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Saturday, January 28, 2012


So, this post is OBVIOUSLY late... Sorry about that. After CPT America and I got back from our double/triple date last night night, I was sleepy. So I just went straight to bed. And then I didn't wake up till noon, and went shopping with Kari. And here we are, almost 3pm on Saturday... So yeah, late. LOL. But better late than never.

I got up on Friday morning, got the kids off to school, got CPT off to to work, and hopped in the shower and got ready for the day. I was going shopping for supplies for a new Miche rack, then going to lunch with the girls! Oh yeah!

How do I look???
Kim agreed to come with me to Lowes, and we headed out. We used the Miche shell, and walked around the store testing it's magnets for metal. Yeah, most of what they had was aluminum. hehe. Which magnets don't stick to - ROFL! But the duct work metal stuff DOES work :) So I bought 4 big sheets of that for $5 each. Then, we headed to Hobby Lobby for some fabric and spray adhesive.

Here's Kim and I in Hobby Lobby :)
I found some SUPER sparkly fabric that was PERFECT. I decided that I only needed about 2 yards. And good thing, because it was super expensive. hehe. We paid, and headed over to Olive Garden. And met the girls there. I was SUPER starving. OK, so maybe not starving, but I was sure hungry :)

Here's me with my soda! They had diet Coke. Seems like the last few places had Pepsi. Gag!

Liz and her friend (sorry, girl, didn't catch your name)
(Liz and Kim)
(Kari and Maggie and Hannah)
Me and Terra
Kim and Me
Terra and Kari
Liz was SO funny! She was SO hungry she grabbed the salad bowl and started eating RIGHT out of it - hehe :)
After lunch, Kim and I headed to Bassett Center and check out the new Dollar Tree. It opens on Monday!!! Oh yeah, I'm SO there on Monday!!! Well, after Savers... hehe :). Then on to Bassett Center. We went to the Jewelry Box, and found a few things, then on to another store. I can't recall the name.

They had a FABULOUS sale on shoes! I ended up finding a short pair of black boots that I just LOVED. And a pair of black shoes. Kim found a few things too. We paid, and headed home. I dropped Kim off, then went home. CPT was home when I got there. He was working on the backyard.

I helped him for a little while, then it was time to go and get the kids from the bus. And the girls and I decided to go to the park with the kids, because it was SUCH a nice day! Check out my new shoes!
While at the park, I worked on completing my Miche holders. I cut the fabric, and spray glued it to the metal. Then when I got home, I screwed it to the walls. And hung up the shells. What do you think??? I think it looks pretty good!

And just so you don't think that I spent a TON of money on each shell, I got most of them for about $12 a piece for the little ones, and $2o for the big ones. You can find them on sale, you know. hehe. Still, it's a lot of money... But it's my hobby :) And I love them. And it's still cheaper than any of CPT's hobbys! And we have no car payments OR credit card debt. So there is my justifications... hehe.

At around 7:30pm, CPT and I headed out to the hockey game. Jake went to hang with Justin, and Tom babysat. I told him to put the kids to bed at 9pm. We went with Kim and Tim and Kari and Brian. It was a great time! Military got in for free, so it was a good free date - hehe :)

Kim, Tim, Kari, Brian
During the 3rd period, a GIANT fight broke out. It took forever to break up, and even longer to sort it out. It was kinda exciting - hehe.

Us sporting our St. Louis Blues jerseys.
These two were quite the pieces of work... They were loud and obnoxious and cussing and quite the couple. hehe. OK, so not a couple, but I had a lot of fun making up a storyline for them. hehe. Do you ever do that for people? Make up a "history" for them?
After the game, we went outside, and stood for about 15 minutes and chatted. Until we were all freezing and had to go home. I'm glad that the girls and guys all seem to get along so well. We are all around the same age. We should totally get together again and do stuff as couples. It was a lot of fun!

So that was my day. It was fun! And yeah, I forgot to mention, than went I had gotten home from Bassett, I'd bought the wrong boots! I'd bought the taller brown boots that I'd tried on! They were nice, and I loved them, but they weren't the correct ones. So I'd have to go back the next day and get the black ones too. hehe.

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