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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


So, apparently I'm not used to sleeping with someone else in the bed. hehe. I can remember waking up a few times in the middle of the night, thinking that someone had started a load of laundry, and that the drying was breaking. It was SO squeeky! And I could even hear it over the BIG fan! What the heck. I was still half asleep, but it was keeping me up....

Until I finally woke up enough to realize that it was just Captain America breathing. ROFL! Noises that I sure wasn't used to. LOL. Things to get used to, right?

We woke up at 5:30am, and talked (YES, talked) until it was time to get the kids ready for school. It was nice to just have someone to talk to me in the morning! I've SO missed that!!!

We hustled to get kids ready and fed and out the door. It was super nice having 2 grown ups helping out with the process! Captain Americas standards are higher than mine (hehe), so the kids looked better today - ha!

Here's us at the bus stop. It was colder than Captain America expected it to be!!
But it was me that looked cold! We did some chores, and got Jake going with getting ready for school. He got showered, and did his chores too. And since I wasn't feeling so overwhelmed, I even washed some dishes. Miracle, I know. lol.

Captain America and I spent some time together, then showered and got ready for our errands. We decided to go to lunch at Carlos and Mickeys! And SUPER yum, we got the homemade Chicken Soup lunch special! I was super excited about it! It looked DIVINE!

Big chunks of chicken, and HUGE chunks of veggies. Super yummy! I was totally full on it. And I didn't even eat the quesidillas that came with it. I gave those to Captain America. And I just ate the rice. I eventually dumped it in my soup. Oh yeah. That was the best. And the chips and salsa and Diet Dr Pepper. SOOOO good!

After lunch, we headed to Walmart, and got some groceries. Cause we were out. And Captain America needed food for the house. And a few toiletries. And then my phone freaked out, and he needed his iPhone hooked up. He was using the Droid. We went to Verizon, but it was taking FOREVER. He wanted to drive down Alameda and look at the old car lots and see what they had. And it was causing some tension. You know how it is. When you have a plan of how things are supposed to go. And it seems like every little thing is getting in the way. I can see how that would be frustrating....

So there was some stress...

We had to leave the phone at Verizon to get switched over, and we drove down Alameda for a bit, then went back to post to get Jim and Joe from the bus. And drop off the groceries. Then back to Verizon to get the phones. Then to Wendys for a Frosty for Joe and Jim. Then back home for dinner (I made homemade sloppy Joes - the kids were SO excited!).

Then change really fast for Basketball practice for Joe and Tom and Eme. Then off to drop off Eme and Tom at their location. Then to Logan for Joe. Captain America and I visited with Kari, and Jim played his game. And Captain America had a good time watching Joe play and practice, and getting to know how Joe plays.

When practice was over, we headed to O'Rileys to get a new bulb for the Brake lights, then back to pick up Tom. Eme had already gotten a ride home with Ms Rebecca. Tom still had 15 minutes left on practice. We waited in the truck, and Captain America ran in to watch the last few minutes. So he got a chance to watch Tom practice too.

We got home, and I changed into Jammies, and helped the little boys pick out clothes for the morning. So that the morning would go more smoothly. Thank goodness! Now Jim won't go to school looking so funny. And underwearless. ROFL!

Captain America went over report cards with all the kids, and then talked about basketball form with them. And I did my blog. It's now 8:30pm. Jake is the only one left to go to bed. He's out there talking with his dad right now. As soon as he goes to bed, I get Captain America all to my self :) Sounds good to me.

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Stephanie said...

I'm so glad that he is home! Now you just have to take the ticker off the left side of your blog! ;)

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 5 post on Jan. 11, 2012. Thanks again.

CrystalNVa said...