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Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Pianist

Bran spankin' new stuff in the store!!! And the State City ones? Oh yeah, it was SO hard to make! The first couple ones were fun, but 50 of them? I worked on it for MONTHS because I couldn't focus long enough to get it designed. hehe. I hope you like them! All layouts by Sharon :)

Click HERE to go to my store :)

Oh yeah, TIRED! Seem to be a theme? We didn't go to bed last night until around 11pm, because I was watching 24. Then Captain America wanted to read me his paper. I'll tell ya, though, I fell RIGHT asleep when I finally laid down. hehe.

I set my alarm for 530am, because I knew that Captain America was skipping Seminary. And it doesn't take me that long to get ready. Ha! We left the house at 540am, and got there a little after 550am. Jake went in, and I curled up with my pillow. ha! Here's me on the way to Seminary, thinking WHAT THE CRAP am I doing up so early. hehe.

I turned off the car, and curled up. And it was hot, and I thought for about 5 minutes about turning the car back on to get some AC going. But then, I must have fell asleep, because all of a sudden, Jake was knocking on the window, ready to go. And it was light outside. hehe. I must really have been tired, huh?

We headed back home, and I could feel a little headache developing. I needed caffeine. hehe. So I treated Jake to an early morning 7-11 run for his Birthday! hehe. That's what we called it, anyway.

We got home, and Tom had JUST left for the bus. I woke up Captain America, and he got ready, and I got the little boys ready. And took them to the bus stop. And hung with my friends. Love my friends, you know. hehe.

Captain America and I were asking Jake how it felt to be 14, and I reminded him that now that he's 14, he can go to dances. And as if on cue, Captain America and I both started busting some sweet moves there in the living room, and asked him if he wanted us to chaperone his first Youth Dance at church. He just looked mortified, and said no, and walked away. ROFL!

He headed to the bus at 7:45am. I hope he has a GREAT b-day at school!

I had about 30 minutes before I had to get ready to exercise. So I decided to organize the clean laundry in my room. I had piles EVERYWHERE. I consolidated it all, and laid it in piles. Then put it all away, minus the hang up stuff. Yeah, that's still laying on the bed...

And then I put on my workout clothes, and Captain America was still getting ready for his appointment. He had a DA Photo appointment today. It's some kind of professional photo that's attached to his resume, or something like that? It's important, or something... hehe. You've gotta look your best!
You've gotta measure your pins and crap to make sure that's it's just right...
I headed out at 8:50am to pick up Kari. And we headed to Stout gym. I could have sworn that Pilates was at Soto, but she said Stout. Works for me! We got there, headed inside, and nope, it was at Soto. Crap!

Some dude there didn't know where Soto was, and heard us mentioning that we were at the wrong gym, and asked if he could follow us over there. Sure, we said! I was in the suburban, so it would be SUPER easy to follow me - ROFL!

On the way over there, Kari and I decided that it was WAY too late for Pilates. And since we were both wearing flip flops, that we couldn't really do anything else at the gym. So we would come back home, get real shoes, and walked the 4 mile loops. That's a plan :)

We went to Soto, and when we went to get on Biggs, the line to the gate was freakin' HUGE! I guess they closed a few of the gates going to Biggs, so now ALL of the traffic has to go to this gate. SO not cool. It took us a good 10 minutes to get inside the gate.... Yeah, SO not gonna make it to Pilates.

We got to Soto, made sure the guy knew where to go, and headed out. And as we headed back to main post, we decided to swing by the Central CYS registration place, and get the kids signed up for Soccer. It was the last day to do so. And I had some more sports money in my free account. Sweet :)

We only had to wait for about 10 minutes to see someone, which is real good for that place. I got Eme and Joe and Jim signed up for Soccer, and requested Joe and Leo be on the same time, and Josephine and Jimmy be on the same team, for rides purposes. I put on the form that my hubby was deployed, and that I had 3 kids in 3 different age groups playing, and that I needed this to make it work. They said it wasn't 100% guaranteed, but that they'd try. That's all I can ask for right?

We finished up, and headed back home. I dropped Kari off at her house, and went to mine, and got my different shoes on. Then she and I headed out for our 4 mile walk. My legs were still SUPER sore from Zumba on Monday. And it hurt SO bad. My shins were tight and killing me. But by the 1/2 way point, they loosened up, and by the time we got back, they were feeling sore, but GOOD. The walk is JUST what I needed.

We got back, and saw the sprinklers in the grassy field beyond my house going off. And yeah, we couldn't resist! So we went and ran through the sprinklers for a bit to cool off. I know, I know, I'm 13... I love it, though! Next time we walk, we're running through the sprinklers first! hehe.

Captain America was still gone when I got back home (he'd run some errands after the DA photo), so I had a little bit of time to relax. I grabbed 2 of the left over pizzas from the fridge, and saw down to watch some 24! I turned on the end of the episode from last night, to rewatch a bit of it. Because I'd been SO sleepy that I wasn't paying attention too well.

And after I'd eaten the first piece of pizza, and had started on the 2nd, I heard the garage door open, and Captain America come in. And I panicked. And hid the pizza behind the TV. What am I, 5? hehe.

He sat down to get a little bit of computer work done, and was having troubles connecting to the internet. And I couldn't figure out what to do to help him. But I kept thinking about that 1/2 a piece of pizza hidden behind the TV, and how I was gonna sneak it out and eat it. Seriously. I don't know why I was being all sneaky.

So I walk over, grab it, and go into the bathroom to take a shower. And he's on the computer, so he doesn't notice it. And I start up the shower, and hop in it. Naked. With my pizza. Oh yeah, I have MAJOR issues. I'm standing there, holding the pizza WAY out so it doesn't get wet, and am taking quick bites to I don't get found in the shower with the pizza.

Yeah, I'm gonna have to re-evaluate my current food thinking. Because sneaking around with food is just NOT gonna work. Oh yeah, and I've been thinking about the Prozac thing, and I've decided to take only 1/2 of my original dose. I'm gonna try and see if "less is more". I kinda miss feeling things. My therapist was right. It might be good to not feel low all the time, but you miss the highs. And I'm thinking that if I find it hard to cope I can just go back to the normal dose. But I think I can do it. I think it'll work. And then, maybe, I'll have the will power to stick to some sort of weight loss plan. That doesn't involve sneaking 1/2 eaten pizza into the shower.... I still can't believe I did that!

And here's me all ready for the day!
Captain America still needed to lift, and still couldn't get the internet to work. So, he got ready for lifting, and we both headed over to Amanda's house. He was gonna borrow her wireless. It's good to have friends! He got whatever needed sending sent, and headed out to lift. Amanda and I were gonna go to Costco for a cheesecake for Jake's b-day!

The Sears christmas money for soldiers and families (or something like that) opened up for registration today, and Amanda and I were able to get on the site and register! But by the time (5 minutes later) that Crystal came over to register, it was closed. And we didn't get Margot's info in it soon enough either! Darn! That was SUPER fast. It was closed within 45 minutes of being open, I think. I'm not sure how it works. Terra got it last year, I think. I think Amanda did too.

So Amanda and I loaded up in her car, and headed to Costco. And I had to tell her about the pizza, and we were both laughing SO hard our stomachs hurt. Yeah, she agreed that I had a problem. hehe. So our new standing joke was, "Yeah, well at least you weren't eating pizza in the shower!"

We went to Costco, and I got the yummy cheesecake. They're the best, you know! And some trail mix for Captain America, and some burgers, and ground beef, and some peanut butter, and some waffles, and a few other bulk items. We got a TON of samples, and headed out to pay.

Next stop was supposed to be Dollar Tree, but Wendy's was totally calling our name. For a Berry Frosty. You tried those yet??? OMHeavens, they're good! We each got a small (see, I can show some restraint!), and headed to the Dollar Tree.

I got some plates and cups and a few decorations, and called it good. And we headed back to post. But had to stop at Sonic for a happy hour soda first! DDP, RT 44, easy ice for me, and a Coke, RT 44, extra ice for her.
And I don't know why, but I thought it would be fun to put the receipt on my head. So I did. And it was flapping in the breeze. TOO FUNNY!
And then I was leaving almost out the window at the passing traffic, hoping someone would notice me... Unfortunately, no one was paying attention. Hmpf!

I was gonna take it off when we came in the gate, and Amanda dared me to keep it on. Oh yeah, it was on! We were giggling pretty good when we came through, and the gate guard looked at us, and was like, "You're not gonna get your order like that!" hehe. Whatever that means :) We just laughed and went on our way :)
Amanda dropped me off at home, and helped me get all my purchases in the house. Then she headed back home, and I straightened up the kitchen for a bit. And got his cake ready. Here's the topper that i got for it. I bought a Star Wars color book and cut up the front and back cover, and taped it over the topper thingy. Clever, huh?
Captain America got home a little bit after me, and then Tom came home at 3:10. At 3:30pm, I went to pick up the little kids from the bus. And stayed and hung with the girls for a bit. Then headed back home. Jake got home around 4:10, and we had the kids do their chores (but not Jake, cause it's his birthday). And I folded some laundry. Freaking laundry. It never ends!

At 4:30pm, I put the tater tots in the oven, and got the hamburgers ready to grill. We ate dinner right at 5pm.

And had Jake's little family party. We sang to him, and he posed for a few pictures.

Silly Tom!

Here's Captain America getting ready to give Jake his "Birthday Spanking's!".

It was cute, because he gave him 15, instead of 14, so Jake got to give one back to him. hehe :)

And here's Captain America and the kids. I had to take about 10 pictures before everyone was looking the same way and relatively happy. Jeeze!

We ate burgers and tater tots and fry sauce (thanks, Maddie, for showing us it!) and cheesecake. Oh yeah! I was in heaven. hehe.

So after dinner, I sat down to load my store. Because our deadline this week was pushed up a day, so tonight was the night. And I wanted to get an early jump on it. And yeah, the internet was STILL not working! Drat!

I tried unplugging things, and replugging things, and NOTHING was working. Finally, I called Time Warner. And after doing tests and what not, they said that the modem was working just fine, that it was the router that was having issues. SO not cool!

But they showed me how I could hook up my laptop to the modem directly, and get online. But yeah, sitting by the hutch on a hard wooden chair to do my work was NOT a fun option... I did manage to get the preview made for a my State City WordArt pack, got it zipped, and got them uploaded to the server. And got all 5 products loaded in the store BEFORE it was time to go to Scouts.

Captain America and the boys were working on his old truck. And having a BLAST. We all got ready, and headed up to the church for scouts/activity days. Our plan was to ditch the kids, and head to Walmart with the Jim and pick out Hotwheels for our race. Should have been a good time.

We picked up Leo (he was gonna go with Joe), and headed up to the church. We sang to Phineas and Ferb songs the WHole was there. Poor Captain America :)

We got to the church, and walked the kids in. Jake went to Young Mens, and we discovered that the Cub Scouts/ Activity girls start NEXT week. Great. So now we had 5 kids at the church with no activities. hehe. They didn't seem to care. The just went outside and played in the grass for a bit, then when the gym was empty, they went in and played tag. So basically, they ran around for an hour straight. Yeah, no complaints from the kids. hehe.

Captain America and I chatted with the other people in the hall, and had a great time :) We got some baptism items worked out, and he got the baptism clothes from the bishop. We made a plan with the Elders to come up and fill the font, too.

We headed out at around 8:20pm. And loaded up everyone in the Suburban, and headed back to post. Singing to Phineas and Ferb, again, all the way back. As we neared the gate, Captain America said "Can we PLEASE pause it for the guards"... hehe. Poor guy. We muted it until we were past the gate. Then started "rapping" to some Kim Possible songs.

We dropped Leo off at his house, then I dropped Captain America and the kids off at my house, then went to Amanda's house to pick up a spare Router that she had. I wanted to see if it truly was the router that was messing up.

I headed back home, and helped Captain America get the kids to bed. Then plugged in the new router, and yeah, same problem. Sigh. So I pulled up the hard wooden chair, and sat down to blog. Sigh. And as I was finishing up, I thought about trying to disconnect eveyrthing again, and turn it back on. Maybe that would work? Worth a try, right?

So I did, and it worked! At least I got to finish up the rest of my blog on the couch, right? hehe. It's now 10:45pm. Whaaaat? How did it get that late? I swear it was 9:45pm last time I looked. So not cool! I'm totally bringing my pillow to Seminary tomorrow! And we don't have seminary on Friday, and no school on Monday. I'm totally sleeping in :)

Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!

Great piano shot! You rock, Sharon!!! Lovin' the black and white, by the way!


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 6 post on Sep. 01, 2011. Thanks again.

Shelly said...

The cake topper you made for Jake is awesome!!! I need to store that idea away for later.

Going to half a dose of Prozac sounds like a good plan. I'm not trying to butt into your business. I just care about you and don't want to see you have a hard time. :)

It's nice that you get 4 days off from seminary. That's soooo early. You're such a great mom to get Jake there every day.

Thanks for the terrific word art. I love it!

Angel x said...

Thank you so much!:)