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Monday, December 5, 2011

Bull In A China Shop

Oh wow! Long day :) Usually Sundays aren't so long. Usually they involve a nice nap. Not this time. I did try, though. I guess that naps just make night time sleep harder, right?

Anyway, I woke up at 7:45am, and rushed to get kids ready for church. Eme and Tom and Jim all had time for showers, and the rest of them got dressed and ready to go. Everyone did pretty good. Joe and Jim's normal Sunday clothes were dirty, so they had to wear something else. Nice pants and polo shirts. I'll be better next week. I promise :)

I decided to wear my red hat! What do you think???

It was raining when we left, so we made a dash for the truck, and the 8 of us headed to church. And the kids were really pretty good :)

Sacrament was ok. There wasn't enough space in our normal 2 little rows, so I had Jake sit a few rows away. And he was very good and understanding about it. Thanks, Jake, for understanding! I told him that he could come right back after the sacrament was passed. And once the Young Men were done passing the sacrament, we'd take over that row too, so we'd have more space. Sounded like a good plan :)

And for the most part, they were good. We had 3 8-9 year old boys. How good can they be, right? They're loud. And wiggly. And for having 2 of them that usually don't go to church with us, I'd say that they did really good :) hehe.

After the Sacrament part, I let them move and get color books out, and everyone was much more reverent. Sacrament meeting passed pretty quickly.

Kids went to class, and I hung in the hall with Paige and Lesa. Paige is moving to Idaho this week. She's a lot of fun, and I'm gonna miss her. One of her boys DID smuggle in some soda for us, though! Thanks!!!!
it was this one!!!
Jake stopped back on his way between classes to give me a hug. Isn't he sweet :) Love ya, Jake!!!
After church, I chatted with a few people (Jake was trying desperately to get me out of there - ha!), then we headed home. I had Corey and Leo pack up their stuff, and head on home. I needed a nap. And didn't wanna supervise kids anymore. ha!

We got some lunch, and I rested on the couch, trying to get a nap. Nope, not gonna happen...
Kim invited us over to have Pannini's for dinner. Sounded like a good plan to me! But first, Joe and Jim had to clean their room. And yeah, it was trashed. And I said that if it ever got that bad, so bad that I had to help, then I was gonna start throwing stuff away.

I brought in 3 big trash bags, and started filling them up. I told the kids that I was gonna throw stuff away until they were all 3 filled. It wasn't hard... Their room was SUPER messy. After about an hour and a half, it was all done. Or was it 2 hours. I don't know. It seemed like forever.

But soon, it was all done. We took out the 3 big trash bags, and headed over to Kim house. We brought what supplies we had for Pannini's (yeah, I know I can't spell it...) and drove on over. It's not far, but it was raining. And I didn't wanna get wet. hehe.

We hung out for a while once we got there, and the kids had a TON of fun. Check out Austins new hat from Hot Topic! I loved it!

And maybe I loved the Sock Monkey a little bit too much...
Then it was time to start on dinner. Kim has the COOLEST meat slicer thing. Jake was totally captivated. So she and Jake sliced the ham. Well, only 1/2 of it. But it made a TON of sliced meat. Jake just couldn't get over how much GREAT food Kim had at her food. He kept saying, MOM, why don't we get awesome food like this? hehe.

This was the Reuben that Kim made for Jake. He wanted to try one, cause Kim made one for Tim. After one bite, he decided that he didn't like it. I'd never had one, but thought that they looked nasty all these years. Sauerkraut. Yeah, no thanks! Well, since it was there, I figured I'd give it a try. Hello, Reuben! Where have you been all my life?????
Kim was so good, playing short order chef. She made sandwiches to order from each kid. Grilled cheese, ham and cheese, whatever they wanted, she assembled and grilled. It was SO fun!

After dinner, Tim came out of his room, with a big basket of clothes that he'd gone through. Cleaning the closet, I guess. Tom went through the pile, and picked out the ones that he liked the best. He decided that the Chicago team shirts would be funny to tease his dad with. ROFL! So mean. hehe :) All in good fun, though!

Can you tell who this silly kid takes after???
Tim got this cool helmet thing at the store the other night, and I couldn't resist! What do ya think? Is it me???

And then I just got goofy. I'd looked "fancy" too long, I think. hehe. So I grabbed the bundle of greenery, and put it on my head as a hat. ha! And Grabbed Jim for a photo op!
Oh yeah, lets decorate it, too!
We looked over in the kitchen at one point, and the cat had crawled into the Christmas stuff. Cute, huh? hehe.
The kids kept on playing, and Kim and I played a few rounds of Rummy. I haven't played cards in quite a while. it was fun! And I only lost by 10 points. I was ahead by a hundred at one point.

It was really nice to hang with another family for the afternoon. Sundays are hard when Captain America is gone. It's lonely at the house. Even if the house is full of kids, it's not the same. So it was SUPER nice of Kim and Tim to let me and mine in to their home for the afternoon/evening! Thanks, you guys! We had a GRAND time :)

We headed home, and had about 30 minutes before we had to put the kids to bed. It was great! Perfect Sunday afternoon. I worked on some laundry, then got the kids into bed. I started on my blog, and watched a few episodes of X-files. And here it is, 9:39pm, and I'm just realizing that I don't know where my phone is.... I wonder if I left it out in the truck?...

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This combo of lime green and purple is FABULOUS!! And that little guy is SO stinkin' cute! Thanks, Sharon!!!


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 8 post on Dec. 05, 2011. Thanks again.

Stephanie said...

lol Oh you so designed this because you have boys, right?!
I think you looked amazing for Church. I wish I had some cute clothes like that... If we ever end up back at Bliss, you and I are so going shopping!! ;D

Shelly said...

Yeah! Your pictures are back. I missed them. :) Hugs!!!

Marilyn said...

I can relate to that Sunday lonely problem. When my children were 7,11 and 13 their dad died and SUNDAYS were always the worst. Glad it will be over for you soon.