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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Did It Myself

So, yesterday evening, after a long day at the house, we decided it would be good to go on a family walk. To "walk" off some of that energy the kids all had. We walked a few blocks, then went down the bike trail. A few more blocks got us to a little neighborhood park. My mom didn't want to stay long, so we started off again.

Here's my Dad and I (and Joe), just exiting the bike trail.

So when we finally got close to home, my dad saw this huge sand hill, and said to my oldest, Jake, I'll race you up! And off he went! Jacob was quick to follow - see them in the distance.

Well, thinking that it would be good fun for the other kids too, I told them that anyone who made the top would get a cookie (we'd made homemade oatmeal raisin cookies earlier that day at my aunts house). Well, they ALL wanted to go. So, I grabbed Jim's (the 2 year old) hand, and off we went, up the big hill. Wow, was it big.

This last stretch was really hard. I had to lift Jimmy up, step by step, because it was so steep and sandy. But, the view from the top was fabulous. My mom (who of course didn't want to play), took this up close pic of us. What a great zoom - ha! Jimmy was there too, he was just too short and blocked by the tree :)

What a fun adventure!!!

Today's WordArt comes from Lynn. Yep, she's the one who was quoted too! What a great saying :) I have a lot of photos that this would apply to! I'm sure you do too :)

Click on the image below to download, and leave some love if you like my work.

I, Did, It, Myself - Hyrule

Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday's Fresh Fruit

So, how do you like my new WordArt? Know how I do my "Attitude" research? Tee shirts at department stores - ha! Isn't that funny :) They have the BEST attitude sayings :)

And, for all of you who received the Scraporchard Friday's Fresh Fruit newsletter, the Sports Attitude WordArt preview has been fixed, as well as the download. 2 typos in 1 WordArt pack? I need to fire my editor - ha! (If only I had one - hehehe)

I was kicking around the idea of getting a marketing director/publicity person, though. Anyone remotely interested if I decide to do that? And I think I'll be getting a CT of a few people together too. I still need to work out some details on that :) Fun times!!!)

And, the winner of my contest last week (win the amount of your order in a coupon) was Cindy from Canada! Way to go, girl! I'll be sending you your coupon tonight! Thanks for playing, ladies!


We went to the lake again yesterday. But, we were the only ones there for the first 1 1/2 hours. I think that may be why the kids didn't have quite a much fun on the fun scale (of course, any amount of fun is good, eh?). The tourists finally started arriving at 11, and the kids had 45 minutes to play with kids. My oldest even caught a salamander, which he was SO proud of!

We went to my Aunts house for a visit, and my Grandma and Great Aunt Shirley were there too. It was good to visit for a while. My Aunt has a HUGE tv, and the kids thought it was just like a movie theater. Too cute!

I got 2 letters today from Captain America!!! I was so excited! It sounds like he's doing well. He's in a ....um, Company? with 50 guys, and in a platoon (?) of 200. He said that they're all working OK as a group, but it's hard to get guys of all different ages to work together, especially the "punk" 18-21 year olds :) Get used to that, sweetie :) Anyway, he wanted me to go and buy him a watch, because only a handful out of the 200 had one. Holy cow!

He was pretty specific in what he wanted. It needed a backlight, and a stopwatch, and military time, and a velcro band. Plus, it couldn't have crome (nothing shiny). Sniper attractor, or something like that. Nice, sweetie. I could have done without hearing that :) But yes, I found him a watch that wouldn't attract sniper fire :) Be safe, sweetheart!!!

I thought this saying was SO CUTE, that I made this WordArt for you all. I know that my boys are usually dirty (although less so at my mom's house - she follows them around, cleaning them - ha!), so I have a TON of pics to use with this one.

Dirt - If

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Check out this photo! This is where we spent the afternoon yesterday - sweet spot, eh?

I LOVE going up the river with my Dad. He used to take us here as kids, and I SO enjoyed having him take me and my kids here too. The river cuts through the rocks, and makes little whirpools and "hot tubs". It was SO fun. The 2 big boys spent the whole time in the water, and the 2 little boys spent the whole time avoiding the water - LOL! At least we didn't have to worry about them drowning - the wouldn't get anywhere near it - ha!

Here's Jake and Tom with the goggle, and Eme after she finally decided that the "crawdads" weren't gonna eat her. She spent the first 2 hours with the little boys on the rocks, wanting to play, but being scared. She finally sucked it up, and realized that mom actually knew what she was talking about, that the "crawdads" would just swim away from her.

And here's the little boys with my dad. Isn't Oregon BEAUTIFUL!!! It was so nice and warm! I've been FREEZING since we moved here, and it's amazing how 20 miles inland will change the temperature. It was HOT, and awesome! Ha! I was in heaven :)

Speaking of me, here I am! I SO love bandanas (or hair hiders, as I refer to them - ha!) And, I even felt OK in my swimming suit, after all my weight loss :) I'm down to 155!!! The very skinniest I've ever been is 152. I'm not far from my lowest now! (my goal is 140)

Now, on to WordArt. OK guys, I'm digging from the bottom of the barrel here - ha! So, we spent the whole afternoon yesterday up the river. Then, I needed to get 2 new WordArt packs designed and ready to go last night, and finished that up at 11pm. So, I'm TOO tired to make a freebie, so I started looking around on my 'puter to see what was there. I found this one, that I'd made for Carla of Designing Moments, a while back. I thought you all might like having it :) Besides, you got 2 WordArts yesterday - LOL!

Click on the image below to download, and leave some love if you like my work :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

WordArt Wednesday Week 9

I don't know why I keep forgetting about WordArt Wednesday, but I do - ha! Is old age setting in already? I know I started to go gray at 21, but losing my mind too? Now that's just not fair! hehehe.

Anyway, I discovered my oversight this morning, and quickly whipped out this Freebie for you all! I kinda liked it! And, I used this FABULOUS new font from Irene Alexeeva (who's coming on at Scraporchard in October). It's AWESOME!!! So, here ya go! You get LOTS of WordArt for today :) Yeah for you!!!!

Click on the WordArt below to go to Scraporchard to download the zip file. And remember, you need to be logged into the Scraporchard gallery in order to download. If you haven't already registered, it's FAST, EASY, and FREE! :)

Garden of Flowers

I thought I'd post a few b-day pics of my son, Joe. He's such a cutie, and had such a GREAT time on his B-day. He wanted an GIJoe cake (go figure, with dad joining the Army - ha!), so this is what we came up with - isn't it AWESOME!!! We used 4 cake mixes, and 4 tubs of frosting. It was a HUGE cake. It was a LARGE rectangle cake, with 6 MEGA cupcakes on top (cut in half, and arranged as mounds). Then, we covered it with all sorts of bushes - SO COOL! And, finished off with Army Men :)

Here's Joe, posing with his cake.

A close up of the cake

Kids on the couch, right before opening presents

We didn't have candles, so we used wooden matches. Note to self - don't use wooden matches for candles - LOL! One of the matches was right under a leaf, and started to burn a hole through it, and melted off the army dude's arm - ha! Check out the smoke starting in the photo.

Here's Joe as he realizes that the army man's arm has melted off. What a look of glee! Lots of smoke too - hehehe. What great b-day memories :)

So, on to WordArt. Andrea from Boyerville Scraps and I have more WordArt for you! It's from a new freebie Mini Kit on her blog. I made 2 WordArts, one you can get from here, and one you can buy in her kit :)

Click HERE to go to Andrea's blog and buy her kit (which includes my WordArt)

And click on the WordArt below to get the Garden of Flowers WordArt free from me. Thanks, girls!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2008 Olympics

Happy B-day Joe!!! My 4 year old just turend 5! What a big kid :) We love you, Joe!!!

My mom and dad took us out to the movies last night in honor of Joe's b-day. We saw "The Mummy 3". We LOVE the other 2 movies, and this one is great too. Plus, I like Jet Lei. That always helps :) It was pretty cool! Then, after the movie, we had dinner at KFC. Our KFC had a special on Monday nights, where you get 2 pieces of chicken, a corn on the cob, a biscuit, and a side for only $2.99. It was a great deal. My kids were in HOG HEAVEN - ha!

But, before the movies/dinner, the kids and I went to the lake. It was a BEAUTIFUL day (and that's saying something for the Oregon coast - LOL!) I haven't taken my sweatshirt off since we got here, and at the lake, I actually took it off! I sat in the sun for 3 hours, while the kids played in the water. I think I even got some sun! My cheeks looked red last night - Woohoo! It should turn to tan in a few days. It was great! Here are a few pics from the lake (only the little kids, because the older ones were out swimming and out of camera range).

We got to the lake at 9am - see, if you go later, when it starts to warm up, the tourists are all there, and you have to fight for a place on the beach - LOL! So, we went early, and played with the other locals - hehehehe.

Who says white men can't jump ? Ha! I see at least a 1/2 inch clearance there!

Splash, Splash!

Isn't he a CUTIE!!!

And, there are neat paintings of people on the outside walls of our theater. It looks like people waiting in line to get in. My mom though it was so cute, she had my kids pose. Ha! Funny, eh?

So, how many of you are watching the Olympics? I just LOVE watching them! GO USA!!! This is the first time in YEARS that I've been able to watch the Olympics. We didn't have cable for the last Olympics. I made it to my parents house JUST in time :) Yippee!!! Anyway, I thought that you all might like this little Olympics Logo for this year. It would be cute on pics of you guys watching the Olympics, on an Olympic photo, or even on a pic of your little Olympian participating in their sport/event of choice, trying their hardest (wouldn't that be adorable!).

Click on the image below to download, and leave some love if you like my work :)


One - Felix Tilting
World, Dream - CK_Alis_Hand_Offical

Monday, August 11, 2008

Dog Tired

Today makes 2 weeks since my hubby left for training :( We're doing pretty good here, though. I'm not used to having so many grown-ups around to help out. I could get used to this - Ha! Every once in a while, though, I get a little teary eyed about missing my sweetie. We sang a song in church today, God Be With You 'Till We Meet Again, and I had a hard time keeping it together. I miss my man :)

Hehehe, isn't this funny :) This WordArt request is from Maureen. Too cute! I could use this on all of my kids "tuckered out" photos! Or, those of you with dogs could use it on napping dog photos. Lots of possibilities :)

Click on the image below to either go to my 4shared account and download the PNG file, or save the PNG file to your computer. Thanks!


Dog - Stamped DSG
Tired - The Buns

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Ha! I TOTALLY forgot to make your WordArt for today! Hehehehe. We went to North Bend (about an hour away) to Wal-Mart to get our hair cut (and shop!), then sat outside in the sunshine (yeah, it was the first time it came out since i got here a week ago, and I still had to snuggle under a blanket to keep from freezing - but the sun rays sure felt good!), then went to the grocery store to get some milk, then watched a movie with my dad (very B budget, but kinda funny - but then, it WAS supposed to be a horror movie, so maybe funny wasn't what they were going for - LOL!).

At 11 pm, I was ready to go to sleep, when I realized that I hadn't made anything for you all! But, thankfully, I remembered this WordArt I had made a while back, and decided to sell instead of give away. Lucky you, you get it as a freebie - ha!

So, because it's SO late, I'm not uploading it to 4shared, you'll have to just right click to save it. I promise I won't forget you again (well, for a while anyway - LMBO!)