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Friday, June 18, 2010


Hey there! Greeting to all of my friends in Digiscrap land. Hehehe. Today was a pretty good day for me :) Started off at 7:30am when my alarm went off, after having been up chatting with a friend into the wee hours of the morning. 5 ½ hours seems to me my MO as of late :)

I dozed until 8am, then went out to see who was up. A few of the kids were. The kids got breakfast, I got breakfast, we did a few chores, and I designed a WordArt pack. Yeah, my plan was to design all 5. I guess had I not been texting the whole time. I would have been able to get more done – hehehe. Priorities, you know. Texting above designing, apparently – LOL!

At 9:45am, Eme came in to tell me that it was almost time to go to Leslie’s house. Dang, I’d lost track of time. Eme was already showered and dressed and had dried her hair. SHE was ready to go. My hair was clean from the night before, but I still needed clothes and make up. I hurried, and was only 5 minutes late.

Here's me before. See the gray on the sides?

Just the two of us walked down to Lelslie’s house. I went first. Leslie colored the gray out of my hair. Thank goodness! It was starting to show again. While it was sitting, she cut Eme’s hair. And it was SO cute when she was done! Hilary came over at around 10:30, then after Eme’s hair cut, Leslie washed the color out of my hair, and we were done.

I took Leslie’s kids with me, and we went to my house. I quickly fixed my hair, and Hilary headed home to pick up her kids. We headed out to Free Lunch, and all met up there. The kids had Fish Sticks and Tater Tots, which some of them loved and some of them hated. At least mine were the ones that liked it. Hehehe.

After lunch, we headed back to my house. The kids were all planning what games to play, and Hilary and I snuck out for a quick shopping trip. Nathan and Jake are both 12 & 13, so we had plenty of babysitters :)

We went to Kohls, and Hilary looked at the rings that Laurie and I looked at. I found a new Grill for my fish and chicken, MUCH better than the other one. Better than the $2.50 one from Goodwill. That always sticks and burns my food. This one has a HUGE surface, removable plates, a timer, and an adjustable temperature. I was SO excited to find it. AND on sale, $20 off. Gotta love an unexpected sale on something you were gonna buy anyway.

We swung by Marshalls, just to see what they had, and Sonic while it was Happy hour, then back home. You know, I’m still leary of Sonic. I’ve just had regular given to me WAY too many times. Circle K, fill it yourself, is looking more and more appealing. I THINK they got the right one this time, though. Tasted fine to me.

I got home, Hilary took her kids and went home, and I sat down to design. I got another WordArt pack done, while sitting in my bed watching a kid show with Joe and Jim. Shrek 3. They were looking pretty sleepy. I was almost sure they were gonna fall asleep.

Then Captain America came home, and I convinced him to go to the ER. I was never real happy about the “Bat to the Throat” thing, and wanted him to go in the night before. He was still talking funny, and said that it felt like a real bad sore throat. Better safe than sorry, especially since we HAVE health insurance.

Here's me, saying HURRY UP cause you have the keys, and it's hot in the car - hehehe.

So I took Captain America to the ER. And we waited. And waited. And waited. He got a CT scan, and we got transferred to an ER bed. They had us in quick care for the longest time. And we waited some more. The ER Doc said that initially, the scan seemed fine. But they wanted to wait for someone else to evaluate it. So we waited. And waited. And waited.

It’s now 9:03pm. And the ER doc said that the scan was fine. Soft tissue injury, hold off on talking too much. Rest. He’s getting a note for work. Hehe. And a prescription for, you guess it, Motrin (inside Army joke). Oh wait! What’s that? It’s NOT Motrin??? Seriously? Hehehe. Well, he has something a little stronger than Motrin. Miracles never cease :)

On the up side, I designed a total of 9 WordArt packs today J That’s not too shabby. 5 for this week, and 4 towards next weeks. So I only have one more pack to do. Comes at a great time, since I leave for Vacation on Saturday.

I also designed my WordArt freebee for tomorrow. AND, since I don’t have internet here (sniff), and my phone died an hour and a half ago (sniffles – at least I remember my laptop charger or I’d be SUPER bored), I went with one of my favorite things to say. The all purpose work. SERIOUSLY? The kids spilled something. Seriously? You get to go with your hubby on a week-long trip. Seriously??? See, it works.

So apparently I already have this one, back in March I made it - hehehe. Anyway, the PNG file from box.net is now ONLY this new one. If you want the old one, click on the 4shared link from the old blog post HERE.

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Deanna said...

Love this! Thank you! My youngest daughter says this ALL the time!

Dream Big Designs said...

Thank you! I think I say this to my kids about 12 times a day!

Chris said...

Thank You This is Useful & Brilliant as Always! I should dye my hair too, I have the longest roots ever, nearly 2 inches! Maybe I am growing it out and I just haven't realised it yet.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for freebies. Link on your post was added to Lori's freebie list

Rebecca said...

Thank you!!

CactusFreek said...

Eme's hair looked cute up in the clips! Where's the pic of the finished hair cut? :oÞ

Cori said...

Too cute!! My son and I say this all the time. Can't wait to use it. Thanks for sharing!

Petra said...

This is wonderful - seriously! ;P
Thank you!!