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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Blog Freebie Alphabet Q

Remember, Bethany and CPT are away and won't be back until this evening. I'm pre-blogging for her! (And she better not add to this, or else! hehe)
Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Blog Freebie Alphabet O

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So, most of the day involved being mad and fighting. Honestly. I woke up and got the kids to school. Then went and swam laps. Then came back home and showered and fought for a bit, then went early to couples therapy (separate cars) so that I could donate some stuff at Savers. And sat in the Suburban and composed my thoughts and texted with my mom. CPT was running behind and we were text fighting. Yeah, it was glorious.

We had our session, and it wasn't the best one, honestly. The rest of the day was a bit of a blur. We still weren't speaking. I didn't go back home. I don't know what he did. I went to lunch with Kim. I went to Kari's house and designed for a while. I got the kids from the bus. CPT and Joe and Eme went skating at 4pm. I came back home and hung with the kids at 4pm. Jake had detention, so I picked him up at 5:30. CPT and Joe and Eme got home around 6pm.

Finally, around 6:30pm, we sat down in our room and hashed out our differences. And put the kids to bed at 8pm. And by 10:30pm, we were on happy feelings again. But I'm telling you, all this fighting is killing me. He admitted that the reintegration is messing him up. That he just gets so angry and doesn't know where it's coming from. It's gotta be difficult to deal with. He feels like everyone is against him sometimes. I'm trying to help him.

Anyway, we are going away just the two of us tomorrow. My friends are watching my kids. We have the Brad Paisley concert in the evening, then getting a hotel, then going to the Temple on Saturday, then back home on Saturday evening. Pray for us :) We need it!

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blog Freebie Alphabet P

BUT FIRST, I forgot O. So P it is.... We'll do O tomorrow, ok?

So, crappy day. Some days are just like that, right? Continued the fight from the night before to this morning. Kind of. I woke up with the kids, got them on the bus, then went to help my friend Maria from church with her two babies at the doctor while she got her IUD put in. She's 30 and had 6 kids. She's done. hehe :)

Anyway, I vented after, and she listened. Then I came home. And got all of the ceremony stuff ready for the Blue and Gold Banquet at church tonight. Captain America was supposed to lead it. The Cub Master's wife is going in for emergency surgery, and the Primary president came down with the flu.

And then, yeah, the fight continued and got big and nasty. I hate fighting. It escalated with me driving away. I'm not gonna take nastiness towards me. Not gonna happen. Thankfully, we have couples counseling on Thursday. That should help.

Anyway, I was SUPER mad, and didn't wanna go back to the house. Kari texted at that same time, and asked if I wanted to exercise. Sure, but I didn't wanna go back for proper footwear. So I walked in crappy girly shoes. 75% of the walk was good. The last 25% of it sucked.

I still didn't wanna go home, so I told Kari that I was gonna go to a movie before the kids got home from school She wanted to come too. And Julia just happened to drive by where we were getting done walking, and she stopped to see us. So we invited her too! So we hopped in her van, and the 3 of us headed to the movies!

We called it the Harry Potter Ghost movie. It was called "The Lady in Black". The Daniel Radcliff movie. I thought it was pretty good. I had to re-write the ending in my head, though. LOL. Julia is scared of scary movies, so she didn't like it (hehe), but I think she had fun with us. The popcorn and diet coke was a plus!

Thanks, girls, for coming with me and taking my mind off of my "drama". Reintegration sucks...

We made it home in time to retrieve our vehicles, and pick up our kids from the bus. I hurried home, and asked Captain America to either take Eme to piano lessons, or to help Joe with his Father/Son cake for the Blue and Gold banquet. Nope, he was "too busy" for either one. And he wasn't coming to the Blue and Gold. Too busy. Working on his truck... I was mad.

I asked Kim to help Joe bake his cupcakes, dropped him and the box and the tins and the liners and junk off at Kim house, then headed for Piano lessons with Eme. Jake was at school, because it was Wednesday and the day that he was supposed to have after school detention. I just had to make sure that I came to pick him up at 5:30pm.

I dropped Eme off at 4pm, then headed to the Dollar Tree. I needed stuff to decorate the cupcakes with. I found some army men in 2 different colors, and some green ivy stuff, and some cookies to crunch to make it look like dirt and rocks, and some pretzels for sticks. Perfect.

I paid, and headed back to Eme's lesson. I collected her at 5pm, and we were to Jake's school by 5:15pm. We were on SUCH a tight schedule. I tried to text the house phone to tell them what I needed to have ready to go, but the phone was dead. Crap.

And the close it got to 5:30pm, the more I wondered where I was supposed to pick up Jake. It looked pretty deserted... Where I thought the cafeteria was (detention), looked pretty black. We needed to leave the HOUSE at 5:45 to be to the church by 6:00pm to be on time to set up for the 6:30 pack meeting. Yeah, it was cutting it close.

Finally, at 5:40pm, I went looking. I left Eme with the truck, and I went to look in the cafeteria. Dead. But I found a janitor to let me in. Nope, no kids in there. She said that sometimes when there's not a lot of kids, they move detention to a different room. WHAAAT? Oh heck no. You can't do that to me. I was furious.

So I headed up to the main doors to TRY and find someone. You can't loose my special needs child. All sorts of things started to go through my mind. The front doors were open, but NO ONE was in there. The office was locked. One lone janitor was at the end. I walked a little closer, and noticed another woman with a name tag who spoke English.

I asked her if she knew if anyone in there was in charge, and she said that she was looking for someone in charge too. I said that my special needs child was serving detention, and that he was LOST. I started to cry. I was seriously freaked out.

She hurried me to the office, and she had the janitor unlock it. There was an administrator inside. I don't know who it was, but he had a "doctor" before his name. I told him that I wasn't pleased that they had suspended him last friday, and then LOST him today! I was crying, and upset, and a little irrational. Poor me.

He told me that they didn't even have detention today. What? I KNEW that that man had told me Wednesday. Because I had it in my phone. And Kim heard it too. Later, I texted her, and she confirmed it. And Jake confirmed it too. Grrrrrrr. You CAN'T do that to parents of special needs kids! Give me a HEART ATTACK!

Anyway, he tried calling bus people and this that and the other thing. Couldn't find out where Jake was. And no one was answering at home. And I didn't text CPT because he was being mean to me. I didn't believe that he'd answer anyway... Sigh. So, the dude gave me his number, and I headed home.

And I cried the ENTIRE way, worrying that my child was dead on the streets of El Paso. How could they do that. I was SO upset. It wasn't even funny. I was pretty sure, at that point, that he was home.

I got home, and CPT was there, and said that Jake was home, that he'd come home on the bus. I asked him to call the administrator to tell him that we'd found Jacob, because I was visibly sobbing too hard to do it. He said "Why can't you do it". Um, because I'm CRYING too hard.... Sigh. I just left him with the paper and went inside and tried to get ready for the Blue and Gold. I had to figure out how I was gonna pull it together long enough to lead a Blue and Gold Banquet. I was a TOTAL mess.

Joe decorated 12 of the Cupcakes because we didn't have time to do all 24. I managed to print off the ceremonies, and we headed out to the Blue and Gold. At 6:20. It started at 6:30. And was 15 minutes away.... Sigh. I really was a mess.

All the kids watched Dukes of Hazzard, and I listened to Pandora on my phone and cried on the way there. I managed to hold it together for the last few minutes, though. Luckily, after taking one look at me, they let Brother Little conduct! And he did a FABULOUS job! Thanks, Brother Little! I owe you one :)

The Blue and Gold was a GREAT success. We had a kid get Bobcat, earn his Wolf, and a few other higher ranks than what I teach. I stopped paying attention after that. We had pancakes and sausace and eggs, then a TON of cakes that the boys and their dads made. It was a fun time. I hung with Maria and Kari and Brian. Fun people :)

After the Blue and Gold we all helped clean up, then I took the little kids, and we went to get gas in the suburban, then came back for Jake and Tom. They watched Dukes on the way home (GREAT investment!), and I put kids to bed.

I sat down to start blogging at 9 something, and it's 9:45pm now. I SO just wanna take some Ambien and pass out. Today sucked. Big time. Tomorrow we have couples counseling at noon. Please, let it help. This totally sucks. I didn't even wanna come back to my house tonight. And that's not a good thing :(

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Blog Freebie Alphabet N

Morning, guys. Well, it's not super super late or anything, but I'm beat. I'm gonna do the super short version of the blog. I was tired when I got up, and got the kids off to the bus, and went back to bed. I got Jake up and he was awake and getting ready, and when I re-woke up at 8am, he had fallen back asleep on the couch and missed the bus. Crap. So I made CPT take him to school. CPT wasn't too happy about that. But I was meeting the girls at 8:30 to go hiking, and didn't have time to do both...

So they went off to school, and I went off with the girls to hike. I made the mistake of taking an energy shot RIGHT before hiking, and I seriously thought I was gonna die. LOL. I knew I wasn't that much out of shape. I was fine yesterday at swimming. It was the drink. Yeah, not gonna do that again. My heart was pounding and I thought I was gonna pass out. I did make it to the caves, though.

check out the clouds in my glasses!

After the hike, we headed home, showered, and I picked up all the girls in my big suburban, and we headed to the West side for Kari's birthday lunch! Kari and Kim and Julia and Maggie and Veronica and Maggie (and Hannah) and me. It was a full car! We had SUCH a great time :) I'd never had Indian food before, so I got the buffet, so I could try a little bit of everything. And I really did like it! This wasn't the buffet, though. This was Kim's food. We joked that they scooped a little bit from the buffet into the bowls and served it to her. ROFL!

We headed home after lunch, and I dropped everyone off. CPT was still working on his truck. He had been working on it all day long, and continued to work on it for the remained of the day, way into the night.

I designed a Wordart pack when I got home, and then when the kids got home, I helped Tom and Jake go through their clothes, weeding out what didn't fit and what they didn't like. Joe and Jim cleaned their room, and Eme had her neighbor girl friend come over, and they went through her closet, weeding it out. We got a TON of bag of donate stuff!

After all the cleaning, I had Joe and Jim do their homework, the kids do their chores, then they had some free time. I took a nice hot bath, then put the kids to bed. I headed out to the Dollar Tree to get some baskets for a project I had in mind for my shoes at 7:40pm. Then a quick trip to Walmart for some food items, and some storage boxes for my Miche stuff, some undies for Tom, and some Undershirts for Jake. I was back home a little after 9. Like I said, it was a quick trip.

I assembled the show thing, and screwed it into the wall. What do you think???
I was pretty impressed! I even forgot another row, so it's even taller! When CPT came inside for the night, I had him help me get the tallest row on. Height DOES have an advantage, you know. hehe. It's now almost 11pm. I'm sleepy. I'm going with Maria to watch her kids at the DR tomorrow. Not sure what the rest of the day has in store.

Happy Valentine's day, you guys. Hope yours was special :)

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Blog Freebie Alphabet M

Morning, girls! Busy day today. SUPER busy :) I can't remember how much I told you guys about Jake's referral on Friday... Or if I even did... Oh well. I'll tell y'all about it today.

I got up at 6:45am, and got the kids all ready for school and and out the door. Tom left at 7am, and I got the kids to the bus at 7:20am. The bus was waiting. It was early. I came back home, and got Jake in the shower, and I got presentable to go up to the school and talk to the administrator.

See, Jake had come home from school on Friday with an out of school suspension. Apparently, when he gets to school off of the bus, he goes to the computer lab, and plays games on the computers. And when the bell ran on Monday past, he wasn't at a good stopping point. Mom's don't get it. Dad's who play video games do, apparently? But to an Apsergers kid to fixates on things, stopping at a bad point is HORRIBLE. Anyway, he was 3 seconds late to class. And he got written up for a tardy.

So he got a detention. Which, ok, he gets a detention. But I didn't get a phone call. The school expected Jake to bring me home the notice. He, being the Aspergers kid that he is, looked at the reasons behind the tardy and the detention, and decided that it was dumb, and not worthy of a detention. So he decided that he wasn't going to the after school detention. He skipped. So he got in more trouble. And was assigned another one. Which, of course, was for the original 3 second tardy, so he skipped that too.

Finally, on Friday, the security guards tried to detain him for the detention, and he got sent to the assistant principals office. And got written up on an Out of School suspension. Yeah, TOTALLY should not have gotten to that point. He's special needs, WITH an IEP. I should have been notified WAY sooner in the process. A note home with the Out of School Suspension is SO not good enough. I was going in to talk to someone after I got the kids off to school. And I was bringing Kim with me, because she speak Special Education.

I picked her up at 7:45am, and we dropped her kids off at school, then headed to Austin High School. We parked, and found the Vice Principal over Discipline. It got a little tense at first. He and Kim both had guns a blazing, power struggle galore! But, eventually, it settled down, and we got down to business. He saw that we just wanted what was best for Jake, and we wanted to do what was right by the school also. I didn't want Jake to get off Scott free. I was fine with him "serving time" for his Tardy. Take it back to the first detention. He was late, make him go.

But I also wanted a new ARD meeting to address the IEP. Whatever was in there WASN'T working. He needed some new accommodations. If he's getting suspended without my knowledge, and without the schools "knowledge", something isn't working right. The VP shouldn't have written up a Special Needs kid... He totally should have caught that one. And he didn't. He apologized for that one. He knew he was in the wrong.

After getting the Out of School suspension taken care of, we got Jake a pass to go to class, then went downstairs to the Special Ed Office. We got the ARD meeting scheduled, and talked to the counselors for a bit. Then, we talked to the Special Ed Therapist, and saw how Jake was doing. This social worker/therapist sees Jake for 30 minutes a month. I invited him to sit in on the ARD meeting next week. This was his office - I thought it was HILARIOUS!!

Next, we let the school nurse know about the meds that Jake is on, since they can make him sleepy. Then we were done. We headed back to post. All in all, it was a VERY productive meeting. It was 10:30am. It took FOREVER, but a successful meeting!

I dropped Kim off at her house, then headed home. Next stop, the pool! We were going swimming! We decided to stick to 1/2 a mile. It felt SO good to go swimming. After doing the 16 half laps, I totally could have slowly done 16 more. But Kim and I both had other things that we needed to do for the rest of the afternoon. So we climbed out and headed back home.

I showered and got ready for the rest of the day, and I had GOGGLE MARKS on my eyes!!!!! SO SAD!!!
Hopefully it didn't look too bad...

CPT was just getting home from his errands, and by the time he did his home errands, we didn't have time to head to the west side like we'd planned. So I designed for a bit, then hung at the house for the rest of the time before we got the kids from the bus. CPT headed out around 2:30pm for the car places. He had some purchases for the GMC that he needed to get.

At 3:30, I headed to the bus stop. And collected the children. Then headed back home, got the kids changed and ready for the pool. Monday is our swim at the pool day again! Well, the kids swim, and the moms visit on the benches. Works for me :)

My Miche starter kit had come just minutes before the bus had come, so I grabbed some paperwork from the bus, and we headed to the pool. Kim and I spent time looking through it. It had some FUN new stuff inside of it. And it had new release shells from March and April!!! We were SO excited to see them!!! Super cute! I SO can't wait!!!!

We had fun chatting and watching the kids swim. But mostly chatting. hehe :)

We stayed at the pool for 2 hours, then headed home. It's a GREAT way to tire out the kids! I'd started some chicken in the crock pot at lunch time, so we had chicken and biscuits for dinner, with cooked carrots. Yummy!

The kids watched a bit of Dukes of Hazzard, then I pulled out the Valentine's box from years past (HUNDREDS OF VALENTINE's), and let them pick out which ones they wanted. Joe and Jim both had class lists. Eme and Tom just filled theirs out from memory. Jake was just glad that he didn't have to mess with that anymore, he said. LOL. Honest, at least, right?

For Family Home Evening (Or Family Home Meeting, as Tom still calls it - I think it's SO cute that I still haven't correct him....) we talked about gratitude, and about how our family does nice things for us all the time. Then talked about how we have a cousin serving a mission, and an aunt serving a mission too. And how we had family send us Christmas presents. And how it would be nice to send them Thank You notes. And then we pulled down the HUGE box of cards from the Hallmark card give away, picked the PERFECT cards out, signed them, and addressed them.
We were almost all done when I had to run. I needed to get a few finishing touches for Kari's birthday present from the Jewelry Box before it closed. Kim was coming to pick me up. CPT didn't seem too pleased that I was leaving, but I really needed to go :) Kari's birthday was on Sunday, and I somehow managed to miss it! I'm blaming it on the meds! hehe :) We are doing her birthday luncheon tomorrow at an Indian restaurant on the West side. Should be SUPER good.

I did manage to get most of the Valentine mess cleaned up, and the little boys in bed before I left, so it wasn't too bad!

Kim picked me up, and we hurried on over to Basset Place. And to the Jewelry Box. I was giving her a yellow Shell for the Classic Bag, Daisy. She's super pretty. Yellow, with white accents. I wanted to get Kari some white accents to go with the purse. I found a white and silver scarf, some silvery white nail polish, some white and silver earrings, a white and silver necklace , and white and silver bracelet, and a HUGE white ring. I would LOVE to get those - hehe. OK, so maybe I bought her stuff that I would love. ROFL! Sorry, Kari :P

Check out these new sunglasses that I got! I did get a few things for me :)
After the Jewelry box, we didn't have enough time for the Dollar Tree. That's where I was gonna get my gift bag! Drat! So we went to Target, because it was in the same shopping mall. But there's no way that I was gonna pay $3 for a gift bag. Are you on crack! I don't think so! And the $1 one was WAY too small. And the $2 one was WAY too big.... Hmpf.

But they had a $1 reusable shark bag in the $1 section that was JUST the right size. Ugly, sure, but I think that Kari would appreciate how thrifty it was. And her kids would love to use it. ROFL! So I totally got that. hehe. There ya go. Practical AND thrifty. I'm such a great friend :)

We paid, and headed back towards post. But stopped off at 7-11 for a drink, first. I got Kim and I drinks, and even got one for CPT America! Peace offering for leaving him with kids, right? hehe. Kim dropped me off, and CPT was ironing when I got home. I blogged, and it's now 10:46pm. I'm sleepy. Swimming wore me out!

Tomorrow, we are hiking. Then Birthday partying. Sounds like a good day to me!!! Oh yeah, forgot to ask, any of you with IEP experience and Aspergers expericne. What would you recommend putting into the IEP. I'm brainstorming a list of things to ask for in the ARD meeting. Leaving the period right before lunch a few minutes early to avoid the HUGE crowd to get his lunch is a MUST. He's SO anxious about the crowd that he frequently skips lunch. Any other suggestions???

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Blog Freebie Alphabet L

So, Sunday morning. It actually went pretty good this morning, too! I woke up around 8am, and got up with the kids. CPT wanted to sleep till around 9am. Sounded good to me, since I wasn't sleepy anyway. The kids and I made Sausage egg cheese english muffin biscuits. We had a good time :)

Then we started to get ready for church. The kids did a quick chore check and either hopped in showers or went to find Sunday clothes. And me too. CPT America was up by then, too, and getting ready and getting his lesson for Priesthood prepared. He was asked to teach the lesson for 3rd hour.

I had a new greenish and black and white dress that I was super excited to wear today. It had toole at the bottom! I've always wanted a dress like that!! hehe :) I could hardly wait to get dressed - hehe. My hair was even cooperative - lol.

So, of course, we had to get some pictures!
The little boys wanted in on the action too!

Jim was mad in this picture because only his eyebrows fit in the picture. He stomped off... hehe :) I thought his eyebrows were cute!
And here's Eme and I! I love this picture of us! She was SO excited because she got to take out her original earrings today and wear a different pair. Overjoyed was more like it - hehe :) I made sure to have her put back in her studs after church, though :)
We got ready, had lunch, and then headed to church. We were 5 minutes earlier than last week, but STILL not as early as we wanted. Church starts at 12:30pm. We wanna be leaving the house at 12:00pm. We left today at 12:10. Not good enough. That put us there 5 minutes early, but our row was already taken. Still, we got a good seat, but it was on the opposite side of the building. Next week. We'll do better next week!

Sacrament was good. Both Jake and Tom passed the sacrament. I was SUCH a proud mama!!! They did great jobs! CPT and I spent most of Sunday school hour chatting or in the truck drinking our Soda's. I know, we are TERRIBLE examples. Sorry, everyone... Pretend like I went to class, ok.

I did go to Relief Society, though, and Enjoyed it. Then, we loaded everyone up, and headed back home.
DVD player with flip down screen: $330 plus installation
5 wireless headphones: $60
A quiet ride home from church: priceless

We used our new Quesidilla maker and had corn tortilla quesidillas for snack. The kids absolutely loved it. Even Jake, who HATES corn tortillas with a passion. Apparently he just hates raw ones. hehe. Doesn't everyone. Who likes to eat those nasty things out of the cold refrigerator??? Gross! They so need to be cooked. They're not like the flour ones - ha!

Anyway, they had those, and we got some ground turkey defrosting for sloppy joes for dinner. The kids did their chores and they eventually got to watch some old Star Trek and Dukes of Hazzard. CPT did some garage chores, and Eme and I made some Cupcakes for Kim's hubbys b-day.

We had dinner around 6:30pm, and Kim and family stopped by around 7 to pick up the cupcakes on their way home from their family dinner out. We were gonna have a party, but plans change sometimes. It's ok, because we were having a blast watching TV together and snuggling on the couch in our jammies - hehe.

We put the kids to bed around 7:30 or 8pm, and I started blogging. CPT fell asleep sitting by me. It's now 8:45pm. I feel like he looks. Lounging on the couch, snoring with his mouth open. ROFL! I need to go to sleep. Plus, the dog is licking himself inside of his kennel, and it's grossing me out. I should give him some privacy, right? hehe. Boys are so nasty! We even had to get a BOY dog - sigh!

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Blog Freebie Alphabet K

So, yeah, I totally slept in this morning. Till like 11:30am. It was glorious. hehe. Jake and Joe had slept over at Leo and Justins house. Jim and Eme and Tom were up watching cartoons quietly. All was peaceful and calm in the Harty house. Gotta love it :)

At noon, I headed out with Kim for some shopping. I felt like I hadn't seen her in a long while. Funny, how when you're used to seeing someone on a daily basis, if you go a few days without seeing them, it seems like FOREVER if you skip a few days - hehe.

Anyway, CPT had stuff to do around the house, and didn't wanna run errands with me today, so Kim was gonna be my partner in crime, er, shopping partner. First stop, Target. But we got distracted by the shoe store on the way.

They had some 50% off lowest marked price sales going on, and Kim ended up with 5 pairs of shoes (one of those boots) plus a watch, for $45. Not too bad! I got a pair of tall black boots, and a pair of brown shoes for $15.

Next, it was on to Target. I got a bunch of makeup that I needed, some swimming stuff, Kim got some clearanced Star Wars stuff, and a few other things.

What's up with this one? Who buys a SOLAR powered Alarm clock? I guess no one... That's why it's 75% off...
Then it was onto the Jewelry Box. I waited with the cart, and Kim went in. After Jewelry Box, Kim bought some Pretzels, and we sat outside Target and munched on them. Then headed back to the Suburban.

Next stop, Dollar Tree. CPT had texted and said that Eme had a birthday party to go to. Oops. I'd forgotten all about the neighbor girls surprise b-day party.... I guess i needed to get a gift, huh? I bought a gift bag and some tissue paper at the Dollar Tree, and looked for Bread. No bread. Hmpf. I did get some Valentine's cards, though.

Next stop, Big Lots. I wanted to get Kayleigh a Cup Cake Maker for her birthday. I'd seen them at Big Lots before. But, alas, they didn't have them this time. Oh well. They DID have a giant fuzzy pillow. I thought it looked like something that a 12 year old would love. So that's what she would get :)

We found a few other little things, paid, and headed out. Kim's 9 year old needed picked up from on post. We headed over, and he ended up living right across from where we bought our Suburban! How cool is that! hehe :)

Then, we went to the Commissary. CPT needed some foods for his soups that he makes. And the kids needed some foods too. We started out with just one cart. My food on one 1/2, and Kim's on the other. And about 2/3 of the way through, it was starting to tip. hehe. We found an abandoned cart, so we split into 2. hehe. We got most of it right. We forgot to transfer over the tomatoes. Oops. And I forgot to buy the frozen spinach. Sorry, Popeye... I mean CPT America.

I dropped Kim off at her house, and helped her unload all of her groceries. Then I got home, and my kids unloaded my truck. I hopped in the shower, and put on my cowboy stuff. And got all ready for the PBR thing we were going to tonight. I printed out the tickets, and CPT got ready too.

We swung by Kari's house, and picked up Brian. Kari was finishing up a party, and was gonna meet us there. Justin and Jake were at Kari's house, and were watching Josephine. Tom was at my house, and was watching Eme and Joe and Jim and Leo. Brian and CPT and I headed off to the Rodeo.

When we got to the coliseum, the parking lot was full. Crap. So we drove around a bit more, and about 4 blocks away, we found an empty parking lot. Sweet. It was FREEZING outside. We walked as quickly as we could, and finally made it there. CPT and I went inside, and Brian waited for Kari. She was only a few minutes behind us.

We went to find our seats, and I got distracted at the hat booth. I found a new black straw-ish hat that I LOVED. CPT got it for me!!!! Thanks, sweetie :) We eventually found our seats, and Brian and Kari were there at about the same time as us. The guys sat together, and the girls sat together, so I got to visit with Kari! sweet :)

It really was a great time! I enjoyed the PBR a lot :) I was afraid that those boys were gonna get stepped on by a bull! hehe :) Some of them wore cowboy hats and some of them wore helmets. Kari and I decided that if WE were riding, we'd totally wear helmets. But that it was TOTALLY hotter to wear cowboy hats. ROFL!

After the event, we walked back to the rigs, and headed home. Traffic was thick, but we were able to find side streets that let us back to post quicker than the main bulk of traffic. Booya! Eme and Tom and CPT and I watched a few episodes of Star Trek (the old ones), and I blogged. Here it is, almost 1am. Church in the am. And we are having Cupcakes for Tim's bday over at Kim's house after church.

Night, y'all!!!

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