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Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Perfect Love Story

Hi there :) Another long, crazy day in the Harty Household. I woke up at 6:30am, SO excited that I still had 30 minutes left to sleep. Instantly went back to sleep, and woke up at 6:45am, SO excited that I still had 15 minutes left. Woke up to my alarm at 7am, NOT happy that it was time to wake up - hehehe.

I got the kids up and moving and helped Joe with his homework and helped him with his shoes, and gave them their Teacher Appreciation goodies, and sent them off to the bus. I got a bath going for Jimmy, and hopped in the shower to get ready. I thought of ALL the things that I needed to do before leaving for the day, but realized that I wouldn't be able to get it all done - hehe.

After I got all ready, I got Jimmy ready, and then Laurie was there to pick me up a few minutes after 8am. I wasn't all the way ready! I was 1/2 way through painting my toe nails, so I slapped a layer on the other foot, gathered my food for b-fast and lunch, and snacks, and my phone charger, and headed out. I had SO much stuff in my hands :)

Laurie and I dropped Rowan and Jimmy off at Child Care, and headed to ACS (Army Community Services). We were going to Military Spouse Appreciation Day. Woohoo! We got there and went to the ballroom, where they provided a light breakfast. I ate my food I'd brought, and we looked through our "goodie bags". Dang, there was a lot of stuff in there. Pens and notepads and waterbottles and golf accessories and coffee thermoses and fancy lotions, and a bunch of stuff. GOOD goodie bags! hehe.

The first class started at 9am, and Laurie and I headed off to Quilting. Yeah, I'm not a quilter. I like projects that are very quick and short. Like under an hour. 20 minutes is even better - hehehe. BUT, the project that we did was quick and easy, so I was happy.

Here's my with my sewing machine

Laurie and I in sewing class. Why do I look like a chubby dude. Um, not cool!

Me with my finished product :)

So the next class I signed up for was Cupcakes. Yeah, not the best class if you're on a diet. hehehe. BUT, photography was full. So this looked next best :) hehe. Laurie had another class, but Kayley was there with me :)

Here's all of our supplies, all laid out on papers, that showed what they were. Pretty spiffy.

It was really pretty clever. The Mike & Ike candy on the skewer make it where it wouldn't slip off. Next was a strawberry cupcake with strawberry frosting, and then a key lime cupcake with key lime frosting. And this frosting was amazing looking. Kayley said that it tasted SO yummy.

Here's my pretending to eat the Neapolitan one.

Here's the naughty one - hehehe. Whisky flavored cupcake and frosting. Yeah, I didn't eat that one - hehehe. The strawberries looked good, though

And the beer cupcake with champagne frosting. Yeah, I'll pass on that one too.

I'm not sure what the alcohol theme was (hehehe), but here's one that was coffee and Kalua, with cream cheese frosting. I passed that one off too.

They had extra supplies, so I was able to make 5 skewers, kid friendly. I put my skewers in plastic bags, then in the box that the coffee thermos came in. Smart, right?

Next, we had lunch. I'd brought my cucumber and cheese, and apple,. But look at the yummy pizza that they had. :( No pizza for me. I took my 2 pieces, and gave it to Kayley. She was meeting her hubby for lunch, and I told her he could have my portion.

So during lunch, they had some door prizes. And Kayley's ticket won, even though she'd gone for lunch,. And my ticket, and Lauries! Check out this FABULOUS bathrobe I won. Also was a body bath brush, and a HUGE Arbon bag of stuff. Pretty cool!

After lunch, Laurie and I headed to our next class. Auto Basics. We loaded in a van, and headed to the Auto Crafts store. Where we usually get our vehicles worked on. Here's Laurie and I posing

And here's our car guy. He showed us how to change a flat tire, how to check tire pressure, and how to check fluids. Then we headed back to the van and headed back to ACS

Our next class was Bio Feedback. Basically, it was dealing with stress. BUT, they had computer thingys that they'd hook you up to. Unfortunately, Laurie and I had to leave before they got to that part. The lady who taught the class was FUNNY, though. A dry humor that had me laughing SO hard.

Anyway, we got our childcare voucher, and headed out. It was 2:30. They marked the childcare voucher for 4pm. Sa-weet! That made picking the kids up from school/bus easier.

Laurie and I drove to the school, where she dropped off a teacher gift for one of her kids' teachers. He'd forgotten to take it this morning. And my Joe, Kindergarten, was having a Mothers Day party. Cookies and punch and the kids were reading to their moms. It was the cutest thing EVER!

So after the Mothers Day party, Joe and Laurie and I headed home. She dropped us off at my house, and she went to the bus stop. Jake and Joe stayed home, Tom and Eme walked home from the bus, and I went to the CDC to pick up Jimmy from Childcare. I'd realized that I'd left my phone charger in the ACS ballroom, so I swung by there first to pick it up.

Jimmy had had a GREAT time at childcare. Except for nap time, he told me. Nap time was sounding pretty good to me, at the moment. I'd thought that I had a sinus headache earlier in the day, and taken meds for it. And it went away. But it came back around noon. So I took some more meds, but this time, it wasn't going away. sigh.

I barely made it back home. I left Jake in charge of the kids doing their chores, and I took a migraine pill and laid down for 30 minutes. Let me tell you, I felt SO much better after. I don't know what I did before the meds. Suffered, I guess :)

My house was trashed, especially my kitchen. I'd deal with it later. Hilary had invited us over to dinner, so the kids and I loaded up, and headed over. Captain America was gone in the field till Saturday night :(

We had Chicken Spaghetti, Garlic Toast, and green beans for dinner. Well, they did. Hilary and I had salmon and salad. She's so good to help me with my diet. Thanks, girl! I couldn't have done it without you!

Then, after dinner, we played around with the MAC Photobooth. Oh yeah, it was funny! SO funny. Pee your pants funny. Seriously. I SO wish they had it for PC. Here's a few of my favorites.....

Funny, huh? LOVE that program :)

We left at around 8:00pm, and headed back home. Joe and Jim fell asleep in the truck, so it was easy to put them to bed. Eme went to bed, and I had Jake and Tom help me clean up real fast. Hilary and Laurie were coming over for GNO (Girls Night Out). Around 9 or so. So I had an hour to clean.

I cleaned the living room, then the bathroom, then the dining room. I had Jake work on the kitchen, and Tom help me in the dining room. It looked pretty good when we were finished. I like it when my house is presentable :)

The boys went upstairs to read/watch a movie, and the girls came to play with me. Laurie got here first, and we messed around online. We looked at the funny pics, and then watched He-Man Bohemian Rhapsody. You seen that one? HILARIOUS! We watched a few other He-man spoofs, then Hilary got there.

We sat around and chatted for a while, then put in a movie. Yeah, Hilary and I fell asleep. I woke up pretty fast, but Hilary was OUT. After the movie, we tried to wake her up, but yeah, she wasn't budging. It was really pretty funny, because she was making cute, funny little sleepy noises. Finally, her hubby called at around midnight. That kinda woke her up. hehe. Laurie left shortly after that, and then Hilary. I made her promise to text me when she got home so I knew she got home safely.

So, here it is, 1:23pm. I've gotta be at the stake center (30 minutes away) at 8am tomorrow. Or I guess that's today. I figure if I leave here at 7:20am, I can get to Hilarys house at 7:30am,. Then we'll head out. What time do I have to get up, then? 6:45am? Can I get ready that fast? I sure hope so, because I'm gonna be tired, I think. I've still gotta design a freebie. Let's hope I can spell... I foresee something easy...

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Define Normal

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Dang, girls. My day was SO long :) hehehe. Started off sometime in the middle of the night, when a bug crawled on my face. SO scary. My hand shot up there and flipped the thing across the room. GROSS!!! I snuggled closer to Captain America, and tried to forget about the nasty thing. He killed it for me in the morning. Ewh!

I woke up for real at 7am, got the kids ready, out the door and to the bus, got Jake up and going with school, got Jimmy situated, saw Captain America off to work, and headed out to walk with the girls. Since Hilary and I walked SO fast yesterday (56 minutes), Laurie and I decided to see if we could walk that fast today. Andrea and Veronica and Becky were WAY back there. I hope they didn't think we were being rude, or trying to ditch them. We just wanted to walk fast, that was all :)

We got to the end of our block, and saw that we had 1 minute to get back to Andreas house before we were slower than yesterday. hehehe. So we ran. I know, we're dorks. We beat the time from yesterday by 5 seconds. 5 min 55 sec. hehehe.

So we sat down on Andreas step, and waited for the other girls. We all hung for about 15 minutes and chatted, then dispersed. I wandered back home, and helped Jacob with math. He'd gotten a bad grade on a math test a while back, and his teacher re-set the test so he could study and take it again.

Jake had done the review pages while I was gone walking, and I went over it with him, and helped him on the parts he didn't understand. It took about an hour, but he got it. And then he took the test. I sat down and designed. I got 3 1/2 of the 5 WordArt packs designed. I was working real fast - hehehe.

Captain America came home at noon, and got lunch, then packed for his few days in the field. At 1pm, Hilary and I headed out to the store. She wanted to go to Sams club, then to the commissary. I picked up a few things at Sams. Milk was cheaper. And a BIG box of Giradahelli's (yeah, can't spell that) brownie mix. 4 pouches. $3.01. What's an AWESOME price. So I got one, so that I could make brownies for the teachers for teacher appreciation week.

We swung by my house, dropped off the milk and cold stuff, and headed to the commissary. I grabbed 2 bags of bananas, and brought them with me. Laurie was gonna make banana bread for the teachers, and then I'd give her a tray of brownies, and she'd give me some banana bread. 1/2 the work and twice the treats. We're so smart - hehehe.

Laurie and Hilary and I went to the commissary, and got a few things. I need to go shopping tomorrow. I didn't have my list ready or anything. So I just went along for the ride, basically - hehehe.

We were back at home before the bus came, and we all went to our own homes. No park for us. I had SO much to do before 5:30pm. I tasked Jacob with helping Joe with his Cub Scout project. The Tiger cubs were trying to earn the Wildlife Conservation Belt Loop. Jake was teaching him about the food chain, and about an endangered species. The cheetah, and then they made a poster of the food chain. Good job, boys!

I sat down and finished my designing. I got it done, and sent it to Joy, my preview maker. I designed at Teacher Appreciation card for the teachers for tomorrow. I uploaded it to Walmart.com, then made 2 batches of brownies.

Yeah, it was a cereal and PBJ nite for the kids. Sorry, guys. I meant to do more, but there's only so much one person can do in an hour and a half. At 5:30pm, Tom and Joe and I loaded up in the truck, and headed out.

We dropped Tom off at Football at 5:45pm, then headed to Scouts. Scouts was from 6pm to 7pm, but we left about 10 minutes early. Captain America showed up about 10 minutes before we left. He chatted with a few of the leaders, and we headed back home.

We dropped off Joe, and Hilary came over, picked up Captain America and I, dropped Captain America off at the Auto Crafts store to get his Truck (it's fixed, mostly, now), and he drove back home. Hilary and I drove to Walmart by Transmountain, and got the photo card. And some cough drops for Jacob. And a few other household things. She had pics to get for her kids school too.

We stood in line WAY too long, making us late to get Tom. We were only about 15 minutes late. Got Tom, and headed home. She dropped us off, and headed back home herself.

I went inside, and luckily, the little boys were already in bed. Jake was watching a movie, and Eme was on the computer. I told Eme and Tom to go shower and go to bed, and I let Jake lay on the couch and watch some more movie. He's not feeling too well.

I drove the brownies and the cards over to Lauries house. She wasn't done with the banana bread yet, so I just left her share and the cards and headed home. Oh wait, I dropped some off at Andreas house too. And Hilary took a part when we were at Walmart. I'd made enough to share :) Cause I'm nice like that, I guess - hehehe.

I came back home, and did some computer work. LOTS of store work, actually. But I think I'm done. I'm blogged. My store is loaded. I just need to design something for tomorrow. And post it, and I'm all good :)

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Thursday, May 6, 2010


Holy Moly! What a long day :) So glad it's coming to an end - hehehe. I really just wanted to go back to bed when I woke up this morning, but I didn't. I got the kids ready and out the door, then made plans to shop. Captain America is going to the field on Thurs, Fri, and Sat, and needed a few supplies. That, of course, couldn't be bought at just one store. That needed to be purchased at several stores. Sigh.

At 8:30am, I headed to the commissary. I got Tuna Packs, and peanuts, and ziplock baggies, and floss, and a tinfoil baking dish (I was making dinner for a chicke tonight), and almonds, and hummm, can't remember what else. I had few enough that I used the self check out line, and headed home.

Laurie came over shortly after that, around 9:30am, and she and I and Rowan and Jimmy headed to the Scout office. I needed Applications. Tonight is church Scouts, and I needed a few people to fill them out. Myself included. hehehe. I got the lady to give me a stack, and we went to the store.

Laurie needed to get Pherson a uniform. BOY, they're expensive. Very expensive. I actually bought Joe a pair of Scout pants. Tom's hand-me-downs weren't the right size. Joe is VERY tiny for a Harty kid, so of course Tom's old ones didn't fit. They almost fit Jimmy, though. hehehe. I also got him a new Scout belt.

The little boys were wild and crazy and a bit naughty in the Scout Store, running around, touching things. Dang, I remembered why I leave Jimmy with Jake sometimes - hehehe. We headed back to post after the Scout shop.

I deposited the stuff at home, and went back out, this time minus Jimmy - hehehe. Jake was coming along nicely with his school, and Jimmy played on the Wii for a bit. I headed to Walmart. I needed 5 hour energy drinks, aftershave, and 8x11 legal notepads. Yeah, for Captain America. hehehe.

I got myself a new round brush for straightening my hair, and some Frizz-ease shampoo and conditioner. We'll see how it works :)

After Walmart, I headed over to Vitamin World at the Mall. Captain America needed a refill of his vitamins. I got them, then walked around for a bit. See, Hilary had just got off work, and we were supposed to meet up. But Captain America called and said that he wanted to meet up for lunch, but that he still had work stuff to do.

So I asked Hilary if she wanted to hang at the mall until he was done, but by the time she was gonna be at the mall, Captain America would probably be done. So I was at the mall for about 45 minutes by myself. It was turning into a "by myself" day.... I'm more fun with someone... hehehe.

I saw a Cell Phone accessory kiosk in the mall, and found one that fit my phone. And Captain Americas. And a touch screen saver. It was a little shy of $30 for all 3. After tax and everything. I went to Old Navy, just to pass the time.

And Captain America called, and I asked what type of phone he had for the charger. And he started to get mad. I was confused, because he'd been nagging for weeks for me to buy cases for our cell phones. Well, come to find out, he'd ordered cases for him and I online, and had it gift wrapped, and a note encloses, for Mother's Day. Crap.

I tried to take the one's I'd just bought back, and NO RETURNS. Sigh. That sucks. Now we have 2 sets of cases. Not so cool.

I'd already been feeling a bit down for other reasons, and this didn't help. Captain America said he was close to coming into town, and to meet him at Applebees. So I drove from the mall to Chilis. And waited in the parking lot for about 10 minutes. And it was HOT, because I don't have AC. When he called again, he said to go in and get a table, and order what we usually get. I was almost out of the car when I actually looked at where I was. Not Applebees. Chilis. Crap. Wrong restaurant.

So I drove to the right restaurant, and got us a table. And ordered sodas for us. And texted Hilary. Cause I was bored. He got there right as I was giving our order to the waitress. And I did feel better when he got there. We chatted, and I told him what was on my mind, and I felt better after talking with him. He's such a good guy :) Love you, honey (even though I know you don't read my blog - hehehe).

After lunch, I headed back home, and he went back to work. Since I'd skipped my 8am walk, Hilary and I went on a 2pm walk. Yeah, it was hot. But we walked FAST! We got done in 56 minutes. When we walk with the other girls, it takes closer to 1 hour 15 minutes. My face was beet red when I got back home, so I chugged 2 big glasses of water. I think I got a bit of a sunburn, but it'll be tan tomorrow.

Hilary came to the bus stop with me, and then went home to get her kids after the bus came.

Joe was SO excited about his new scout clothes. Here's a few pics I snapped with my phone. Yes, he's saluting with the wrong hand, but just go with it ;)

I had the kids do their chores, and their homework, and I went in to take a nap. I was sleep, probably from all of the sun and heat. I was almost asleep, too, when Laurie texted me and asked if I was still bringing dinner to a family in the ward who's kids may or may not have the Swine Flu. They definitely have a bad flu, though.

Crap! TOTALLY forgot about it. I'd remembered when I bought the pans this morning, but I forgot in the mean time.... So, I grabbed out some thawed ground turkey, and browned it up. I was gonna have Tom shred the cheddar cheese, and Eme break up the tortilla shells into little pieces. But I couldn't find the tortillas.

Wanna know why? Because Jimmy had eaten them all. Sigh. Now what was I gonna do. It was 4;30, and I had to have something to give them. I ended up going with "Surprise Casserole". hehehe.

I took a box of stovetop stuffing, a can of cream of chicken soup, 1/2 a can of milk, 1/2 little brick of cheddar cheese (shredded), 1 lb of ground turkey (cooked) and a little can of corn, and mixing it all in a bowl. I put it in the casserole dish, and sprinkled cheese and bread crumbs on top, and put the lid on it. That was as good as it got. Yeah, I suck. But whatever. It was a meal, right? It's better than what my kids got. Hot dogs.

Tom and Jim and I loaded up in the truck, and headed out to the Aguilars house. Yeah, I didn't know where I was going. I knew the general area, but not specifically. It was near Hilarys house, but the other subdivision. So I got close, and parked and waited for Laurie to text me with the address. And waited a bit longer. Mind you, it's 90 degrees outside, and I'm inside of a 1990 suburban, no air conditioner. Yeah, think Metal Sauna.... hehehe.

I started texting anyone I could think of to find the address so I could go home. Kayley and Hilary and Laurie eventually all texted me with the address, or enough of the address to find where I was going.

She seemed grateful for the food, and looked pretty sick herself. Poor Amie. I dropped off the food and ran. Poor Tom and Jimmy were HOT in the truck. Jim fell asleep on the way back home. I was gonna carry him into the house, but yeah, not gonna happen. He weights 55 lbs, and I just can't carry that kind of weight around. He's HEAVY!

I assisted the kids in making Hot Dogs (yeah, took a lot of effort, let me tell ya), and I went back to my room, in hopes of catching a bit more nap. Yeah, didn't happen. I tried, though. People kept texting me. Cause I'm SO popular, you know - hehehe.

I decided to just to take a shower. I think that all of the sun was making me tired, so maybe a shower would wake me up. I don't know if it did or not, but it did feel good. I blow dried my hair with my dryer and new brush, after using my new shampoo and conditioner on it. And yea, it was less frizzy. That's good :)

At 6:30pm, Braxton and Hunter (Leslie's kids) came over. They are joining our Cub Scout/ Boy Scout pack/troop. Leslie said they could! I let Braxton (Tom's age) borrow Toms old uniform. He looked pretty good ;)

I don't know how, but we got to church 2 minutes before Scouts started. We totally should have been there earlier. I don't remember what kept us so long... But whatever. We were ok for time.

Jake and Hunter wen with the Boy Scouts to the pool. Tom and Braxton went with Andrea to Webelos. Emeline went with the 8-11 yr old girls for Activity Days. And Jim and Joe and a buttload of other kids played outside by the back door. Hilary and I and Laurie and Teri hung out and kinda supervised. Basically, as long as they stayed out of the road, it was good ;)

We hung from 7-8:30pm. It was a fun evening :) I even got a few signatures that I needed. One being mine - hehehe.

I couldn't find Jimmy when it was time to go, though. I looked all around outside, then called for him all around inside. Found him in the basement, in a meeting with the Relief Society presidency, watching a portable DVD player with one of the counselor's kids. hehehe. At least he was sitting down being quiet. LOL.

We headed home, and thankfully didn't get stopped to get checked for random inspection. Me and 7 kids. Yeah, not so much. hehehe.

I dropped Leslie's kids off to her, and offered my kids the option of sitting in the truck and waiting for me, or walking home. It's SO far away. 1 house inbetween hers and mine. hehehe. They walked home.

I chatted with Leslie for about 15 minutes, then realized that I'd never ate dinner! What? Me forget to eat? Unheard of! hehehe.

I went home, and Captain America was there. He'd been home for about 30 minutes. The kids were in bed, and he was working in his office. I grabbed some cheese and cucumbers, and retreated to my favorite spot on the new couch.

I always mean to blog first, but facebook always pulls me in. And checking emails takes a long time. Yeah, I suck at answering them, though. I now have over 500 personal emails in my inbox. Not a good thing. Can I go Email Bankrupt? Is that even possible? I think I've considered it before....

Anyway, I facebooked AND texted Hilary, and Andrea a bit too. Did I tell you that I'm over 7000 texts for the month? Yeah, Hilary hit 12,000 last month. Too funny :) We're old ladies texting a lot - ha!

Anyway, it's 11:28pm, and I'm tired. I still need to design a freebie, though. Off I go to design....

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Better Friends

I just have to say, I love my new furniture. Here I sit, 10:19pm on Tuesday, and I'm sinking into my couch. I've got the ottoman pulled up, so it's almost like a chaise. Yeah, I'm comfy. I could totally fall asleep. But I won't. Because what would you all do if you didn't know every last detail of my life. hehehe.

Got up at 7am, got kids ready for school, and out the door. I sat with Jimmy for a while this morning, and chatting with him. Cutest thing, he was telling me that he was gonna miss me when he didn't live with me anymore. He wanted to know if I'd come visit him.

Of course!, I told him.

"I'm gonna live in a different world, like New Mexico, but I'm not gonna be Spanish". ROFL! What a silly kid. I sure do like him :)

At 8:15am, Veronica, Andrea, Becky, and I went walking. We walk for about an hour and 15 minutes each morning. And it wasn't as cold today. I only had to put on a light jacket over my workout clothes instead of a hoodie :) It was supposed to get to 79 today. And be in the 90's all the rest of the week. Score it!

After the walk, I came back home, and messed around for a while. I was supposed to be showering and getting ready, but yeah, that didn't happen right away. I facebooked, and kid-ed, and straightened up a bit, but mostly facebooked - hehehe.

Finally, at 10:30am, I hopped in the shower, and made myself presentable :) Laurie and Hilary and I were going to the west side, to Sunland Park Mall, to shop for Mothers day, and Hil wanted to get her hairs cut. I was thinking about it too. So I didn't style my hair with product, I just blow dried it.

Hilary came by at 11am to get me and Laurie. We always have SO much fun together. Hilary had stopped by Sonic and got us Diet Dr Peppers. Thanks, girl! I'll get 'em next time! And I'm still trying to figure out a way to claim permanent front seat privileges.... hehehe. Maybe I need to play up the whole "car sickness" thing...

We got to the mall, and just leisurely looked around. I was trying to keep my eye out for a wrap that would match my new formal. I want my shoulders covered. I have a black wrap, but the dress has white accents. I actually found one that fit and was only $12 at the 2nd store we went to. I got it, and was pretty happy with my purchase.

We went in a few different stores, just window shopping mostly. I got a few new pairs of sunglasses at the Jewelry Box. One was Panama Jack and one was Gloria Vanderbelt. Not back for a buck each :)

We went to American Eagle, where Laurie found a few things that she liked, when I realized that my phone was gone! Dang! Hilary was quick thinking, and called my phone. Someone answered, and she was like, "Where is this phone". hehehe. I'd left it at the Jewelry Box. They were holding it for me. Smart thinking, girl!

In the mall, there's a beauty school. And they use the public as practice dummies. We headed down to the place, and noticed they were having a MOther's Day special for $20. We asked about it. Here's what it included:

Deep Conditioning Treatment
Hair Cut, Blow Dry, and Style
Basic Pedicure and Basic Manicure
Facial with MakeUp (or with Waxing)

Wow! That's a TON of stuff for $20. And it didn't all have to be done at once. You could break it up. So I got one. And Hilary got one. And Laurie got one for her, and one for her mom, and one for her mother in law. I'd have totally gotten one for my mom if she lived closer...

Anyway, Hilary and I both got our hairs cut. She went off with her lady first, then it was my turn. And I got a lady who didn't speak English. Yeah, it was a bit awkward. She kept having to have her instructor come over to ask questions and junk. At least it was just a trim I was getting. hehehe. She cut about an inch off the bottom, and and 1/8 of an inch off everywhere else. DANG, she was thorough. It took FOREVER. Longest shampoo in my life. And the cut was long. And the blow dry was even longer. hehehe. Not that that was bad.... it was just long :)

Laurie went back to American Eagle, and bought a few things. She got jeans and a few tee shirts. Cute stuff! Hilary and I finished up, then headed off to find Laurie. She paid, and we headed to the food court. The girls got Chick Fil A, and I got a Subway salad. Because it was 50 cents cheaper, and I could control exactly what went on it. Lettuce and spinach and tomatoes and cucumbers and onions and chicken breast and salt and pepper and vinegar. Yummy sandwich. And a Diet Dr Pepper. Twice. Yeah, my caffeine intake was getting too high...

After lunch, we hit the bathrooms again, and then headed home. Hilary dropped us off, and Laurie and I hung at my house until time for the bus. Like 5 minutes :) She and I and Rowan and Jimmy headed to the bus, getting the kids, and I brought back mine and Veronicas.

After exchanging kids with Veronica, my kids did their chores, their homework, and had free time. I helped clean up a little bit, and before I knew it, it was 5pm. I took Eme and Jim to the pool, and left Jake in charge of the other kids. Hilary was there with Megan (her 11 yr old daughter) for swim practice. My kids played for about 30 minutes. Then it was time to drop them off at home, pick up Tom, drop him off at Football, and head back to the pool. And as we were walking back into the pool, Megan was walking out. She was done.

So I went home, and put on my jammies, and relaxed. The kids had leftover spaghetti noodles for dinner, and I cooked my diet version of Taco Salad. And some diet jello. And some water. And an apple. And I was full.

Captain America came home at 7pm, and hurried and changed and left for the football field. I made the kids turn off their games at 7pm, and we watched a movie together. Well, mostly Jake and I watched a movie together. At 7:45pm, I put the little kids to bed because they were NOT watching the movie. And they are supposed to go to bed at 7:30 anyway...

Captain America and Tom got home at around 8:30, and watched the very end of the movie with us. Then Captain America and Jake played a game of Chess on Jake's Chess board. He really likes playing chess with his dad :)

Ever since I'd gotten home from the pool, Hilary and I were facebook chatting. I'm SO glad that I found her as a friend! She's been such a big help to me over the last little bit! Thanks, girl! You're an encouragement to me, and and help me when I need help. And you're ALWAYS up for playing, and you make me laugh daily :) Love ya, Hilary!

So finally at 10 something, I told her that I needed to work. Not because I wanted to work. I really didn't. Not at all. But I needed to. So here I sit, finishing up my blog post. Getting ready to design. And I'm sleepy.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Home At Last

First off, here's a few pics of my new living room set. Please disreguard the HUGE laundry pile on the black couch. In fact, pretend you never saw it. Me? Let my laundry pile up? THAT high? Never. You must be visually mistaken. I don't see a laundry pile.... Denial? Me? Never!

Hi there :) Well, what I thought would be a relaxing Monday turned into another whirl wind adventure in the life of Bethany Harty - hehehe. Started out mild enough. Woke up at 7:00am, got kids ready and on the bus. Sat around until 7:50am, when I checked my texts. The phone was on Vibrate, or Wiggle, as Karin likes to call it at church (I guess you don't say vibrate at church? hehe), and I saw that the girls were going walking at 8am.

So I hustled and got ready and ate and shoes and situated kids, and headed down to Andreas house. Andrea and I and Veronica and Kayley and Becky walked. I was kinda "odd man out" a few times, since there were 5 of us. Some places in the trail it's hard to walk 3 abreast. I weaseled my way in a few times, though - hehehe. It was a good walk, though :)

After the walk, Andrea and I and Becky sat on Andreas front step and chatted for about 20 minutes. I got a text from Captain America and a text from Laurie at about the same time. Captain America needed some bank info for work, and Laurie had her hubbys 2 vehicles that were dead, and needed jumped.

I headed home, made sure the kids were all good, and drove over to Lauries house to help her. I couldn't get my truck to fit in the space where her vehicles were parked, but she managed to get her car in there. But it wasn't enough power to jump her hubbys truck. I'm so glad Captain America taught me how to jump cars. hehehe.

She was debating just going and buying a new battery, or a portable jumper. I told her to hold off until Captain America come come and see what was wrong with it.

I had to leave to go to the kids school right after that. In my workout clothes. Oh well. I didn't care. I was meeting with the Vice Principal, the speech teacher, and Toms teacher. We were going over the speech evaluation results for Tom. Basically, he's a super smart kid with problems with his "r" sound. She actually said that language wise, he scored the highest of any kid she's ever tested. hehehe. See, all that reading pays off :)

But, they approved him for speech, so I was happy :) I headed home, and got there a few minutes before Captain America. He had a longer than usual lunch break, and wanted to know if I wanted to go to lunch, for his B-day and for Mothers day. Awe, so sweet! I said yes - hehehe.

So I totally had 5 minutes to get from exercise clothes, bandana, no make up, to this. hehehe. Good thing I'm fast :) You'd never know that I was grungy just 5 minutes before - hehehe.

We were going to go to El Taco Tote, (his favorite), but he didn't have enough time to go all the way across town. So he decided that Carlos and Mickeys was good. We got there, got a booth right away, and ordered.

Arent' we cute :)

At about that time, Hilary texted, saying that she and Paul had gone to Basset Center mall, and were heading to Carlos and Mickeys for lunch. What a coincidence! We totally didn't plan that :) I told Captain America, and he said that I should offer for them to share a booth with us. So I did. And they did. It was a very enjoyabe lunch. We all had fun chatting :) Both of our men LOVE hockey, so they had something to chat about :)

We left at about 1:30, and headed home. He dropped me off, and continued on to work. I came in, checked on the kids. Jacob was working on a lab to test the PH levels of different things, using red cabbage juice as a litmus test. He had to boil red cabbage to get it to work. So my house smelled like boiled cabbage - LOL! But it was pretty cool to watch the colors change. We had some bright pinks, some dark greens, some purples, some blues, some turquoise. It was a pretty neat lab :)

Hilary came over a bit later, and she and I drove to Michaels to return some craft supplies from her son's project at school. She'd bought more than she needed, and was taking the extras back :) We also swung by the commissary so I could get the last 2 things Jacob needed for his experiment. Clear soda, and ammonia.

Hilary dropped me off at the bus stop, I got my kids and Jimmy and Veronicas kids, and I headed to the park. Hilary took her kids home to do homework, and I stayed at the park until after AQ. Veronica came to get her kids, but Karin was at the park by then, so I decided to stay. Kayley came around that time with some strawberries from her garden. A pretty good sized bowl of yummy smelling strawberries. She said they get that many ever couple of days. WOW! I wanna garden :) hehhehe.

Hilary came to the park at about 4:20, and we all stayed and chatted until around 5pm. I went back home and got the kids ready for the pool. Leslie's kids, Hunter and Braxton, came with us too. So I had 7 kids with me at the pool. Thank goodness they had lifeguards there. It's hard to supervise that many. Especially when 6 of them are boys. hehehe.

Hilary and Laurie and I and Karin and Teri were there. We stayed until almost 7pm, then headed home. Braxton and Hunter had SUCH a good time. My kids too.

I cooked sausage and eggs for the kids for dinner, then cooked my food. Joe worked on his homework, and Tom and Eme read. Jake worked on homework a bit longer, and Captain America came home at around 8:20pm. He sang guitar songs to the kids in Joe and Jim's room, until they fell asleep. Very relaxing :)

I went and took a nice, hot bath, and then texted my friends for a bit. Not in the bath. Just to clear that up - hehehe. I might have dropped the phone, and that would have been BAD! LOL!

So, here it is, 10:27pm, and I'm done blogging. Just need to make a freebie. And change the typo from yesterday. Then go to bed. Cause I'm tired. This diet is kicking my butt. I guess that means it's working, right? Day 12 and no cheat. My stomach is shrinking, I can feel it :) I get full faster. And that says a lot coming from me. I have a HUGE stomach. I hardly ever feel full :)

So, in honor of some of my friends' husbands coming home from a long, 1 year deployment, here's todays WordArt :) Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!