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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sing Like No On Is Watching

I think I'm sick... I woke up SEVERAL times last night. Because of the stupid smoke detector. See, there's one of the batteries that malfunctioning, and it sets itself off. But I don't know which one it is, because it sets the others off so fast. So pretty soon, the WHOLE house is buzzing. And the dog hates it, and it hurts my head. So like 3 times last night. Sigh. So much for a good nights sleep.

Then, I woke up once because I thought I heard the TV on. Nope, no TV on. So I went back to bed. Then, I thought I heard a pounding noise. Nope, no pounding noise. So when I finally got up this morning, I wasn't feeling very good. Very groggy. I went back to bed after the kids got on the bus, and slept till around 9am. And still felt like crap. Tired and lethargic.

Kari texted and said that she'd forgot that she'd planned on going to lunch at the kids' school today, so no Zumba. Which I was a little bummed, but SO tired that it was ok. I did eventually get out of bed, and came out and watched some TV with the kids. I didn't even pull out my computer. I just sat on the couch.

And soon it was time to take Jim to the bus. And I had on my yellow Texas hoodie, red Coca Cola jammies, and stripped christmas socks. And that's it - hehe. I drove him up to the bus stop, feeling all "hot". hehe.

I came back home, and Jake and I watched 2 episodes of Fringe. And I finished off my camo scarf. It took the whole skein, and looked pretty good. And I did pull out my computer for a few minutes, and designed 2 WordArt packs. But was still feeling off.

And I was SUPER hungry. I had my normal lunch, and my snacks, and my popcorn, and was still starving. But I didn't go ravage the kitchen. Yet....

I put on some better clothes around 1:30, and Jake and I headed to the commissary. I was feeling slightly better. We got about $50 worth of groceries, and headed home. Luckily, there were few enough items to go to the self check out. Because it's payday on post, AND a training holiday, and the Commissary was SLAMMED with people.

We stopped by the shoppette to get a 44 oz Diet Coke (gag, but it's all they had), AND the were out of 44 oz cups. Nope, not gonna pay $1 for 32 oz of nasty. I'd rather go without. So we went to the bus stop, and picked up Jim. And came home. And put away groceries, and Jim played computer for a bit, and Jake and I watched one more episode of Fringe.

And then the big kids came home from school, and I took a nap. Because I felt like crap. My head was starting to hurt, too. I told them to wake me up at 5:30 to make dinner for them. So 5:30 came, and I was still feeling yucky. And I have this horrible habit of thinking that food will make me feel better when I'm in pain. And I couldn't resist today, and I ate a ton of food. And now I feel even more sick. Sigh. I need to remind myself that eating lots will NOT make the pain go away. I don't know why I got that stuck in my head anyway...

So after dinner, I got the kids situated with electronics, and went to take a bath. Thinking it would make me feel better. Nope. But I sure did smell good after. I put some Pure Romance Body Dew (original scent - smells like carnations) in my bath, and I felt soft and smelled purdy. hehe.

And at 7pm, I had the kids turn off ALL electronics, and explained to them that I was feeling sick. And took my laptop to my bed, got into my jammies, turned down the lights, and directed them to do their chores. I told them that once they finished one chores, to come and talk to me, and I'd remind them of their other chores. To keep them on task. But my poor head hurts. And the bickering out there is driving me nuts. Well, not really nuts. There's not being too bad, it's just that my head hurts and things seem worse...

Here's a few pictures that I took RIGHT before coming in my room to lay down with my laptop.

And here's me, in my bed, sick. I'm hoping that with meds and a GOOD nights sleep tonight, I'm back to my normal, energetic, chipper self tomorrow. I need to think of something fun to do with the kids. Maybe we'll all go on a short hike up in the mountains (dog too) if I feel better. Let's hope I feel better, because I RELALY need to get out of the house....

Thanks, Sharon, for being busy today and asking for the WordArt yesterday. I don't think I would have had the energy to design it today anyway! You always keep me on track, and do SUCH a fabulous job :) *hugs*

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Friends Forever

Yeah, new stuff for the week! Hope you guys like it!!!! Click HERE to go to my store!

Well, I did get to chat with Captain America last night, so my evening was complete! Love that man :) He's SUCH a great guy :) Miss you, sweetheart!

Good morning, world! I'd like to say that I was nice and rested when I woke up, but yeah, I was still tired. hehe. I woke up before my alarm by about 15 minutes, read my scriptures, and reset my alarm for 7:05. hehe. That was kinda nice to sleep in. Sort of - LOL!

I finally got out of bed, read my scriptures, and got the kids all ready for school. They had French Toast or cereal for breakfast. Seriously? You'd choose nasty cereal over tasty french toast, kids? You're nuts - hehe.

Anyway, off on the bus they went, and I checked my emails, and straightened up my bed/room, and got ready for swimming. I was supposed to meet Kari there at 8:30am, but I wanted to go a little early. I was going out with Terra at 10, and needed time to shower and get pretty. So I headed to the pool at 8.

And yeah, when I walked up to the door (parking in the vacant lot across from the pool because the other side of the pool is under construction), the gate was locked. Whaaat? How was I supposed to swim. And since it was SOO cold outside, I went back to my truck to make a plan. I googled Replica Pool and found the phone number, but no one was answering. Hmmm, what next. I saw a van of army dudes pull up, and they went out and stood in front of the gate for a few minutes. I decided to watch and see what they were doing.

Eventually, they walked around to the other side of the building. And didn't come back. OK, so that other door must be opened. I texted Kari to tell her to use the other door, and that they had a BRAND new parking lot. It was SWEET! I'll park over there next time - LOL.

Anyway, I got about 3 laps (6 half laps) in before Kari came to swim too. She's SO much faster than me - hehe. And I really did well today. The first few laps were hard, but after that, I got in a groove! And I swam 32 half laps, 16 full laps, or 1 mile! A mile! It's SO much farther than walking - hehe.

Anyway, I can only do the backstroke. I've tried freestyle (maybe that's what it's called), but I don't like to get my nose in the water.... And it tires me out SO much. Plus, I am getting a workout from the backstroke. And my arms are getting buffer. Well, buff at all. I've never had upper body strength before - ha!

I hurried home, and hopped in the shower at 9:25am. Jake told me that Captain America had called, and that he and Jimmy had chatted with him. Good! I'm glad that they got to talk with their Daddy :) Bummed that I didn't get to talk with him, but glad that the kids did :)

And I was barely ready to go when Terra came to pick me up at 10am. But I was ready - hehe. I wore my hair straight again (dang, my gray was showing...), and threw on a new skirt. A red one - I loved it :)

And we headed out. Her girls were in daycare for the morning/afternoon, and Jake was getting Jim to the bus. Thanks, Jakie! And we headed off to KMart. She had some gift card to spend. Sweet! And she really seemed to have a hard time spending the money. hehe. Yeah, I could have spent it 5 times over - LOL! Maybe that's not a good thing - ROFL!

Anyway, there's a SUPER cute ring that she got for me!

Yeah, she'll never invite me to go shopping with her again...

So after the trip to Kmart, we headed to Howdys. I was supposed to get my soda cups from home so it would only cost us $0.59 for the refill, but I left them there. So we had to pay $1.29. Drat! Oh well. More Howdy's cups for me, right? hehe.

And we headed to lunch.
To the Bagel Shop! It was SOOOO good :) We went to the one near Transmountain and 54.
Turkey on the Everything Bagel. OMHeavens!

Ate the WHOLE thing!
And then we headed to the Dollar Tree, because there was one right around the corner. And remember how I said that the one on Mesa was the biggest one in El Paso? Well, I was wrong. THIS one is the biggest one in El Paso! Crappy bread selection, but WONDERFUL all other ways! I found a few things. But not this hat. This was just for the picture...
Terra wouldn't try it on for me - hehe. Anyway, finished up at the Dollar Tree, and headed back on post. And I'd forgotten my ID's at home. Darn! I'd only taken my keys and ids to the Pool, and forgotten to put them back in my purse.

I had Jake's ID, so I showed that to the gate guard, and he was like, all stern, Well, Ms Harty, Don't forget it next time. Yeah, like I forgot it this time ON PURPOSE. Silly gate guard. I guess he let me in, so I shouldn't be complaining, right? hehe.

Check out my eye. OK, so that was a random segway, but whatever. I was having a HARD time seeing all morning. Can you see that skum or film or whatever it is covering my contact? SO not cool. I washed it off with Baking Soda when I got home, and it was MUCH better. And yes, Andrea, it's WAY past time to thread...

I got home in time to watch an episode of Fringe with Jake, and design for a little bit, and play on Facebook for a bit too. Oh yeah, Tom went to school. He was up before me, and had his backpack and cello packed, and shoes and socks and coat on. I guess he was feeling better - hehe.

Anyway, right before Jim got off the bus, I had to head out to my Therapy session. So Jake was a godsend for me today :) Thanks, hon! I did buy you a surprise at the Dollar Tree!

Anyway, I headed out, and got there, and waited, and waited and waited, and waited. And 20 minutes after my appointment time, I figured out that my appointment was at 3:30, not 3:00. Yeah, would have been good to remember that one. It was in my text right... hehe. Oh well, I had some nice quality time with my phone. Read my emails and played on Facebook. I'm sure my Facebook Friends were getting quite tired of my constant updates. Oh well. Y'all can hide me if I get annoying. I won't be offended - hehe.

It was a nice session, and the doctor said that I was doing SO well. And that we could "wean" me off of sessions. So cut back to every two weeks, then every month. OK :) I do enjoy going and chatting. hehe. Cause, remember, I'm not shy. I'm just insecure, and I'm a LOT less insecure now than I've ever been :)

Anyway, headed home at 4:30pm, and yeah, traffic was HORRIBLE. I think there was a wreck. Half of the drive home, I had the car in 2nd gear, and was going under 15 mph. Did I mind? Nope. I just BLARED my music, and sang REALLY loud and danced. Yeah, I'm sure that the other cars were getting a kick out of it. hehe.

I was singing to Lady Gaga's Poker Face in this picture.
The singing alone wouldn't have been so bad, but I think it was the dancing that made me look freakish - ROFL!

So I get home around 5pm, and the kids are all SUPER happy to see me. Well, because I make them dinner. It was like, YEAH! Mom's here! (no pause) What's for dinner? hehe. I started some rice in the rice cooker, and ground turkey in the pan, and planned on making Haystacks. The kids mostly like that.

And as dinner was cooking, I examined my grays. See, Leslie moved on me. Sure, she left me with most of the stuff to do my hair, but I needed to have been taking notes. Sigh. I'm hopelessly gray...

And then, as dinner was cooking, I hooked up my cell phone to the stereo, and started singing the Jordan Sparks song, Battlefield. Have you all seen the new Hillywood Eclipse Parody? That's where I heard this song first... It combines that one, and Bad Romance from Lady Gaga. Hence the interest with those two songs as of late...

Anyway, here's me signing. And I had Tom take pictures of me. I've got a TON of them on my facebook page, and I think Sharon is gonna make a page for me out of them tomorrow. She's such a doll! Don't you wish you could hang out with me - hehe. Cause it's normal to belt out a tune into the Vanilla bottle in the kitchen and have your children take pictures of you.....

I made enough Haystacks to put 1/2 of it in the freezer for another day's dinner. I rock, I know :) And, time before last when I'd gone to the Dollar Tree, I'd bought fortune cookies. So I gave the kids all one with their dinner, and said that if they finished it all, that they'd get a 2nd! Well, it convinced Jake and Jim to eat, anyway. Tom and Joe LOVEd it and each had seconds. Eme ate firsts without complaint, and got her 2nd cookie.

After dinner, we did chores, and hung out as a family for a while. The TV was turned off, so that was nice. I wouldn't say that it was quite, though. There was SO much bickering. It was kinda getting on my nerves a little. Not too bad, though.

I had Jake put Jimmy to bed, and told him that I'd be in to snuggle with him in a few. I helped Joe with his homework, then went to snuggle with Jim. And he'd fallen asleep already! So, I woke him up a little, and snuggled with him - hehe. He seemed happy :)

Joe had a little bit of homework left, but he was tired and went to bed anyway. He lacks focus when it comes to homework......

Anyway, I sent the big kids to bed around 8:15pm, and it's now 8:38pm. And it's just me and the dog. I think I'm gonna watch a movie and crochet. I'm not feeling like designing at the moment. I'm gonna drink the herbal tea that Jake made me before he went to bed, turn down the lights, grab a blankie, and zone out on the couch. Sounds like a great evening to me :)

Night, everyone!

Awe, Sharon, what a CUTE page of you and your hubby! Did y'all know that Sharon Scraps for Hire? You can check out her page HERE.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy Attitude

Good morning, all! Hope your week is progressing nicely :) Can you believe it's already Thursday. Well, Wednesday nite when I'm writing this, anyway. hehe.

You know, since I'm the only grown up around these days (lol), I find myself "blog thinking". Do you ever do that? My head rambles along as it would in my blog. If only I had a way to capture my thoughts during my day and put them down in my blog without waiting until the even to write it. But then, these posts may be SO long that no one would want to read them. So maybe we'll just stick to me "blog thinking" to myself..... *retreats to corner*...

I know at our marriage retreat, Captain America and I learned that the average man speaks about 50,000 words a day, and the average woman speaks 100,000. And that the man uses his before he gets home from work - LOL! Anyway, I wonder if Facebook and Blogging count towards those 100,000? Or if my internal babble counts? Cause I definitely have internal babble going on. It's only when I start vocalizing that babble and no one is around that you need to start worrying - LOL! I have been known to talk to myself while grocery shopping or thrift store shopping. "Wow, that's a GREAT price" said to no one in particular - ha!

OK, so back on track with my day :) I woke up at 6am to the sound of the garbage truck, and a little bark from the dog. I thought maybe Boxer was afraid of the garbage truck, so I went out to look in the living room. And Tom was coming back in from the garage. He must have startled the dog. Tom's chore is to take the trash out to the big trash can, then out to the curb on Tuesday night, and back in on Wednesday morning. And, Jake and I took it out for him on Tuesday night cause he's sick. And I guess we never told him that we did it, and when he heard the garbage truck this morning, panicked and hustled out to get the trash out, only to find it already done. And startled the dog in the process.

Eme had just woken up, and was getting dressed. I told the kids I was gonna go back to bed until my alarm went off, and went back to bed. I read my chapter in the scriptures, and re-set my alarm for 7am, and went to sleep.

And got up, and got the kids ready, and fed, and dressed, and out the door at 7:30am. Tom was still sick, but feeling a little bit better. I was hopeful that he'd go back to school on Thursday. I think I may have gone back to bed for a while (don't know why I was SO tired, since I went to bed before 10pm last nite), and got up and ready for Yoga by 9:30am. And Jim and I headed out to go to the store. I wanted a Howdy's drink, and the Dollar Tree is RIGHT across the store. And we could use more bread.

So we headed out.

And yes, Captain America, if you look REAL close in the background of that picture, you can see that the bed is made. See, I NEVER make the bed. Captain America ALWAYS makes the bed. Because he likes it made, and I don't really care. But, since he's been gone, I've started sleeping on his side, and have found that it wasn't really me who messed up the covers! I can just pull the blankets back where they go in the morning, and it's SUPER easy to make - LOL!

Anyway, we headed to the Dollar Tree, and looked around for a bit. We found 4 loaves of Natures Own Whole Wheat Bread, and a new broom for Jake (we go through TONS of brooms...their handles SUCK), and some gummy worms for Jim, and some energy shots for me (my vice...) and a few other things, and off we went. We drove across the street to Howdy's and got me a 44 oz Diet Dr Pepper. Mmmm, haven't had one of those since Captain America left. And then we headed home.

I got home in time to use the bathroom, grab a coat and backpack for Jim, and head to the bus.

Kari picked me up at the bus stop at 11am, and we headed over to Stout Gym. And yeah, there was a sign saying that our YOga class was being moved to Soto Gym. Whaaaat? Nice for the notice. We had the Stout Gym guy call the Soto Gym guy and tell them that we were still coming, but that we were gonna be late.

I guess that they're remodeling Stout Gym, or something, but t sucks. It's only 5 minutes from our house, and Soto is a good 15. See how big of whiners we are. LOL! Free gym, free classes, and we're complaining about driving 15 minutes. hehe. It just seems that they'd have SO classes at Stout. They've moved almost ALL of them to Soto...

Anyway, we got to Soto, and there was NO parking. Apparently, they built this HUGE gym, and no parking lot. It was still under construction.... So we parked FOREVER away, and started walking. I guess that would count as part of our workout, right? LOL!

So we go to the front desk, and ask where yoga is, and the lady says, "Down the hall, something about a double doors, blah blah blah". So we walk down the hall, and yeah, we don't know where to go. hehehe. I guess I should have listened better. So we have to go back and ask for directions again. How embarrassing - LOL! See how bad we want to do yoga. LOL! And the whole time, we're like, "That bad yoga teacher had better not be here, or we're totally leaving". hehe.

Anyway, got the directions again, and found the room, and WOOHOO, the good teacher was there! I love her! They'd started late, because they knew that people from Stout would be straggling in, but we'd stil missed about the first 5 minutes. So we jumped in, and got with the group.

And it was SO nice! Relaxing, and calming, and strenuous at the same time. My arms and legs were shaking and wobbly, but my spirit was calmed. And that's the REAL benefit from yoga, I think. I loved it! We decided that we would gladly drive to Soto Gym for our GOOD yoga teacher. And yeah, we totally should have asked her her name, but for now, she's the Yoga-ish yoga teacher.

Kari dropped me off at home, and the boys and I had lunch. Left over pizza for them, and my usual for me. Tom seemed to be doing a lot better. He was watching the new Star Trek movie and doing homework (math) on the couch. Works for me :)

I went and took a shower, and got all pretty for the day. Cause I like to be pretty, you know. hehe. AND, I have 15 new skirts and need to wear them all. LOL!

I was just finishing up getting ready when I realized that it was time to get Jim from the bus. I sent Jake to the bus stop, and finished getting ready. And I worked on my computer for a little while, then made French Toast for tomorrow, and for me to put in the fridge/freezer for myself. It's part of my afternoon snack every day. 2 pieces of reduced calorie bread made into French Toast, with spray butter and splenda. SO tasty. I just pop it in the toaster, and Viola! I have French Toast! LOVE it so much.

Jim helped me by dropping the bread into the egg mixture, and I cooked it on my BIG griddle. It hold 9 pieces of French Toast at a time. Gotta love that. I made enough for us all to have 2 pieces for an afternoon snack, for the kids to each have 3 pieces for Breakfast, and for me to have 4 days worth of French Toast as snacks. Pretty "prepared" of me, huh?

I got some emails from Captain America, and a few had pictures! Woohoo for pictures! Let me share a few with you :)

Ping Pong and Pool
The kids thought this was AWESOME that they had Burger King and Subway in a trailer. LOL!
Sweet pool!

I sat back down for some more designing (I've got all 5 for Friday, 2 for next Friday, and 1 for the following Friday already packaged and ready to go, and 2-3 more designing, and 2 in the works, plus a BUNCH of ideas), and then it was time for Joe to get off the bus. And Eme didn't get off the bus, so I assumed that she was staying for AQ. They cancel it at random times. I figure if she doesn't get off the bus, that I got to the school to grab her - hehe.

So I headed out. And waited. And waited. And waited.

Yeah, she didn't look for me in Captain America's car, and with my hair in the sun, it looked Red to her and she didn't recognize me - ROFL! Finally, at 4pm, she got in the car. I had gotten out to go inside the school and look for her, and she noticed me. LOL! I told her to always be on the lookout for Captain America's car :)

Earlier in the Day, Leigh, my neighbor I share a driveway with, wanted to know if I would pull my truck up a little bit, because it was hard to get into her garage with her new van. So, of course, I pulled the Suburban up farther into my parking spot. It wasn't until about 30 minutes later that I decided that she was talking about Captain America's blue truck, not the suburban - ROFL!

So, after I picked up Eme, Jake and I went out to try and move the truck. I'd never started the thing, and knew that there was a trick to it. Jake knew the trick, and got it started. And I climbed in, and figured it out. I pulled much closer to the garage, and got it where Leigh could easily get in and out.

Here's me, proud that I finally drove the blue truck. If backing up counts as driving... hehe.

We came back inside, and it was around 4pm. The kids popped in a movie, and I let them. No chores. No homework. Movie time. And I retreated to my room for some designing. See, I used to HIDE in there from them, because they were driving me crazy, or I wanted to hide from the house work. Not today. Really, I just wanted to design in quiet. I really wasn't hiding. I was just trying to focus. I had them come and get me when the movie was over, and we started dinner.

I cooked the pizza from yesterday, and gave them salad to go with it. I had my dinner, and decided that we were skipping Wednesday night activities again. See, Tom was sick, and couldn't go. Eme didn't have Achievement Days. Joe and Jim didn't have anything. Only Jake had an activity. So, it would have been me crowd controlling way too many people. And a sick kid. So I decided against it. And tried my best not to feel bad about skipping. I hate skipping things...

And Eme and I had talked about going to the Jewelry Box for a little mini shopping trip, and I even got my new green coat on, but decided against it. We stayed home and did chores and homework instead.

I folded my MOUNTAINOUS pile of laundry, and had Jake finish off his laundry from yesterday, and had Tom start his. Tom was feeling MUCH better, so I made him do his chores. I'm so mean, I know.

And it took FOREVER for the laundry to get folded. I hate it when I let it get that far behind. LOL :) Anyway, Eme put hers away, Jake put away all of his, Joe and Jim put theirs away, and I hung up what needed to be hung up of theirs.

I put the little boys to bed at 8:30 (late again!), and sent the big kids to continue with chores. Tom did the dishes, then said that he was feeling a little weird, and wondered if he could take a puke bowl to bed. Sure, I said. And no more than 10 seconds later, he was vomiting into the puke bowl. And dang near filled the whole thing up. SO gross! But he was talking about it like it was nothing. "See, mom, it's a good thing I had this bowl". "Wow, it tastes like pizza". Gross, Tom - hehe.

He dumped the bowl in the toilet, washed it out, and headed upstairs (with the bowl) to bed. Poor kid. Looks like he'll be home again. I may have to call the doctor tomorrow. But I hate taking kids in, and having the doctor say, yup, it's a virus, and it'll have to run its course... Like they said with Emeline...

Jake took Boxer on one more walk for the night, and I sat down to blog. And I facebooked WAY too much. I keep getting distracted :) LOL!

Jake went to bed at 9:30pm. Earlier in the evening, we'd hung up a clock with Captain America's time zone on it. I LOVE it! Now, I just have to send pictures to Walgreens, buy frames, and hang up pictures of Captain America and I and the kids! SO excited to see it all finished!

Anyway, it was after 8am his time, and I was pretty sure he wasn't gonna call. Last time he called at night for me, it was 7:30am his time. I figured he was at work.

But, at around 10:15pm my time, he called! Woohoo! I put down my computer, and had a VERY nice chat with him. He told me all about his day, and I told him all about my day, and we chatted about the kids, and what he wants me to send him, and just stuff. But it was so nice. We chatted for about 30 minutes, and he had to go off to work. And it was almost 11pm, and i needed to finish my blog and go to bed. I've got a busy day tomorrow!

I'm swimming laps in the morning, then my friend, Terra, is "friend napping" me for the late morning/early afternoon. I don't know where or what we're doing, but it's sure to be fun!

Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. thanks!

Awe, thanks Sharon! I am trying to have a Happy Attitude!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

For the Beauty of the Earth

Yeah, I was REAL sleepy when the alarm went off this morning. And yes, I have NO shame posting a horrid picture like this of myself, of my own free will, on the internet. LOL! See, honey, you're safe. No one is gonna be "hitting" on this . ROFL!

Anyway, I finally dragged myself out of bed. See, I'd forgotten to take my anti-depressant until bed time yesterday. So that throws off my sleep schedule. I was WIDE awake at 3am. Not so good. And so when it came time to wake up, I was exhausted. I took the pill RIGHT on time today - hehe.

Anyway, I got the kids ready for school, and sent them to the bus. Tom was home sick AGAIN. Poor kid. His head is killing him. More meds, and I let him lay on my bed and watch a movie. At 9am, Laurie dropped off Rowan at our house, and he played with Jake and Jim while Laurie, Kari, and I went hiking. LOVE hiking. But boy, was it chilly outside! I think it may have got to 40 while we were hiking. I know, I know, that's WARM for some of you, but my blood is SO acclimated to El Paso - hehe.

Anyway, on the drive over Transmountain, Captain America called to say good night. Only it was morning for me. He got his times confused. He was heading to bed soon, but said that he'd call me in the morning his time. So around 9pm or so my time. We'll get these time difference figured out soon. Especially when I get the "Dad's Time" clock up up on the wall!

Anyway, back to hike!

Us at the turn around place. I kept telling them, if you wanna go faster, just someone else jump out in the lead. I don't know why they picked me to go first. hehe.

And here's a little sneak peak of a WordArt Pack getting released this Friday! I thought it was PERFECT for this photo :) It's gonna have all 50 states.

Great rock pics, huh? This was a quarry, apparently... Or that's what the sign said, anyway.

Here's me in the car after the hike. It was a good, steady paced workout. I so love my hiking days :)
I came home, got Jim ready, and drove him up to school again. We'd got home after the bus already left, so I just drove him up. No biggie :)

Jake was doing homework, and Tom was still snoozing in my room. Poor kid. After Rowan went home, I let Tom come back out to the couch, and we watched a movie while I had lunch. Then, I went to take a shower. Boy did it feel good! I know I was in there way too long, but whatever. It felt good, and Captain America's no longer here to use the water, so I just used his half too, right? LOL!

And here's me, sitting on the couch, designing, after my WARM and nice shower.
I bought this sweater at Savers one time that I went with Leslie. But never wore it. Until today! I wore it with my long, orange, new crinkle hippy skirt. LOVED it. So comfy!

I designed a good portion of the afternoon, and went to get Jim from the bus at 2:30pm. I did some chores, straightened up my room a bit, and at 3:30pm, got the kids, and headed to the library. Jake and Tom both stayed home, so I just had the little 3.

The movie today was about Siberian tigers. It was actually a pretty good show. The kids enjoyed it. Except for the part with where the little baby girl tiger died in the end. :( *sniff*

They had capri suns and popcorn for snack, and we were home by 5pm. I made homemade pizzas for the kids, and Jim and Joe helped me kneed the dough. well, kinda helped :)

Luckily, the chores were still mostly done from the night before, so it didn't take long to clean up, then eat dinner, then help the kids with their homework. Then, we pulled out the gingerbread houses again. Joe finished up the one he and Tom were working on, and Eme and Jim finished up theirs. They were SO cute!

And then they broke off the roofs and started eating them. Tom wanted a chunk. I tried to tell him that it wasn't a good food choice for a sickie, but he didn't listen. And yeah, within 10 minutes, he'd puked ALL over the couch. Nice one. I guess sometimes mom DOES know what she's talking about - hehe.

We cleaned it all up, sent him to the shower, and got the little kids in bed. And then I sent the big boys to their room to sleep, and I sat on the couch with the dog and designed and went to a Scrapbookgraphics chat! It was pretty fun! I was supposed to be there at 7pm, but showed up at 8, and stayed till around 9. It was a good time!

Anyway, it's now 9:30ish, and I'm gonna tie this up, and got to bed. Taking my phone with me, so if Captain America decides to call. I'd like to chat with the boy :)

Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!

Love it, Sharon! I'm gonna send a copy to Captain America so he can see my hike!