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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Being Apart Sucks

First off, I just have to say that MUSE is coming to NEW MEXICO!!!! OMGosh, I'm so excited. I totally wanna go. *Jumps up and down doing the happy dance* Yeah, I'm in 7th grade, right? heehe. Anyway, I just may have to come up with a cleaver "Fund my trip to Muse" sale or something - hehehe.

OK, back to reality. hehehe. Captain America kissed me and said Happy Anniversary before he left for PT this morning. I vaguely remember it - hehehe. I don't know what time he wakes up, but I don't even hear his alarm anymore :)

I was up a little before 8am, but was slow to get out of bed. I was gonna help Laurie with her cars today (to get oil changes), so I texted her to get a rough idea of the time . I got up, got dressed, fed the kids, started on the chores, and it was time to go. I met Laurie at her house, and she drove her car, and I drove mine.

We went to the Auto Crafts place, and she dropped off her car. I picked her up, and we went back to her house to get the truck. We drove separately back to the Auto Crafts place, and she dropped off her truck. I took her back to her house, and she got her white car. She drove it up, and I picked her up at the Auto Crafts place.

But she forgot her insurance cards at home, so I drove her back home to get it, and we went back again - hehehe. Next stop, Circle K for my morning Diet Doctor Pepper - ha! And a quick trip to Fallas Paredes. I found some Anniversary apparel (LOL) there, which I was pretty excited about. Also, they had $1.99 Paramore shirts! Laurie and I both got one, and bought one for Hilary! I found $1.99 Chewbaca (Star Wars) shirts for Jake and Tom, and a CUTE little black skirt for Emeline. I also found a zebra print tank to wear to the pool. I was SO excited about that!

We headed back home, I dropped her off at her house, and I went and got the kids ready for lunch and the pool. Check out the cool Paramore shirt. It looked SUPER tiny, so I was a bit apprehensive about getting it. It was a 12/14 in boys. I tried it on over my shirt in the store, and it fit tightly, but it fit.

Anyhoo, here's my new shorts from Walmart the other night, and my new zebra tank from Fallas :)

We went to lunch at Free Lunch, and the kids had Beanie Weanies, and Fries, and Apples, and Milk, and a slice of Bread. They liked it well enough. They had patriotic decorations up for Flag Day, or was it for my anniversary. I can't remember..... hehe.

I was bummed that Hilary was still out of town, and couldn't come to the pool (pouts), but was happy that so many of my other friends came. Adelina and Andrea and Leslie and Sarah and Danielle were all there. And during pool break, 5 of us went down the water slides. It was TOO fun :) I went on my bum mostly, but once on my tummy.

We stayed another hour, visiting and chatting and having fun. We left around 2pm, and headed home. We put stuff away, changed, got a snack, and I got a message from Laurie, saying her cars were done. Well, 2 of them. One had to stay in for some repairs.

Here's me sporting my new shirt. See, it DID fit. And I thought it woudln't. I guess my perception of my weight is a little off... But I knew that already. I am down, though. I've lost 19 lbs since I started my diet again. Only 11 more to go until I'm at the weight I was at last summer.

(Oh yeah, this is me with the girdle... i was afraid it would be too rollie without it)

So we did our tricky carpooling to get her cars back home. And we went real fast, before dinner, out to Bassett Center. I wanted to go to the jewelry box to find some yellow earrings to match my Paramore T-shirt. ha! I know, I'm a dork. I just have a thing for big, cheap earrings

Laurie got an education in "Bethany" today at the Jewelry Box. hehehe. I don't do bows, or hearts, or stars, or girly things, or pink jewelry, for the most part. hehehe. Here's me with a BIG purple bow headband. Yeah, lovely...

Now big yellow earrings I can handle! Aren't these cool! Yellow in the front, and silver in the back. Cool :)

After Jewelry box, we headed to Target so I could find a treat for the kids. I told them if they could get their chores done in the time I was gone, then I'd give them a treat when I got home. I bought them some S'Mores Granola bars. Looked SUPER good to me - hehehe.

I found a new black tight shirt for me. My old black tight shirt is no longer tight. And that kinda defeats the purpose. LOL!

So we headed back to the car, through Kohls. And got waylaid in the jewelry department. They were having things 60% off, and the rings were calling my name. These two in particular. Aren't the pretty!

OK, so pretty isn't the right word. Cool. Yeah, they're cool. Laurie and I also bought matching toe rings, and got one for Hilary too! I know, 7th grade again :) I don't care, I love my girls, and wanna match with them!

Yeah, ignore my nasty feet. I need to do a self pedicure on them. Or at least give the nails a fresh coat of paint.... But the toe ring is cute, right?

We finaly made it out of Kohls, and headed home. I took off the girdle, cause it was rolling, put on a different pair of pants, and found that it worked! I must be losing weight, because my rolls are MUCH smaller than before - ha!

Oh yeah, and check out these SUPER cool earrings I found there. I call them my "Big Balls" earrings. I got a bracelet to match (did I mention I LOVE dollar jewelry!).

So we had some hot dog buns that had gone stale, so I made up some Hot Dog Bun French Toast. It really worked out pretty good, and the kids LOVED it :) AND, I have enough left overs for breakfast tomorrow. I love it when a plan comes together!

Captain America was still not home from work yet. But I was surprisingly patient. I wasn't getting antsy or anything :) That's uncommon for me - hehehe.

I cooked some Talipia for myself, and was SO frustrated that it kept cooking to the George Forman grill. Sigh. I guess it's finally giving out. I got it for $2.50 at a goodwill type store a few years back. They're good for Sandwiches, but not for direct contact with meat. It sticks a lot. I think I'm gonna be in the market for a good grill. That, and I have "grill envy" for Hilarys...

Anyway, here's me and my "Dead Fish", cause it died on the grill. Pout!

Captain America finally got home a little after 8pm. I'd forgotten that he had a softball game. Oops, that's where he'd been - ha! He washed his car real fast, took a shower, and we were ready for our date. We had Jake take some pics of us. Aren't we cute!

This was my goofy face kissy pic - ha!

We got in his nice clean car, and headed out. WE drove up over Transmountain pass, and parked at the top for a few minutes and kissed like teenagers. (well, maybe we had more restraint than teenagers - hehehe) There were a TON of other cars up there too. Beautiful view of the city, though :)

We went to a Sonic on the West Side, and ordered Diet Doctor Peppers, Rt 44, Easy Ice. Just like I like it :) We sat and talked for about 20 minutes, then headed back home the other way. So we made a big loop of the city. It was a very nice evening.

We came home, and I tried out my Fallas purchase (hehe), and got ready for bead. Captain America went to sleep, and I moved to the couch with my laptop. Hilary and I texted for quite a bit, and finally she had to go to sleep (she was at Ft Hood for the weekend, remember? And she had car troubles, and they got it into the dealer this morning, and rushed the work though, thank goodness). She has a job, and has to get up in the morning. Me? My first thing going on is at 10am.

Not quite fair to keep her up when she has to get up so early :) Sorry, hon! I'm a bad friend! It's just that I missed that girl a lot when she was gone :) When you're used to seeing someone everyday, then they're not there. Well, I don't like it :) hehe. So don't leave again.

What? I'm the one leaving? Next week? Crap, your right! Well, let's try and stay put in August, can we? hehehee.

OK, now that I'm done having a conversation with myself, I guess I better put my night owl butt to bed. It's 1:32am, and I'm feeling sleepy.

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Gummysmom said...

Perfect for me. My DH lives in another province for three weeks of every month. We've been doing this for 18 months and have another six to go until he is home for good.

Anonymous said...

TY for the wordart Bethany. LOL at the blog entry today. Thanks for the grinz gf. Happy Anniversary to you and Brent! :)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for freebies. Link on your post was added to Lori's freebie list

Lorie said...

I so love this one! I'm in AZ and my husband is in MO, started a new job and I'm back here trying to sell a house.