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Friday, January 27, 2012


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No layouts this week, Sharon's mom is VERY sick and is in the hospital. PLEASE include her mom in your prayers this week, girls! She could use them!!!

Hola! Well, I was up at around 5 am this morning. And dozed until around 6:45am. I so wish that I could have slept more. I was tired. But you your body wakes up, you're awake, right? I just kinda laid there and dozed...

I finally got up and got the kids ready. And just couldn't get Jake to wake up. I'd been trying since 6:55am to wake that turd, um, child to get out of bed. Tom went to the bus, CPT America went to exercise, I took Eme and Jim and Joe to the bus, and Jake was STILL sleeping. Grrr. I went in and pulled back his blankets and yelled at him some more. No response.

I did a few more things, and STILL he was asleep. And I just kept getting madder and madder at him. Finally, at 7:45 (he needed to leave at 7:55), I dumped a cup of water on his face. Yeah, THAT got him up. I was furious! He got a huge yelling at. He knew better than to argue at that point. He got ready, and left real fast...

Then, I hurried and put on some hiking clothes, and laid down on my bed. And hoped that Kari would forget about hiking in the mountains. LOL. I so didn't wanna go. But knew that it would be fun, and would be good for me.

Well, Kari and Eryn (from the bus from 2 years ag0 - lol) came to pick me up a little before 9am. So off to hike we went! And I'm SO glad we went! It was a GREAT hike! And I felt so good. It was nice to chat with the girls, to vent, to share, to hear their problems and joys and everything too.

After the hike, we headed back to post and went to the last 1/2 of the Autism Support group meeting. Liz was there, and we learned about a pilot progam for some Social Stories that they were doing. It sounded really interesting, but Jake was too old for the trial. Dang. I was interested in it, too. They were looking for 6-11 year olds... Oh well.

After the meeting, we solidified plans for lunch for Friday, then CPT came to pick me up. We were going to lunch. We swung by the house so he could change out of his uniform, and so that I could change out of my hiking clothes. Pink sweats are sexy and all, but, well, you know... hehe ;)

And we headed to Fudruckers. Cause I'd never been! And CPT wanted a hamburger. Oh yeah, sounded good to me! He got the 1lb (OMGOSH!) and I got the 1/2 lb. Build your own burgers. They were fabulous!

Dude, look at the SIZE of that hamburger!!!
They had a red tardis!!! hehe :)
After lunch, we swung by Walmart for the few items that we didn't get at the commissary. Some ground beef, and some flavor packets for water, and water bottles, and some personal hygiene stuff. Not too much. But a few things.

It was a quick trip for Walmart, but we still had to have Tom get the kids from the bus. And I saw this on the way home. A Dollar Tree??? Right by Bassett Center??? Right outside Jeb gate???? When did that happen???? I'm freaking excited!!! I'm so going tomorrow morning to see when it opens!!!! *does excited happy dance around room*
We got home about 10 minutes after the bus. Not too bad. CPT agreed to take Leo and Joe ice skating to that Kari and I could each get stuff done at home. Justin, her oldest, is turning 16 today, and she needed to bake his birthday cake. I needed to design and load my store. CPT figured that he could handle 2- 8 year olds.

So he loaded up in the truck and headed downtown. And my kids did their chores real fast, and had electronic privileges. It's been a long time since we had a school night off. hehe. No more practices for a while! Yeah!

At around 6pm, Joe and CPT came home, and Joe was SO upset. Apparently, CPT had promised Joe that they would go for Ice Cream, and CPT was teasing him. Leo got it, but Joe didn't get it at first. And got mad. I told him that he couldn't tease him like that. He had been gone too long to be teasing at that level this soon. Poor CPT. He didn't mean to upset Joe so bad. He's the tenderest of the kids, I think. It took a while, but we got it all sorted out. And yeah, he DID get his DQ :) Leo too :)

My head started to hurt a bit while I was loading the store, so I put CPT in charge of the kids for dinner. Luckily it was just canned soup - ha! And crackers. Not rocket science. They could cook it themselves. It's now 7pm. I'm gonna watch an episode of "Once Upon A Time" (you seen that yet? SO good!) and try and go to bed early. I'm either getting a migraine, or getting sick. Either way, NOT fun.... Tomorrow is maybe visiting teaching in the morning, the lunch at Olive Garden with the girls. Then double date night at the Rhinos Hockey game with Kari and maybe Julia and maybe Kim and hubbies. Should be a fun time!!!!
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Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 7 post on Jan. 27, 2012. Thanks again.

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