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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


So Facebook is messing with me tonight... I uploaded about 15 photos, and this is the only one that stuck. What the heck? hehe. Well, I must admit, it is a STELLAR photo of me and all (LOL)... ha! (Fast forward to 2 hours later - it's working now - ha!)

I didn't sleep well last night. I really tried. But I felt like I tossed and turned the whole time. I got up, sleepily, and got the kids off to school. CPT went to work, and I just hung until it was time to go to to the Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast. But finally got ready :)
And yeah, that was a bit of a misnomer.. It should have been community volunteer breakfast. Because it was a fundraiser for the US Kids (preforming) club. And I felt a bit out of place. But Kari and I had breakfast, watched their presentations, then I checked on Joe in his class, and we were done.

And my iPhone had been freaking out during the breakfast. And it was making me mad. That same thing it was doing before. So, as soon as it was over, I headed to the mall and to the Apple store. And within 4 minutes, it was FIXED! It was possessed, and they performed an exorcism... OK, so not really. It had the voice assist turned on, or something stupid like that. And when you clicked home 3 times, it turned on. And when you click 3 times, it turns off. And I had no idea it was. Whatever. I was going with the possession theory - lol :)

I headed back home, and spent the next hour designing. I got 2 WordArt packs designed, and then a packaged together for my sister. I had some errands to run. As soon as I was ready to leave the house, CPT called and said that he was coming home. So I waited, we had lunch at home, then we headed out.

First stop, UPS store. UPS!!! We had to sent in that receipt to get the money back for Tom's broken guitar. Second stop, PX to fill Jake's prescription. Which took a LOT longer than I was expecting... So I sent CPT to the post office (2 blocks away) to send Maddie's Miche base to her. And by the time he was done and back, I was JUST finishing up with getting the prescription. Dude.

We headed to the car, and were planning on hitting the commissary for food shopping, when Jake's school called. He wasn't feeling well. I talked to him, and reminded him that IF he came home, no electronics or anything. He was to lay in his room and be sick. He said he was sick and to please come and get him.

So CPT dropped me off at the commissary, and he went to get Jake. Here's me, sending a picture of my sad face to Amanda, who moved with my Military ID. hehe. CPT had to sign me into the Commissary - LOL :)

And I started to shop. Yeah, we hadn't grocery shopped for a while. It took SO long. CPT got Jake, dropped him off at home, and came and joined me. And we continued shopping. And shopping. And shopping. LOL :) Finally, we went to the check out, paid, and headed home.

Tom was home by that point, and went to get the kids from the bus. They were all home and helped carry in groceries. Gotta love that! We got the groceries put away, and the kids started on chores. Then we watched a little bit of TV.

Check out the kids' trophies!!! I snapped a quick photo of it - the shelf is starting to look quite impressive!

Tom and Captain America went to Tom's final game at 5:30pm, and we watched some more tv. Then made some dinner. And did homework. And a few chores. And this, that, and the other thing.

CPT and Tom came back home, and we talked about new chores for the kids. It took a long time (CPT doesn't know how to do any discussion brief), but we got the new chores figured out.

We put the kids to bed at around 8:30pm, and CPT and I watched some TV. Well, we had it on while I blogged, and while he ironed. Silly boy. He finds it strangely relaxing. More power to him - hehe :)

Tomorrow, Jake has a therapy appointment, and I need a Walmart run :) Eme has piano and we have scouts. Busy day, busy day... :)

One more picture for today - ROFL! I'm hoping this was a joke!!!

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CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 6 post on Jan. 25, 2012. Thanks again.

LindaBlunk said...

Thanks for the download and laugh!

Crystalnva said...


Gale said...

Just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful wordart packs that you give to us. I love them and love reading about your life.
I used one of your word arts on a project that I posted on my blog today. Just wanted you to know.
:) Gale