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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Foxy Lady

Well, luckily, it was only 2 hour delay for school. Praise the Lord. hehe. I wasn't ready for a whole day off of school. The weekend had already been long enough. ROFL! Unfortunately, my plan if sleeping in did not pan out. The kids were SO excited about the snow, that they woke up early. Like 6:30 or 6:45am. And were in and out of my room, asking questions and bothering me. Hmpf!

Then they were asking about school, and asking about the snow, and about playing outside, and about gloves, and the screen door kept slamming... It was SO annoying...

At around 7:30am, I gave up, and grabbed my phone and messed around on it for a while. Captain America was on Skype, so we messanged for a bit. Its so nice to be able to catch that boy online and be able to chat with him.

Eventually, it was time to put the phone away, and get the kids ready for school. Even with the 2 hour delay, the monring went pretty fast. Toms bus normally comes at 7am. So he left at 9am. Here's a picture that I napped of him right before he left for the day. Isnt he getting handsome :)

And here's eme
15 more minutes, and it was time to take the rest of the kids to the bus stop. We walked on over, and I snapped a few pictures on the way. We did get a light dusting of snow, and a sheet of ice. It was pretty slippery out there!

Crystal and Amanda and I! Ha!
Kids galore at the bus stop. ha!
Joe is the CUTEST thing ever!!!

Soon the bus came, and us moms stood around and chatted for a bit. Then we all headed back home. Luckily Amanda's car was SUPER warm, and she was giving me a ride!I made sure that Jake was ready, and he headed off for school. I watched an episode or two of X-files, and messed around on the laptop for a bit. It was having a few issues, so I was trying to get it to work right. Yeah, I wasn't having the best of luck...

At around 10:30 or 11 or so, Amanda and I decided to head out. We didn't know where, but we were gonna go. hehe. We texted everyone and invited them, but most were busy. Maggie said that she'd meet us at the Cielo Vista mall. Sounded good to us! But we had a while to kill first.

So we did a quick Walmart stop. Amanda needed a few things. We grabbed them real quick, paid, and then decided that since it was lunch time, it was time to head to eat. Olive Garden sounded awfully nice! We texted a few more people, and got Veronica to come too! And Maggie and Hannah finally came too. It was a great lunch!

Here's our salad. Don't you just LOVE Olive Garden?!

Me and my diet coke!
We ate and chatted and enjoyed ourselves. Then paid, and headed to the mall. We had about an hour to spend. Maggie wanted to go to the Apple Store. And wouldn't you know it, the ONE store that was affected by the storm was the apple store. hehe. It was closed because of a busted pipe. Poor maggie. hehe.

We looked around for a bit more, then headed to Pennys for some of the girls to look for Ornaments. For the gift exchange tomorrow. What do you think about this one???
These nutcrackers were pretty cool!
I don't even know what to say about this one...

Maggie and Hannah.
Maggie showed me where she got her cool boots from, and we popped our head into it. They were having buy one pair of boots, get a 2nd pair for $15.50. Not too bad, for boots, right? So for about $60, I could have gotten 2 pairs of boots. But we didn't have time to look. Maybe tomorrow we'll go back...

We had to hurry. We were gonna be late for the bus! Hustle!
Going down the elevator :)
We headed out to the car, and Amanda was having a hard time finding her keys in her purse. Yeah, I found them for you, Amanda!!! Poor thing. This move is jacking her up!
We made it home in JUST enough time to grab the kids from the bus, chat with the girls for a bit, then let the kids play for a minute or tow, and go home. Amanda and Austin came over too, and Amanda and I used my new mixer and we made cookies! Gingersnaps. Oh yeah, they are SO good!

And the mixer from the day after thanksgiving at Walmart? It kinda sucked. Sorry Amanda. It was an AWESOME present. Cause I know you were thinking about me. It was a perfect present for me, because I don't have a big mixer like that.... Just not this one. It doesn't work that well....

Anyway, I grabbed out my old Kitchen Aide handheld mixer, and finished up the cookies. Oh yeah, SUPER good :) We cooked a few dozen, and put the rest of the dough in the dridge. Then started on some Minestrone soup. I added sausage to mine. Oh yeah! Super duper yummy!

By the time the soup was done ate, it was time to go to basketball. The kids all got a cookie for dinner, and a small bowl of soup. They had to chow it down super fast before we left.

We all loaded up in the car, and headed out. We dropped Tom and Eme off at the Youth Center, then continued up to Logan for Joe's practice. Amanda and I hung with Kari while the little kids played. they were really pretty good today. Thank goodness! Except for how I noticed that Jim didn't have on shoes. Whaaaaat? So, at what age do you have to stop reminding kids to wear shoes???? Geepers!

After the practice, we gathered up all of the people, and headed over to Biggs field. We had to pick up Jake. He'd done VERy well today and called me to ask if he could go to the youth center. He did SUCH A great job!!! Just what we had talked about! Perfect, jake!

We grabbed him, then headed back to the house. It was about 7pm by now. Eme had gotten a ride home, so we had everyone except Tom back home. The kids finished off more soup, and had some crackers to go with it. I straightened up in my room a little bit, then Amanda and I went to pick up Tom from basketball.

We also got a few gallons of gas for Amanda's car, and did a quick Burger King drive thru. Amanda was hungry. Tom and I got some little Whopper Jr meal thingy, and I told Tom that he had to eat it faster, because I didn't have enough for everyone. hehe. I'm so bad - LOL! He was pretty good with it, though :)

And we went back to the house. Oh yeah, my Cyber Monday Miche purse order came! I was SO stinkin' excited about it!!! They are SO pretty :)

I got the kids all calmed down and ready for bed. It had been a long night. My computer was doing a re-boot thin, and was taking forever! Slowly, slowly, slowly..... Then Amanda texted, and asked if I wanted to go to Walmart! The movers had packed ALL of her sheets. And they didn't wanna sleep on the air mattress without it. Ot... So I got ready, and off we went. And oh yeah!!! I found the hat!!!
We went to Walmart, and there were hardly any carts there. Well, a lot for Walmart in general, but not for a Saturday and not for a 13. OK, I think I'm falling asleep... LOL. It's 11pm. And I'm sleepy. And blogging with my eyes closed :) Can you imagine me over there, sleep blogging. hehe :)

Anyway, we went to Walmart, grabbed the few things that we needed, and headed back to post. We had some rappy music station on. It was pretty funny. We were dancing and having a grand time. Well, this song by LMFAO is called, "I'm Sexy and I Know It" is really popular right now. Anyway, it was blaring on the radio. And just as we get to be checked out by the guard, Amanda hands him the ID's, he hears the song, which is saying "I'm secy and I know it", and Amanda points to me. And I give myself 2 big thumbs up. Yeah, the gate guard was all laughing. ha! We do that to the best of people :)

Kids were all asleep when I got back home. Luckily, Jake woke up to go to the bathroom or something, so I could sent him to take out the trash. ha! And now, it's SO time for bed. I'm tired. And ready to go to sleep. So that I can wake up and have fun tomorrow!!! Cause that's what I do best. Have fun, you know :)

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deb said...

Busy busy busy! Thanks for the great word art. Glad Jake did great today!