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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Footprints on our Hearts

Another long day. I think I need a short day - ROFL! So, I woke up this morning, and was SO tired. Captain America still wasn't feeling well, his ears and tummy this time (opposite of diarrhea - LOL), and went to the TMC to get checked out. I got the kids ready for school, got myself somewhat ready (I REALLY need to get a shower one of these days...), and headed out to the grocery store.

I dropped the kids off at school, and drove to the Commissary. It was a blustery day, and it felt like it was gonna rain. Kinda on and off sprinkling when I went in the commissary.

I got all my shopping done, and even had $10 left over. Not too shabby. It was lightly sprinkling when I left the commissary, but I must say, it reminded me of home. The Oregon Coast is always wet and blustery. I missed it. Kinda of - ROFL!

Next, I stopped by the PX to see if they had a Compass. You know, the kind for drawing circles. Jake needed one for school. Nope. No compasses. Sigh. I headed home to put my groceries away.

Captain America was back by then, and said that the doctor put him on "Quarters", saying that he had an ear infection, and gave him new drugs to "unplug" himself. hehehe. So, first he gets medicine to not have diarrhea, now he has medicine to not be constipated. Sigh. Back and forth and back and forth. His poor system!

He was feeling much better, flu wise, though, so was able to be up and about today. I was a bit bummed that we missed the Hail and Farewell tonight, though. It was dinner at a nice restaurant. That would have been fun. Oh well. Next month.

After putting all the groceries away (no small task), I checked some emails, and hung out at home for a while. I ate lunch at noon, and at 12:30, Andrea and I went to WalMart. I needed a white shirt for Captain America for Sunday (his old one got washed with a pink crayon.....) and a compass and protractor for Jake. And some soup for Captain America. The doctor said that soup would be good :)

At Walmart, they didn't have the shirts that he needed, but did have cheap protractors and compasses. Flimsey, but cheap. The kids broke the last expensive one I bought, so I figured that I'd just buy two cheap ones (under a dollar a piece), and hope for the best.

After Walmart, we went to Ross, hoping that they'd have a shirt for Captain America. They didn't, but I called him, and he showed me the next best thing to get. It was fun walking around and looking at all the home decorating stuff.

We were home with about 40 minutes to spare before we picked up the kids from school. I helped Jake with his school, and hung out with Captain America for a while.

I left at 3pm to get the kids from school, and and was home by 3:45pm. I'd started dinner before I left, and finished it off. It was a meatloaf. I took 2 lbs of ground turkey (lean), and put it in a large metal mixing bowl. I added some chopped fresh parsley, some chopped onion, some chopped mushrooms, some Parmesan cheese, some salt, some Italian seasoning, 1 cup of oats, some Worshestire sauce, and mixed it up by hand.

I filled 12 lined muffin tins with the mixture, till it was HEAPING full, and baked at 350 for about an hour. A little less, actually. Oh yeah, before it went it, and brushed on watered down ketchup over the meatloaf.

When it was done cooking, I cooked up some sweet potato fries, and also salad. It looked SO good, I had to eat some. Bad. Not on my diet. I had 2 meatloaf muffins (LOL at the name), a serving of Sweet Potato fries, and some salad with spray on ranch dressing (like 10 calories, maybe). SO, although I cheated and at things not on the diet, it wasn't too much of a stretch. I thought that it would curb the food cravings, but no, it didn't . I was SO tempted to go and eat both peanut butter granola bars in the cupboard, but I resisted. But it was hard.

I worked on answering some emails after dinner. I took out any emails from my husband, or from my FRG leader, or my mom, or a family member, and from church, and just left the WordArt related emails, and my inbox is at 300.

300 emails! I really, honestly don't know how I'm gonna personally answer 300 emails. And they just keep coming. SO, if you emailed me, and I didn't respond, it isn't because I don't care. It's because I don't have enough hours in the day to do everything - LOL! Sorry, girls! I'm trying :)

At 8pm, Andrea and I headed out to Girls Night Game Night. Captain America and I were supposed to go on a date, but because he was sick and couldn't leave the house, we're moving it to Saturday night. SO it freed up my evening, so I could go and play with the girls. It was at Kayleys house, and was SO much fun.

We played some silly game at first, and I didn't really like it. I don't like those games where you have to be the center of attention. Although I may seem like I like it on here, in real life, it makes me nervous. And stressed. LOL!

But my team won, so it wasn't too bad. Next, we played Scattegories. OMGosh, it's one of my favorites! But I always have a hard time not getting to "bad" with it - LOL! Like, for instance, when they asked for a word that starts with the letter "P" and grows...... Yeah, I had a hard time not wetting myself from laughing so hard. I know they all think that I'm a heathen - ROFL! At least Andrea is with me. She's a heathen too, I guess - LOL! That's why we get along :)

We came home at 10pm, she dropped me off, and went to get her kids from the sitter. My kids (well, the older ones), were still up playing Uno with their dad. I went to work (design and blog), and they played till about 10:45pm.

It's 11pm now, and I may watch a quick TV show online, then go to bed. I'm hoping to sleep in tomorrow :)

So, Saturday Second Chance, or something like that. Well, the one that I picked wasn't too bad to start with, but I focused on different words, so it's completely different :) Yeah! Here's the old one....

And here's the new one. See, totally different. But both good :) I'm good with different - hehehe.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Fresh Fruit Friday Jan 22nd, 2010

Yeah, I forgot again. hehehehe. Here's my new stuff for the week! Enjoy!
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Raising A Human Being

So I told you that I had to send back my new laptop, because it was faulty, right? Well, I finally got reimbursed for it. SO, I'm on the hunt for another laptop. I found this one HERE that I liked. I'll give it a try. My BIL said that the specs look good for what I'm gonna be doing with it. Wish me luck :) hehehe.

The kids were all back to mostly normal today. Jake had 4 extra classes to do, and Joe has a bit of extra homework to make up for during the weekend, but all is well. I was a bit disappointed that they missed their class pictures on Wednesday. I didn't know they were doing them. I guess I should have paid closer attention. But then, I couldn't have made them NOT sick for that day, so such it is, I guess :(

I dropped off Joe and Tom and Eme at 8am, and really just spent the rest of the afternoon doing nothing. I wasn't feeling terribly great, but not super sick either. Sometimes being around sick people makes you THINK that you're sick. You over guess every little twinge - LOL! SO, just to be sure, I spent the day on the couch and in bed. I spent my time catching up on this past season of Survivor. I must say, it was a WONDERFUL season. I loathed Russell at the beginning, but he wore on me after a while :)

I need to go to the store tomorrow and grocery shop, and buy Jake a Compass for math. He couldn't complete his assignment today because he didn't have one. Sigh. That means a trip to Walmart or an office supply store. One or the other.

Captain America was home sick again today. He got of bed a few times, but was always back in bed within the hour. Grown ups take longer to recover than kids, you know :)

At 3pm, I headed to the school to pick up Joe and Eme. Tom was staying for Extra PE, and Andre was gonna pick up Tom and Sam. Ben said home sick, so she didn't need to come right after school. Worked out great for me :)

I fed the kids snack after school, and went back to my relaxing. I'm gonna have to not be sick tomorrow, and clean up, cause it's getting messy again :) Kids did their homework, and a few chores, and I made dinner (soup), then headed out to my FRG meeting.

I had to be there around 5 to help the Leader, Angela, get everything ready. We got copies made, and made up an agenda, then headed over to the FRG room.

We had quite the crowd. There were even a lot of wives and kids and families that came. ACS (Army Community Services) came and told us about all of their many programs that they offer, and the REd Cross came and talk about their services. We had some announcements, and the Commander and 1st SGT talked for a bit, then we sang Happy Birthday to all of the people with Janurary Birthdays, and that was it.

WE'd passed out Surveys to find out what kind of "presenters" we should get for the FRG meetings, and to put out feelers for help with the FRG. Angela and I can't do this on our own.

Captain America and the kids stayed home, since he was sick, and it wasn't for kids. Worked for me. I stopped by Andreas house on the way home and "borrowed" some saltine crackers. I realized that I was out at 2:30pm today. When I went to get some for my snack.

I'm telling you, it TOTALLY derailed my head. I had in my mind that I was gonna eat those 4 saltines, and when they weren't there, it seriously took ALL of my self control to stop from eating everything in sight. It was SO good than Andrea called me to help get the Kindergartners from school, because otherwise I would be chowing down on food.

THEN, I was gonna eat when I got home from school, but realized that she was gonna have to stop back by with Tom after Extra PE, so I couldn't eat then either. When she left, Captain America woke up, so I was saved. I probably would have eaten a whole package of cereal (yes, I've done that before), or several sandwiches, or 4 muffins, or something equally as bad. But, I'm happy to announce that I STAYED on the diet, and didn't cheat. I'd better be down when I weigh tomorrow. Can you gain weight by just thinking about eating? I sure hope not. I feel food dreams in the making tonight.... Sigh.

So have you noticed how disjointed this post was today? What's up with that. I must be feeling the "food withdrawls", because it's affecting my mojo :) I think I'll call it quits for now, and go watch some TV before bed. Or maybe just go to sleep and get more than 6-7 hours of sleep. Night night!

Oh yeah, and for some reason, it seems that the 4shared from yesterday wasn't working too well. Only 19 people got it. Not quite sure what that was all about. I updated it, and it seems to be working fine. Until it decides to stop working again - LOL! Sorry about that :)

This WordArt request is from Sarah. OMGosh, it's SO true. We really do need to keep in mind the important job that we do. Sometimes it feels VERY inconvenient. VERY. But I really must take a step back, and realize that I have a little person here who I'm teaching and shaping and molding into a GREAT adult (hopefully), who will do great things :)

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Roses Are Red

Remember the whole "Life is better when your kid pukes in the toilet" routine from yesterday? Yeah, TOTALLY jinxed myself - hehehe. Captain America was up ALL night long puking and diarrhea-ing. Poor guy. He was really hurting.

He called in at 5:30am that he was WAY too sick to come in. And he went back to bed. I went out at 7am to get kids ready, and Tom said he was feeling icky. So was Eme. Jim was sleeping on the couch, and Joe woke up, but was still feeling icky. I sent them all back to sleep. I gave Tom a few pepto pills, and sent him to bed. At 7:30, Eme informed me that she was all better, and wanted to go to sleep. OK, hurry and get ready, I told her.

I called Andrea, and she came and picked her up on the way to school. SO nice of her. About that time, I hear Tom upstairs. Puking. But not from the bathroom area. Sigh. I went up, and he puked RIGHT on the carpet, all the pink pepto. Nice. THAT doesn't come out easily, you know. SO not cool. So the 6 year old can make it to the toilet, but the 10 year old cant. Doesn't make much sense, you know.

About that time, Jake came down stairs, and puked in the downstairs toilet. Dang, they were dropping like flies. We watched a movie for a while, but I didn't sit and watch the whole thing. I like to wander around - hehehe.

Captain America was up a bit later, and called the Brigade Doctor, and got a prescription for anti-diarrhea and anti-nauseousness called in. So I drove on over to the TMC (don't know what this one stands for, but it's the doctors office)(maybe Troop Medical Center?) to get the drugs. I also got some pepto, some anti fungal cream, some ibprofrin, and some sudafed. THANK you army and free OTC drugs. 2 times month we can get 4 products. Sweet!

Anyway, I got home, gave Captain America his drugs, cooked food for the sick and non sick kids, got them all situated, and headed out with Andrea. I had to get out of the sick house - hehehe. We went to the mall, and as we were pulling into the parking spot, Ryan called. So we sat in the car for 20 minutes while they talked. I checked my email on the phone, texted my sister, kept busy :)

We went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch (did I tell you I was down another 2 lbs? That makes 7 total!), and I got a Grilled Chicken Garden Salad with double chicken and a water. I picked out the tomatoes, carrots, cheese, and broccoli, since it's not on the diet at the moment. It'll be back on re-feed. I was feeling pretty good when we were done. Although baby Luke's fries did look awfully tempting :)

Next, we went downstairs for Andrea to go threading. I'm saving my dollars for next month. I'm running out of funds - hehehe. Anyway, she got her eyebrows and her lip done. It felt SO smooth when she was done - LOL!

We went to Old Navy, but decided that even with their sales, we still didn't want to pay that much. We're both thrift shop girls, through and through. We couldn't see paying $10 for a pair of jeans when you could get a pair for $2-4 at the thrift shop. Sigh.

Next, we went to Bath and Body Works for a sample of lotion, because our hands were dry (ROFL!), and then back home. It was a nice afternoon. BUT, when we got back home, we realized that it was time to go and pick up the kids from school. SO, I ran in the house, grabbed and apple and crackers for Andrea and I, then headed back up to school. We were a few minutes early, so we sat and chatted.

We were home at around 4pm. Captain America was asleep again, but the kids were in bed with him watching Star Wars Episode 2, I think. They were all having a good time. I did a bit of computer work, cooked dinner (French Toast Loaf), cooked my dinner, and prepared for the Cub Scout Committee Meeting, that I was running. Busy day again.

Andrea came and got Emeline and I at 6:40pm, and we headed off to church. And let me tell you, it was our best committee meeting EVER. We had a 3 den leaders there, the cub master, the committee chair (me), and a parent. SO good. Everyone was laughing and having fun ,and we got the pack meeting planned, the pine wood derby talked about, and the blue and gold talked about. It was a very fun and productive meeting.

I got home at almost 8:40pm, and most of the kids were still up. Captain America said that he'd put Tom in charge of putting Joe and Jim to bed, but since Tom was sick, it didn't really happen. I re-put them to bed, put the rest of the kids to bed, and came in to blog and design. Here it is, 9:24, and I'm gonna watch some internet TV and go to bed. Another long, but good day.

Thursday, I need to go grocery shopping, and have an FRG meeting in the evening. The kids get to go to the Bowling alley for childcare. It ought to be a ton of fun for them :) Not sure what I'm gonna be doing in between shopping and FRG-ing. I'm sure I'll find something entertaining to fill my time. I always seem to :)

OMGosh, I just couldn't resist! Irene Alexeeva, from Scraporchard, posted some of these in our forum, and I just laughed and laughed and laughed. This one was one of my favorites. I thought you'd like it too!

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Morning, ladies! Can you believe it's Wednesday already??? How did THAT happen - hehehe.

Tuesday went pretty fast. I was up at 7:15 am, luckily, since my alarm didn't go off. It's my wristwatch, and maybe it was under my pillow? Who knows. I'm just grateful that I woke up - hehehe.

I gave the kids pancakes (I'd saved some from the other day, and had them stashed in the fridge), and got them out the door and in the truck. The construction guys put up a fence around the area where we drive/walk to school, so we had to take the long way. Apparently they're putting in 2000 new housing units (4 plexes) in that space. Dang!

After dropping the kids off at school, I came back home, saw my husband off to work, got Jake started on school, and started to clean my room. It was SUPER messy. I grabbed everything, and put it on my bed, then sorted it into piles. Clothes, and bills, and papers for church, and papers for FRG, and kids stuff, and trash, and electronic stuff, and lotions, and DANG, I have too much stuff - LOL!

At 9:15am, I realized that I had a bit of FRG paperwork for my 10am meetings. Crap. I hurried and got it done, but not until 9:50am. No time for a shower.... again! I threw on some clothes, a bandana, gathered my things, and headed out the door. The last 2 times we'd tried to meet with the commander, he was 45-60 minutes late. Of course the time I show up 10 minutes late, he's on time. Such it is.

He LOVEd the flier I made for the Unit, and had only a few minor wording changes. We were still waiting on some info from the Red Cross before we could print them. The FRG leader was gonna call me around 4-5 when she talked to the Red Cross, then I could make the changes, and email it back out.

After the meeting, I met Andrea at the Post Thrift Shop. I got a new pair of "goal jeans" (size 7), and some VHS videos ($0.50 a piece) for Jimmy, and some Horse books for Emeline. Next, it was off to GoodWill. Andrea needed a Hawaiian shirt for Sam for school. She found one, and a new outfit for Luke, and a sweater and skirt for herself. I didn't need anything, so I just browsed. I just LOVE thrift shops :)

I wanted to keep on shopping with Andrea (she had a few more stops to make), but was good and headed back home to work. Jimmy watched his new movie, Jake was already done with school, so he played, and I worked on WordArt packs. I got all 5 designed, and the fonts text document worked up, and was ready to make the previews when I realized it was already 3pm and time to get the kids.

I drove up there, picked up the little ones, and waited while Tom finished Extra PE. It's called AQ. Yeah, don't know what that stands for, but whatever. AQ. hehehe.

We got home at around 4pm, and I finished the previews, and loaded the store, and was all done by 5:45pm. Aren't I good! I made Spaghetti for the kids, and my regular diet dinner, and realized that I hadn't seen JOe in a while. I looked in his room, and he was sleeping under a big pile of blankets. Poor child. He didn't look so good. Even more white and pasty than normal.

I brought him in my room, and we watched a movie together. The others kids filtered in an out. He puked a few times, and had the chills. Poor child. But at least he made it to the toilet every time. I must say, life is SO much better when you don't have kids puking on the floor/carpet/beds and such. SO much better :)

I folded a GIANT amount of laundry while watching the movie with Joe, and had the kids put it away before bed. Then sent them to bed. Captain America came home at 9ish, and was in bed by 9:30. He was SO tired. I let Joe sleep on the couch, pushed close to the bathroom, with the light on and the door cracked. Lets home he makes it to the bathroom each time...

I'm all done designing, and blogging, and it's only 9:40pm. I think I'm gonna catch up on some of the TV shows that I've gotten behind on. Like Lie To Me and Fringe. I'm REALLY behind in Survivor, and Heroes, but that'll take too long, and is a project for another day :)

I don't remember now where I found this saying, but how true it is! I thought it would be a perfect WordArt to go with a baby talking, or two little people chatting with each other, or a little person chatting with their daddy/mommy. SO cute :)

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Young & In Love

What a strange day I had :) I woke up at 7 something, hearing the kids beating on the old TV that goes to the Wii, trying to get it to work - LOL! I went to the bathroom, and went back to bed, trying to go back to sleep.

Well, I guess it worked, because I didn't wake up until almost 10am. Dang! It's SUCH a great day when your kids get old enough to NOT wake you up and need you in the morning - hehehe.

I came out and make pancakes for the kids, and apples and yogurt for myself, and helped the kids get some chores done.

At 11am, Captain America and I left for Walmart. Johnny had just came, and I only had one tampon left. Not a good combo. hehehe. We needed to go, and go fast :)

We drove to the farther away Walmart in hopes that it would be better than the one close to the boarder, but no luck. It wasn't very well stocked. A lot of the things that we needed, they didn't have. Captain America wasn't too happy, considering he already hates Walmart in El Paso - poor guy :)

I wanted a new purse, cause mine is breaking, but couldn't find one in the purse isle that I liked. The ones that I liked only had handles, and the ones the over the shoulder straps were ugly. Sigh. I'd just have to lump it. But then when we were in the flag pole isle (I know, hehehe), I found the CUTEST laptop case that LOOKED like a purse, so I got it :) It's red and shiney and SO chick. I love it :)

After Walmart, we went to El Taco Tote. By then, I wasn't feeling too well. I was on my diet, and going through food withdrawls. I know, I know, that sounds funny. But seriously, it's like a drug for me. I crave it. I think about it all the time. I obsess over it. Not good. Diets are good for me (very restrictive ones), because it takes that all away. I don't think about it, because i KNOW what it is that I have to eat. I don't care about it, because it's always the same. It takes the "fun" out of food, and allows me to seek for "fun" and "joy" in other, more healthy places. Anyway, it's hard, though, the first few days of my diet. Withdrawls...

SO, I ordered a Steak taco, with just steak. I threw away the corn tortilla, and just ate the steak. I got a little plate of cucumbers, and a diet lemonade. Sigh. Not the most fun of lunches, but it'll be good for me. I have a WHOLE closet full of clothes that no longer fit, and I'm NOT gonna let that be the case. A couple of months on this diet, and I'll lose the weight.

We realized that Jacob was supposed to be at a meeting for church at 1:0o, and that he was gonna be late. We hurried home, got Jake ready, and Captain America took him to his meeting. I was starting to feel SUPER car sick, had cramps, AND food (sugar) withdrawls all at the same time, so I laid down in my bed to take a nap. I put on PBS cartoon for Jimmy, and he snuggled with me for a while. It was VERY peaceful and relaxing.

A few hours later, I felt MUCH better. I made dinner for the kids, and went with Captain America and Jim and Joe to the field by our house and watched Captain America play catch with the boys. SO cute! Joe's a natural. Eme came out and played for a while, too :)

Andrea and I went out after dinner. She'd been home for WAY too long, and needed out. I'd hadn't seen here for a while, and I needed an "Andrea" fix too - hehehe. Captain America took the little boys and Eme to McDonalds for an ice cream, then picked up Jake from his meeting. He'd stayed late to play at his friends house (where the meeting was).

Andrea and I drove around for a bit, then went to Target and the Jewelry Box. I got some socks, and some earrings, a necklace, and a scarf. I just LOVE $1 things :)

We got home, and put the kids to bed. Captain America had a little bit of work to do, I blogged and designed, and now we're gonna watch a movie before bed. Weird day, but it ended good. I'm feeling MUCH better. Less hormonal. Less crampy. Less hungry. Tomorrow should be a MUCH better day :)

This WordArt request comes from Shawna. I thought it was such a fun one. It would work for a new young couple, married or not, OR even for old people. Young at heart, you know. Or for little boys and girls holding hands. Lots of possibilities :)

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Dancing in the Rain

It was a great Sunday :) We got to sleep in, since it was Stake Conference. Our session didn't start until 1pm. Sweet! I think I woke up at around 9 or so. It was nice.

We got breakfast, and made snack for the kids, and did our own things in the morning. Captain Americaworked on cleaning his Civil War guns at the table, the kids played and watched part of a movie, and I read. Nice and relaxing.

We started getting ready for church at around 11:30, and were out the door by 12:40. We were about 5 minutes late. Oops. Better than the 30 minutes late we were last night - LOL! I don't like being late, you know ;)

Conference was really good. We got a new Stake Presidency. Our old stake president is in our ward, so I guess we now have another mans name to add to the "callings list" - hehehe. Anyway, it was nice. The kids were mostly well behaved, considering they needed to sit on hard metal folding chairs in a crowded gym with a billion other families for 2 hours. Jimmy ended up falling alseep on my lap with 30 minutes to go.

We learned about the importance of listening to the Holy Ghost, and going to the temple, and being a missionary, and loving others. It was really good. Stake conference really is a fabulous meeting. *directed to my LDS readers, but you are all invited to come too - hehehe * I'd encourage all of you who don't go (for whatever reason) to start going. Sure, it's an easy meeting to skip out on, because no one knows if you're there or not. But Heavenly Father knows, and will bless you for going. Even if your kids are unruley and obnoxious the whole time (Jake and Tom DID elbow fight a few times before we separated them), you're teaching them a valuable lesson. That their parents/mom/dad/whoever feels that this is important enough to go. Ok, off the ole soap box....

We got home at around 4pm, and spent the rest of the evening doing nothing in particular. I had a "I'm gonna start my period any second" moment or two, but managed to come out ok. hehehe. It didn't help my diet any, but I'm gonna push ahead, and do good tomorrow. I just couldn't compete with the hormones today.

We watch Kung Pow with Captain America, since he hadn't seen it. I seriously thought he was gonna hurt himself he laughed so hard a few times. I forgot how much fun he is to watch comedies (especially DUMB ones) with. hehehe.

He finished cleaning his guns, and played a bit of Wii with the older boys, and the little kids plus Eme had a sleep over in their room, and all was well. I hope that Monday is just as relaxing as today was :)

This WordArt request comes from Chris. I'm fairly certain that I've done it before, but I liked this one too :) Hope you like it, girl!

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Child of the Divine

Well, I finally got my nice, relaxing day :) My phone had died in the middle of the night, so I didn't get any calls either. Cause I didn't know it was dead - ROFL! I wondered why it was SO quite.

I heard the kids at 7am-7:30 in the kitchen, and got up at around 7:45am to get them some cerel and oranges, then went back to bed. Captain America got up at around 8-8:30ish, and played with them for a while, and I was still sleeping. 9:30 before I woke up. It was SO nice :) Jake and Captain America were playing chess when I finally came out at 10am.

I started on a snack for the kids, Bran muffins. I'd set aside part of the raisin bran for the recipe on shopping day, and used it in the recipe. I added the cereal, and milk, and oil, and eggs, and vanilla, then the peeled and diced apples and walnuts, then the spices, and flour, and sugar, and baking soda, and baking power. Then realized that I hadn't doubled everything. I'd just doubled the cereal. Crap!

I had to add more of everything. It took WAY longer than I was expecting. Then, the recipe said to bake for 10 minutes, and it ended up taking 25. And I had 2 batches. Sigh. BUT, they were tasty. I made enough for muffins as a snack one more time during the week, and 2 more weeks ahead. I put them in the freezer. Should be good :) And less work - ROFL!

After snack, Captain America and I went back to our room, and I read for a bit, and he napped. He slept from 11am - 3pm. Dang! I think it was because he's been SO stressed and busy at work. Poor guy!

I left the room at almost 1pm, and started on lunch. Bagel sandwiches. With Turkey Cotti Salami and cheese. Mine had lettuce and tomatoes. SO good. The kids played games, and I read. It really was a great afternoon.

When Captain America woke up at 3, we had the kids do their chores, and clean their rooms. By 4:30, it was nice and clean (ish) again. I started on dinner for the kids at around 5pm, and it was done at 6pm. Tortallini soup. SO good. It's my favorite, I think :)

Captain America left at 5:30 to go to the battery to do a bit of work, and was home by 6:45. We left the house a little before 7pm, and headed to the adult session of Stake Conference. A general authority was going to be there, Elder Christensen.

We were a bit late, as it started at 7pm, but I figured that it was better to come late than to not come at all. I'm glad that Captain America made me go. I wasn't feeling like going at all. I'd had a nice relaxing day, and didn't really wanna go. I didn't wanna shower and put on "real" clothes (heeheh). I just wanted to bum around the house all day.

BUT, conference was good. They talked a lot about going to the temple, and missionary work. It was a great session of conference. Afterwords, Captain America wanted to go for a soda. But since I'm off of caffiene, I wanted ice cream. ROFL! I'm starting my diet tomorrow, so ice cream is still good - hehehe.

I wanted Cold Stone ice cream too. I didn't know where one was, but figured it should be around the mall area. So we drove there, but didn't see it. We drove around for a bit longer, and Captain America spotted it! I got one that had chocolate ice cream, fudge, chocolate chips, and something else. It was pretty good. I think I'm gonna try one with a vanilla base next time. It tasted too much like chocolate ice cream for me. Maybe something with Oreos. Those are SO good.

Captain America opted for a smoothie with splenda. He got the triple berry, but didn't want raspberries, so got extra blueberries and strawberries. He liked it. He said next time, he's bringing extra splenda from home so it's sweeter - hehehe. He does like his shakes sweet :)

We were home by 10pm, and the kids were all alseep. Good job, babysitter Jacob! I was expecting them (Jake, Tom, and Eme) to be awake. They must have got tired and went to bed.

Here it is, late again, and I'm almost done. I'm gonna read for a bit, then go to sleep. Since it's stake conference, we don't have to be there till 1pm. That means SLEEPING in!!! I'm SO excited. Can you tell?

So todays WordArt idea came from Stake Conference last night. I can't remember which speaker gave this quote, but I just LOVED it, and knew that I was destined for "WordArt". hehehe. I came right home and googled it, and quickly found it. What do you think? Do you like?

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