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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Boldly Going Nowhere

Dang! I was just looking at the date, and it's almost time for me to leave on my trip, isn't it- hehehe. Maybe I should pack...

Anyway, today dawned early at 7:30am. I got up, got the kids who were awake fed, showered, got pretty, and did a few chores.

Hilary came to pick me up, and our first stop was Circle K to refill our Sonic Cups. Mmmm, Diet Doctor Pepper. And, I knew it was Diet, because I poured it myself - hehehe.

We swung by the commissary real fast, back to my house to drop stuff off, then to the Mall. Victoria's Secret was having a 6 for $30 sale on their lotions, and I just LOVE them. Hilary and I each got 6 items. Body spray and lotion to match. I just LOVE smelling pretty :)

Next, Old Navy, then on to WalMart and Sams. VERY quick stops. We had to make it back in time for Free Lunch.

She dropped me off back at my house for lunch, and I got my kids, she got her kids, and we met up at the CDC. They had Hot Dogs for lunch ,but ran out half way through me kids, so they turkey and cheese. It was still a good lunch. Turkey and cheese was probably more healthy, if you ask me :)

After lunch, we went back to my house, got the kids ready, and headed out to the movie. We watched "Furry Vengence", for $2 per person. Yeah, it was a dumb movie. hehehe. But the kids LOVED it. And I'm so glad that my kids are old enough to sit where ever they want in the theater. We sat in the back, and the kids all sat WAY up front. Yeah, it was nice :) Hilary made a nice "Date". hehehe.

After the movie, we went back to my house, all changed into our pool clothes, and headed up to the pool. We brought cheese and crackers and peanut butter and apple slices and orange slices and bread and chips. More like a lunch, but it works for dinner too in my book :)

Wednesday is Scouts night, but since the Young Women were having camp, the Young Men canceled their Joint Activity. And since the Young Men canceled, the 11 yr old scouts canceled. And since the 11 yr old Scouts canceled, the Webelos den canceled. And the only Wolf is out of town. And we have no Bears. And since EVERYONE else canceled, the Achievement Day Girls leader canceled. SO, there was no activities at church. Which was fine with me. I wanted to just go to the pool anyway :)

We left the pool at 7pm, and headed home. Kids got baths, I took a shower and put on some new lotion (yummmmmm), then we watched a movie. Captain America came home around that time, and didn't look so good. He was talking in a whisper, and he was VERY pale.

Apparently, some dude on the other team hit the ball, then hucked the bat, and it hit Captain America in the throat! WHAAAAT? That's SO not right. He cancelled his truck repairs for tonight, and iced his throat. And went to bed early. Poor guy.

I put the kids to bed after the movie, then watched Persons Unknown on NBC.com. It was a good episode this week! I liked it :)

Here it is, 11:02, and I'm done designing, done blogging, and done watching TV. I may stay up a few more minutes to see if anyone else is online, then head to bed. Too many nights of 2am wear me out :)

I'm going to Leslie's house tomorrow to get my gray colored, and get Eme a nice girl hair cut. Should be a good time :) Free lunch at noon-ish, and don't know about hte rest of the day. I do have to get all my designing done at some point. You know, I should set my alarm for 7am, and get up and design for 2 hours. I could TOTALLY get done what I needed to get done in that amount of time. Hmmm, that plan might work. AND, if I went to bed now, I'd get 7 1/2 hours.

OK, girls. I'm off. Hope your Wednesday was as fun filled as mine!

Well, I was starting to design for the week, and got distracted, so this is all I did. So I figured I'd just give it to you guys, and start fresh tomorrow :) hehehe.

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Mom2mykids said...

Thanks for the Word Art! I almost expected a Star Trek theme from your post given the "boldly going" aspect, LOL. I'm a Trekker, though, so I read that stuff into everything! Our ward has Scout camp next week so I'm wondering if the YW will do anything or not. Guess we'll see ... it's our cub scout camp this week so I know the Wolves/Bears/Webelos were at that. First time in about 5 years my hubby hasn't gone to day camp (he was released as Webelos leader earlier this year). I am loving Persons Unknown too ... pretty interesting. I think Joe is going to be an interesting twist in all this. But we'll see ...

Mom2mykids said...

Ooh, forgot to ask! How far are you in the new Doctor Who? The season finale starts this weekend (in England). I have a couple sources so I see it pretty fast after they've aired it. (Can't afford BBC America right now.) It looks REALLY REALLY good!! I wasn't sure about the new Doctor but he's grown on me and I have to say I like him quite a bit. Anyway, that's totally off the subject but I had to write!!

mscstephens said...

What a great WA! I'm thinking of pictures of my kids learning to walk. :-)