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Saturday, May 29, 2010


Awww, Saturday. Still camping. I think. I don't know. It's Wednesday night, and I'm pre-publishing still. I'm assuming that I'm having a GRAND time. Hilary's family is coming with us, so we ought to be having a great time, sitting around the campfire and watching other people eat SUPER delicious food.....

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Making the Grade

K, I should be waking up in the forest, right about now. Hopefully our first night of camping went well. I don't know, I'm pre-publishing, so I can only hope :) Lets hope that it doesn't rain. And that it's not too hot. And that the bugs leave me and my kids alone. And that no bears find me. And that we've got a good campsite. And that there's water nearby. Yeah, that's a lot of hoping, right? hehehe.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010


Howdy, girls! Another day done :) Tomorrow is my campout, and I'm part way done. Just part way...

Woke up at regular time, and got kids ready for the bus. Unfortunately, because of our football/shopping excursion last night, Joe didn't get his homework done, so we worked on it this morning. He didn't quite get it all finished, but most of the way. I sent him off to the bus with his crayons.

I did some computer stuff for a while, and then Captain America came back from PT, and wanted me to help him load the trailer for the trip. We got all of the camping junk out, and loaded up. Now, lets just hope that it doesn't rain :)

After he got showered, and left for work, Laurie stopped by to say hi. She'd been on a walk with her son, Rowan, and stopped in to see how we were doing. She stayed for about 30 minutes, then headed home. We'd made plans to go shopping later.

Then I realized that I'd told Captain America that I was gonna be home for lunch, so I texted her back to say that it would have to be after 1pm. So we decided to just do it another day.

I spent a good hunk of the morning reading. Cause I LOVE to read, but usually don't give myself time to do it. I was reading a few of my favorite fan fic's, which had been updated recently. I have 2 books from Hilary that I really need to start. I just with fanfic, it's short. Books are super long, and take more attention. I'll get to it. I know I will eventually :)

So Captain America came home at 11:30-1pm, and we had lunch, and chatted and he went back to work. I read some more, and texted Hilary, and had an enjoyable afternoon. Jake went to the pool from 1-2pm, and had a fun time there, I guess. Once kids are 12, they can go to the pool by themselves. It's good exercise, you know :)

I spent some time working on the Cub Scout pack meeting, getting the agenda and the plans all ironed out, and figuring out what we needed.

At 2:30pm, Hilary got off work, and she and I headed out to the store to find some supplies for the Pack meeting. One of the things we were gonna do was to take pics of the kids, and decorate picture frames to put their pictures in. I found some foam picture frames at the Dollar Tree. 8 in a pack for a dollar. And some stickers to decorate it. Should work pretty good.

I also found a Hawaiian flower bra type thing that looks pretty interesting - hehehe. Next, we headed to Walmart to look for M&M's for another game. Yeah, I ended up buying Skittles because they were cheaper, and would work just the same.

After Walmart, we swung by Sonic, and got our drinks. And the dude who gave us NON diet yesterday remembered us, and said to keep the free coupons for another day. SCORE! Free drinks again!

Next, we swung by Bassett Center to pre-purchase our Eclipse tickets. Because our friend Jessi said to get them there, that we could hang in the mall before the movie started instead of the other theaters, which make you stand outside. So we go in, and the chicke was like, yea, we're not getting Eclipse.

WHAAAAAAAT? Seriously? Well, then we'll just have to go someplace else. So we drive over to Carmike by the Transmountain Walmart. You know that we named some of the Walmarts, right? We've got the Jaurez Walmart, that's closest to my house. It's has TONS of cars in the parking lot with mexico plates. Then there's the Pirate Walmart, because it's on Yarrrrrrrborogh. hehehe. The Transmountain Walmart because it sits on Transmountain road, and the East Side and West Side walmart. Helps to keep track of them, right?

Anyway, we bought tickets for me, Hilary, Karin, and Laurie. We texted Andrea to see if she wanted us to buy her a ticket, but she said that she'd just picked up her kids from school, and she wasn't gonna make it. Huh? Whatever. I guess she wasn't going.

The tickets were for the midnight showing on Tuesday night, Wednesday morning. SO excited. We decided to go to dinner first, then bring games and such and just wait in line for hours. With that group, it should be a TON of fun.

We texted a bunch of other people on the way home, and told them that they should go get tickets too, that there were 80 left, if they wanted to see it at the same time as us. A few people responded that they wanted to go. Jessi went and bought tickets for her and her friend, and she picked up some for Leslie and her daughter. Terri wants to go too. Should be a fun group of girls!

Hilary dropped me off at my house, and I baked some cupcakes for the pack meeting. And got some other stuff ready. Eme helped my baggie up the skittles. 15 to a baggie. She was happy to help. At one point, I had 8 boys and a girl in my house. Leslie's kids and the backyard neighbor boys were over to play. You'd have thought that it would have been super crazy, but with friends to play, the kids were really pretty good. But it was quite the houseful.

I'd been feeling a bit caffeine deprived during the day, and finally broke down and took a migraine pill around 5pm. I took the generic one, and I don't think they work as well. It's starting to wear off (midnight), but maybe I just need another one.

I cooked hot dogs for the boys, and my head hurt too bad to make something for myself. Hilary texted and said that she was cooking extra for me, and was gonna bring it to the pack meeting. What a sweetheart! Love ya, girl!

We got to the pack meeting at about 6:45pm, and got all set up. We did the gathering activity at 7pm, and then started officially at 7:20pm. It got over at 8pm, and I was home by 8:30pm. Yeah, it was a whirlwind of a night.

Laurie and Hilary and I figured out why Andrea had said no so weirdly. She thought that the movie was TONIGHT. hehehe. Obviously she's not up with the Twilight happenings. hehehe. She asked Hilary to stop on the way home and get her a ticket, since Hilary lives in that direction. She said that she would. Yeah!!! Andrea is coming to the movies with us :) It's been SOOO long since she's done anything with the group :)

I dropped Leslie's tickets off at her house along with her boys after scouts, and went home. Captain America was there. He put the kids to bed, and I changed into my jammies. Eventually, I sat down to blog and design. Pre-publishing is a pain in the butt. Usually, I just do for the next day, and 1 wordart. Well, I had 5 days to do. So I had 5 wordarts, and 5 days to post. Yeah, it took FOREVER. BUT, I'm finally at the end of it.

We're leaving tomorrow for our campout. We won't be back until Monday some time. But it should be a TON of fun :) I'm looking forward to it. Tomorrow, I need to pack everyone's clothes, and back banana muffins, and biscuits, and cornbread muffins, and organize all the food. Yeah, and have it done by 5pm. I'm gonna be tired before we even leave on this trip, I'm afraid.

Well, If I go to be now, I'll get 7 hours. SO, off I go, to sleep :) Night, digiscrapping world :)

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Well, another day down :) 7am felt pretty early this morning - hehehe. I got the kids ready and out the door, and sat down with Breakfast and my computer. I spent a few hours online. Designing. Housekeeping. Working on store projects. Around 10:30am, Hilary came over. Yeah, I was still lovely. Stripped socks. Coca Cola sweats. T-shirt. Zip up hoodie. Glasses. Messy hair. Yeah, I was real hot. hehehe. She stayed until Captain America got home for lunch, then went home to meet Paul.

So this was me last night, when I took a pic of myself right before I went to bed. Yeah, I coudln't have looked too much different this morning. LOL! Thanks, Hilary, for still being my friend....

I ate with Captain America and the kids, then hopped in the shower. Yeah, I felt prettier after the shower - hehehe. After lunchtime, around 2pm, Hilary came over, and we went grocery shopping for our Camping trip. When she was over earlier, we'd made out a menu, and a shopping list, so we went to buy the stuff.

First, we hit Walmart. We got some of the stuff there, then headed to Sonic. Yeah, our Happy Hour sodas tasted a bit off, so we told the dude that it must be flat or something, because our Diet Dr Peppers tasted weird. Yeah, that's because they're not diet, he said. So he traded them out for Diets, AND gave us free coupons for next time. Sa-weet!!! Gotta love Sonic.

Next, we headed to the Commissary. She'd bought the stuff at Walmart, which was about $35, and I got the stuff at the Commissary, which was about $35. Worked out perfectly :) We're eating together for the campout. We got stuff for hot dogs, chili, baked beans, foil dinners, pancakes, sausage & eggs, french toast, chicken stew, and a few other meals. Along with Smores and Cherry Chocolate cake and Pineapple Upside down cake. Yeah, we're gonna eat well this weekend. WELL, they're gonna eat well this weekend. Hilary and I are on a diet. Sigh. I can smell it, right?

Check out this 5lb bag of peanuts we found, for around $5. Not too shabby, eh?

Came back home, put the stuff away, cooked dinner, ate on the back porch with the kids, did some laundry, and got Tom ready for football equipment turn ins, and took the other kids up to the pool. Captain America said that he was gonna take Tom. We hung at the pool till about 7pm, then headed home.

We pulled up at the same time as Captain America. Huh? Apparently, when he texted earlier, he'd meant that I was supposed to take Tom to football. Dang, didn't read that. So we all changed from the pool, and loaded up in the truck, and we all went to the football field. It was over, but coach was still there, along with a few other people. The team had signed a photo and had it framed for all the coaches, along with a plaque. Captain America got one of each. And Tom got a participation trophy. It was pretty cool.

After that, we all loaded back up, and headed to Big 5 Sports. Captain America needed some baseball pants for morning PT. He's on the battery baseball team (which plays in the AM PT slot), and he'd nastified his leg from just wearing shorts and sliding. So the baseball pants were in order.

OMGosh, I remember why I leave most or all of the kids home when shopping. DANG, there's a lot of them. And they weren't really being bad, there was just so many of them, that milling around in a sporting good store for 15 minutes while Captain America tired on pants was PAINFUL. Yeah, I was super on edge by the time we left.

We got home, and the little boys had fallen asleep in the truck. I'm gonna have to have Joe do his homework when he wakes up in the morning. We put the kids to bed, then he sat down to do some work on his computer, and I started blogging. It's 9:24pm right now, and I'm tired. I think I may be turning in early tonight.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Children Reinvent Your World

OK, I downloaded some pics from my camera today, and here's what I had :) A few days back (yeah, can't remember at all), I found Joe sleeping on the couch like this - hehehe. Poor kid was TIRED after school :)

And these are from Saturday at Tom's game. Team and Individual pictures. Isn't he handsome!

I just LOVE this pic of my boys :)

Hi there :) It's 8:35pm, and I'm blogging and watching Seven Pounds. Ever watch that movie? I found it very thought provoking. Really makes you think about choices and accountability and such. GREAT movie, I think. I know that some people think that you have to agree with a decision that someone makes to gain anything from a movie, but I think that the way that the choice was presented as food enough for thought for me. Would I do what he did? No. Could I learn something from his decision? Yes.

Anyway, my "hi" went a little far afield. hehehe. So I woke up at 7am, got the kids dressed and ready and off to the bus. I did the bills, then got my shopping list together. By 9am, I was ready for the commissary. I did the weekly grocery shopping, then headed to Walmart, because their 24 pack of Diet Dr Pepper and Coke Zero were on sale for $5.00. And I won't pay more than $2.50 per 12 pack. Because that's just TOO much to pay :)

I had been kicking around the idea of buying a Slip N Slide for the summer, and decided to look at Walmart. $25.00. Yeah, that was too much to pay. I could have sworn that I saw it someplace else for $10. I just couldn't remember where.

I drove to Big Lots, and looked around there. Yeah, no $10 Slip N Slide. So I drove home, and saw a FAmily Dollar, and stopped there. Score! $10 Slip N Slide. It also came with a little floatie raftie thingy. Pretty cool.

So I drove home, Jake helped me get the groceries put away, and we put put the Slip N Slide. Jimmy played on it for a while, then we put it away. The grass was SOAKED, but it was all gone in an hour. El Paso is SO dry :)

We got the house a little bit cleaner. Captain America came home at lunch time, and we hung for a while. I designed for a while, getting 3 WordArt packs done.

At 3:45pm, we started the coals, and then went to the park. Hilary was there and I was there, but no one else showed up. So we came back to my house. I had been marinading some chicken, and put it on the grill. Drumsticks and a few breasts. I just love chicken.

Hilary and I hung in the backyard until 5pm, then she and her kids went to the pool, my kids and I ate some chicken, then we followed on up. With Leslie's kids. We were only at the pool for an hour. There were little kids ALL around and it was just WAY too much for me. Some days I can handle chaos, and other days I can't. My little kids were not playing nicely with other little kids (both parties fault), and I just wasn't dealing well. So I decided to head home before I caused a scene - hehehe.

I dropped the neighbor kids off at their house, and made mine clean for about an hour. And the house looked MUCH better after that. Joe started on his homework, and I put Jimmy to bed at 7pm. Actually, I gave him the choice of cleaning his room or going right to bed. So he laid down to go to bed. hehehe.

At 7pm, Hilary and I went to Sam's Club, and got a few things. While I grocery shop every week, she buys as she needs. Just different shopping methods. I got some Saltine crackers :) They're cheaper at Sam's. After Sam's, we stopped by Sonic, and got a few Rt 44's. Mmmmm, it was very good :)

Back home, she picked up her daughter (who didn't wanna go to Sam's so stayed to play with my kids), she went home, and I sent my kids off to bed. Well, the one's that weren't already in bed. Joe and Jim were already in bed.

So, it's now almost 9pm. Yeah, I've been watching the movie a little more than blogging. hehehe. I can remember trying SO hard to figure out what the movie was about the 1st time through. You look at it a whole different way the 2nd time through.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

No Limitations

Hi all! I uploaded my photos from yesterday, and here they are! Here's one of Jake and I at the Primary activity :)

And here's some from the restaurant. First, here's my food :) I decided that since I'm on my diet now, I don't need a fancy salad. Because by the time I take off all the parts that I can't eat, I'd be paying over $10 for lettuce and chicken. A little bit of chicken. SO, I found an option on the menu for chicken, no oil or butter. Mmmmm, it was SO tender and good. I just took off the skin, and ate the whole thing. Yeah, probably a bigger portion size, but it was yummy :) And I had a side salad, and substituted the baked potato for steamed veggies.

Here's Laurie's sister, and Laurie. Our waiter or the cooks or SOMEONE forgot to bring Laurie her dinner, so we all had ours, and not her, and eventually the waiter came back to check on us, and saw she didn't have anything, so he gave her free dessert. He was trying to make it better :)

Laurie blowing out her candle - hehehe

Funny girls - hehehe

She got a gift card from Barnes and Nobles

Hilary was like, lets make sexy faces. Yeah, I don't know what I was doing. Maybe I needs to work on my sexy face - hehehe. It's amazing I have 5 kids, right?

Laurie with her CUTE little bag from Karin (she made it). Um, Karin, my b-day is in December, hon....

Laurie and her "unmentionables" from Hilary. She also got her some Victoria Secret lotion.

And this one is from me :)

Here we go, this one is more sexy, but I'm kinda ghost-like - hehehe

And me in the bathroom. Hilary and I went in there, and I see this camera come UNDER the stall. ROFL! At least it was just my knees!

Karin and I and Hilary. Aren't we cute!

hehehe, Leslie is funny :)

Hilary and I ;)

Sexy faces again :)

There ya go - funny pics from Girls Night Out!

So today was Sunday, and it was a good day. I was up at 7:10am, getting ready for church, and sharing time and singing time, and getting kids ready, and folding some laundry before we left. Because the little boys' Sunday clothes were somewhere in the pile. hehehe. Folding out of necessity. ha!

Left for church at 8:35am, and got there in time to get my new spot. Sacrament meeting was good. I did notice Captain America dozing a few times on the stand, though. hehehe. Some Sundays are harder to stay awake than others, I guess. LOL. Jimmy noticed, and was like, "Look mom, Dad's sleeping. Oh look, Sammy's daddy is sleeping too". Well, at least it wasn't just Captain America - ROFL!

Primary went in a blur. We played the "football" game, and another game where the kids filled in the blanks of a song we were working on, then helped to assemble a Mr. Potato Head toy. Yeah, you'd have thought they'd never seen a Mr. Potato head before - hehehe. At least they liked it :)

Anyway, I had both sharing and singing time, so it all kinda blurred together in my mind. hehe. We gathered together our stuff, and headed out to the truck. I got the kids some food when we got home, and at my lunch, then set the kids up for "quiet reading time" in their rooms, and I took a nap. A LONG nap. Captain America came home at some point. Cause I heard him in the living room. And I swear that I heard the kids talking about eating Lemon Bars, and splitting them equally. Yeah, I think I was dreaming about that part, though - ROFL!

I woke up at around 4pm. SO nice to get a long nap. We watched Pearl Harbor as a family movie. Yeah, Joe was disgusted by all the kissing, so we turned the channel if it was TOO kissy - hehehe.

I didn't remember so much bad language in it last time I watched it. I found myself muting it quite a bit. Dumb potty mouths. Joe wanted to know if it was a true story, so we had a conversation with the kids about WWII.

We cooked dinner, watched some Doctor Who, then put kids to bed. Captain America went to bed before 9pm, and I sat down to organize my files on the computer, and blog. And I popped Big Fish into the DVD player. It's very strange, but seems to be a pretty good movie.

So that was my day. Good Sunday. Any Sunday that has a super long nap is a good Sunday in my book. LOL :)

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jesus Christ

Hey girls! It's me again :) Did you all have a fantabulous Saturday?

I got up at 7am, then slept back in until 7:30am. hehehe. I got up, got ready, and started madly preparing for my part in the primary activity. I was loading the truck and gathering what I needed, and making lists of the things that I still needed to do.

I took Jake and Eme and Joe and Jim to the activity, and Captain America took Tom to his last game. The kids and I swung by the Commissary and bought frosting and mints. The last 2 things I needed for my project.

We got to the church, and brought all of our stuff inside. I'd brought a TON of fabric so we could dress up in "Jesus' time clothes". Eme was convinced she could wear her civil war clothes, and I kept telling her, Wrong Time Period. hehehe.

We set up tables for my room, and the CD player, and all the supplies, and got it all organized. It looked pretty good when we were done. Then we all got into costume.

Kids started showing up at 10ish, and we started going to stations at 10:15pm. It really went quite smoothly. We had a family with each group of kids (5 groups), to be in charge. The groups were about 6-10 kids.

My station was about the birth of the Savior. We talked about his birth, and where, and when, and such, then made the Nativity scene on a plate with frosting, cookies, and candies. It was easy enough for even the little kids to do. And it took the entire 12 minutes that we had, then they'd leave, and the next group would come in.

The activity was over by 11:30, and we cleaned up for about 30 minutes, then it was time to go home. I fixed lunch for the kids, and we put all the stuff away that we'd taken. Captain America and Tom got home around that time.

I worked on my Sharing/Singing time lesson for tomorrow a bit. I'm gonna do the football game again, but this time with the 5th Article of Faith song. And then do another song where the kids fill in the blanks for the words of the song, and for every 3 words they fill in, they get to put a part on Mr. Potato head. Of course, that means that I must find a Mr. Potato Head - hehehe. Oh Wal-Mart.....

The kids had fun playing during the afternoon. Jake and Tom played with Leslie's kids, and Joe and Eme played on Starfall (educational computer site). Jimmy kinda floated between the 2 of them.

I finally got in the shower at about 4pm, and got ready. It's Laurie's b-day, and the girls and I are taking her out. Dinner and a movie. Should be a good time. Hilary's gonna be her any time to pick me up. I'll try and pop back on here after the movie and blog some more. Woohoo :)

Yeah, it's after midnight, and I'm not blogging anymore - hehehe. I did take a TON of pics, and had a great time, so I"ll have to blog about that tomorrow :)

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