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Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Breakfast Club

Oh yeah, it was a cold one. A SUPER cold one. And I didn't like it... hehe. It got down to 40 degrees, and I'd left my window open. So I was FREEZING when I woke up. And didn't wanna get out of bed. But I did, and got Jake going, and we headed off to Seminary.

And my phone totally died on the way, and the in car charger wasn't working for some reason. So no f0ursquare and no scriptures. Sigh. Then when we got there, no email, no facebook, no pinterest. So I just went to sleep. Snuggled up real good in my blanket, and went back to sleep. And soon Jake was back, and we were heading to post.

The house was even colder than I remembered. hehe. I got the kids ready for school, and found my most warmest coat. And gloves. And hat. Oh yeah. I'm good :)
I went to the bus stop with the kids, and got them on. Then wandered back to the house, and Jake got on the bus at 7:45am. And my plan was to clean. It really was my plan. Captain America was online, and we Skype typed for a little bit. But I decided to go and take a nap. Because I was sleepy.

So I went in my COLD room, cuddled up under Elmo, and fell asleep. And slept till 10:45am! I must have been super duper sleepy - hehe :) I hopped in the shower real fast, and headed up to the little kids' school for Friday lunch.

Jim's lunch period was first. I got to sit with him and a few of his little friends. It was a good time. hehe :)

This little girl across the table from him had this FANTASTIC looking salad. I'm still wishing I had this yummy salad! SO jealous! hehe :)
So we chatted and he ate, then he headed out to recess. And then Joe came to eat lunch. And his friends came and sat by us too!
We had a grand time , and then he headed out to recess. And Eme's grade came in. And I went to sit with her and her friends. I just LOVE my Friday routine. hehe.

After lunch, we had about an hour before we were set to hike. And Kim was coming with Kari and I! Woohoo! We got our hiking third! Good deal :)

I picked up the girls, and we headed out. Over Transmountain, and off to the Tom Mays Franklin Mountains State Park. And yeah, I'm still the one that's the most out of shape. One of these days I'll be in shape again. One of these days...

But I did it. And I'm still trying, right? So that counts for something :) Here's me being goofy with my shadow - ha!

Amanda texted me right before we were about ready to be done. And I thought I was about to die. hehe. She was like, How goes it? And I was like "Ahhhh!!!!!". hehe. Now I'll NEVER get her to hike with us. ROFL!

We headed back to the car, then drove back to post. And got to the bus stop JUST as the bus was pulling up. Perfect timing, right? We got the kids, and headed back home. And had about an hour before we had to have the kids get on their Halloween costumes and be to Biggs field. Busy busy busy!

Jake didn't wanna go, but decided to come in the end. But no costume. Eme was Hermonine. Jim was Batman. Tom was a Colonial guy. Joe was a Knight. We loaded up in the truck, and off to Biggs we headed. Grandma Ida had sent $2 per kid for Halloween, and we were gonna use them for Haunted Houses! Oh yeah :) PERFECT timing :)

Here's a few of us at Biggs.
There were 3 levels of Haunted Houses. $3 for the scariest, $2 for medium, and $1 for non scary. In my opinion, they weren't worth it. It took Jim 10 seconds or less to run through his $2 haunted house. SO not worth $2. SO not worth it... I guess it was a fund raiser, right??? Sigh... The big kids enjoyed their haunted house for the most part. Not too bad...

We walked around for a bit longer, then made our way to some bouncy castle, and let the kids play and eat their candy for a bit. Here's Jim as Batman.
We stayed until around 6pm, then headed home. And I found flowers on my doorstep. My man is SO sweet! Awe, I'm loved :) Beautiful, aren't they!

I got the kids all situated at home, (Jake went to the youth center), Joe got changed into his soccer clothes, and he and I headed out to the game. Tom and Eme cooked some chicken nuggets and fries for the kids at home. They're such great kids, you know :)

It was SUPER cold at the Soccer game. hehe. Kari and I chatted with the other parents and hung out. I got one WordArt pack finished off and packaged up. But that's all I got done. It was SAY too cold and distracting up there. I should have been more productive, but it was too cold. that's my excuse. LOL.

Because Saturday is Joe's last game, they decided to have the pizza party tonight. Because who wasn't to have a a pizza party at 9:50am. It's just too early. So at 7:30pm when the game ended, the kids got pizza after the game. And they loved it.

Here's Joe and Leo and Team getting talked to by the coaches.

Joe's pizza
Joe really did have a great season in Soccer. He's got one more game tomorrow morning, then he starts on Basketball. At least those games are played indoors, right? hehe. No more freezing during soccer season - ROFL!
After the game, we drove on over to the youth center to pick up Jake, and headed back home. The kids were not finished with chores, so they finished it off in about an hour, then they got electronics back. I started blogging and fixing up a Wordart pack, and here is it, 10:30pm. It's late again. And we have an early morning game. So sad. I wanna sleep in. I'm tired. I like my sleep. And Saturday is my one day to do oti. Hmpf!

I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow.

We have the game at 9, awards ceremony for Joe's soccer at 10, library party at 10, Boo at the Zoo from q0-4, Joe has his Church primary class thing from 1:30-3:30, 2-6 is the Milam Youth Center Harvest Festival thing. Oh yeah, We're gonna be run raggad. Wish me luck. hehe.

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Mmm, it's breakfast! Thanks for the layout, Sharon! Great one!

Friday, October 28, 2011

New Releases October 28, 2011

Silly me, I totally forgot to put these in my blog post! Well, here they are! All the layouts are by Sharon. She's SO wonderful, don't ya think! Click HERE to go to my store to give it a look see! And go buy something, why don't ya! I know you want to! hehe :)

Star Wars (movie)

Hola! Busy day again... But then, when isn't it. hehe. I woke up for seminary, and was super tired. I'd Skyped with Captain America last night, and gotten to bed later than expected. So I was super super sleepy by the time I pulled into the parking lot at church. And after our few chapters of the book of mormon got finished, I totally took my nap. And it was SO incredibly nice!

I woke up, and we headed back to post. And got the kids ready for the bus. Fast and furiously. Here's us at the bus. SO freakin' cold. See, here's what my phone said. SUPER cold!

I think that summer is officially gone... Boo :( I'm kinda partial to summer, you know. I guess we can do fall. I guess... It IS the end of October, right??

Anyhow, I headed home, and had about an hour or so before I had to be where I was supposed to be. I really wanted to sleep. Or shower. But didn't have time for either. I needed to get my weekly designing done. I had a few packs to finish off. So I did. See, I CAN be productive when I need to be. hehe.

As soon as it was finished, I got ready and headed out to Walgreens. I was wearing green, and I wanted to buy that cool frog hat. But when I got out the gate, I decided to NOT buy it, and go to Big Lots instead. And look for the cheese balls for the Halloween Goodie bags for the kids. But they didn't have them :(

I did find some Raisinettes for the movies, though. And some 8 oz bottles of hand sanitizer for a quarter. Can't beat that! hehe. I got 8!

I got back to post around 10 am, and headed back home. I changed clothes (I needed something more compfy for the movies), and Kim came over to pick me up.

But first, I took a picture of my poor Scarecrow. He'd tipped over. I fixed him though. hehe :)
Carved pumpkins don't last long here... Oops...
Here's that $0.25 hand sanitizer! Oh yeah!
Kim and I headed out and we went to the Autism Support group on post. I really like to go there. It makes me feel good about my situation, and like I can handle my situation. Know what I mean? To see that there are other people going through my same situation it very comforting. Demented, I know. hehe. To wish that on someone else. hehe :)

Anyway, Kim and I enjoyed ourselves for about an hour and a half, and then it was time to go. She and I headed out, and headed over to Kari's house. We picked her up, and headed over to Carmike 16 to the movies. We were gonna see Dream House. We got a Popcorn and Soda combo, and headed on in.

And it was SUCH A great movie! I really really liked it! It was more of a psychological thriller. And it tied up all great in the end. So it works for me :) Cause I like movies that tie up.

Anyway, we talked about heading right back to post. Cause I needed to clean my kitchen. Cause it's nasty. But they somehow managed to talk me into going Halloween superstore shopping with them. I'm sure they had to twist my arm a lot. ROFL! You know me :)

Check out this CREEPY baby thing! Dang!

Are you my mummy?
Kari needed a helmet for Leo's costume, and the Dollar Tree's were out. So this was our change to find out. But we decided to give the Dollar Tree on Viscount ONE more shot. So off we went after the Halloween Super Store.

I did find some cheese puffs for our Halloween treat bags. And some bread. And a sword for Joe. But no helmet. Oh well. We tried.
We paid, and we headed back to post. Kim dropped us off at our houses, and I bagged up a few of the snacks, just to see what it was gonna look like. And yeah, they're gonna look FABULOUS! I was really quite impressed with them.

I grabbed a few, and headed to the bus stop to pick up the kids and show the girls. But first, I took a picture of myself on Kim's hay and scarecrow display. Cute, huh? hehe.

I chatted with the girls, and we stayed after the kids got off the bus, and let them play by the bus stop. Kim eventually came home, and let me borrow her face paints for our Halloween party at school tonight.

Then we headed home. We had the kids do their chores really quick, then got to work. I decided to be a zombie. Cause face paint is SO much fun. hehe :) And Eme was a zombie soccer player. And Joe was a Zombie cool guy. And because Jim couldn't find his batman costume, he had to be a Zombie soccer player too. Yeah, he wasn't so happy. But that's what you get, right? If you can't keep your room clean enough to find stuff, then you get what you get and you don't throw a fit!

Here's Joe and eme and I.

We headed off to school at 445pm. And got the Hot dogs and chips and drinks combo for dinner. And a few nachos to share. NASTINESS, but it was dinner.

After the kids ate, I let them go into the main part of the gym and play games. It was all math/reading based games, and they really did have a great time and learned a lot. I visited out on the food table with Amanda most of the time. It was too hectic and confusing to follow kids around inside. hehe. Or at least, that's what I was telling myself. ha!

Here's Jim at a station
Leo at a station

We stayed at the Monster Math night for about an hour, then had to gather up all the kid sand head back on post to Jim's soccer game. I took Leo and dropped him off at his house, and Kari too Jim, and dropped him and Josephine off at the game. Amanda met me at my house, and she came with us to the game. I dropped Eme off at the house too, since she's now old enough to stay home alone for a few hours.

But not Joe, so he had to come with me. Tom was at the youth center. So Amanda and Austin and Joe and I headed on over to the Youth Center to pick up Tom, then made our way to the Main Post ball fields for Jim's game. And yeah, the Milam Youth center people sure looked at me funny, what with my sexy zombie looks. ROFL!

Anyway, we got Tom, and from the second he got in the car, he was captain attitude. It was SO bad. I don't know what was the matter, but he was SO Bad. Nothing was right, and he was just crabby at anything and everything. I had to make him sit in the truck alone. Cause he was so naughty.

Kari and Amanda and I went inside the youth center to assemble some of the baggie things. I stuffed 5 cheese puffs into a mini snack baggie. Amanda folded the 4x6 in half. Kari stapled it onto the snack bag. Viola! It's just that simple :) And they look cute. I'll take some real pictures of it tomorrow, ok ?

check out my uber cheese fingers by the time we were done!

We finished up, and had 3 minutes to get out to cheer on our kids! Go yellow team! hehe. Jim and Josephine were done, they ran thought the crowd, got their snack, and we headed back home. I stopped by the shoppette real fast so Amanda could pick up something, then dropped her back off at her car.

We came inside, and I helped the boys get all the paint off of their faces. And then got it off of mine. And threw them in the shower.

And while they were showering, I took 5 large white trash bags into their room, and picked up EVERYTHING on the floor. 2 bags for clothes/shoes, and 2 bags for toys/trash. Now, if there's somethign in there that they NEED, they have to do a special job to earn it back. If not, you can get your crap back on Sunday after church. Then you have to put it all away.

So I speed gathered, and it's now on my bed in 4 massive bags. We'll see if the boys figure out where their crap went... hehe. They're pretty smart. I bet they figure it out before sunday...

I got them in bed, then had to field whiny 11 year old crap from Tom. He and Jake were getting into it, and at one point, I had to take away his text book to get him to listen to me. Sad, I know. But I have no other leverage with the child. Grounding him from school work. Nice. It that REALLY whats it's come to? LOL. Know your audience, right? ha!

I loaded my store, and uploaded my pictures to Facebook, then started blogging. And here it is, 10:45pm, and I'm SO tired. I keep saying that I'm gonna go to sleep early one of these days. Then it doesn't' happen. But really. One of these days. I really will.

OK, so I'm totally falling asleep. So I need to get off of here. And go to sleep. ZZZZZZzzzzzz. Night, all!
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Great Star Wars page, Sharon, my dear! You did a fabulous job! My kids would LOVE to go to a Star Wars place - hehe :)