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Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Best Years of Our Lives

Hey there, hey there... First off, I wanted to show you the picture of my face when the seminary teacher called last night to tell us that they'd cancelled Seminary for Friday morning. Hip Hip Hooray!!! hehe :)

I went to tell Jake, and found Boxer lounging on Jake's pillow. Silly dog - ha! Jake was pretty excited too. Sleeping in is pretty nice every once in a while :)

So I didn't have to wake up until 6:45am. I grabbed my blanket, and stumbled out to see the kids. Funny, but I think I was more tired this morning than when I go to Seminary. Funny how that works, huh?

Anyway, Tom was happy to see me. We hung for about 15 minutes, and he left for the bus. I got Joe and Jim up and ready and dressed, and we headed to the bus at 7:15am. Eme and Joe and Jim got on the bus and the moms and I hung for a bit. Jake left for the bus, and I headed home.

I was a bit sleepy, but didn't really wanna go back to bed. I laid on the couch with Boxer for a bit , but he kept farting on me. Really? Does even my dog have to be nasty??? Sigh. He went outside for a bit, and I moved to a different couch. All in all, I 1/2 way napped for about 30-45 minutes, on and off.

I messed around on my phone for a while, and then went to get ready for the day. I decided against taking a shower, and instead just threw on a hat and some loose pig tails and TONS of accessories. That works. And some added make up. Ha! Here's my finished results :)

I decided to paint my right hand with the thick big blue glitter polish. It's my favorite.
Here's the lay dog.

My and my cool accessorizing
Oh yeah, Eme had checked the mail this morning, and we'd found this post card in the mail! Jake's Biology teacher had sent it! I was SO impressed! Way to go, Jake!!!

Amanda and I were planning on going to school to eat lunch with the kids at 11:15, and going to get lunch before to take with us at 10:45 ish. She was gonna come over a little before that. But because it was SUCH a nice day, I decided to go and sit in my front yard early and enjoy the cooler weather and the fresh air. I love El Paso, you know! I was having SUCH a great day. I ws loving life!!!!

Here's me and my energy water!

Me posing with my scarecrow

I still am in love with my Miche purse. Especially that I can put new scarfs in it for a different look :)
And look!!! I found my ID!! It was by the microwave!!! Who knew. And here I thought it was in my bedroom! Good thing I didn't tear my bedroom apart looking for it - hehe :)

Amanda came and got me, and she was SUPER early. She'd gotten ready early too. We had 45 minutes before we needed to be at the school. So we decided to swing by the Dollar Tree to get candy for the movies.

When we got there, we found a TON of stuff for Halloween costumes for Knights. And that's what Joe and Leo wanted to be! Very cool. But just to be sure, I decided to confirm with Joe. No point wasting my dollars. hehe. But I did snap a photo of the stuff for Joe :)
We grabbed a few things, and headed out. It was time to head to McDonalds and head to the school. We stopped grabbed lunch, and headed to Hughey. I got a fruit and Yogurt parfait for myself and a Diet Coke, and went to sit with the Kindergartners. Jim was there with his friends.

Then the 2nd graders came to eat. This is Veronica's kid, Cassie. The one that Joe goes to do Homework with. She's in Joe's class. She wanted to eat with us too! Isn't she cute :)
Kari and Josephine were there too! Josephine is in 1st grade and came to sit with us :)
Here is Joe and I
Joe had some very interesting friends. I don't know if they were telling stories, or if they really had very interesting lives. This kid told us that his mom was running from the police, so he lived with some relative... I couldn't make out who, though. "Why was she running from the police?" we asked... Because she didn't wanna go to jail... Make sense...
And this kid said that his mom had 10 kids, and that she sold 5 of them.... strange... hehe. Yeah, I'm hoping that they were just telling stories like most 8 year olds do...

Here's Rachel! She's in Jimmy's class. He ran right up to me and gave me a big hug. She's a sweetie!

Me and my soda :)
Me and the 2nd graders. They all wanted a photo with me :)
Soon the 2nd graders left, and the 4th grders came in. Here's Eme and I, eating lunch. He group wasn't quite as chatty, but they eventually warmed up to us :) Amanda and Kari came back after their kids went back to class, and we finished up the lunch hour.
It was SO much fun having lunch with our kids! A new Friday tradition to be sure :)
We got the little kids, and headed home. And waited for Jake's bus. And waited. And waited. And waited. It usually didn't take that long. And waited. And waited. Amanda came to my house, and we waited some more. Dang! Where was the bus???

We got in the truck, and waited a little bit longer. Finally, the high school bus let out. I guess what happened was that as soon as the bus got on post, a fight broke out. And the bus pulled over, and the MP's were called. Some of those kids are pretty rough. Jake says that there's kids at the bus stop that smoke. And that there's kids who bring alcohol on the bus. Nice. Super great....

Anyway, at first Jake didn't wanna come, but I talked him into coming. He said Smurfs was stupid (I agreed, but said it was all about the company and the snacks, not the movie!) He didn't seem convinced, but didn't like the alternative of staying home and having nothing to eat...

We headed to the interstate with all the other people in El Paso... It was super crazy busy. And took forever. Terra was going too, and got there before the movie started. Not Amanda and I. We ended up in the popcorn line about 20 minutes after the movie started. We got food, and met outside the right theater.

Each of the kids got a soda and a bag of candy and a hot dog. And a little bucket of popcorn from the big one. We went in, and found seats. Unfortunately, they weren't all together. But they were near each other. And there were TONS of people in there. But at least most of them had little kids, right? So they didn't seem to mind us and our distractions.

We all had our snacks, and watched the rest of the movie. Really, it's quite a cute show. I like Neil Patrick Harris. He's funny. And Smurfs are cute. And the song may be annoying, but it's catchy - hehe :)

I snapped a few photos of us after the movie was over. The light was SO stinkin' bright. Kids didn't quite know what to do with it - ha!

And then we drove home. Oh yeah, I forgot to say that we took Crystal's 3rd grader, Heidi, with us. It's Eme's friend. They get along GREAT. So we drove back to post, and we had a dance-off in the car the whole way. Mostly between me and Joe. And yeah, if I was judging, I'd totally have won. I don't know, though. The booty moves in the back seat coming from Joe may have pushed him over the edge.... hehe. Jake was thoroughly embarrassed.

I asked him if he wanted to bring a friend next time. ROFL! I asked Heidi if her mom danced in the car, and she said "Not like that". ha! Not everyone can be as cool as me, I guess... My stomach hurt SO much from laughing. On the 10 block from her house to my house, Tom joined the dance-off, and was REALLY getting into it. He's hilarious! He may have won in that short distance! hehe :)

We got back to the house, and Jake gave me a big hug, and said he'd had a GREAT time. That he was SUPER glad that he'd come with us. That is was the most fun he'd had in a long time. And yeah, the car ride home was the most fun. hehe.

I put on my jammies, and told the kids that after chores they could have electronics. I sat down to blog and watch Prison Break, and after chores, the kids had free time. It's now almost 9pm. I'm definitely sleeping in tomorrow. But other than that, I don't really have any definite plans. Escaping from the kids for a few hours is high on my list of priorities, though - hehe :)

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Awe, super cute! What a great layout for friends!!! Great job, Sharon! I like it :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Stand By Me

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little sister Maddie! Hope your day is FANTABULOUS!!!! Plus, it's her due date today with baby #3!!! Good luck with that, too! Boys are SO different that girls. I like boys better, myself. hehe. Go eat some cake for me!!!! And ice cream too!!!

Hey, I totally remembered to load my store this week! Oh yeah! I'm on the ball! Woo hoo! hehe :) Isn't that sad. My drugs must be working properly now - hehe :) Click HERE to go to my store to check out this weeks new releases, and to check out the newer stuff that's in there. You may be surprised at all the NEW stuff from the past few weeks that magically appeared there!!!

All layouts by Sharon :) Thanks, hon!!!

Morning, y'all! I woke up at 5:25am, got Jake ready for school, and headed off to Seminary. And had a nice little nap, snuggled nicely into my blanket. I love that little blanket. It's SO snuggely. Maybe that's what I should call it. Mr. Snuggely. That's kinda' dumb, but I like it.

Anyway, Jake woke me up after, and we headed home. Tom headed off to school at 7am, and I got the other kids ready for school, and headed to the bus. The moms chatted for a while, and we saw Jake head off to his bus. Poor Amanda was sick. She looked pretty bad. Poor girl :( I hate it when my friends are sick...

I got home and sat on the couch with the dog for a few minutes. I closed my eyes for about 15 minutes, then decided that I should go do something productive. So I went to take a shower and get ready for the day. I sewed up my new skit (it was a HUGE size but super cute), and even snapped a few photos.

There ya go, Captain America! Non goofy photos! It IS possible - hehe :) I didn't wanna just sit home, so I decided to go and fill the car up with gas, and go to Big Lots before picked up Kari for the movies. First stop, Shoppette. I got my 8+ gallons of gas, and go this for free! Sure, it's no Kit Kat or snickers, but yeah, it WAS free... some kid should like it...
And I got this for me :) It's just sad that Diet Coke is now better than Diet Dr Pepper...
Here's me on the way to Big Lot's rappin'. Yeah, it's my rappin' face. I don't know why my lips stick out like that. hehe. They just do. I bet you wish you could come and go on a drive with me, huh? Or to a dance with me? Oh yeah!

I found a few clearance snacks at Big Lots, and a clearance Scarecrow for the Front yard. The kids have been on me to get something to put in the front yard for days. And I finally did :)

I came back to post, hurried home, dropped off the scarecrow, put some carmel corn into individual bags, put some pretzel pieces in bags, and headed to pick up Kari. And off to the movies we went. Since we're taking the kids tomorrow, we decided to skip snacks today. No point spending tons of money if we don't have to, right?

We smuggled in snacks (naughty, I know... Don't tell on us), and only paid $4.50 for the first movie of the day matinee. The show started at 11am, and we were the only people in the theater! 2 more came about 10 minutes into the movie. I really liked it! Contagion. It was a good one. I think Kari liked it too :)

After the movie, Kari and I stopped by the Jewelry Box. Kari got a few pairs of Sunglasses. I got a sunglasses, some nail polish, and some dollar bags of jewelry. We paid, and headed home. I dropped her off, and went home to check on the dog.

Boxer had made a HUGE mess, but I figured that since it was only about an hour until Tom was supposed to get home, that I'd let him clean up the mess. Yeah, not nice of me, I know. But I wasn't then one that wanted to get the pet.... Not a good excuse, I know.... Shame on me.

So I grabbed my computer and nail polish, and headed to Amanda's house. We did our nails, and she edited some photos, and I worked on loading my store. Then, right before the bus came, we made a quick Sonic run.

Here's me in my new "Maggie" glasses from Jewelry Box at Amanda's house
And me wearing my new pink earrings from the Jewelry box
Here's me heading out to go to Sonic. Freaking glasses go stuck on my hair!!!

See my nails! Aren't they pretty! I did a different color of glitter polish on each nail to see which I liked the best. i think I like the thick blue the best. And my fluffy pink ring.
So since my Topomax is now making me not hungry, I decided that for this one day, I was gonna take advantage of it. And eat a Sonic Blast mini Oreo. For dinner. Because I wouldn't be hungry later. Sigh. It was so good!

Washed down by at RT 44 Diet Dr Pepper. Remind me to get a Coke Zero next time. DDP isn't my favorite on Topomax. Nasty stuff on these drugs.... Blasphemy, I know...
We headed back to post, and to the bus stop. And finished up our ice cream. Then chatted with the ladies at the bus stop. I'd left my car at Amanda's house, and told her that I'd just walk over before Soccer and pick it up. She was fine with that.

I walked my kids home after the bus, and we all worked on chores. The house looked TONS better after. But dang kids were whiny! Especially Tom. I think maybe he was having his man's time of the month or something? I don't know. Super sensitive... Anyway, they eventually got it cleaned. It was super messy from the dog.

Soon, it was clean, and electronics was opened up. Homework was done, and the neighbor kids came over to play. Joe got ready for Soccer, and the kids had leftovers for dinner. Joe and I walked over to Amanda's house around 5:15 to get the car, then drove to Soccer.

I hung with Kari for the game, and her Hubby Brian came at the end. He's a real good guy. We headed home at 6:30pm, and the kids all had free time until 8pm. I blogged during that time and finished loading my store. I'm tying up right now, and am gonna go put the little kids to bed. Gotta make sure they pick out their clothes for tomorrow. That sure helps in the morning rush...

Tomorrow, we're gonna go eat lunch with the little kids at school. We had SO much fun last week, that we're totally doing it again this week. Ha! And we have plans to take them to the movies in the evening too. Captain America, Smurfs, Harry Potter II, and Cars II are all at the $2 theater tomorrow :) Should be a good time!

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Great one! The black and the pinks are fab together!!!