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Thursday, January 12, 2012


Hey you guys :) How goes it??? So I was awoken to the sound of the phone. At 2:30am. I was SO confused!! I hopped up out of bed, and ran to the bathroom where the sound was coming from. And that's where I found Captain America, testing out ringtones on his new iPhone... Um, yeah, NOT cool...

He told me he's usually a better roommate. hehe. I told him he needed to work on that. ha! He was having trouble sleeping, and continued to play on his phone for a while. I showed him how to turn down his phone, closed the door, and tried to go back to sleep. It was till noisy, though. But I finally went back to sleep. And was woken up again.... but we won't go into that. hehe.

Luckily, he decided to stay awake, and get the kids up and ready for school when the time came. And let me sleep in. What a SUPER sweet man! I was able to catch back up on my sleep, and still be up and ready to make it to Jake's therapy appointment. And he came with me. Awe, so sweet!

We headed over there, but were a few minutes late. Jake's therapist thought he was doing SO good, that we decided to go with every other week instead of every week. Good job, Jake! You are working hard :)

We took Jake back to school, and then Captain America and I headed to lunch at L&J's. The other day, we wanted to get Beef Fajitas, but didn't wanna pay so much for them. The ones here were only $11.95. That's not too bad.

Me and my DDP!

Fajitas toppings with corn tortillas
They were so yummy :) We ate and chatted and it was fun. Although, I must say, I am used to more interaction during lunch... there was a sports show on. ROLF! My girls don't seem to be sucked into it quite as much. hehe :)

At the tail end of lunch, we got a call from the school, saying that Joe had wet his pants again. Poor Joe. Luckily, it wasn't too noticeable. His shirt covered it. So he went back to class, and we headed home to get him a change of clothes. Then back to school.

The nurse called him back out of class, he changed his clothes, and Captain America and I drove on over to Big Lots. He needed a few items that we didn't get at Walmart the other day. Mostly an ironing board for his uniforms, and some spray starch. We had a good time walking around and shopping.

All the Christmas stuff was 75% off! I did get a few ornaments. And some Wrapping paper. I'll never have to buy wrapping paper again in my life, I think. LOL :)

Since 1999, Tom's of Oregon. ROLF! That's what I thought of, the second I saw it - hehe :)
I saw this, and it was HUGE! And they were advertising that it fits in your pocket? Only if you weight 500 lbs!

The folding chair takes up the WHOLE box. I opened it up because I was so curious... There's no way this is fitting inside of Captain America's pocket...
Single use. I'm SO glad :)
After Big Lots, we headed home. And had about an hour before the kids got home from school. Captain America headed up to Housing to get a new long light bulb for the closet (cause it had burnt out), and I continued with the laundry. We're trying to go through the little boys' clothes. It's SO out of control... We needed to get everything clean so we know what we have...

Anyway, I cleaned and sorted and organized for the hour, then headed to the bus stop. I chatted with the girls for a while (I was missing them!), then headed home with the kids. In between washing and folding, I went out to watch Captain America and Tom mess with the truck.

The battery on the old truck had been disconnected while Captain America was deployed, and I guess the battery still got drained somehow. Also, they were helping me out with Cub Scouts tonight. The achievement with tools. They were getting ready to saw a large board into chunks.

I went back inside to cook dinner (two nights in a row, I know!!) and to get the kids ready for the evening activities. Joe had a game, and Joe and Jake and Tom had Scouts later. And Captain America had spent so much time helping to get stuff ready for Scouts, that he wasn't ready for the evening of activities.

We took two cars up to the game, and he followed when he was ready. I chatted with Kari and with Rebecca for a while, and then Captain America was there. And I must say, having a bit strong man to sit behind me to snuggle with during the game is SO the way to go! He needs to come to ALL of the games. hehe :)

Joe and Leo played very well in the game, and it got over earlier than I though! We had time to head home, and for Captain America to put on Scout clothes. And for Leo to get Scout clothes on. Joe had brought his in a backpack. It was nice to be early!

But we were late by the time were were done... Oh well! And I was excited that all 6 of my Cub Scouts there there!!! My Joe, and Leo, and Maria's Joseph, and Aiden, and Charlotte's Matthew, and a new kid, Bromilee. While Captain America set up his tool display, I had an opening ceremony, and we talked about what achievements we've already one, and which ones we need to do.

Then, we moved on over to Captain America's tool demonstration. They boys had a BLAST!
Check out Joe with the safety glasses on! I was gonna take a picture of all of the boys in the glasses, but the next kid totally broke them! Oops!
At the end of the meeting, we had the living circle and did the Cub Scout motto, then closing prayer. It really was a great meeting! We loaded up, and headed home. And dropped Leo off, and picked up Jim (he stayed at Kari's house - Kid swap!), then back to the house.

We worked on getting the kids to bed, and I did a little bit more laundry. I was SO done with it. Hehe. And then I started blogging. And Captain America worked on ironing his uniforms. And that's where we are now. How did it get to be 10:27pm? I need to go to sleep :) I'm gonna try and go hiking with Kari in the morning. Captain America has to go into work in the morning. And I have counseling at 11:30ish too. We might have ice skating after school, then Eme and Tom both have games later. Yeah, busy day.... ha!

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