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Friday, September 17, 2010

Update #2 - Captain America's Email

Sorry this got on here so late. Captain America thought he hit SEND last night. Thank goodness it was still in his DRAFTS folder! This update is from Captain America:



Bethany was in quite good spirits. These last two visits I recognize the Bethany that I haven't seen for ...I don't how long. It is quite good!! She told me about the things of her day. I enjoyed very much listening to her. She talked about how she is eating more...the foods on her menu plan. It is tough to eat that only and get enough food, but she is doing a good job of eating foods that help her feel good. She realizes now that starving herself probably brought her to this point. And she said something like...I don't know why I quit eating...what a silly thing to do?! Yep, no doubt! Well, that is why they have mental health hospitals...because we all get off track from time to time! But she also recognizes that had she stayed away a few more days...of not eating...who knows what would have happened!!

She talked about how she is cold all the time. I brought her, upon request, more long sleeve shirts and warm socks, and another heavy hoodie. I also brought her a hair dryer and shampoo, lotion. She wants to make herself look and smell 'girly'. That is a real good sign!

I gave her this night's notes from the kids. They drew hearts and Eme drew a 3 drawings of horses for her mom. She told her to 'come back to me'. I thought that was cute. Eme & Joe miss her maybe the most and don't quite get what is going on. Jake and Tom are more absorbed into their self and Jimmy is just too short in the britches! Jake drew a soldier ordering her to come home and that he missed her.

She mentioned how she let one of the guys in her group read the Book of Mormon. He asked if it was a mormon bible, but she explained how the Book of Mormon is a companion to the King James version of the Bible. But in the Americas...another Testament of Jesus Christ. Good job on sharing something so great, Sweetie Pie! She mentioned how one of the guys in the group is having some serious relationship issues. And his wife wants him to stay in program longer instead of leave tomorrow.. He was devastated. There were two other women in the group and they all got together, held hands and said prayers with him for his behalf. That was really great I thought.

She mentioned some of the 'crazies' there...what they do and say. But those folks in her section are normal, but are simply having mental health issues...like she is. She said being there and listening to others' problems, she see that her life is pretty darn good. As they say in the Army, 'look left, look right...and know that those two are having it just as bad as you, but probably worese.' So that perspective is helping her a lot. Service to others...takes the pain of the issue off.

The other Bethany that was in her room prior is back in the group. They had some friendly banter about who was Bethany #1 (like Thing #1 & Thing #2 arguing about their names?!). She reasoned that not only was she older, but her last name ended closer to the start in the alphabet! Of course, she is always number one in my book!

She is learning in the group to choose to be happy. And she is striving for that. It is greatly contributing to her view on who she is.

Together we have an appt with a therapist at 4 pm. I'm looking forward to that. We read a little on three conference talks from the am Saturday session of General Conference in 2009. They are great talks. She is trying hard to feel God the Father's love for her. That is really the core issue...She at times doesn't feel worthy of his love...or even know if he knows her. So she is praying hard to feel that (please pray for her in this regard especially.

Wow, I"m really tired so I'm going to tie this up. Enjoy and I'll give you an update of some kind tomorrow.

-Captain America


Anne said...

Thanks for that Brent. It is good to know she is in safe hands in hospital and that she has such a loving, caring and supportive family and network of friends waiting for her when she gets home. I wish you all well. Hugs x

Stephanie said...

Thank you so much Brent! I'm so glad she is doing so much better in there. She is lucky to have such a loving supportive family at home. I love Jake's picture, my son did something like that to my hubby when he was TDY for a year. Please let her know again how much she is loved and missed and how proud of her we are! :)

Maranda Mitchell said...

Hope Bethany continually gets better, we all have times that we are not ourselves and start thinking things that tend to be untrue. Life is hard, it's not always the bowl of cherries that we wish for. Glad that she does feel up to praying and also thinking of others, making herself girlie is also a wonderful sign. ((((HUGS))))

Jen Graham said...

Brent thank you for the update. It's obvious that you love your beautiful wife.

I am praying for her.

Scrappin Gramma said...

yesssss...Bethany wants to look girlie again...she's on the road back

thanks to Brent and Hilary for keeping us posted... I don't even know Bethany in person and I think of her all the time...what an impact she has..
be strong lady

Diane said...

Bless you Brent for thinking of us! You, Bethany & the kids are in my prayers.

Here is a bible verse for Behtany the next time you chat:

Matthew 6:8-9
Therefore do not be like them. For your Father knows the things you have need of before you ask him.

Isaiah 50:10
Who walks in darkness and has no light? Let him trust in the name of the Lord and rely upon his God.

Psalms 9:10
And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee; for thou, Lord hast not forsaken them that seek thee.

Give Bethany a hug from me - Blessings to you ~

D :D

SharonKay said...

Thanks for the update, Brent. Please let Bethany know we are praying for her and for you and your precious family. Glad she is feeling a bit better.

Marilou said...

Thank you Brent. YOU taking time from your busy day to update us is so thoughtful of you!

I'm sure Bethany's missing you, the kids, and home, but I think this time away is good for her right now. I'm glad she's taking to heart what she's learning there.

She's so blessed to have a loving, supportive family (not to mention friends) wrapped around her. That will make all the difference in her recovery.

The Bible is full of God's love for us. Hopefully she will spend time reading His word as I know it brings healing.

Tell her we miss her lots and we're still praying for all of you!!

Kel said...

Thanks again for updating us with Brent's comments, it sounds like Bethany is making good progress, good to hear that she is eating and realzing what trouble not eating was causing her. Nice that she got messages from her kids and for her to know that they are doing OK. Sounds like she really is doing alot better, will keep thinking positive thoughts and prayers that this continues.

helen scott said...

Thank you Brent, you are doing a great juggling act right now. Hope your joint session has gone well and very pleased that you are seeing your wife come back to you. Please remeber to care for yourself as well as everyone else at the minute, although it sounds like you are doing a fabulous job with the kids. You should be proud of yourself for handling such a hairy situation so well.

Bethany I think we all struggle with feeling worthy of God's love but please remember that jesus died for YOU and he knows you inside out and still loves you that much. The fact that you are eating is fabulous, you need that energy to think straight and if you put on just a smidgen of wieght then you will stop feeling so cold and tired all the time and you might be allowed to go play with your beautiful kiddies again.

Love and prayers for all seven of you, hang tight guys - you can do this!

Sue said...

Thanks for all the updates. I'm still praying, and am glad Bethany is doing better.

Sarah C said...

Brent, thanks for taking the time to write this mail and to Hilary again for putting it on here for us all.

Things sound more upbeat. It's no wonder Bethany's cold though if she's not been eating. It's strange how the body works. Love the fact that she's wanting to feel more girly, is having friendly banter with the other Bethany and has found some other Christians to pray with. It will all aid in her recovery.

Still thinking of you all and sending loads of love xxx

Anonymous said...

Thank you Brent, it is wonderful to know that she has such great support in you. She will remain in my prayers.

TerriK said...

Bethany's depression breaks my heart. I'll be praying for your family.

Lorraine aka Scrapmemories said...

Even through this trial you all chose to share your journey. I know through your experience you will touch all of us in some way. May God continue to pour his love and blessings on all of you. Especially his peace which surpasses all human understanding. God bless

Libbi said...

Again, I am out there in cyberspace and love reading your blogs and your wordart. I just want you to know that although I don't know you, I feel that I do somewhat thru your blogs. From what I can tell, you and your family are wonderful people. You enjoy your family and family time and that is sooooooo important. You are having a rough time of it right now, but know that there are TONS of us out here that are praying for you and know that you WILL get thru this. I recently was very ill and spent 17 days in an induced coma in ICU. I was totally amazed how many people that I must have touched in one way or another through out my life and I'm sure you have too. You will be on many prayer chains and you have lots of people pulling for you. You are one lucky lady to have all of this, so don't sell yourself short - you deserve all the attention and support we can give you! Take care of yourself!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Brent for the update. We are keeping Bethany in our thoughts and prayers.


Rufus said...

We're all pulling for Bethany. Thanks, Brent and Hilary for thinking to keep all her "cyber friends" in the loop!

Deanna said...

Love and hugs to your whole family! Thanks for the update. We are all wishing you well and are proud of ALL of you!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Brent! She's a lucky woman to have her back and love her so much. Thanks again on the update, prayers continued, and all the best at your appt. together.


Tom and Jessica said...

Brent & Hillary,

thanks for keeping us updated about how Bethany's doing! I haven't been on the computer much this week, and just sped-read through all of this weeks posts. Thank you again for keeping us posted!


You are in my thoughts and prayers sweetie. I know you're going to kick the depression. I'm so glad you have such a tight network of friends to see that "things weren't right." I feel the same way with my close friends, I can tell the difference when they are having an "off day" and when there is really a problem. I'm so proud of you for getting help, even if Brent kind of pushed you into it.

I'm also keeping your kids in my thoughts and prayers. They don't and won't fully understand what you are going through, but knowing you have that unconditional love waiting for you has to make recovering more worth while!

We're thinking about you guys!

I wish you a speedy "get back in the happy grove" recovery!

Lots of love and hugs!

gr8mom52 said...

Bethany is such a sweet girl. However, I can see she is the type that gives and gives to others without expecting anything in return. I know this because I tend to do the same. It is good to give to others but sometimes we need to hear that little voice that wispers in our ears... "you are a special child of God, you are wonderful in His eyes, so please take care of yourself.
Bethany when you read this txt please remember you are loved and you are very special and lots of people are very grateful to you for being an incredible woman.
Get well soon,
Maritza reyes

Rubypat said...

Hi Brent and Bethany. I'm so glad that Bethany is responding to the care she is getting. Bethany, you have an advantage over many others who suffer from mental health problems - you have a loving family, a supportive network - a faith in God - all these things are key elements in our lives, and together will help you to recover soon. God bless.

Shanners said...

Thanks for the email, Brent. I can feel your love and concern for her. She is blessed to have such a great family and friends for support. I'm glad she's finding a purpose in listening to others' problems, and that it's helping her to realize that she's got it pretty good. Sharing the gospel and helping others is a good sign, as well as wanting to take better care of herself by eating better and getting prettied up. I'm glad to hear that she's improving.
Please pass on to her that I can testify that our Heavenly Father knows all of his children, and loves us all. He knows what she's going through, and wants her to get better. He's taking care of her by having the right people in her life at this time. I pray that she will be able to feel of His love for herself and realize what a special person she is. Once she starts looking, I know she'll find signs to prove to herself that this is true.