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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Leave A Trail

It was a crazy Friday, let me tell you... I woke up at 7am, got kids dressed and ready for school. Breakfast, coats, hats, gloves, and out the door. I was going to go with Andrea at 9am to go Visiting Teaching. Here's the deal. Heather and Sister Montoya (yeah, can't remember her name) live at an assisted living center as roommates. Sister Montoya broke her hip a week or so ago, and is at a different rehab place. She needed a few things, and Andrea and I were gonna go to Heathers room, visit her, pick up the stuff for Sister Montoya, then go and visit her at the other place. Clear at mud? hehehe.

So I shower and get ready for the day, start Jake on school, and get a call from Andrea. Shes on her way to take the boys to school, and Luke is sick. Really sick. Back in September, he was hospitalized for breathing issues for 4-5 days. They never did figure out what was the problem. Just that he wasn't getting enough oxygen.

I told her to just take the boys to school, then take Luke to the hospital. She did. Captain America was almost ready to go to work, and we decided that since I wasn't going Visiting teaching right away, I'd go to the Verizon store with his phone, and get it activated. He took my phone to his meetings, and I took his old one and his new one.

I took Jimmy, and got to the store at 9:30am. Should be open, right? Nope. It didn't open until 10am. Sigh. BUT, there was a Family Dollar next door. I spent 30 minutes in there. Jimmy got a car, and I found a TON of 75% off Christmas Decorations. Some ornaments, and a garland. They're pretty. I got some dishwasher soap, and a snack for Jimmy. Mostly, I was just killing time.

Oh yeah!! I have to tell you about this dream I had last night. ROFL! It was about Doctor Who! David Tennant........(I love you!!)........um, yeah, where was I? Oh yeah. Dream. Doctor. OK, so in this dream, he was telling me that he loved me and wanted to marry me, but I recognized that he had an important job to do that couldn't tie him down, so I let him go. But I still remember him holding me tight, looking into my eyes, and telling me he loved me. ROFL!!! How sad is that - hehehe. Maybe we shouldn't tell this one to Captain America - hehehe.

Andrea called, and said that she was in her Suburban, following the Ambulance. They were transferring Luke to the Childrens hospital. Poor baby! She was pretty upset, and said that she'd call when she had more information.

Got to the Verizon place, and waited FOR EVER to be waited on. Sigh. They're pretty slow at that place. Then the little man who "helped" me wasn't very friendly. I even fixed my hair and put on makeup. See, I can't flirt to save my life - hehehe.

BUT, we got the phone turned on, and the contacts switched over. So that was good. It was 10:45am before I got to the place Captain America was having his meeting. It took another 15 minutes to get ahold of him, switch out the phones, and I was on my way home.

I got Jake back on track with Homework (only 2 more classes), and got lunch for people. I had an FRG meeting at 12:30 at the post coffee shop with the FRG leader (Family Readiness Group). I left Jim with Jake, and headed out.

We talked about Unit business, and calendared our events through June. We wanna have a bigger activity every 2 months. It should be fun. We talked about a Movie day, a Cinco De Mayo celebration, an 80's dance, and a few other things. We also planned meetings where we got together and received training. Like healthy living, and money management, and relationships, and such. Should be a good year! We're meeting with the Commander on Monday to go over the details.

I didn't get home until almost 3pm, and I had to jet out the door to pick up the kids from school, and Andreas kids. I'd told her this morning when I talked to her that I'd pick them up and bring them home. Her house was locked and the kids didn't have a key.

As I was waiting in the Parking lot at the school for the kids, she called, briefly (her cell was dying) and said that Kim was gonna get the kids, and take them to her house. She only has grown children, and was able to have them spend the night, and be comfortable. Kim's such a great lady :)

I picked up my kids, and headed home. I took Leslie's kids home too :) It was WAY too cold to be walking :) hehehe. (yet I let them walk to school, when it's even colder.... explain that logic - hehehe)

Andrea had texted her number at the hospital to me on the home phone, and I called her back when I got home. She said that after she'd got to the hospital, that the ambulance took Luke in, and that they wouldn't let her see him until she'd filled out paperwork. It took 3 freakin' hours for her to see her infant son. That's just not right. She was pretty upset. I would have been too...

She said that she hadn't had food since Thursday, and that all she could get there was crackers. Dang. I really felt for her. Plus, I needed to go and get the stuff from Heather and take it to Sister Montoya. WAY too much to do. She said that Kim was going to bring her food, and stuff. And I think she was gonna leave and come home real fast once Luke was asleep. The nurses said that she could do that.

I made mini personal pizzas for the kids for dinner, and tried to get ahold of Captain America about going to visit the people. He said he'd be home in about an hour. That was 3 hours ago. Sigh. It's now 7:22pm. The rehab place closes at 8pm. We have to go to Heathers place first, then to the rehab place. And Captain Americas still not here. I really hope he comes home fast and soon. Sigh.

My kids watched a REALLY funny movie tonight. Kung Pow. OMGosh. It's a compilation of 2 70's Kung Fu movies, and new modern stuff mixed in, and the voices redone. One of those "so stupid I can't believe I'm watching this" kinda movie. Like he Kung Fu fights a cow. And as a baby, he kicks everyones butt. And one of the ladies had ONE giant boob. Random, crazy, weird stuff. LOL! My kids laughed and laughed and laughed. hehehe.

After our "errands", we're probably gonna go and see a movie. Status quo for a Friday night, right. Maybe I'll make him take me to see Sherlock Holmes. I wanted to see that one on the "good" screen. Those dollar theaters are pretty crappy. Good for some movies, but an action movie really needs to be seen on a good screen, right?

K, back from our "date". It's 11pm, and I think we're ready for bed. Captain America came home at 8:30pm. Crud. Sister Montoyas place closed at 8pm to visitors. But, we decided that if we still went to Heathers place (which was open till 10ish), we could grab the clothes, and just drop off the stuff at the front desk at the rehab place.

Captain America called Heather, and she said it was still ok to come. He changed, and ate, and by the time we got there, it was 10 after 9pm. Late, but she knew we were coming. I couldn't really remember which floor she was on, but was sure of the door. I thought it was the 3rd floor. Her favorite color is purple (she's only 34 and lives in an assisted living facility) and she's always got her door decorated "fun". This door had a beautiful purple wreath, and shiny silver wrapping paper, with silver tinsel trim. MUST be hers.

So I knock. No answer. Weird, because I'd just called from the lobby. Knock again, and a petite little old lady voice answers. Crap. Wrong door. I explain that I've got the wrong door, and we go down a floor, and find the right door. Sigh. Sorry, little old lady on the 3rd floor, for disturbing your evening.

We stay and chat with Heather for a few minutes, and collect the clothes that Sister Montoya needed, and head out. It's not about 10pm. We decided to see if we can just leave the stuff in the lobby at the rehab place. So we go through the first set of doors, and the 2nd set is locked. There's a maid there that lets us in. She hardly speaks English, so she tells us to go up to the 2nd floor to leave the clothes with someone.

We go to the 2nd floor, and they say that they don't know her, but that she's probably on the 4th floor. SO we go there. What a little field trip we're on - hehehe. The 4th floor staff seem to know her, and we ask if we can leave the stuff with them, because we don't want to wake her up. Oh, she's up, they say, so we go down to visit.

She seemed REALLY glad to see up. We left her with the stuff, and chatted for a little while. Apparently, she used to be in the army, and dd Morse Code back in the day. She and Captain America chatted for a little while, we left her with a prayer, and headed back out again.

We get to the downstairs lobby, and the front doors are all covered with signs that say "Please do no assist patients in exiting the building" ROFL! I thought that was SO funny. Until I tried to exit the building, and it was locked. Crap. We were stuck. We looked around, but there was no one on the floor. Not a soul.

So we rode the elevator back to the 2nd floor, and asked how to get out. They gave us a code, and we were able to "exit the building" just fine. OK, last time I make fun of people. LOL!

Captain America and I decided that a movie sounded like fun, so we called my mom to do some "internet research" for us, and see if there was any 11pm showings of Sherlock Holmes. We were in luck. Across town was showing it at 11pm. But as we drove there, we both realized that we were tired.

We ended up going home, and popping in a DVD we hadn't seen yet. The Echelon Conspiracy (The Gift - in Australia). I'm not sure if it was good or not, as I fell asleep for BIG chunks. I guess we should have just gone to bed - LOL! Either way, it was nice to just lay there and spend some time snuggling with my sweetheart :)

Tomorrow, we have a birthday party at 1pm for the neighbor twins, then at 2pm a party for Lauries little girl, and at 4pm a party for a friend of Joe's from school (Tom's teachers son who happens to be in Joe's class...). I'm not sure how we'll get it all done. And I think that Captain America is gonna go on a reenactment. Sigh. I'm all by myself again, it seems....

SO, if any of you are praying people, I know a CUTE little blond curly haired baby who needs a few prayers.....

OK, so I know that I had a clever name for Saturdays posts, but I can't for the life of me figure it out, and I don't feel like going back and looking. I know it had something to do with taking an older WordArt and giving it a remodel. Redo. Make-over. Second chance! Maybe that was it! Second chance Saturday? Maybe. Anyway, HERE is the old version. I still like it. It's very simple. And I like the newer version too :) Next time, I need to pick a really BADLY done WordArt to redo - LOL!

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Leave, a, trail - AL Verdigris
All rest - urania_cz

Friday, January 8, 2010


Lookie here! I'm ACTUALLY remembering to post my new stuff! Yeah for me and for remembering - LOL! Click HERE to go to Scraporchard to my store to check out the new products. And remember, New Release WordArt packs are only $2.00 the first week :) So get it while it's on sale - hehehe.

Layout by Charmaine

Layout by Grace

Another long and event filled day, I must say - hehehe. I woke up at 7am, got kids ready for school, fed, all that jazz, and out the door. I knew that Andrea had to talk to the Vice Principal at the school, then she and Laurie and I would go walking. So I was just waiting for the call to say, "Lets go Walking".

Well, I did get a call, but it was to say that the VP was busy, and pushed the meeting time back. Sigh. So it pushed our walk. At around 10am, Andrea got a call from the Bishops wife, saying that one of our Visiting Teaching sisters was moved from one hospital to another, and needed us to bring her a few things. So we needed to pick up some stuff from the Bishops wife, and eventually take it to her.

SO, I ended up going with Andrea and the baby to the school, and sat in the car for the 30 minutes that Andrea chatted with the VP. Something about filling out speech papers for her 7 year old. I listened to Breaking Dawn on my MP3, and baby sat in the back, perfectly content to play with a car in his car seat. My kids weren't nearly that patient at that age - LOL!

Next, we went across post and picked up Kim. We then drove to the WalMart at Transmountain (Less Jaurez traffic), which was STILL Packed. It was crazy. BUT, I got the stuff that I needed. I needed white spray paint for my "bean wreath" project, some ribbon (I wanted it to be the same color as my new living room curtains), a little curtain rod ($0.97 ! can't beat that!), a glue gun, and some glue sticks, and I got more salad, and some salad spritzers (in ranch), and some single serving water bottle sugar free thingys, and some sugar free juice mix.

When we were done shopping, it was lunch time, and we drove back across town to Walgreens to drop off some of Kims pictures, and went to Taco Cabana right next door for lunch. I got the Cabana Bowl, but instead of meat, it had 3 Cheesey Encheladas. Yeah, I wasn't too impressed. I only finished about 1/2, because I was SO full by the end. I really like meat, though, and it had none. Sigh. Next time, I'll just get what I usually get - hehehe. BUT, it was a nice lunch.

Next, we dropped Kim off at her house, and Andrea got a call from Ryan in Iraq. We sat in the car while she chatted with her hubby for 20 minutes. After that, we drove to the Bishops wifes house, and got the stuff that Andrea needed.

Back to post, and she dropped me off. She went to get her kids, then I think she was running the stuff over to the Visiting Teaching sisters house. I helped my kids get the house clean-ish before the others came home from school, and started working on my wreath. I must say, I lost interest REALLY fast, but pushed on. It takes about 1 and 1/3 bag of Large Lima Beans to cover the size of wreath we got. The kids came home from school, and had a TON of fun watching me glue Lima Beans on the wreath. hehehehe.

Joe and Jim were both there, passing me glue sticks, or beans. I guess I need to craft more, right? LOL! Here's the finished product!

So since the glue gun was out, Tom wanted me to do this other project with him, and eveyone else wanted to do it too. Make your own Harry Potter wand. Sounded easy enough. HERE's the link. We did the roll the paper, glue it, cut the ends, fill it with glue, then flour, then glue, then add decoration glue to the outside. I didn't have the paint, so we have white wands. They work ok for now. I told the kids that when Dad has some time off, that he'll help them make it look cool, like in the online pictures. But they had a TON of fun with their wands :)

We did chores, and tried to get the house back to clean before Captain America got home. He was supposed to get off at 3pm, but by 6, we still hadn't seen him. I cooked soup for us for dinner (just boring soup from a can), with salad. Not the most original, but easy. And I'm all about easy.

I didn't feel well when I first got back home from shopping with Andrea, so I'd taken 2 Sudafeds, and was feeling a lot better around 6:30pm when Captain America finally got home. The kids hadn't seen him in a few days, so they all wanted to get their "I wanna tell daddy this" time. hehehe.

He left again at 7:30pm to go to the Verizon store to get his phone switched over. Come to find out, they closed at 6pm. Sigh. It's only open till 8pm certain days of the week. Poor guy. So he went to the mall to see if there was a Verizon there that could help him. I haven't heard from him yet to find out if he got it taken care of or not.

I gave Jim and Joe a bath, put them to bed, sent the big kids to bed, and cleaned my room. I had 4 loads of Laundry to fold and put away, and I did. I looks a lot better in here now. Captain America and I are planning on watching a movie when he gets back, if he gets back in time. Hopefully he will. I need to spend some quality time with him. I miss my man when he works so long.....

This WordArt request is from Angela. I thought it could be used on a serious page, or even on a funny one. Of someone lounging around, or in a messy room, or what not. Any other suggestions on how to use this WordArt???

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Be Yourself

So my morning started at 5;48am. I know. That's early. Good thing I went to bed at 9pm, right? Anyway, some Sgt from Captain Americas work accidentally called the home number (my cell) instead of Captain Americas cell number. Sigh. He was already awake and in the bathroom getting ready for the day. Me? I was slumbering nicely, until the phone. I passed the phone over, and tried to sleep. But my head hurt. Not so cool.

After Captain America left at around 6am, I went out, got 2 big glasses of water, took a migraine pill, and went back to bed. My alarm failed to go off, or I failed to hear it, and I didn't wake up until 7:15. That was cutting it pretty close. I still felt nasty. I asked Tom, pretty please, to get Joe ready to go (luckily his homework was done!), I helped tie his shoes, and they were out the door. A bit late, but out the door. Jimmy watched a few episodes of Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, Jake started on School, and I slept in till 9am. Sigh. I did feel SO much better when I woke up, though. The pill did it's job :)

My mom called at 9am, and we chatted for almost an hour. Love ya, mom! We used to talk ALL the time on the phone, but with my new crazy busy life, it's only every few days now. As soon as she hung up, Andrea called, and we chatted for almost an hour :) It's good to have friends!

When I got off the phone with her, I called Laurie, cause we'd made plans to go to Fallas today. She'd never been, and seriously, that's just a crime - ROFL! Jake was all done with school for the day, and it was only 11am. Way to go, Jake! He'd earned some Wii time :) I took Jimmy with me.

Laurie and I and the little boys were at Fallas for WAY too long, but just couldn't leave - hehehe. I ended up with new curtains for the living room (a shade of brown and a shade of teal), couch pillows (teal and red), curtains for Emes room (purple and green), curtains for Jake and Toms room (blue and green), decorative boxes for our Wii stuff (one for the games, one for the small stuff, and one for the accessories), and a few shirts for me. I just LOVE that store, but need to stay away, I think - LOL!

We were SO late at Fallas, that as I was nearing the house, I called Jake and told him to meet me out front to give me the directions to the Speech Clinic for Tom. I dropped off Laurie and Rowan and even Jimmy at her house, then headed to the school to pick up Tom. I wanted to be at the school at 12:45, but it was 1:10. Sigh. I'd be cutting it close. It was 1:20 by the time I got Tom and we were on our way.

The appointment was across from one of the hospitals in town. Actually it was across the street from the same "urgent care" place I'd taken Eme to when her "fast acting inhaler" ran out. Who knew ;)

We were about 10 minutes late, but the lady assured us we were fine. Sigh. I don't like to be late.... ever :) Ha! I filled out some info, and we were called back to chat with the SLP (Speech Language Pathologist). OMGosh, she was AWESOME! I really liked her. She told me to just sit there, and that she was gonna talk to Tom. That I could say yes or no, but not to talk. Not in a rude or offensive way. Anyway, I'm not a big talker, but I was finding it hard to not pipe in with me two cents. I was only reminded to not talk once - hehehe.

After the 30 minutes, she said that Tom only had problems with his "r" sound, in all positions. But that was it. That he was a very smart kid. She said that she wanted 50 sessions for him, and that was what she was gonna submit to the insurance. She said he'd be "fixed" in 12, but that she had a WONDERFUL reading program that she thought that he'd benefit from. The last kid who did it advanced 3 reading levels after the program. Sweet!!! Tom seemed to really like the lady :) So, now we wait to hear from the insurance, and the SLP.

She also mentioned that he had a hard time maintaining eye contact. Hmmm, I hadn't really noticed that. I'd noticed it in Jimmy, but Tom? I'll have to look now. Do any of your children do that, and if so, what have you done about it?

We went to Burger King right behind the clinic for lunch. Well, Tom for a snack, and me for lunch. At 2:30. I was STARVING. I got a Whopper Jr, a side salad, and Tom and I shared a fries. That's not too bad, right? No dressing on the salad. Tom got a plain side salad, a 4 piece nuggets, and 1/2 the fries (small). I felt much better was we headed back to post.

I made it in time to pick up the kids, and we all headed home. The house was messy, so we cleaned. And cleaned. And cleaned some more. I know a lot of you probably think that my house is spotless, because all I do is talk about cleaning. Yeah, right. It's not. Not let me give you the impression that we have a clean house. Seriously, it's one of the things that Captain America and I regularly fight about. How messy I am - ROFL!

Anyway, the kids did their chores, I hung up the new curtains, which looked FABULOUS, by the way :) The curtain rod that used to be in the living room was a super long one. And the kids pulled it down. Broke it in the middle. I figured that I could put 2 small ones in place of it. But I only had one small one. ROFL! So my living room has 1/2 the curtains up. I'm such a dork :) The pillows look really nice with it.

So I was on a roll, and decided to take down the tree. I found one box of Christmas Crap, but couldn't find the other box. Hmmmmmm, I know that there was another box with the holders for the new bulbs that I bought. Good thing they're plastic. And small. I put 10 small ones in a sandwich size ziplock bag, and 6 big ones. I know, I'm a freak, with the counting thing - LOL!

Anyway, I pulled off the bulbs first, then the unbreakable stuff, then wrapped the breakable things, then all the random crap. The tree was bare. I pulled off the lights, wrapped thm up, and put them in the box too.

Next, I got the tree box, and low and behold, I found the bulb box. Sigh. I wasn't gonna unpack what I'd just done, so I just threw away the bulb holders. The were just long tubes anyway. The baggies were easier for storage, I think.

Tom helped me take apart the tree, and get it in the box. Well, kinda get it in the box. It's still sitting in the laundry room. Come to think of it, the 2 boxes of Christmas crap are still sitting the dining room. See, messy.

At 5:30, I started on dinner. We had pancakes, and sausage and eggs. Everyone got 2 smallish pancakes, and some sausage and eggs. I saved out 1/4 of the meat for Tom and I, and sauteed it with onions and tomatoes and green peppers and celery. Then added our portion of eggs, and cooked it. It was SOOOO good. And we had our pancakes with spray butter and splenda. Pretty healthy, I think :)

At about the time I was cooking Tom and my eggs (I'd cooked the regular stuff first), Captain America texted, and asked me to bring him his "shakes" dinner from the freezer. Sigh. So much for getting off early today, like he's talked about this morning. Monday and Tuesday, he'd worked 35 hours alone. He didn't get home last night until 11pm. He talked about working a few hours after noon, then heading home. It was 6 when I got his text. Sigh.

So at 6:15, I brought him up his food, and hurried back home to get ready for scouts. Andrea was dropping off her 2 little ones for me to watch, and picking up my 3 big ones to take to Scouts/Activity days at church. I get 4, she gets 4. Great trade, eh? LOL! Andrea is Toms Webelos leader, and running the den with a 20 month old isn't always fun. This works out great for both of us.

We played some, watched TV some, the bigger little boy went in the garage an shot off cap guns, and just had a relaxing evening until she got back. That was about 8:45pm. I put the kids to bed at 9pm (they're gonna be tired tomorrow, i think), and Captain America got home at 9:15pm. I guess that's early, if you consider that it's been 10 or 11 yesterday and the day before..... Poor guy - he works too hard.

Acutally, speaking of "poor", the speech teacher said that we shouldn't say that to people. It makes them feel sorry for themselves. If you say it, you should turn around and say 10 things that they're "rich" in. I'd said "poor Tom" at one point, and she was like, "You're not poor, are you Tom. You have a mom and a dad who love you, you live in a nice house, you have enough food to eat, you are smart, you love to read books and have lots to choose from..." and went on and on about all the ways that he wasn't "poor". I really liked that. I'm gonna try and eliminate that one from my vocabulary. I over-use it, I'm afraid :)

So, I'm either off to bed with my sweetie (my head is kinda hurting, but i took another pill, so I should be good in 45 minutes), off to a friends house for Game night, or off to Andreas to work on my craft. I'm gonna spray paint it (or buy ribbon) the same color as my new teal curtain..... Can you see the wheels spinning already - hehehe.

This WordArt request is from Cyndi. I thought it would be PERFECT for WordArt, and thought it turned out nicely :) I just LOVE the font of "Yourself". ATCitadel. SO pretty :) Anyway, I LOVE to be myself. I don't wanna be anyone else anyway :) They may be taken, but really, they're not as fun as me - ROFL!

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ain't I Cute?

Holy comments, Batman! Dang, you guys! You guys really know how to leave some comments - hehehe. It was SO nice to read all of your New Years resolutions, or goals, or one word life changes, or what not today. It really brightened me day, all day long, as the comments just kept coming and coming. I sent out some WordArt packs to a few of you! I hope you enjoy!!!

I was up and getting the kids ready at 7am, but was dragging. Andrea had a sinus infection, so was going to the doctor, but Laurie came and walked with me. We were a bit late leaving, but we still walked. At a brisk pace, even. It felt real good :) But it was SUPER cold outside.

I came back home, and spent most of the rest of the morning on the computer. I had 2 more WordArt packs to design, and package up, and such. I must admit, I did spend a bit of time on Facebook, and checking emails. You guys keep me busy - LOL!

At around noon, I got a call from the Speech place, confirming my appointment for tomorrow for Thomas. Which reminded me that I had a nutrition appointment for Tom today. Crap! I'd totally forgotten about it! Good thing it wasn't until 2pm. I had time for a shower, and I went to pick him up at around 1:15pm. We were out of the school by 1:30, and to the hospital by 1:50. We were in the nutrition clinic right at 2, 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork. Dang, I timed that just right - LOL!

The nutritionist told me things that I already knew. More exercise is good. Walking to school is good, and Tom can play 30 minutes of Wii fit after school. We were doing a lot of things right. No sugar drinks (juice, soda), we drink skim milk already, use light products or fat free for mayos and sauces, stay away from cooking oil and fried things. Eat more veggies, he said, and maybe more fruit. Sigh. Yeah, we know all this. It's just a matter of actually doing it, right? That's always the trick.

We stopped at Sonic on the way home, and got a Rt 44 Diet lemonade. See, I was listening. LOL! It was tasty, and we shared with the other kids when we got home. Andrea had picked up the 2 other school kids and brought them home. We got home just a minute or two after them.

I loaded all my products in my store for Friday (Tues nite is my deadline), helped Joe with his Homework, did some dishes, got Jake back on tract with school, cooked dinner, got kids situated with Wii Fit time (everyone wanted to play at once .... sigh), and left with Andrea.

Her kids have Piano on Tues nights this month, and I went with her to keep her company while they were at their lesson. It was a nice hour chat in the car. She's such a great friend :)

Back home, kids to bed, a load of dishes, and blogging. I'd already designed before I left, so there wasn't much to do. I'm feeling like I'm either gonna get a migraine, or a sinus infection again. Sigh. I think I'm gonna tie this up, then lay down with some drugs and Breaking Dawn (mp3), in the dark, and see how it goes. It's 8:30pm, no sign of Captain America (he didn't come home for lunch, either...), so maybe I'll just go to bed early tonight. But definitely with the drugs - LOL!

I saw this sayings/title, and just thought it was ADORABLE! So, you get it in WordArt form - LOL! Hope you like it!

Click HERE to go to scraporchard to download the ZIP file, and remember, YOU MUST BE LOGGED INTO THE GALLERY IN ORDER TO DOWNLOAD THE FILE. I'm just saying..... hehehe.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Your Goal

Well, it was back to normal life today :) I was up at 7am, getting kids ready for school. Tom and Eme were already up and dressed when I got up, but poor little Joe was still snoozing. I woke him up, and helped him get dressed and fed. Poor kid. He was SO tired.

I sent the kids off to school, and Jake and Jim were still sleeping. I went back to bed. But Jimmy was awake 3 minutes later. So I had him come and join me, and we watched a bit of PBS cartoons. About 20 minutes, Andrea texted, and asked if i wanted to go walking. We agreed to go at 8:20am.

At about 8:10, I started to get ready for the walk. I threw on some exercise clothes, a sock hat, a scarf, a jacket, some gloves, and got Jimmy ready, and headed out the door. It was a nice walk. Cold outside, but nice walk. Buuurrrrrrr!

After the walk, I hurried home, and got ready to go grocery shopping. I was supposed to go tomorrow, but Andrea was going today, and I figured that I could go one day early, and have company. Sounded like more fun to me. Hehehe.

I printed out my list, and crossed off all the stuff that I already had. I went to Andreas house, and we drove to the commissary. Jimmy and Luke came with us. I left Jake at home, undisturbed, to complete his school.

We shopped, and got all the stuff that we needed. I was even $50 under budget. I'll save it for the end of the month. Sounds like a plan.

After shopping, we went home, and Jake helped me carry in all of the groceries. We ate lunch, put away groceries, and Jimmy and I headed back out with Andrea. We went to Wal-Mart this time. I needed Blistex for Captain America, and she needed a few things. We found Christmas stuff for 75% off, and I got some gift baskets for SUPER cheap. Lotions and bath soaps and such. Should be good for a "fast" gift. And under $2 is a FABULOUS price :)

We went back home, and Jimmy and I went to lay down for a little while, before the kids came home from school. At 4pm, the kids came home, and Laurie invited them over to her house to play with her kids. Jim and Joe and Eme and Tom went to play for a few hours. Jake was still working on Homework (he was doing SO well without the distractions of Jim and the rest of the kids), and Andrea and I went out to JoAnns Fabric. We wanted to do THIS craft. Here's a pic of it:

Isn't it cute? We got the foam wreath, and we'd already bought the lima beans earlier at the commissary. I'll keep you posted on the progress :) Should be a lot of fun. I think that after our walk tomorrow, I'll go over to her house and work on it. Which means that I need to find my glue gun and glue. I wonder where that is......

The kids came back home at around 6:00pm, and we had dinner. Crock pot chicken, and salad with croutons, and green beans. Mmmmm, tasty. I cleaned up the kitchen (washed ALL the dishes by hand), Jake did school, Eme played Wii fit, the little kids took a bath, and Tom, um, er, well, I'm not sure what he did - hehehe.

I put the little kids to bed, Jake finished up school, Tom and Eme went to read, and I designed. I got 3 new WordArt packs designed. One about friends, one all Mark Twain quotes, and one about the past. I think they turned out pretty good. I did notice a typo in one, but I still have time to fix it. I just need to remember to go and do it - LOL!

I took a nice hot bath, and relaxed for a while before Captain America came home. He and I chatted for a while before bed, and here it is, 11pm. I'm gonna shut this computer off, and listen to Breaking Dawn for a while. I'm already on chapter 9. Dang, it goes fast when you listen, not read. hehehe.

OK, I thought that this one would be PERFECT for the New Year. Maybe you can scrap a page with your New Years resolutions or goals. What do ya think??

And, while I'm talking about New Years Resolutions, I have an idea. Leave me a comment, with your New Years resolution (and an email address), and I'll come back and give out a few of my new WordArt packs that are releasing on Friday. Sound like a plan?

Click on the links below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!

TYPO IS ALL FIXED. The downloads have been updated as of 1/5/10 (12pm MST) And yes, I know that the preview is STILL wrong.....

Monday, January 4, 2010

Stupid Together

Hey, just thought I'd let you know that Scraporchard is up and running again! Remodel is ALL done. It looks FABULOUS! Click HERE to go and give it a look see. AND, later in the month, we're gonna be having a Twitter/Facebook tag, so you need to be signed up with the designers Facebook fan page, and Twitter page. Click HERE for my facebook fan page, and HERE for my Twitter page. Hopefully I can figure this out - ROLF!

Another Sunday come and gone... I didn't even hear Captain America get up and leave this morning. Either I was totally out, or he was extra quiet - hehehe. The kids and I were up at 7:30am, getting ready, and out the door at 8:30am.

Church was good. Sacrament for an hour, Junior Primary for an hour, and Senior Primary for an hour. Then home. Lunch. Captain America was home at 2ish, and we took a nap. Well, I listened to Breaking Dawn on my MP3 player, while napping. It was very pleasant. hehehe.

I woke up at around 4pm, and got the kids some cereal. We did chores, folded laundry, and watched the Doctor Who special part 2. I'd already seen it, but they hadn't. I laid on the couch with Jimmy, and listened to Breaking Dawn. SO relaxing. That was the theme for the day, I think - LOL!

Captain America woke up at 6pm, we got the kids some dinner, and the big boys and Captain America hopped online with the Uncles in St. Louis to play battlefield. The little kids popped in a movie, and I started blogging. I need to go and put them to bed, since it's almost 8pm, and there's school in the morning. I think I'm gonna finish this up, then lay in bed, in the dark, and listen to my story. Life is good sometimes, you know :) hehehe.

I just thought that this was SUCH a cute saying :) Sorry, I can't remember who requested it, though - hehehe. It was from facebook, I know that much :) Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Seek God

First off, these are for Grandma Ida. So Mom, or Aunt Sue, yoohoo, you need to show her these :) Pretty please, just for me??? This is what the kids used their $$$ from Grandma Ida on :)

Tom and his ship

Joe and his Skateboard with Helmet

Jim with his Car
Eme with her oven.Jake just pocketed the cash. ROFL! And here's me on my Friday night date with Captain America :)

Hey all! Hope your last Saturday before the official end of the holidays was a good one for you :) Mine was pretty good :)

I was up at 8:30am, and got ready for the day. I gathered up my things for the Primary "Meet your Teacher" brunch, and Eme and I headed to the church. Captain America was gonna come up at 10am and deliver the rest of the kids.

Eme and I helped set up chairs, and get the food together, and get it all together. It looked pretty good when we were done.

And dang, we had SUCH a good turn out. There were a TON of people there. 90% of our teachers were there, and a majority of the primary kids. Gotta love it when a plan comes together. The kids met their teachers, ate food, and had fun. It was such a simple activity, but such a successful one. We're gonna have to do that next year too :)

I had lunch when I got home, fed the kids, and laid down for a nap. I was feeling really tired. I was trying to stick to the diet, and maybe that was why. Anyway, the nap felt good :)

I folded some laundry after I woke up, and helped Captain America wash the cars. Well, "helped" may be used loosely in this case. I did vacuum Captain America's car a bit. A little bit. Mostly I chatted with my neighbor across the street, and my neighbor Leigh. Those girls are a lot of fun :)

At around 5:30, Captain America and I headed out to the Verizon store. Captain America's phone had been acting up, and mine hadn't been doing too hot either. Kept shutting off all the time. Sigh. Anyway, we got on the "waiting list" to chat with someone, which was 20 minutes. We walked next door to Subway, and had dinner. I had a Grilled Chicken Breast 6 inch sandwich and a soup. And a diet lemonade. Yummy!

When we finally got to chat with someone at Verizon, the dude said that he'd needed to trade out our phones. Because ours were faulty. Hopefully this new one (it's the 3rd exact same phone....) will work better than the previous ones. The dude approved a different phone for Captain America's replacement, but it would needed to be mailed to him. I think he said that it would get here on Tuesday. He was pretty excited about it.

Captain America dropped me off at the movies at 6:45pm, for New Moon. Again. With the girls. We had SO much fun! Including me, I had 12 girls there! I must admit, there was a lot of whispering, ooohing and aweing, catcalling, and woohoo-ing. Yes, that's what happens when you get 12 females together - hehehehe.

Leslie and her daughter and her friends and kids were sitting a few rows ahead of us, so we didn't get any photos of them. Sorry, girls! Next time :) But here's the pictures that we did get :)

Lets see if I can get everyone. We have Helen in the glasses and red sweater on the left, then a girl who's name I can't remember in front of her, then Wanda with the dark, shorter hair behind her (that space between Helen and Wanda was my seat), then Jessi in front of her (with the popcorn), then Karen next to Wanda, then Hillary, and Heather is standing up with the stripes. I think that is all you can see in this picture :)

You can see Laurie behind Heather in this one. Sit down, Heather! ROFL!

Here we go! That's Leigh next to Hillary, and her friend that she invited too (don't know her name - sorry girl!)

Yeah, there was WAY too many people and too much talking to get everyone looking the same direction with their mouths closed - hehehe.
Here's Helen and I

And Heather and Jessi :)
Captain America and I watched the 2nd half of the Doctor Who Christmas/New Years when I got home from the movies. FABULOUS, as always. I LOVE Russell T Davies as a writer. I think he's wonderful. I really felt sorry for the Doctor in this special 2 parter. Poor guy. It made me cry a couple of times. I could feel his pain. Does anyone know when the new season, with Matt Smith (that IS his name, right?) starts? I wonder if I'll like him as the Doctor? Christopher Eccleston was SO liked by me when David Tennant took over, but I was hooked in a few episodes. I wonder if it will be the same with Matt?

Well, I must say, I really liked how this one turned out :) That font for Seek is just great :) It's from Font Folio, I think. I like it :) hehehe. Anyway, since this is the January 2010 Theme for Relief Society, I thought it was appropriate. Enjoy!

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