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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Too Tired to Sleep

Yeah, I TOTALLY should have pre-blogged today. But I didn't. So here it is (gasp) 4:12am, and I'm just now done..... Yeah, long day.

I'll come back and give a recap another time, I need to get to bed. BUT, I traveled home from St Louis, was picked up by my good friend Hilary at the airport, hung with her for a while, then set to work on cleaning the disaster hole that was my house. Yeah, it was WONDERFUL for me. But it's better now. MUCH better. Still has work to do, but it's better.

So, I get to go pick up my kids tomorrow!!! I'm SO excited to see the little turds :) We bought them t-shirts and such as souvenirs, and I'm excited to give them to them :) OK, must grab a few hours of sleep, so I can function tomorrow :)

Night, digiland :)

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Coming Home 2

OK, so I never posted my new stuff from last week. I'll have new stuff out this week too, but FIRST, here's my new last week stuff - hehehe. Click here to go to my store and give it a look see :)

Hello people!! Hope you all had a great day :) Today we spent visiting with Captain Americas old high school buddies. He graduated 20 years ago - hehehe. Class of 1990. Dang, is he REALLY that old - hehehe.

We were up and showered and dressed by 10am, and ready to hit the road.

Here I am on the way to WalMart. We needed some more apples and crackers, and I wanted a new shirt too :) And I wanted some souvineers for my kids and friends.

Captain America went off to look for food and I went to look at shirts. I found this one, and I liked it :) It's an Alice in Wonderland shirt.... but that's ok. I thought it fit well, so I got it :)

And I bought a St Louis Cardinals shirt! The last one I bought when I was heavy, and it's now Captain Americas shirt - hehehe. SO, here's my new Cardinals shirt. Cute, eh? And new $5 sunglasses, too :)

After Walmart, we headed to Motomart and got our drinks. Mmmm.

Then got back in the car, and headed North. Captain America grew up about 45 minutes from here, in Hillsboro Illinois. That's where he went to High School. He was meeting up with his buddy Toby, and his buddy Chris.

We had bought some Sugar Free hard candies at Walmart, and I found this message on the back of all the bags. It was hysterical. hehehe.

And a pic of me and my candies. ROFL!

We met Toby at Ruby Tuesdays, and his wife Jen met us there too. I got Tilapia and a salad, and it was pretty yummy. I was stressing a bit, because I didn't know if they had anything on my menu there. They did, mostly :)

Here's me during one of the 2 bathroom breaks I had to take. hehehe. I was drinking a lot of water :)
After lunch, we headed to Captain Americas brother's house. Josh. His wife was in Florida visiting family, and he was at home with his 9 month old daughter, Kaiya. She was a DOLL!! We stayed for about an hour and visited.

Here's me with a grouchy.... why was I grouchy again? hehehe

We went and visited with Chris and his wife and 2 kids after dinner. They were pretty nice people. I could see us hanging with them :) hehehe. Their kids are Joe and Jim's age :)

After visiting with them, we stopped at the gas station, filled up, and got some drinks. Here's me. Yeah, it's not Sonic. And it's not Circle K. And it's not Motomart. But it IS a drink :)

We got to Randolphs house around 8:30 or 9pm, and hung for a while. Josh and Kaiya came to visit for a few days, so the house was full of Hartys - hehehe. It was kinda cool. They were having pizza for dinner, so I hid upstairs for a while and blogged. I can handle a lot of temptation, but the pizza smelled really good, and I'd already eaten dinner. hehehe. I DID get my blog done, though.

After they had all had dinner, I headed back downstairs, sat by my mother in law, and blogged. And we watched something or another on TV, and all chatted. It's now 10:30pm, and we're still hanging out :) We'll head back to Lewis' house soon. I fly out tomorrow night at 8pm. I'm getting pretty excited to see my kids again! I miss those little turds. hehehe.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Childhood Love

Morning, girls! You know, I guess I shouldn't assume that you're all girls. But I do. So, if there's some guys out there, include yourself in the whole "girls" category....Wait, that doesn't sound good either. Forget it. Morning, peeps! Does that work better?

Anyway, I was trying to take a good pic of myself this morning, and after a MILLION tries (hehehe), I finally found one that I like. Maybe favorite pics - hehehe. BUT, I'm in my tank top, and I typically wear more clothes than that - ROFL!! I just thought it was a good pic. SO, pretend I have more clothes on...

After finishing up getting ready (putting more clothes on - ROFL!), I came downstairs, and watched the boys playing Rock Band. Captain America just LOVES the drums, and I like watching him do something that he has fun at :) I texted my friends for a bit, and asked about the kids, and arranged for Jake to go and play at his friends house for a bit. Amazing thing, texting is. I'm SO glad for technology :)

Next, we headed to Randolphs house. The plan was for the boys to go see sites, and for the girls to go Thrift Store shopping. Here's me after getting in the car and realizing that I didn't have my sunglasses. hehehe. It was freakin' bright outside!

Before we got to Randolphs house, we stopped at Motomart. Yeah, the convenience store with the Sonic type ice. We got our sodas, and went to the front. The chickie at the register remembered us from yesterday. 'El Paso, right"? Yep, that's us. We chatted for about 15 minutes about Texas, and El Paso, and the Army, and such, and as we got ready to pay, she waved us on. Sa-weet! Free drinks - hehehe.

I'm wearing my big balls earrings again today.... I love them...

We got to Randolphs house, and hung for a while. We had lunch, and did whatever we did, and around 1:30pm, we, the girls, headed out to the store. Here's Adrienne (sis in law), Becca (niece), and me. Mary is driving, and Carol is in the front seat.

So first stop was the Flea Market. It was a thrift store, and had a ton of stuff. Not much that I liked or wanted, but a lot of stuff. I did find a St Louis Blues (hockey) jersey that would fit Joe/Jim, so I got it for them. Captain America has the same Jersey at home, so they'll match. hehehe.

Here's Adrienne and Mary walking around the stop.

And I found this black, feather boa there. Yeah, that's what I need - ROFL!

After the Flea Market, we headed to Goodwill. I just LOVE Goodwill. Anyway, I found this new shirt. I thought it was super cute.

and a new pair of jeans. And another top. But I'm gonna need a tight black or white shirt to go under it before I can wear it. Maybe I'll have Captain America take me to Walmart tonight. Or Kohls. But we might not get there in time. Walmart is 24 hours. Walmart might be where we go....

We had to get back to the house to pick up Captain America's brother Nathaniel and take him to work, so we were back at Randolphs by 3:30pm. Mary and the girls left, and took Nathaniel to work, and Carol and Adrienne and I went upstairs to hang in Carols room. We spent an hour or so, each doing our own thing at our computers. I'm not sure what Adrienne was doing, but Carol was working on her Newsletter that she does, and I was chatting with Hilary.

Oh yeah, I tried on my new shirt and my new pants. I like 'em! What do ya think?

At dinner time, I made chicken and cucumbers and such, and we took a break and ate. Carol and I are watching Law and Order right now, waiting for the guys to come home. Then we're gonna play games, I think. I love being on vacation. It's very go with the flow-ish... And I like that :)

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Oh, Snap!

Howdy, girls! Guess what? I'm blogging from my phone! Well, not the designing part, but the story part. hehe. Not quite as convenient as a laptop or pc, thats for sure!

So we started the day off around 8 or 830 am. We got breakfast, got showered, dressed, ready, all that that entails.

I texted Hilary for a while, and Captain America played Rock Band with Andrew and Beth. He really likes the drums. He sounded pretty good, too. hehe. After an hour or so, we headed to Randolphs house.

I went & hung with Carol & Adrienne, while Captain America & Paul & Nathaniel went to some CiviWar sites.

The girls watched some tv, chatted hung out, just did girl stuff in Carols room. When Randolph got home from work, we all played Rummy in the dining room, and I lost horribly. Really. I'm usually a fair contender in Rummy. I lost horribly to an 11 yr old. ROLF!

I cant remember when the guys got back from their sight seeing, but they changed real fast, gathered those going with them, and headed out on a youth temple trip. I didnt go cause my recommend is misplaced.....grrrr...

So Carol and Adrienne stayed home, and we continued our girls day. I painted my toes, & watched some more TV. Very lazy day, but just what i needed. I loved every minute of it.

The guys eventually came back, and we headed back to Lewis' house. If I'd been smart, I would have blogged back at the house with the wireless. But I guess it was good to get the designing and hosting and linking and such done there. Which is why I'm typing this late at night on my phones dinky keyboard. I'm sure theres a ton of typos, or wrong words, or such. But frankly, I cant see what I'm doing... hehe. So let's hope it's readable at least :}

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Begins

Howdy, my friends! I just love vacation :) No time schedule. Go with the flow. Its a great time :) There was a time that this kind of schedule would have stressed me out, but not since joining the Army - hehehe. Go with the flow is a way of life there :)

So I went to bed at around 3:30am, and woke up at 8:30am. That's about par for the course these days. hehe. Anyway, we dawddled around a bit at Randolphs house, then eventually made our way over to Lewis' house. That's where all of our stuff is. We showered, and got ready, and hung out there for a bit.

I got to see Captain America play Rock Band with some of Lewis' kids. LOL! I'd never seen someone play Rock Band before. Guitar Hero, yes. Rock Band, no. TOO FUNNY! We may have a new Santa Wish List item - ROFL!

After getting ready, we went to MotoMart to get a drink. And they had SONIC ICE!!! I was SO excited. And diet Mt Dew. Even better - hehehe. I felt like I was cheating on Sonic, and Diet Dr Pepper. Shhhh, don't tell!

Then we went back to Randolphs house, and hung out with his parents more. I hung out upstairs with Carol and Adrienne, and had a good time :) We did our nails again (I can't stand stuff on my fingers, so I got rid of it, and got my toes ready to paint) Mostly we just hung out :) I like to hang out :)

At around 5pm, we all went to Dinner. Us and his parents and his sister. Where, you ask? Applebee's, of course. Cause I love the shrimp and spinach salad :) Then we went to Walmart for some Spleanda, and went back to Randolphs house.

Here's Adrienne and I in the backseat. Carol in on the other side.

And me in the bathroom. I drank 4 waters. Yeah, I had to pee. hehehe.

I'm now hanging out in Carol's room, watching some show with them, blogging. They have wireless here, so I can get online. I need to design something, then I'm all done for the evening :)

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Eat Your Vegetables & Family Reunion (2 Freebies!)

Howdy, girls! Well, still can’t find the computer. Get this, I think that it was at Lewis’ house (the brother we’re staying with) the whole time! The one I grabbed out of the carry on. Yeah, I’m a dork. I can’t confirm that now, since we’re at Randolph’s (the brother his parents live with) house. My old laptop and Captain Americas new laptop are there. I checked. SO, cross your fingers that when we get back to Lewis’ house, it’s there, and I was just in a sleep deprivation stupor last night…

So we wake up at 7am, and get ready for the day. Which is 6am my time. But I got 7 hours, which seems to be a lot for me. LOL! Anyway, got up, showered, dressed, make up, hair, breakfast, and off we went.

Captain America and I and his mom, Carol, and his sister, Adrienne rode together to the reunion. It was an hour and a half drive. Paul (his dad), and Nathaniel (his brother) went in one car, and Lewis and family went in their car. And off we went.

We had a good time driving and chatting and giggling and having a grand old time. Well, maybe Captain America would have had more fun in the “boy car”, but us girls had a good time :)

We had the reunion at a church in the town, which was good, cause it was hot and humid outside :) And the church had nice A/C. In fact, I should have brought a jacket, I think. LOL! I brought my own food, since I’m still on the first part of my diet. But all of the food looked pretty tasty. I just stayed away. Hehehe.

We were there for HOURS, but really, it was a great time. All of the Hartys came. Well, most. Paul has a TON of siblings, and they had a TON of kids. So there were a lot of people. We played cards for a while, and chatted, and ate. I really had a good time.

Captain America and I posing for a pic :)

Here's a group shot! It's Lewis (child #1) and Paul and Captain America (child #2) and Nathaniel (child #5)

Here's me playing cards. Think I'll win rummy?

AND we played wi th fingernail polish. Yeah, it was fun! Mine are pink. I don't know how long they'll stay pink, but their pink for now :)

We headed home in the evening, and spent the rest of the evening at Randolphs house. We watched a show on TV, and then chatted some more.

Yeah, my kids won't be seen with me in public as they get older... Here's me singing to one of my favorite Muse songs, with a tampon, yes, a tampon. Makes a GREAT microphone!

Here's Paul opening up his Father's Day gift :)

OK, here's a pic of me wearing a bow from Pauls fathers day wrappings. Yeah, bows are not my things. Or flowers on me, or such. hehehe. anyway, here's me posing with a bow. Like thhe face?

Right now, it’s 9:12 my time (10:12 local time), and we really should be getting back to Lewis’ house. I don’t know what time they go to bed, though. Captain America's fallen asleep on the couch, so after I finish this, I’m gonna wake him up and see if he’s ready to go :)

Not sure what the plan is for tomorrow, but I think we’ll have a good time. Maybe we’ll go to St. Louis… AND, as promised, here's 2 freebies for ya! I didn't have my real laptop, so I don't have my packaging. But I do have an old laptop, and it has my photoshop on it, so it's all good :) Hope you like it!

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So anyway, that plan about waking Captain America up so we could go back to Lewis' house? Yeah, no. we're staying over at Randolphs house :) I borrowed clothes, and am settling in for the night :)

Here's me in my borrowed jammies, on the couch, designing after EVERYONE else went to bed :) Even here, I'm the night owl LOL!