, CPT led the discussion, Joe tied it all up, Eme had baked the dessert, and I said the closing prayer. Then CPT drove the boys over to the Bishops house, and I cooked some dinner.

The little kids and I watched Judy Moody, and it was a super nice relaxing evening. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I put the kids to bed at 7:45pm, and at 8pm, I went and picked up Kim (who's hubby had left for a 3 month training, and she was KIDDED out for the day), and we drove to pick up my boys from the fireside a bit early. We sat and waited for them and just chatted. CPT was detailing his Suburban/truck in the garage. It was nice to just chat with Kim. She's a lot of fun.

We eventually got the boys and came back home. I dropped Kim off, and got the boys to bed. I chatted online with my sister and with Amanda for a bit, blogged, and now it's 10pm. It's bedtime. I have Savers plans in the morning. But then, it's Monday... That's a given, right? hehe.

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Anonymous said...

Hi hun, thanks for the last letters!
The link for Box.net gives me a warning that the file can be corrupt. Just wanted to let you know!

Hope you all are doing better again!


Vanessa R said...

Fabulous alpha WA - thanks so much!