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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Digital Scrapbooking Day

Oh my heavens... Can we say SUPER long day! Even for me! hehe. I woke up this morning at 6:25am, read scriptures, said prayers, and went back to sleep for 10 minutes, then washed off the old make up, put on new make up, brushed my hair, threw on some clothes, and got the kids ready for school.

I got Jim situated, Jake awake, kids on the bus at 7:30am, and I left the house at 7:35am to drive to the East side for my therapy appointment. It was supposed to be at 1pm, but my therapists wife's grandmother had passed away, and they wanted to leave town earlier for the funeral. So I said I could come in early.

It was a good session. We talked about how I was doing and feeling and junk. Things I was doing good, and things to work on. Make sure I'm thinking about things, and consciously choosing to do good things. Not just going with the flow. Those are the kinds of things that get me into trouble.

At 9am, I headed back home. I swung by Walgreens to pick up the rest of my prints, and came back to the house. 9:30am, and it was time to make some cookies for Tom's class. I decided to go with Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, because I had old bananas, and they turned out SO good last time.

Here's Jake and I in the kitchen cooking. I'm WAY taller than him with my boots on...
But not that much taller without the boots.... QUIT GROWING, CHILD!
Yummmm, should I have a taste???
Nope, no tastes for me. I have convinced myself that it is ok for me to have a dessert a day, if I so choose. But not 2. So if I wanted to have a cupcake at Toms party, then no cookie for me. I'll have a cookie tomorrow. See, I'm exercising self control. hehe.

I had the next to last batch in the over when it was time to take Jimmy to the bus at almost 11am, so I left Jake with instructions to take them out when the timer went off, and walked to the bus. I visited with Erin and Maggie until the bus came, then hurried back home to finish up the cookies.

Here's what my project turned out looking like.

I took the 4x6 I had printed out, and folded it in half, then stapled it to a baggie
Here's the front
And here's the back
Cool, huh? I made 35 baggies for his class, and had about 2 dozen or so left over. See, cookies for tomorrow. ha!

I finished them all up, and drove them up to Tom's school, dropped them off at the office, and headed back home. At noon, Jake and I watched an episode of Fringe and ate lunch together. He finished up school, and I watched an episode of Glee and designed at the same time. Productive, right? ha! And I also worked on Tom's cupcake toppers. Wanna see them? SO cute!

I started on cupcakes for Tom's "party" at around 1:45pm. I made a batch of chocolate cupcakes and a batch of yellow cupcakes. And then hurried to the bus stop to pick up Jim. We came back, cleaned up a little, and made frosting for the cupcakes.

I took a tub of store bought chocolate fudge frosting, a package of cream cheese, and a bunch of powdered sugar, and blended it all together. Yeah, it was super tasty. And I frosted all the cupcakes. Both yellow and chocolate, and put the little Tom pictures on the cupcakes. SO cute!

Jake and Jim and I loaded the cupcakes in the truck, and we headed to the bus stop to pick up the other kids. We gathered them when the bus came, and drove over to the park. Kari and her kids, and Becky and her kids, and Laurie and her kids all came. It was SO much fun. Sitting in the sunshine was very nice. The kids all had a blast playing and running around for about an hour.

Here's me on the way to the park.

Elise (Laurie's 12 yr old daughter) and I
We got home around 5pm, and got the kids all situated, dinner started, and Tom and I headed out on our date. ha! Since Captain America is in the field, I decided that Tom could take me out. Ha! And, it's his birthday, so I figured he'd like it!

We drove to El Taco Tote, and he ABSOLUTELY loved it! He'd never been there before. We ordered what Captain America and I usually get.

We had fun eating chips and cucumbers and brocheta and guacamole salsa and soda and mmmmm, so yummy!

After dinner, we drove across town to the East side-ish to go to the Two Dollar Theater. We decided to watch Despicable Me. It was pretty funny! Tom and I laughed pretty hard! Here's a pic of the 2 of us before the movie started.

After the movie, Tom wanted to swing by Walmart and birthday shop. Yeah, it took FOREVER. I think we were there for at least an hour and a half. At one point, I ditched Tom to go and look in the clothes section. If I'm gonna be working out, I needed some cooler weather workout clothes. AND, they had some exercise tanks that were only $2 a piece (I got 5 different colors) and some longer pants and a jacket. I love them all SO much.

And yeah, Walmart clothes run big, I'm thinking. In jeans, I wear a size 5-7. And the exercise pants that fit me were an XS (0-2). Yeah, there's no way that's my real size. hehe. But whatever, I'll take it - hehe.

And the jacket was awesome. It had zipper pockets, a place for an MP3 player with headphone hole, AND thumb holes in the sleeves. I was pretty excited about that part. I may have to go back and get another pair of pants and another jacket. They were about $10 a piece, which is HUGE for me, huh? hehe.

And then I went back to Tom, and we spent FOREVER in the toys. I tried to have some fun looking around.

Me as Iron Man

Me as Optimus Prime
Me as Bumblebee
Tom looking at Star Wars
Me as a cowboy
We with a battle ax? hehe.
Tom and I finally left the store and got home around 9:45pm. Jake had asked me to use all of his babysitting money for November to buy him the new Star Wars Force Unleashed II Wii game. Worked for me. He was SUPER excited when I brought it home.

I changed into my new workout clothes, made a new running playlist full of harder Muse songs and 40 minutes total in time, and headed out. Here's me ready to jog! I told the boys that they could play the new Wii game until I got back home.

You know, the other times that I've jogged, it's been hard. I won't lie. It had moments when it felt good, but my lungs would eventually hurt, and I'd wanna stop. It would be too hard. But tonight was different. Tonight felt good.

I walked for almost 4 minutes, then started jogging. And I jogged for 40 minutes straight, no stopping. I did 3 laps around the neighborhood, but I don't know how far that was. I need to go and clock it with the cars odometer tomorrow to see...

I still feel pretty good after the run. I'm definitely gonna do it again! Here's me after my run. Tom and Jake made me wear Captain America's PT reflective belt. They were looking out for me :)

And then it was 11pm. And I finally sent the boys to bed, and took back over the TV. And put on an episode of Glee, grabbed my photos from Facebook, and started to blog. And just blogging about my day makes me tired. ROFL! I did SO much today, and had SO much fun! It really was a good day :)

Here it is, 12:03pm, and I'm just now finishing up the blog. I need to design a quick freebie, post it, finish my episode, and go to bed. So I can wake up and do whatever it is I do on Saturdays. Hopefully it involves a lot of sleeping and quiet children.... ROFL!

So in honor of DSD, I'm giving you all a Digital Scrapbooking Day WordArt! Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. thanks!

Friday, November 5, 2010


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Layout by Anne

Layout by Sharon

Layout by Diana

AND, it's Tom's 11th birthday today! I'm gonna make cookies on Friday, put them in baggies, and bring them up to his class in the afternoon. Here's the graphics that I had printed off :)

Howdy, girls! Wow, another long, fun, crazy day in the Harty Household :) I was up at 6:35, 6:45, and 6:55 am, then finally set my alarm for 7:07am. And just barely got the kids out of the door on time. hehe.

I went back to bed until 8:35am. And felt MUCH better. I'd stayed up WAY too late watching the first season episodes of Season 1, Glee. I'd never seen it before, and enjoyed it. The singing and dancing was pretty cool :)

Anyway, I got Jake and Jim all ready and situated, and Kari and Laurie came by to pick me up. We were gonna go hiking in the Franklin Mountains! I was pretty excited.

Here's me in the backseat, and the girls in the front seat

So we got to the parking lot, and started on our hike. And at first, I was good. But it soon became clear that these chickies were in MUCH better shape than me. But I managed to keep up mostly. I'm just glad that Captain America talked me into buying hiking shoes a few months ago. :)

We stopped at the top at these COOL caves

Laurie at the top of the mountain
Kari at the top of the mountain
See, I told you they were in better shape than me. I was DYING. hehe.
It kinda looks like there was a waterfall there at one point, huh?
So the other girls climbed up to the very top, but I knew my limitations. I was feeling like I was gonna puke, and knew that staying put would be the best thing for me. See, I'm good. I know when to stop. hehe. So here's me, hanging out in the cave. It was pretty cool. I think I need earmuffs next time I go. It kinda hurt my ears a lot...

One of these pics is of Laurie, and one is of Kari. If you follow the rock down from the top of the picture, to where it starts to go to the right, there's a little person standing on there waving. You can see their head and their arms. Yup, that's them.

My hiking shoes and Valentine's Socks
View from the cave

See, here's me with my hurting ears...

We saw quite a few of these cool caterpillars. I bet they were poisonous... Good thing I didn't eat one (or touch it...)

Coming back down was SO much easier than going up. hehe. Took different muscles, but at least my lungs weren't burning and I didn't feel like puking. ROFL! But you know, I LOVED it! We all decided that Thursday mornings were gonna be our hiking days :) And Wednesday was gonna be our Yoga day. Kari wants me to go to Spin on Mondays with her, but I'm kinda scared. I think it sounds pretty hard :)

So we drove home, and they dropped me off, and I hustled to get Jimmy ready for school. He'd missed the bus, but I still had plenty of time to get him to school. I got him some lunch, got him all ready, and we drove on up to the school.
I came back home, worked on the computer for a little while, and then at noon, Jake and I watched an episode of Fringe. It's kinda becoming our lunchtime routine. I'm loving it :)

I got back on the computer for a little while, and eventually went to take another nap. I know, I know, I've been sleepy a lot lately. Really, it's because I haven't been going to bed early enough. Maybe tonight will be the night. ha!

Anyway, I woke up right before Jim's bus, and went and picked him up. We came back home, and hoped back on the computer. I was making baggie toppers for ziplocks with cookies in it for Tom's birthday! I designed those, and got them sent to Walgreens RIGHT before I had to leave to go and pick up kids from AQ.

Joe and Jim and Jake were at home, and after I grabbed Tom and Eme (Bella wasn't there) from school, the 3 of us headed to the Dollar Tree. I needed baggies and toothpicks and tape. And left with just a few more things that that. $10, I think. Not too bad, huh? Well, not too bad for me and the Dollar Tree, anyway...

We stopped by Walgreens on the way home to get our prints, and yeah, the machine broke in the middle of my order. Crap! I asked if I could take what they had, and come back for the other later. I figured that would be a good plan.

I drove home, and was really not feeling well. I'm not sure why my head was hurting again. I'd had caffeine. I'd had water. Could it be tight muscles from Yoga? Stress? Lack of sleep? Combo of all of them? I didn't know. But I sure didn't feel good.

I endured it for about 30 minutes, and helped the kids do all of their chores. Kitchen cleaned, living room cleaned, dining room clean. Laundry started. Looked SO much better. I just wish that the kids wouldn't bicker so much. Had I not had a headache, I probably could have handled it better. But it makes me crabby when my head hurt. Something about the pain, you know...

I got Eme set up with all the stuff to make French toast, and the pan set, and stuff, got Jake helping Joe with his homework, and went to lay down and take meds. Unfortunately, I wasn't sleepy. So I couldn't sleep. But I could rest in the dark and quiet. Because the rest of my house sure isn't quiet. 5 kids make a TON of noise...

I laid down for about 30 minutes, then came back out. I felt a bit better. I helped finish up the French toast, cooked myself a Turkey burger and some veggies, and the kids and I sat down to watch some Doctor Who. I felt bad that I couldn't take Joe to scouts, but again, we must know our limitations. I stayed home and rested.

Here it is, 7:36pm, and we have about 1/2 the episode of Doctor Who left, then I'm putting kids to bed, and am laying on the couch and watching Glee for a bit. Hopefully I'll feel MUCH better in the morning. I have a therapy appointment at 8:00am. It got bumped up from 1pm. But I am flexible...

And I'm gonna have to make the cookies and pick up the rest of the prints tomorrow. I'm not up for it tonight, I think.... I'm still feeling a bit grouchy. I was kinda a yelling mom tonight. I hate it when I get that way. Deep breaths, right? How many more days until Wednesday when Captain America gets back home? I really don't know what I'm gonna do when he's gone ALL of next year.... hmpf!

Oh yeah, and my Day 4 of the 30 days of Thanksgiving was for Modern Meds. Before we joined the army, I had not health insurance for a few years. And before that, I was pregnant or nursing for SO many years, that I could never take migraine meds. I'd have the same migraine for 3-5 days. Yeah, I don't know how I got anything done. I'm SO thankful to have meds now :)

Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!

box.net (it's not loading properly....I'll try tomorrow...)