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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fun in the Sun

Hey hey you guys! You know, it's hard coming up with clever things to say each morning.... OK, so maybe that wasn't very clever... And I have a hard time differentiating between clever and cleaver. hehehe. ANYWAY....

Today was good. Kids up and dressed and out the door to the bus. I had to write a note to Joe's teacher explaining why his homework wasn't done. I was gone all evening, and Jake didn't do it with him. He'll finish it up on the weekend.

I checked emails and facebooked for a while after the kids were on the bus, and at 8:30am, went walking with Andrea. I came home, and was supposed to go to the grocery store, but kept putting it off.

Captain America came home briefly at noon, but had to run to go and meet someone at Old Fort Bliss for the rest of his lunch hour. I can't even remember what I fed my kids for lunch, since we were out of bread. No sandwiches, that's for sure - hehehe.

After lunch, I watched an episode of LOST on abc.com, then saw that I'd missed a few texts from Hilary. She wanted me to go to Walmart with her. DANG! I'd missed some fun :( She texted a bit later and said that she was at Laurie's hanging out. SO, while I'd just taken a shower and gotten ready, hoping to go grocery shopping right before the bus, I headed over to Laurie's instead. hehehe. I didn't bring Jimmy, because he was still contagious. He was bummed.

We hung there for an hour, then I left for the bus stop. I picked up the kids, and headed home. I printed off my shopping list, and started figuring out what I needed. Tom and I were gonna go to the Commissary. Then I got a text from Hilary, saying "Um, park? Where are you". Crap. I'd forgotten.

So I took the kids who wanted to go to the park, and we hung until around 5;30pm. Laurie and Hilary and Me and Kari and Kayely. It was pretty fun. Plus, our friend Karin came for a while. She lives in the neighborhood, just on the opposite side of Robert E Lee Drive. Her daughter is the same age as Jimmy, and she's Captain Americas age. Super nice lady.

Anyway, we stayed and chatted and hung out for a while. I went back home at 5;30ish, and this time, rEALLY went to the commissary. Tom too. I told Jake that we'd eat when we got back home. I timed it, and it takes about 55 minutes to grocery shop, including driving time. Not too shabby.

We got home, unloaded the truck, put away groceries, and I cooked dinner. Pork and stuffing and veggies. Mmmmm, it was tasty.

We cleaned up a little, and I snuck over to the neighbors house to visit. Leslie is a fun friend. Her youngest is Tom's age, so her house dynamic is SO much different than mine. Nice and quiet and peaceful - hehehe. She made me some herbal tea, and we sat and chatted for about an hour. SO relaxing.

She showed me her brand new table and chairs set that she'd just got, and it was BEAUTIFUL! Plus, she said that I could have her old one. SWEET! Since Joe broke mine a while back, and we still hadn't replaced it. Thanks, girl! You're awesome :)

I got home, did a whirwind clean of the house, and put the kids to bed. Captain America got home at around 9pm. He had been at a "Hail and Farewell" dinner. I could have gone, but it was $20 per person, and we were already going to 2 other events this month (or next), all costing about the same price. That adds up, you know :)

Anyway, he wanted to go out for a date, but my head was starting to hurt. I could feel a migraine coming one. I took a pill, and it was kinda working ,but still kinda hurt. We decided to just watch a movie here, one that we hadn't seen yet. We moved the ginormous TV into our room, and had our own Movie Date Nite :)

I'm thinking that whatever is in the new Migraine meds is affecting me differently than the last stuff. This is a generic version of Imitrex, and it's making me SUPER sleepy. I almost fell asleep during the movie. That's not a good sign....

Anyway, here's your freebie for the day. It's after midnight here, so no guarantees on the spelling. I'll run spell check, though, just to be safe - ha!

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Friday, April 9, 2010


Allrighty, here's my new stuff for the week! Enjoy! Click HERE to go to Scrapbookgraphics to pick up my new stuff, 20% off this first week :)

Layout by Trina

Another crazy busy day... The beginning of the week was really quiet, but I'm making up for it with the end... hehehe.

I got up at 7am, and Tom as sitting at the kitchen table, reading. Eme was still in her room, Jake was still in his room, Joe was still in his room, and Jimmy was sleeping on the couch. Odd, but whatever.

I woke up Joe and Eme, and got them ready for school, and out the door. Jim didn't even wake up. I went in my room, checked the emails, facebook, etc, and SO wanted to go back to nap. BUT, Andrea texted me, asking if we were walking. Sigh. Yes, walking would be the smart thing to do. Captain America came home minutes before I left, and he got Jake up for the day. Jimmy was STILL sleeping on the couch. Not a good sign.

So I went walking, just Andrea and I, then came back home to get ready. Captain America had moved Jimmy back to his bed, and I went to check on him when I got back. Poor little boy looked really sleepy and sick. I moved him back to the couch, and put on a movie for him. I got him some crackers, some gatorade, and went to get ready for the day.

Jake was clipping along nicely with his school, and the day was going great ;) Hilary came to my house right before lunch, and we left to go out to eat with the girls. Jake was almost done with school, and Jimmy was all snuggled in and going fine. He's easy to babysit when he's not feeling well - poor kid. And I did look inside his mouth, and it was a bit red, but looked ok.

So we headed out, and went to the restaurant. It's called BJ's, and was really yummy. Laurie and Hilary and I had been there before, and this time we took Hilary and Andrea and Veronica. We all had soup and sandwiches and salads. VERY yummy. Hilary was a little stressed, because her hubby was in the hospital for Knee Surgery. We were taking her to lunch to keep her occupied during the surgery. She left a bit early to go back and see him when he woke up. Poor guy.

Veronica left to go back to school, and Andrea and I ordered a dessert- hehehe. OK, not on the diet, but SUPER yummy. Cookies and ice cream :) I was stuffed when we left, needless to say. But lunch with the girls was SUPER fun :)

I caught a ride home with Andrea, and snuggled with Jimmy for a while. I came in my room with me while I designed for a bit, and got my other 2 products designed.

I went to the bus stop at 3:30pm, and left Jimmy home. I knew he wasn't feeling well, and didn't want to spread whatever germs he may have. Jake stayed home with him. He was done with his homework, and had already worked on a merit badge, and was now playing some video games. He'd worked hard all day long.

I got Joe and Eme and William and Cassi (Veronicas kids) and took them to the park. We stayed and played for a bit. Kari and Veronica and I and Kayley. It was a nice afternoon.

I got back to the house a little after 5pm, and checked JImmy again. I found my flashlight, and looked into the childs throat again. Very swollen and whitish patches. And he was saying it hurt to swallow. Sigh. That's not good.

I called Telenurse, and she said that it sounded like Strep. She put in a referral to go off post to an Urgent Care place. I had to leave Jake in charge of dinner, and the kids. I gave him directions for cooking Mac N Cheese. I felt bad, but I had to go. Captain America was home a few minutes after I left, picked up Tom, and they went to footbal practice. Jake only had Eme and Joe to worry about, I guess :)

Anyway, we went to Urgent care, and waited for about an hour to be seen. The doctor looked in Jimmys mouth, and was like "yeah, classic strep". They did the culture, and it was strep. He gave us a prescription, and a total of 1 1/2 hours later, and we were on our way. It seemed like forever :)

I drove back near post, dropped off the prescription at Walgreens, and headed to Walmart. I got Jimmy a kids meal at the McDonalds inside the Walmart, and an ice cream. The child didn't eat much, but I think he really liked the toy - LOL! It was from the movie "How to Train Your Dragon". He was pleased.

We went and bought some popsicles, and some soup, and I got some makeup that I was out of, and we paid, and headed back to Walgreens. OMGosh, it took FOREVER! I waited and waited and waited in line, in the drive up, and FINALLY got the meds. AND, they were out of droppers. Sigh. He said that the first dose was 1 1/2 tsp, so I could at least figure that out :)

I got home, unloaded the truck, got Jimmy to bed, and sat down for a while. I was pooped. Captain America had put the kids to bed, Jake and Tom were working on cleaning the kitchen (such good kids!), and I sat down to blog. And watched a movie on my big TV - hehehe. "Not Without My Daughter (1991)". Did you see that one?

Anyway, it's 11:14 pm, and I've gotta go make a freebie. Then post it. Then go to bed. I'm sleepy :)

This WordArt is in honor of Jimmy - ROFL! I wonder how many/how fast the rest of the gang will get Strep...

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Love and Be Loved

Another day... hehehe. Got up at 7am, but didn't wake up Joe. I figured he could sleep in and miss a day of school. Poor kid. Got Tom and Eme ready for the bus (yeah, they do it all themselves...), and out the door.

Joe and Jim woke up shortly after that. We walked a few PBS cartoons together, then I left Jake in charge, and went on a walk with Andrea and Veronica. It was a short walk, because Veronica had class at 9:30am, and had to leave Post at 9:00am. But, it was a walk, none the less - hehehe.

Back home, loaded some more products in my store, watched a Movie with the little boys, helped Jake decide what to do for his Science project, texted Hilary a bit, Captain America came home for lunch at around noon, and hung with him for a while, then back to whatever I was doing after that. Oh yeah, I did figure out that, on average, for the hours that I'm awake, I send and receive a text every 30 minutes. Crazy, I know. 2100 ish texts for the month. Good thing I'm on unlimited. hehehe.

At 1:50PM, I headed to the TMC (Troop Medical Center, or something like that - Army doctors office) for my 2:10 appointment. See, I have plantar warts on the bottoms of my feet. I know, gross. Warts. Hush, hush, don't talk about it. Well, I do. And I'm still a good person - hehehe.

Anyway, I'd been trying to set up this appointment since last year. When I only had 3 plantar warts. It's now 8. Sigh. But, whatever. It's the armys fault, cause they wouldn't schedule it. But whatever. 3 weeks ago they scheduled this appointment, so here I am.

I was called back, and the dude who showed me to my room seemed embarassed to even say the word wart. He was like, pointing to my chart, "is this what you're here for", and it said "Wart Removal". Um, yeah. WART. It's not a bad word. I didn't play footsie with frogs. Probably picked it up from the pool. The pools not a bad place... Sigh.

Anyway, went back to the room, and the doctor came in in just a few minutes. He looked at my feet, and laid it out for me. He said that he could use the tools that he had there in the doctors office, which weren't right for the job, and get part of it, but not all of it, and have to have me come back a few times to finish it off, or he could refer me to a podiatrist. I asked what would be best, and he said the podiatrist.

SO, he put in the referral. Sigh. Now I have to wait 3-4 days for them to call me and schedule me an appointment. Good grief. He said that they have these super sharp tools that dig the wart out. OUCH. That doesn't sound good. It sounds effective, but not good. I think I'll need a friend to come with me for moral support (um, Hilary, or Andrea, or Laurie, or Veronica....). Maybe we could make an event of it. Go to lunch, celebrate my "wart-free"-ness. hehehe. See, there's me, trying to make everything into a party - LOL! Got that from my mom.

SO, I did talk the Doctor into giving me a new prescription for Imitrex, since mine had expired. I waited for just a few minutes at the pharmacy, and then headed home. I was in and out in 30 minutes. Gotta like that.

I got home, worked on the computer for a bit longer, and headed to the bus stop at 3:30. I got Eme, and Veronicas kids, and headed to the park. Hilary came to play, and Kari and Kayley were there as well. The kids had a lot of fun, and although it was cool (65 ish - I know, we should stop complaining), it was super nice when the wind stopped blowing.

We all dispersed at around 5:30pm, and went home. I cooked dinner for the kids, supervised chores, got homework going, got kids ready for church activities. It was all kind of a blur. hehehe. Captain America and Eme and Jake left at 6:45pm for their activities. Tom's was canceled, and there's now no football on Wednesday nights, so he stayed home. I watched part of a movie with Joe and Jim and Tom, helped Joe with his homework for a bit, and put kids to bed.

It's not 9pm, 3 of the kids are asleep. Captain America is still not home with the other 2. When he does get home, we'll put them to bed, and he was asked to come and give a blessing to Laurie's kids (they've got strep throat) with Hilary's hubby, Paul. SO, I guess I should go throw on some better clothes, and get ready. I wanna go too :) Maybe Laurie will wanna borrow a movie, since she's stuck at home another day with sick kids.....

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Better Safe Than Sorry

OK, just so you know, I blogged this on Word at the hospital, and when I copy/pasted it, it put it in a different font, with different spacing, and didn't know what a :) was. So, if you see a random "J" in this post, it's Blogger trying to figure out what the heck Word was doing. Just to warn you - hehehe.

Howdy hey, peoples :) So, productive day for me! I woke up at regular time, got kids ready and out the door and off to the bus, then sat down with Jimmy for a while in the morning. The kids were pretty surprised to wake up and find a HUGE TV in the living room. Hehehe.

Jimmy and I watched some PBS cartoon, then I got ready for my walk. I met Andrea at her house at 8am, and we walked for a little more than an hour. It was a nice walk. It feels good to be out on SUCH a nice spring day. It was supposed to be in the 80’s today. Sa-weet!

After the walk, I sat down for some computer work. I had products to load in the store, and time allocated to do it. I worked for 2 hours straight, and got almost all of the way through the “c”’s. I loathe loading the store, I’ve decided. It’s NO fun at all. And it takes me about 3 minutes per product. Sigh. I thought I could be quicker, but alas, I can’t. hehehe. I’m good, but I’m not that good :)

Jacob got done with school early, and did some chores, and worked on his merit badge for scouts for a while. I was clipping along nicely, until I realized that it was 3:27pm, and the bus was gonna get to the bus stop in 3 minutes. I threw down what I was working on, and ran for the bus. I made it, luckily – hehehe.

I took Joe and Eme, and Veronicas kids back to my house, and we waited for Veronica to deliver Tom from AQ. The kids did their chores, and and cooked some soup for dinner. A HUGE pot, so there’d be left overs for the next few days for Captain America to take to work with him.

At around 5pm, I went to Sams Club with Hilary. I left Jake in charge. I came back home real fast to pick up Tom at 5:40pm to take him to Football practice, and noticed that Joe was napping on the couch. Weird, but not totally out of place. Oh yeah, side note, poor Jake has to drop out of Football. When we signed up, they told us that games were on Saturdays. Well, apparently his teams games are on Sundays, and we don’t do organized sports like that on Sunday. He was pretty disappointed, but it doing ok with it now. Maybe in the fall….

The kids seemed fine, so we headed out. We dropped Tom off at practice, then headed back to Ft. Bliss to pick up Hilarys hubby and drop him off at another location. We headed to the Transmountain Walmart, needing to fill a prescription for her daughter, Janie. She has strep throat.

Well, Walmart had a 2 hour wait for prescription. Yeah, we didn’t have that kind of time. So, since it was 6:30pm, she and I went to Whataburger for dinner, then headed to Walgreens for the prescription. 20 minutes. Yeah, much better.

While we were there, Jake called and said that Joe was puking. Apparently, he’d been standing on the kitchen counter, putting toast in the toaster, and slipped. And hit his head on the way down. And then laid on the couch and fell asleep. I saw him when he was asleep from the fall. Yeah, nice babysitter. I guess that’s the first aid day that he missed in Babysitting class. He’s taking that part in 2 Tuesdays….. Sigh. You try and cover all the scenarios, but sometimes they slip through the cracks.

Anyway, we left Walgreens, and she brought me back home. Joe was laying on the couch with Jake, looking pretty lethargic. Not a good sign, right? I made him stand up, and move around, and he instantly ran to the bathroom to puke. Another not good sign.

Captain America got home right about that time, and I called around to a few friends, and they said that yeah, I should take him into the ER. So we packed up, and headed off. Captain America put the rest of the kids to bed, and Joe and I spent a fun filled night at the ER.

The nurse who checked him in said that yes, if you puke you should come to the ER, but that he thought that Joe was fine. But that the doctor should still look at him. So we sat down for about 15 minutes, then went to an urgent care waiting room. And waited for a very long time. I’d brought my laptop, so at least I got some designing time in. Joe just kinda wadded up his coat, and dozed most of the time.

At one point, the family sitting in front of us had their 7 year old, who’d just got stitched, come back to them, and got nauseous. Luckily, Joe had a bowl from the nurse, and I held it out for the little boy so he could puke. Him mom was holding a tiny baby, and once she passed the baby off to someone else, took over the “puke bowl holder” job. Hehehe. It’s just what us moms do. LOL!

Finally, we were called back to a room. Joe laid on the bed, and instantly fell asleep. I designed. 3 WordArt packs, and ½ my blog post. Sweet! Finally, the doctor came in. He tried to wake Joe up, but the child was out cold. He’s a very heavy sleeper. The doc looked at his eyes, and listened to what happened, and said that Joe was fine.

So I packed up my laptop, my purse, put Joe’s coat on him, and carried him to the truck. Luckily, the windy El Paso air woke him up, and he was able to walk to the truck. The kids’ not as heavy as Jim, but he’s still 50bls. And all legs and arms. Kinda awkward – hehehe.

I was pretty tired, and managed to get us home. Here it is, 11:38pm, and I’m done blogging. Just need to design a quick WordArt freebie, and I’m off to bed. I have a Dr’s appointment tomorrow for my plantar warts to get frozen off. Yippee! I hope it’s not too uncomfortable. Wish me luck – ha!

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Television Junkie

Everyone needs a day off, right? I totally took one today. I did get up at 7am and get my kids off to the bus. I did get Jake going on School. I did keep Jimmy relatively entertained. I did start a load of dishes. I did... um, yeah, that was pretty much it. hehehe.

I watched some TV online, and a movie or two, and just laid around a bit. A day off. And it was SO nice. I never did get around to a nap, though. That would have been the perfect cap to the afternoon :)

So at 3:30, I headed to the bus stop, and realized that Veronica wasn't around. She and her family had gone to White Sands for the day, and now I didn't have anyone to get Tom from AQ. Drat! I texted Andrea, and she wasn't answering. I hurried and walked my kids home, and drove up to the school to get Tom. AQ was just getting over, so I was good :) I forgot that I could have texted Becky, and that she'd have gotten Tom. Next time...

I helped the kids get their chores done, and their homework done, and then took Jimmy and Joe and Jim to the park. Andrea and her family were there, and we hung for about 20 minutes. Back home, got the kids ready, and all of us except for Tom headed to the pool.

Hilary and kids and Laurie and kids were there playing. We stayed from 5:30 to 7pm. We got home just a few minutes before Captain America. We put the kids to bed, and he and I headed out. We dropped off a package FedEx, and went to the Mall to get some vitamins. We swung by Sears to see what they had, and ended up getting a Metric Socket 1/2 inch drive set for Captain America. It was on sale for just under $20, and his birthday is coming up. He was really excited - LOL!

Next, it was off to Walmart. I got a car charger for my Bluetooth, we got some cans of soup for Captain America, and this:

47 inch, LCD, Full HD 1080p, LG TV. OMGosh. I was SO excited. See, I'd been saving money for a Trip to Vegas with the girls. BUT, I didn't see that happening. SO, I decided to take my designing dollars that I'd been saving, and get me a new TV!

We had an old 19 inch TV for our Wii, and a 24 inch monstrosity for our living room. Our 27 inch TV was in our bedroom, and it broke on Saturday night. Anyway, YEAH FOR ME! I usually don't spend money on myself. Not really. Most of my money goes back into my budget, and gets spent on boring things like food or clothes or supplies. While there's a little part of me that feels wasteful spending money on something SO frivolous, most of me is happy that I could buy something so frivolous. Know what I mean?

Anyway, we got it home, hooked it up, and now Captain America and I sit here on the couch, working on our laptops, watching our BIG ole TV :) hehehe. 11:43pm, and I'm getting sleepy. I don't know how Captain America is still awake next to me. He took 3 1/2 hours out of his evening to come and play with me at the stores, so he's doing his slide show work now. Love you, honey!

So, I'm sure you can figure out why I designed this one - LOL! Click on the links below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Bestest Thing

OK, these pics are mostly for my mom. I know she thinks I'm a bad blogger, because I NEVER put pics on here :) Ok, so never is a strong work. I put a lot of stories, and words, but tend to leave out the photos. Well, I was taking them.... some. hehehe.

SO, here goes...

Joe at Scouts - LOVE the eyes

JOe and I at the Pinewood Derby

Eme at the Pinewood Derby. She's getting so old...

Jim & I at the Pinewood Derby

Joe's crappy car. Sorry, Joe. It was an "out of the box" kinda car. As in, take it out of the box, slap on some wheels, and a sticker, glue a few pennies on the end.....

Tom in his Football Game Jersey

Uh, yeah, a kid took that of me. hehehe

Here's my "Anti School Picture" day photo - hehehe

Joe - Kindergarten

Thomas - 4th Grade

James (um, yeah, not in school yet...)

Eme - 2nd Grade

I think Jake was still in bed when we were taking those...

Captain America and I right before the Ball

Eme with her 1st place medal after BTN Organizational Day

Jacob with his face painting


Captain America got a scratch on his nose playing football. Poor thing :)

If I'm bored, one of my favorite pasttimes is taking weird photos of myself..... OK, so you know I'm weird now....

Easter Baskets for the Kids. Easter Bunny comes on Saturday Morning at our house

Me on Easter afternoon, right before Dinner at our friends' house

SO, since I was having WAY too much fun, I involved the whole family :)

Joe and I

Jake & I

Eme and I

Tom didn't wanna play...

Captain America and I

Jim & I

Group shot!

Right before the egg hunt. I hid 160 plastic eggs in the backyard.

And back to the random weird faces again...

Happy Easter :) Hope it was a nice occasion for everyone! We slept in, and it was SO nice. I rolled out of bed at around 9:30 or 10am, since it was General Conference. Our church service is broadcast from Salt Lake City, Utah, twice a year, and this was one of those times. It's a chance to hear from the prophet, and the leaders, and I really enjoy it. Plus the fact that we can watch it on the internet is WONDERFUL. Church at home in your jammies is always a plus - hehehe.

We turned on Conference, and cooked breakfast for the kids while listening. Pancakes and fruit and scrambled eggs. Then Captain America and I stuffed jelly beans into plastic eggs for the egg hunt we'd planned between Morning and Afternoon session of conference. Plus a few eggs with pennies inside. I know, we're big spenders - hehehe.

Between session, Captain America took a nap, and I did whatever I did, and the kids played with their new toys, and it was just a lazy Sunday afternoon. Conference came back on from 2-4, then we cooked some Mashed Potatoes as our side for Easter dinner, did our Egg hunt (after conference rather than between sessions), got all ready, and headed to Hilarys house for Easter dinner.

Captain America and her hubby, Paul, got to hang, and Hilary and Laurie and I hung. And all 12 of our kids. It was SO crazy. Dinner was good. It was ham, and potatoes, and Lauries DIVINE fresh green bean casserole, and baked beans, and rolls. Mmmmmm, good.

For dessert, Hilary made homemade strawberry shortcake, with home whipped whipped cream. OMGosh it was good. I think I'm ready to re-commit to the diet on Monday. SUPER ready.

We got home at 8:30pm, and put the kids to bed by 9pm. All in all, it was a great day :) Warm and sunny and nice. Gotta love springtime!

SO, I was thinking that I wanted to give you all this WordArt, and have you guys make "about me" layouts. Cause they're always fun. And I like group participation - hehehe. SO, here ya go. I'll provide the WordArt, and you provide the rest. Just post, in the comments section, a link to whereever your hosting your layout :) Sound good ?]

And yes, I know that "bestest" isn't proper English. I'm going for cute and quirky here.... just go with it :)

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Kit - Studio mgl @ Scrapbookgraphics.com
Springs Promise
WordArt by Me, as well as goofy faces by me :)

Oh yeah, the grungy typewriter font is called urania_cz