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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Let me just start by saying that I'm not not blogging because it was a crappy day. Well, I had a headache, so that was crappy, but it was a good day. We did a lot of good things. I slept in till 11am (should have been the first sign that a migraine was on it's way - ha!) after getting kids off to school, then went to lunch with Captain America, then was home for the kids and medicated when the migraine hit.

CPT took Jake to his psychiatrist appointment and got his meds refill (LOVED the dude, by the way), and I got all 3 of the little kids to their games. Brian took Joe/Leo, Kari took Jim/Josephine, and I took Eme. And yeah, that buzzer and those LOUD cheering moms were about the undoing of me....

I spent the evening in my room, quietly on the computer looking at Miche shells. Classic ones. See, I got this booklet from the dude at the miche stand in the PX. And it has a lot of the shells in there. But I thought it would be good to have a pictorial booklet of ALL of them. So I found a few websites that had ALL of them. Then grabbed their pictures. Then started to photoshop them into 1.25x1.66 images with their names on it, then 8 on a page on a 6x4... Yeah, I think I got a little bit obsessed. But my head didn't hurt as long as I moved.

So, anyway. it's 11pm. And I'm sleepy. CPT is ironing, and we are listening to conference. It's a nice and quite evening.

Oh yeah, and CPT and Jake had a LONG discussion this evening about church, and Jake kept insisting that he didn't believe, and that it was dumb. Finally, he went off to bed. He came back about 15 minutes, in humble tears. He said that he prayed, and that he knew that it was true, and that he was sorry he was fighting us on it. Awe, Jake, honey, we LOVE you!!! Big hugs from mom and dad :) *proud mom moment*

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