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Monday, January 23, 2012


I got to sleep in this morning. My friend, Ambien, helped - hehe. 10am, and I was refreshed. hehe. CPT America and I were still having a tiff. And the more I thought about it, the more I decided that he was having trouble re-integrating. Something that Terra had said yesterday really made sense. Her hubby has been home 2 months, and she said they're still working on it. It's not a quick process...

So he's not just being a "jerk"... hehe. It feels like it sometimes, but that's not it. But it's hard to deal with sometimes. Anyway, we haven't been talking for a few days. Cordial and all, but not talking. Anyway, I got ready and curled my hair (HOUR worth of curls), and then we headed to church. And there was a lot of yelling involved (in the getting ready for church process). From him at the kids... Again, I think it was reintegration issues. He's SO not used to all of the stress of the family...

During Sacrament, and during Sunday school, I thought about all of the crap and the fights from the last few days, and about what it was really about. And I'd had enough. I texted his mom. hehe. I know that he loves and adores and listens to everything that his dad says. If his dad could call, and tell him about how hard it is to come home (his dad was in the navy), maybe, just maybe, it'll be better! Brilliant plan! I made sure that she knew not to say it was from me, and she said that Paul would call after we got home from church. Thank goodness!!!

Third hour of church, I got to go and watch Tom get the priesthood! It was really neat. CPT gave him the blessing, and I was so proud of Tom.

Then I went back to Relief Society. It was a good Sunday. And CPT seemed to been in a VERY good mood after church. Church had done him good - hehe. He was happy and upbeat. Here's a picture of Tom and I after church. Congrats, Tom! I'm so proud of your choice to follow Heavenly Father!

Someones hood ornament - hehe.
On the way home from church, we stopped by the Barracks so that CPT could visit with his soldiers. He needed to check in with them and make sure everyone was ok. He took Tom in with him, and the rest of us sat in the truck. It was a short visit.

We got home, changed out of our Sunday best clothes, and we played with the camera for a while. And, low and behold, CPT's dad called him! What an unexpected surprise!!! hehe :)

Here's Tom and I

Me and Jim

Me and Eme

Jim wanted in the picture, but he sat on us! And he's big!

Come here, small child! I'll kiss ya!!!

Holy Crap, JAKE! When did you get SOOOO tall???

Oh yeah, I'm still taller than you, TOM!

Joe so didn't wanna play, so we did a dog pile on him! Take that, Joe! hehe :)

After CPT got off of the phone, he instantly called us all together, sat us down, and apologized for how he'd been acting the past few days. And explained how hard it was to come back home and be "normal" again. And asked us to "bear with" him during the process. It was SO sweet. Then, he said that he owed me the biggest apology. Awe, love you, honey! (Good job, CAROL (mother in law), you ROCK!)

And the rest of the evening was fabulous. We made dinner (Gumbo from a Bear Creek soup mix), and the kids LOVED it. And because I took an hour to fix my hair, I took some more pictures of it - hehe.

Then got CPT in on the picture taking action - hehe.

This picture says it all - I love you with all of my heart - but you'd better be nice to me, because I know where you sleep...
And then we wanted to see how tall Jake was in comparison to CPT. You be the judge. 2 different angles...

It's pretty close... After dinner, we had a family home evening lesson. It was a chapter in the bible. Colossions 3:8-25. His dad had recommended it. It talked about "forbearing". Just what we needed to work on, right. hehe. He did pretty good. Only got frisky with the kids a few times. They have a hard time sitting still. Typical kids.

After Family Home Evening, Eme and I made some peanut butter walnut chocolate chunk cookies for dessert. Oh yeah, they were good!
We put the kids to bed, and I started blogging, and he watched the rest of the game (don't ask me who...) He's finishing up a little bit of work, and I'm finishing up my blog. We might watch part of a show together before bed. It's 9:30pm. Night, y'all. Here's to a great week

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CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 5 post on Jan. 23, 2012. Thanks again.

Tanya said...

Haven't visited in awhile, must say I love your hair long! It looks fabulous!!

Have a great day!

Shelly said...

If you're married to CPT America that makes you Mrs. America. No wonder you're so beautiful!

I'm keeping you all in my prayers as you continue to make adjustments. Hugs!!!