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Saturday, January 14, 2012


Hey guys! Well, I started off the day with a bang... Banging headache, that is. Ouch, I know! Luckily, I'm not a single parent anymore! hehe :) Captain American was able to help out SO much! I did get up, take some meds and have a yogurt, then assist with getting the kids ready for the bus.

And crawled back into bed. Captain America went to the bus, and I went to sleep. I was hurting! After the kids went to school, Captain America went outside to work on his truck, and I snoozed on and off. And felt the meds kicking in. Thank goodness! Cause it sure hurt!

Finally, around 9:30 or 10am, it started to feel a TON better. Still a little off, but better. Captain America came inside and checked some e-mails, and was on Facebook a bit, and I sat by him and sat down to put an additional layout on the blog from yesterday that Sharon had done last minute for me. Cause she's awesome.

And then the school called, and said that Eme had gotten Student of the Month for her class! And that we should come and eat lunch on the stage with her! We were thinking of coming anyway, but this sealed the deal!

So I put the computer away, and hopped in the shower. I was SO proud of Eme! She's such a good student! Captain America got ready too, and at 11:05, we were out the door, and headed up to the school. We had lunch with Jim first. He was pretty excited to see mom AND dad!
We ate with the little guys, and then a teacher came by and asked if we were with little Jacob, Maggies kid. Nope, we said, but we knew his mom. She said that he didn't have a lunch, and insisted that his mom was coming. Yeah, I said she runs late. ROFL! I called her, and she said that she was REALLY late, to go ahead and have him get in the lunch line.

Kari and Brian came, and Captain America and Brian had fun chatting. Kari and I did too! Josephine came in with the 1st graders, and I had a good time helped out the kinders with their food. I helped out with milks and cracker packages and straws and banana peels. Oh yeah, I'm just that good - hehe.

I'd brought a box of mini candy canes, and I told the kids that if they finished their lunches, then they'd get one! hehe. I tricked them all into eating! ha! I had the whole table finishing their lunches. Oh yeah :)

Jim headed out to the playground after finishing his food, and the 2nd graders came in. Here's a picture of Veronica's kid, Cassie, and me, when she came in for lunch! She's in Joe's class
Joe waited in line for his food, and then his buddies were a few kids behind. The came up and asked what snacks I'd brought this week. ROFL! I'm the snack mom, apparently! I said candy canes, and pointed to Captain America, and said that Joe's dad had come home!!! They said that was cool! And the one said that he wished his dad would come home. Awe, I said, where is your dad. He just got a sad, somber look on his face, and looked up with his eyes, and pointed towards heaven. OMGosh, broke my heart! The other kid said that his dad went to visit his grandmother and his aunt, and left at Christmas. And hasn't come back yet. Um, ok....

Joe and his buddies came back, and wolfed down their food. Maybe the "eat the food and get a candy" wasn't the best for the 2nd graders. I was afraid they were gonna hurt themselves! hehe. But they all got it. Then the word got out that we had mini candy canes, and tons of kids came over to ask. So cute. hehe. Good thing there were 64 candy canes in the package, right? ha!

Here's a picture of Joe and Captain America and I.
Leo came, and he ate with Brian and Kari, and then all of the kids were done eating. The grown ups were done chatting, and Kari and Brian headed to the playground with Leo. And Captain America and I headed to the stage to sit with Eme. Cause she was a "Classy Character". For Patience. ROFL! I thought it was pretty funny, seeing her at home. School is different, right? ha!

The counselor snapped a photo of Captain America and I and Eme. Aren't we cute!
We had a nice time on the stage with Eme. She got some coupons for different restaurants around town, and we told her that sometime this week (or so), we'd take her there. Awesome job, hon!

After lunch period, Captain America and I headed out. We went to Auto Zone to take back the truck's battery (oh yeah, this is his old blue truck, not my suburban...) It was dead, we thought. It had a warranty on it, and they would either charge it, or replace it. So we started that process.

They started to charge it, and said it would take about an hour. So Captain America and I went to the Rainbow Fountain place that Kim and I went to a while back. And got shrimp! And a smoothie. And some Mexican Candy. I wasn't a fan of the candy. Captain America thought it was very good. It reminded him of a sweet fudge (minus the chocolate - ha! - that's the best part!)
After eating, we went to Walgreens and picked up a silver aluminum wallet for Captain America, and a new black on for me. I'm gonna give my purple one to Kim! They rock, you know. 2 for $10 at Walgreens. If you wanna be just like me, you should go and get one. hehe :) You'll like it too!

We headed back to Auto zone, since it'd been an hour, and it wasn't finished charging. Seriously? So we went to do another errand. Captain America had gotten some ACU's (uniforms) the other day, and the bottoms were the wrong size. And he needed something sewn on some uniforms too.

So we hit the Alteration shop, and the Clothing Supply shop. While he worked on the return/exchange/whatever, I installed Blogger on my phone and tried to get that last layout posted. Sharon had worked so hard on it, and I really wanted to get it on the blog for her.

Well, I managed to get it on there, but in the wrong spot. Crap. Oh well, it was on there at least, right? I did manage to get a hold of my girl, Stephanie, who edits my blog. You know, when I mess up and spell out Captain America's real name. She goes in and changes it. She's AWESOME. Anyway, she moved it around for me. Thanks, my dear!

Eventually, he was done, and we headed back over to Auto Zone. And it was done this time. Thank goodness! Back home we went, and just in time to get the kids from the bus. Captain America worked on his truck for a bit, and I walked on over and retrieved them. Some of the kids helped their dad on the truck, and others did their chores to earn privileges.

I designed for a while, and got 2 WordArt packs done! Oh yeah! I'm gonna be ahead of the game this week! Now watch, that little comment right there is probably gonna be enough to jinx it - hehe.

I made up some Tuna and Cheese sandwiches for dinner (I started too late and didn't have time to cook anything real), then got Jim ready for his game. By the time Captain America got in from working on his truck, he needed a shower, and we would have been late for the game if we'd have waited for him. So we told him to hurry, to bring his own vehicle, and that he could catch up with us.

Jim and I headed out, and he made it in time to warm up for about 3 minutes! That's some kind of a record for us, I think! RoFL! I visited with Suzanne Cullen (I still find it awesome that her last name is Cullen (Oh Edward....)) and her hubby during the game. Here's a picture of Jim, right before half time.

This is when I realized that Kari wasn't there, and neither was Josephine. I guess they forgot! Oops! I texted her the picture, and she said that Brian was in charge of it, because she had a party, and apparently he forgot about it. Oops. Next time!

Captain America got to the game a little after half time. We had fun watching the last half together, and cheering Jim on. You know, if he realized that he has size to his advantage, he'd dominate that court! He could just take that ball and run. We started to yell (in a good way) at him to take the ball, and when he listened and did it, he REALLY did a good job! Ha! Way to go, Jim!
Oh yeah, and they don't really have to dribble. It's just encouraged. ha!

So after the game, the kids got their snacks (Jim's FAVORITE part), and we ditched one vehicle, and headed to the Biggs youth center to get Tom. He'd ridden the bus there after school. He said that there was a family meeting (they call it a Coffee house meeting), and he wanted us to come! But we got there, and the place was relatively dead...

I guess he got his Friday Nights wrong... 2 weeks from today. Works out better for us, anyway. I wanted my babysitter at home. LOL! Captain America and Tom played 2 games of Pool, Jim watched a few minutes of the movie they were showing, and I tinkered on my phone.

We headed back to the house, dropped of Jim and Tom, gave them explicit instructions for babysitting and bedtimes, and Captain America and I headed out to the movies. We decided to go and see the new Mission Impossible movie! It looked pretty good :)

The Carmike 16 was starting at 8pm, so we headed over there. And got the popcorn deal. But forgot to get the extra candy "rider" at the time of purchase, so got back in line, but because we'd waited 3 minutes, it was too late. Screw them. I didn't feel bad smuggling dollar store boxed candy in now. ha!
The movie was pretty good. If I had to choose between Sherlock Holmes and MI, I'd choose Sherlock Holmes. But it was still pretty good. There was a lot of action. And startling parts. I found myself sitting on the edge of my chair a lot. And jumping. But it was kinda long. And I know that Captain America fell asleep in one part. But that has no bearing on the movie, per se... He falls asleep in dark rooms. ROFL!

After the movie, we got a refill of soda (for tomorrow for us - because flat soda is SO good, you know *inset sarcasm...*) and popcorn (for tomorrow for the kids) and headed back home. The little kids were put to bed at 9:30pm, and the big kids were supposed to go to bed at 10:30. But yeah, it was 11pm, and they were still going strong.

I started Blogging, and Captain America totally had a talk with them about following the rules, and keeping the house clean, and babysitting. Good for him! And good that I didn't have to do it! LOL :)

Anyway, it's now 12:30am, and I'm tired. Luckily, there are no early morning appointments or games or meetings or anythings tomorrow. I'm sleeping in :) Oh yeah :)

Night, all!

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Mats World said...

Just caught up with the ones I have missed, enjoying these so much and reading your blog. So happy Captain America is home safe and I thank him for his service and your family for all your sacrifices. Thanx so much for your generosity in sharing your work!

Stephanie said...

hehe I feel special, I got a mention in the blog!! :)
Love ya girl!!