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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pure Love

Busy, busy, busy. I was up at 7am, getting kids ready for school. And Jimmy too. I was taking him shopping with me. We dropped the big kids off at 10 to 8, and drove to the commissary. I didn't wanna push a cart and pull one too, because I can't fit all the groceries in one cart if Jimmy is sitting in it. SO, I decided to let him walk. I know, living dangerously.

He only ran a few feet away a few times. In the produce section. Where I was getting apples. Between Jake and Captain America and I, we eat 64 apples a week. Then another 28 apples for the other kids. So we were there FOREVER putting apples in plastic bags. He got a little bored. But the rest of the trip was faster, so it was better.

Except for the "Can I have ....." How do you stop that. At one point, I told him that he wasn't getting anything, and to stop asking me. Not 15 seconds later, he asked again. "Can I have...". I was like, remember, Jim, I said not to ask me. He said "Oh yeah, sorry", then 10 seconds later, "Can I have....". Sigh. 4 year olds are SO fun. At least he doesn't throw a fit when he doesn't get something :)

I did relent on one item. There was a sandwich cutter in the shape of a dinosaur. 2 dinosaurs, in fact. One sandwich can be cut out into the shape of 2 dinos. I thought it was the cutest thing ever :) I'll make sandwiches one of these days, and post 'em for ya :)

I stopped at the Ft Bliss thrift shop, and looked for some pants for Tom. He's been wearing the same pair ALL week long. Gross. And, there's a HUGE hole in the knee. Yeah, I don't know what happened to all of his pants, but he was in serious need of some new ones.

Only problem, I didn't know what size he wore. The ones that he had on before were 16 husky. They didn't have any 16 husky. They had 3 pairs of 16's though. But I didn't know if they'd fit. Then I looked in the mens section, and they had 2 really nice, identical pairs of size 30 mens jeans. I held up the 16s to the 30s, and the 30s were just a tad bigger. Should work, right? Hopefully?

I asked at the check out if there was an exchange policy, and they said no. You buy it, you keep it. Sigh. Sure, they were only $3 a pair, but still, that's $6 that I don't wanna spend on pants that don't fit. Maybe that's why I usually go to Goodwill. They have a 24 hour refund policy.

I went home, dropped off Jim, sent my invites to Walgreens, and instantly went to Andreas to exercise. My food was still in my car - hehehe. It wasn't as hard today as the other days, but my legs were burning near the end. But I did 16 girl pushups, and was SO proud of myself - yeah me!

I came home from Andreas, showered, got pretty, and got ready to go out again. We had plans to meet Veronica (another mom from school) at the mall to get our eyebrows threaded. Because, you know, it takes a lot of work to be pretty - LOL!

Andrea went first, I was second, and Veronica was third. We all looked good when it was over. I was getting quite hairy - ROFL! Veronica wanted for us to all go out to lunch, so OF COURSE we went - hehehe. But 2 days in a row is gonna KILL my diet :)

We went to Chilis, and had their unlimited Soup, Salad, and Chips & Salsa. SO yummy. Not as yummy as Olive Garden, but still yummy. I got potato soup, and a garden salad. And about 4 diet Cokes. Yeah, not so good. See, I can't do anything in moderation. That's my problem, I think. I'll have to have caffeine on Saturday and Sunday in order to not get migraines this weekend.

We got home at 2pm, and I cleaned for an hour. Well, 45 minutes. It's the caffeine. Seriously. I detailed my kitchen, moving everything to one counter, and deep cleaning. I moved around a few things, and cleaned the sink really well. With a tooth brush. Yeah! I love it when it's clean.

I left at 2:45pm, and went to Walgreens to get my photo invites. I met Andrea at the school at a few minutes after 3pm, and we went to pick up the kids. I passed out a few invites, and we chatted with the school counselor and military liaison. They said that the School Board was meeting on Tuesday at 5pm, and that it might help our case if we were there. We wanted a bus to pick up and drop off our kids onto post. We'll see how it goes.

We got home, and started cleaning some more. I finished off the kitchen, and helped the kids do their chores. The house really looked pretty good when we were done. See, caffeine isn't so bad - ROFL!

I started on dinner at 5ish, and Captain America got home at around 5:30 or 6pm. Dinner was ready at 6:30ish, and after dinner, we watched a movie. Captain America and I are going to the 9:30 on post showing of "Sherlock Holmes". Life is good :)

So in keeping with my Saturday Second Chance thingy, I decided to re-do this one. Click HERE to see the old one. I just LOVE the saying when I first heard it, and still do. And NO, I'm not trying to make a judgment statement about working moms. I wouldn't do that. I know that a lot of moms have to work, and I know how hard you work. I'm not trying to "diss" what you do. I just liked this saying, and thought that it summed up what I do and why I do it. That's ALL I'm saying. Please don't leave me a nasty anonymous comment about how horrible I am. Please... Those don't make me feel happy inside- hehehe.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Happily Ever After

It's Friday again, and here's all my new stuff! Lots of Valentine's Day things, and some fun stuff to boot! Have fun shopping, and don't forget, it's 20% off for the first week, or $2.00 a pack! Click HERE to go to Scrap Orchard and to my store :)

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Dang, it was a long day :) I was up at 7am, getting kids ready. Joe was already up, and coughing a tad bit, and said that he couldn't go to school. That's fine. His teacher had told me the day before that he was coughing, so I got him some cough syrup, and some tylenol, and told him that he could stay home. About 30 minutes later, before I'd taken the other kids to school, he and Jimmy were running through the house like madmen, no coughing, no sick, so I promptly told him to go put on his clothes, that he was going to school - hehehe. He's gotta learn that if you're gonna fake being sick, you need to go and lay on the couch and act pathetic. None of this running and playing garbage.

I took the kids to school, then came back home, got Jake set up again on the Wii fit, Jimmy going with breakfast, and headed down to Andreas for day 2 of the workout. OMGosh, I was sore. My legs and especially my arms. But I must say, day 2 went by a lot faster than day 1. The workout is only 25 minutes long, and it wasn't as bad. I was able to do 8 girl pushups instead of 2. That's improvement! Friday will be day 3! Yeah for us :)

After exercising, I came back home, and got Jake started on school. He's doing SO well in his classes - I'm SO proud of him :) Jimmy had made a mess, and I helped him clean it up. Sigh. Hopefully he gets out of this stage soon :)

Andrea called at 10am, and asked if I wanted to go with her to see a friend who was recovering from surgery. I went, and sat in the car with the baby while she ran in. Luke and I listened to the radio, and he pulled stickers off of an old McDonalds toy and proceeded to place them all over my face, than back on the toy, then back on my face. We wore Burger King crowns, and played that game for about 20 minutes. Yeah, we're both easily entertained.

Andrea dropped me back off at home, I got the kids fed for lunch, Jake finished school, and he and Jimmy were playing, when Andrea got done at home, and came back to pick me up for lunch. We went to Olive Garden. And yeah, it's not on my diet. Oops. BUT, I only had one breadstick, and one bowl of the DIVINE potato/sausage soup, and one bowl of minestrone. See, there's some self control :)

She dropped me off at my house, and I got my truck, and we headed up to the school. While at Olive Garden, we decided that we needed to have a girls party. Valentine's Day was the PERFECT theme :) We were going to do it next Friday, and have it at my house. Because that way, I'd be FORCED to clean my house. You know you do it to. That's one of the main reasons to clean, because company is coming over. Please tell me that I'm not the only one.....

We made out our invite list, and there's 35 people on it - hehehe. I'm SO excited. Even if only 1/2 show up, that's still 15 or so! We wanna have a gift exchange, and eat soup, salad, side dishes, and chocolate. Well, dessert, but chocolate :) hehehe. And play a few games, and have door prizes. Yeah, it's gonna be a BLAST!

After school, we stayed for AQ, then were home by 4:00pm. As I was making pudding for the kids for snack, CAPTAIN AMERICA GOT HOME!!!! OMGosh, I wasn't sure what to think. Apparently Thursday is Family Day, and the soldiers are supposed to get off 1500 (3pm, for you non army folk), but I've never seen him home that early. 4pm??? Really? I could SO get used to this.

He and I slipped off at 5pm to go to Walmart and get some paint that he needed for work. We got the kids a burger at McDonalds on the way home, and they were SO excited about it when we got home :)

Joe and I left with Andrea and Ben at 6pm to go to the Ft Bliss Newspaper place for a Tiger Cub (Cub Scouts) Go-See-It field trip. It was a good time. The Major there told us about the paper, and about the news reports that they do. Those little 6 & 7 year olds paid attention pretty good. Apparently, she'd doing a new report about something or the other, and is including footage that she took of our scouts in it. It should be on the Pentagon New Channel next week. She's gonna get us a link when it's done. I'll hook you guys up, if you wanna see :)

We were home by 7pm, and Captain America was watching Happy Gilmore with the kids. Are you kidding me? Um, that's SO not a family friendly show - hehehe. BUT, he had the remote, and was muting it during the bad parts, and actually changing the channel during other parts. Like the "Go to your happy place" time. Yeah, he was telling the kids that it was "too happy". ROFL!

We put the kids to bed after the movie, and I came in to work on my invitation. Wanna see??? I had to block out my address, because I don't want any scary stalkers to track me down, you know :)

After the kids went to bed, I designed and blogged, and Captain America played his guitar. He hasn't done that in quite a while. Hopefully this week will be indicative of the way that life is gonna be, work wise for him. Being home at 6:30 is PERFECT with me :) And 4pm on Thursdays? Divine!

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kissing Bandit

Today came early. Well, not really any earlier than normal, but because I had had caffeine the night before, and couldn't fall asleep easily, I felt more tired the next morning.

I was planning on going to Andreas house to exercise in the AM, so I got right up and put on my workout clothes. About 5 minutes later, the neighbor kids were over. I told Leslie that I'd take her boys to school, because it was raining. I just wasn't expecting them at 7:05. hehehe. It was good, though. I was dressed.

By 7;35, we were in the truck and on our way to the school. Hunters school starts 15 minutes or so before the other kids' school. Luckily they're right next to each other. I just told my kids to eat breakfast at school. It works.

I came back home, got Jake set up on the Wii fit, got Jim situated, and headed to Andreas (about 7 houses away). We did the starter program in Slim in 6. OMGosh. That was a starter? I must be SORELY out of shape. It killed me. Even just the exercises where you keep your arms out to your side. Yeah, my arms suck. It's gonna be some good workouts, though.

I hung at Andreas for about 30 minutes after exercising, then came home. I was useless the rest of the day. Seriously. I just went to my room, got on my laptop, and vegged. I watched the season premier of Lost, I watched part of a movie, I watched Medium, I watched the Bachelor. See, I really did do nothing.

I was SO hungry all day. I'm sure it was from the exercises. I was hiding in my room from the food. I was supposed to go to Lauries house for lunch with a bunch of girls, but I totally ditched. I'm SO sorry, Laurie. I just couldn't be around the food. I know that's a crappy excuse, but seriously. I was having a rough afternoon. Better to hide out.

At 2:30, I finally dragged myself away from the computer, and took a shower. I was supposed to go to the school and get my Eme and Joe, and Andreas Ben. Then, she'd come up later and get Tom and Sam from AQ (extra pe). Well, it was raining, and they canceled AQ. SO, I ended up getting ALL the kids. No problem :)

After school, I got the kids a snack, had them do their chores, and then they had free time. I hopped back on the computer, and hid some more. At 6:30pm, Captain America got home. He stayed with the little ones, and I took Jake and Eme to church for activities. Tom's Scouts was pushed to Friday, so he didn't have to come.

I hung with Laurie in the gym while my 2 and her 2 had activities, and we watched her other 2 run around with some other kids. Thanks, Laurie, for coming! I was a much more enjoyable evening to hang with you!

When I got home, the kids were in bed, and Captain America was working on something for work. I finished watching the movie that I'd started earlier, and now am blogging and designing. It's 9:41pm, and I may go to sleep early. Exercise will do that to ya! Make ya all tired and junk ;)

So I wanted to do something Valentine's-y, but not romantic. Something funny. Well, I thought this one was funny, so here ya go - hehehe. Hopefully it IS funny :) Click on the links below to go to my account, and leave some love if you like the color black :) Thanks!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Love is Sweet

Well, it was a good day today :) I woke up at 5:30am, because Captain America opened the door to the bathroom while he was getting ready. *sigh*. I managed to go back to sleep, though, which is nice. 0530 is good and all for soldiers, but I'm definitely NOT a soldier - LOL!

I woke up at 7:00am (much better time), and got the kids ready for school. Dropped them off at 8am, then came back and designed a WordArt pack and chatted on the phone with my mom for a bit.

My sister was on gmail chat, and we chatted for a bit about her LES. Poor thing can't access the military MyPay site, so she can't see her LES (military pay stub). We were trying to figure out what pay she'd gotten. It's hard when your hubby is at BTC. Contact is VERY limited. Although she does have more contact than I did with Captain America. Knox is SO strict.

I chatted with her so long, though, that I missed my shower window. *shakes head slowly* Tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll shower - hehehe. I grabbed Jimmy, and he and I ran out the door to story time. Yeah, we were gonna be late. It started in 1 minute. I can't drive that fast on post - ROFL!

BUT, we got there, and all the moms were going back to their cars. Apparently, the library was closing for renovations 2 weeks early, and hadn't old anyone. Come one, guys. That's not cool. Don't make all the moms mad :)

We did turn in our books from last week, though. That was good. I hate having out library books, because I always forget them :( I have 4 out for the big kids. Don't forget. Don't forget...

Jimmy was SO upset that he'd missed Storytime and his friend Emma. But, I remembered that some of the girls at church were having Play Group at 10:30am, the same time as Story time. We drove to "Little Sam"'s house (Kayley), and played till around noon. There were 4 moms there. Me and Kayley and Chelsie and Bridgette. We all had fun chatting.

I dropped Jimmy off at home, got them lunch, and headed out to the PX to ship a package for Captain America. His laptop is having issues, and is still under warranty. SO, off it went. They moved the UPS store, though, so after carrying this MASSIVE box all through the PX, finally found out that they'd moved it down the street. Back to the truck, drive down the street, and finally found it. BEAUTIFUL new building. They're TOTALLY remodeling and expanding the PX. Apparently, it's gonna be the biggest on in the Army when they're done. It's supposed to be finished by 2011 in the Fall. We'll see. My gate is still closed by my house, so I'm not gonna hold my breath....

Captain America met me there, and we went back to the main PX for lunch. I'd already eaten my cheese and cucumbers (day 2 of the diet was PERFECT), so I just got a soda. Caffeine. I know, bad. Maybe it won't affect me this time. Although, when I finished my refill, my hands were kinda shaking. It's like I can't diet AND do without caffeine. One or the other.

It was SO nice having lunch with Captain America. We just sat and chatted and enjoyed each others company. He went back to work, and I continued on to the Mall. I had to go to Vitamin World and get his vitamins. To help him breathe in El Paso. Quircetin and Bromalin. Yeah, those aren't spelled right, but they help SO much.

After Vitamin World, I wanted to go to the Jewelry Box (yeah, I've got SO much cheap jewelry, but I just lOVE it ) and see what they had. On the way, I got almost attacked by the lotion man. You know, the men who work in the Kiosks, and drag you back to their station to lather you up? Usually they leave me alone, because I have kids in tow. I made the mistake of having no children, so I was a perfect target.

I told him that I wasn't gonna buy anything, but that he could lotion my hands if he wanted to. hehehe. BUT, I got out this buffer thing, and polished my fingernail. I was SO impressed. First, he used the gray side, and it roughed it up. Then the blue side to smooth it out, then the white side, to polish it, and make it squeeky and shiny. OMGosh - I was sold right then.

I didn't let him know, but played hard to sell to. He started saying that it was for $40 a piece. Then, when I didn't jump at it, he said that he'd give me 2 for $40. I pretty much knew that I was gonna get it, but wanted to think about it for a few minutes. I told him that I was gonna go to "The Jewelry Box" then come back and probably get it, but I knew that he thought that his sale was walking away. He offered $20 for one, but I still left.

I went to the Jewelry Box, and found some pretty hair clips, some unmentionables (hehehe), a few earrings, a bracelet, and a necklace set. I just LOVE that store.

On the way back to the nail place, I got "attacked" by the face lotion guy. Man, personal space, anyone. His hands sure felt nice, though. I knew that I didn't want that stuff. I take HORRIBLE care of my skin. And I knew that expensive lotions and cleaners and stuff would just be a waste on me. Because I wouldn't maintain. Lazy and cheap aren't a good combo for someone to try and sell to you :) Poor guy - he was pretty disappointed with me, I think. I spent about 10 minutes there before I could extract myself from his Kiosk. Sigh.

The nail guy was SUPER surprised that I showed back up, and I got a green bag and a pink bag. They're fun :) It's ONSEN Manicure set with the buff, a file, some cuticle cream, and a huge tube of body lotion. SO good :)

I barely had time to get to the school to get the kids on time, but I made it. Andrea and I hung out with the little kids while the big ones did AQ (extra pe), then drove home. I buffed my fingernails when I got home, and they looked DIVINE. I buffed one of each of the kids' fingernails too. They thought it was SO cool. - hehehe. Seriously, you should try it. You'll like it. It looks just like you have on a nice coat of clear fingernail polish. But you won't be tempted to pick it off, because it's just your fingernail. Oh wait, that's just me that picks things. My bad :)

I loaded my store with products, directed the doing of household chores, and homework, and playtime, cooked dinner for the kids (leftover lasagna) and Captain America (soup) and myself (my diet stir fry), then was SO surprised when Captain America was home at 6:30pm for the 2nd night in a row. Dang, I could get used to that ;)

He played Disney's Scene It with the kids while I worked on my store. What a great guy. We did family scripture study, and family prayer, then he put the kids to bed, and I started on my WordArt Wednesday and blogging. It's only 8:45pm, and Captain Americas in the garage working on my new jewelry holder. I think I'll mosey on out and see how it's coming along :)

WordArt Wednesday again :) Click HERE to go to Scrap Orchard to download the zip file, and remember, you need to be logged into the GALLERY in order to get the download, and leaving nice comments helps me lose weight. Really. It does - hehehe.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


First off, I just HAD to show you the pages that I scrapped for my mom for her birthday. Yeah, I know, I'm a HORRIBLE daughter, mom. Sorry that Rite-Aid didn't let me pay online. So it was "Hey mom, I made you photos for your birthday, but you have to pay for them yourself". I'd have been able to pay if it was at Walgreens. Unfortunately, Florence doesn't have a Walgreens. Sigh. Sorry, Mom. I do love ya, and hope that you had a happy birthday!

I used this kit by Julie Bullock. Isn't it FABULOUS. Seriously, I LOVE this kit :)

And the WordArt? Well, it's my new Pack, coming out this Friday. You like it, I know you do :)

So the gate to the kids' school is officially closed. Sigh. I had to drive the kids to school outside of post this morning. And it wasn't a pretty sight. I had on sweats, pink and black striped socks, flip flops (yeah, over my socks...), a GIANT Blues (hockey) hoodie, glasses, and a bandana on my hair. I looked SO hot. Let me just tell you. Those poor gate guards. I don't know how they endured my beauty. Somehow they restrained themselves, though...

I got home, and made up the layouts for my Mom for her birthday. Andrea called me, and wanted me to go with her to help a friend move, but I really had to get the photos done for my mom. Sorry, Andrea and Christie. Next time you move, I promise I'll be there!

I finally got them done, and sent to Rite-Aid, then Jimmy and I headed to Burger King for my FRG planning meeting. We usually meet at the On Post Coffee Shop, but I figured that we might as well go somewhere that Jimmy can come and play. He had a good time :)

Since I started my diet again today (I know, hopefully this time it works... STOP EATING JUNK! hehehe), I brought my mozzarella cheese, and bought a side salad. I also brought my own diet non-caffeinated soda (i'd buy it if they sold it there), and bought Jimmy a Happy Meal. Angela and I worked on the Agenda for the next FRG meeting, and we were done within an hour. Good times...

I got home, and Andrea and I took our kids to the park. It was warmer than it had been in a while, and the sunshine felt good. It was hoodie weather :) Gotta love that, at the beginning of February, right people from Wyoming???

At 3pm, we went up to the school to pick up kids. We had to park at Ross Middle School, just to get a spot, and walk down to Hughey. *rolls eyes*. Andrea and I walked into the building, and saw the kinders and 1st graders waiting to go to the gym. I saw Joe, and he was just SOBBING. Poor guy. I gave him big hugs, but I couldn't figure out what was wrong with him. You know those crys. Where they're crying so hard they can't talk. Just trying to get a breath. Breaks your heart.

We went to the cafeteria, and waited for the rest of the kids. Then Andrea and I went to the playground with the rest of our kids to wait for Tom and Sam to be done with Extra PE. I finally figured out that Joe had colored on something, right before school got out, and his teacher had firmly told him that he shouldn't have done it, and he just lost it. Weird. He's usually not like that. I wonder what else went on that day.

We got home at around 4pm, and after checking the mail, I realized that I had the last piece for my taxes. I was supposed to take a package to UPS for Captain America, but the taxes sucked me in.

Before I knew it, it was 6:30pm, and Captain America was coming home. What? Where did the time go? I first used Turbo Tax online, and got it all done, and realized that I was gonna have to pay. It's only free for the military if you make under $57,000 and are in the military. Normally that wouldn't be a problem, but the military includes moving expenses as a W-2, and they counted our Student Loan payment as a W-2, so that bumped us up $20,000 higher than we normally would be. SO, I had to pay.

So I decided to try H&R block, and see if it was cheaper. I filled in all the info again *rolls eyes again*, and it was the same price. Oh well. H&R block found us a few more dollars, so I decided to go with them. I almost filed twice, but then remembered things that I'd forgotten. The first being the W-2 for the Student Loan payment, and the second being my business expenses. That saved us a bunch :) I'm just glad that we're getting a federal refund this year. I was a bit worried... Even though we claimed 7 deductions, we weren't getting ANY federal withholding from our paycheck.

Jake cooked Mac N Cheese for the kids, and Captain America put them to bed. By 8:30pm, the taxes were file, and I just needed to do the Oregon Taxes by hand. I wasn't gonna pay $35 for taxes that I OWED money on. Sigh. We only lived in Oregon for freakin' 19 days in 2009. And we owe tax. SO not cool. That's why we don't live there. Beautiful state, but a bit messed up. Sorry mom :)

So here it is, almost 10pm, and I need to do something fun to relax. Get my mind off of the taxes. I wonder what Online TV I could watch?

This WordArt request was left on my blog by ANONYMOUS. She thought that I'd made one like it before, but I honestly don't remember making something like it before. Anyone else remember it? I like this on, though :) hehehe.

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Monday, February 1, 2010

@ Home

Another Sunday :) Captain America was up and gone before the kids and I woke up this morning. I showered (I know - hehehe) and got ready, and we were out the door by 8:40am. Church was good. Jimmy's old primary teachers talked in church. I think he liked it - LOL! They did a good job :)

I have had this happen in the 12 years that I had kids, but it did today. So while the young men were passing around the Sacrament Bread, they passed the tray to Tom, who passed it to Eme, who gave bread to Joe, who tried to pass it back to Tom, but they fumbled the hand off, and dropped the entire tray on the floor. Sigh. The young man went and got a new try, and finished up. After sacrament, Tom and Eme helped him pick it all up. I'd have thought that it would have happened more than once in the 12 years we've been going to church with small children. hehehe. Hopefully it won't happen again.

We had most of our teachers there in primary. The 9 year old teacher had to go home because he daughter got sick during Sacrament, so I went looking for a sub. All the other teachers were there, though, so it was good.

The rest of primary flew by, and soon it was noon and time to go home. Captain America came home shortly after us, ate, and headed off to work. Poor guy had to go in and work on some paperwork. But he keeps telling me that soon, he's not gonna have to work so much. Soon.

We had lunch, then relaxed the rest of the day. I took a short nap, watched some more of Daybreak, and fixed dinner in the evening. Jacob and I had a Young Mens/Young Womens meeting to go to at 6pm. A potluck. I made Lasagna casserole, enough to feed my family, and to take to the potluck.

Captain America got home just as I was leaving for the meeting with Jacob. It was actually for both parents and youth, but we couldn't both make it, because of the little kids. So Captain America stayed home, and I went.

It was a Standards night. Where the leaders talked to the youth about what our standards are. It really was pretty good. We have these little booklets called "For the Strength of Youth", that go through and detail what our standards are on several topics. You can click HERE to see the booklet.

It covered Agency & Accountability, Gr attitude, Education, Family, Friends, Dress & Appearance, Entertainment & the Media, Music & Dancing, Language, Dating, Sexual Purity, Repentance, Honesty, Sabbath Day Observance, Tithes & Offerings, Physical Health, and Service to Others. I think there were 6 people who spoke, each covering a few different topics. Hopefully the youth were listening - hehehe.

I know I asked Jake on the way home what he thought, and he was like "Yeah, the sex part was boring. I don't even like girls yet". ROFL! Just keep thinking that, honey. It'll make my job a lot easier if you don't like girls until after your mission. hehehe.

I got home, and Captain America just HAD to show me this truck that he wants to buy. Thank goodness it's only $475. It's an old beater truck that he wants to get running. Sigh. We/he may be going to New Mexico to check out an old truck next Saturday....

I found this saying while I was looking for something to WordArt, and I just LOVED it :) Hopefully you guys like it too :)

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Sunday, January 31, 2010

God is There

Hey girls :) What a strange day I had. First, I wake up with a headache. I take a pill, and it's a good 2 hours before it's gone. Lazy morning, just trying to feel better.

I decided to stitch beds around from the boys. Jake and Tom had the bunkbed in their room. Joe and Jim had twin beds. SO, I disassembled the bunkbed, and had Jake and Tom help me take it downstairs. I reassembled it in the little boys room, and the boys took the twin beds upstairs.

Before I knew it, it was noon. Crap. Emeline was supposed to be at a birthday party for a girl at church at noon. We finally got there at 12:40pm. Sigh. Sorry, Emily! We had pizza, and cake, and ice cream, and the girls painted window decorations. It was a fun party.

I hurried home, and got there a little after 2pm. I made sure the kids were all well and happy and taken care of, and headed off to Andreas house. We were going to a Celebrating Home party. Yeah, we were late. It started at 2pm. Oh well.

We got there, got some snacks, and sat down for the presentation. Did you know that they only make 35% of what they sell? That doesn't sound very good to me. I make 85% of what I sell. But, whatever. I guess what I do and what other businesses do are different...

Anyway, they had pretty things in their category, but not really my thing. I'm more of a thrift store/yard sale shopper :) I was a bit sticker shocked. I know that Andrea bought something because she felt bad not buying something, but really, I didn't need anything. So I didn't buy anything. Maybe that's a wrong philosophy, but it's the one I have. I guess that's why I don't have a business where I sell to my friends. I'd rather "peddle" my wares to people I don't associate with on a daily basis, know what I mean? That's just my personality, I guess. Different ways for different people. That's what makes life interesting :)

Anyway, left the party, and went to Albertson (a grocery store) cause Andrea needed milk. And when I was at the commissary on Friday, they were out of yogurt. Luckily, it was on sale for $2.00. So I didn't pay more than I usually did. Thank goodness :)

We got home at right before 5pm, and I had the kids do their chores again, and we settled in for the night. Captain America was still at work (he'd left at around 1pm). I helped Joe and Jim clean up their room, and put away ALL the laundry I'd folded. Then I watched a few more episodes of Daybreak, put the kids to bed, and here it is, 9pm. I did design a few WordArt packs, so I wasn't a total bum watching TV - hehehe.

This WordArt request is from Gloria. Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!