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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Goofing Around

Hey there! Hope your week was good, and that you're having an EVEN better weekend :) My Friday? Thanks for asking! It was GREAT!

We woke up at 6:50am, and I rest my alarm for 7:10am. But Captain America got up at 6:50am, and got the kids ready for school. What a SWEETHEART! I helped get them the rest of the way ready, and out the door. We ate Breakfast, got dressed, and printed out the shopping list, then went over the list to see what we had in the cupboards and what we still needed.

Here's me, ready to go. We decided to wear work out clothes so that we could go hiking in the mountains later in day :) And it was chilly, so I've got my cool scarf :)

So Jake and Jim stay home, and Captain America and I head out to the grocery store. Because Jake had school, and really, what 5 year old boy wants to go to th grocery store. hehe.

Captain America dropped me off at the front of the commissary, and he continued to the Army dry cleaners and alteration store. He had his Dress uniform to get cleaned, and a rank needed sewed on his hat.

He met up with me when I was about 1/2 way done shopping, and we joked about him trying to pick me up in the supermarket. ROFL! We finished up shopping, paid, and headed to the truck. And we didn't have time to make it to Dollar Tree to buy bread, but we did have about 20 extra minutes, so we decided to go and check out the remodeled PX.

We went to Game Stop, and the food court, and the main PX. It looked really good! They made the PX into a Mall. Freedom Crossing, they call it. Real good :)

And then we ran out of time, and hurried back home. hehe. Jake and Captain America brought in the groceries, and I got Jimmy dressed and ready to go. He was going over to Maggie's house (little Jacob is in his class) for the 20 minutes before the bus came. He was pretty excited :)

We dropped him off, and Captain America and I headed out to the West Side for our couples counseling session. But I needed a Howdy's soda before going. hehe. So we stopped for a Diet Dr Pepper, and headed out.
Here's a picture of Captain America and I goofing around :)

I love our counseling sessions. We always learn a lot of good things, and I get to sit close to Captain America on the couch for an hour. hehe :)

We headed to the Dollar tree, and found a card for Captain Americas parents, and the Bread. Diet Bread is $2.50 at least per loaf at most stores, and it's only $1.00 here. Gotta love the Dollar Tree :)

And then after the Dollar Tree, we headed out to lunch. We were gonna do El Taco Tote, but switched to Olive Garden at the last minute. I hadn't been there forever with Captain America, and we really did have fun. SO excited for Olive Garden :)
Captain America :)
Soup, Salad, and Breadsticks
Minestrone Soup (I took a pic of my other soup, but I don't know what happened to the pictures...)

And then we headed to the Mountains to hike. We drove to McKelligon Canyon, drove to the top, and hiked to the cave. It was a shorter hike than the one I did with Kari and Laurie, but much steeper. It was fun, though. Here's a few pics from our hike.

Once we got to the cave, Captain America went up a bit further, and I stayed at the cave. Yeah, it was too high for me. I'm not crazy about heights.

We finished up the hike, and headed back home. The kids got home from school, and we made cookies for a snack. Gingersnaps. Mmm, love me some gingersnaps :)

Hunter and Braxton came over after school, and Leslie and John came to pick them up after a bit. We all sat and chatted for a bit, then they headed out :)

Captain America and I took a quick nap, but he got up about 15 minutes before me, and started dinner for the kids. I KNOW! He's awesome :)

The kids had Taco Salad, and I had my turkey burger and veggies, and Captain America had his soup. We hung for a bit, then it was almost bedtime, and Captain America and I headed out for Date night. The kids were watching a TV show, and we left Jake in charge.

Here's me, ready to go out!
First stop, Bassett Center Mall. Jewelry Box is WONDERFUL! Love it!

These are some gloves that I decided to buy for Jake, and I thought that the warning label on them was HILARIOUS. Warning: Not a candy, toy, and not for con sum ption. Yeah, why did they separate that last word. hehe. And who eats gloves?

OK, so maybe the warning was well placed...
And across from the Jewelry Box was a FYE, and they had some cut outs of celebrities. Captain Americaand Justin Beiber. Yeah, we know he's a singer, but that's about it. Too funny, though :)
Me and my Boyfriend, Edward (check out the cashier in the background giggling at me - hehe)

Captain America getting in Edwards face - hehe
And then we headed to Target. We don't usually shop there, but since it's in the same mall as Jewelry Box, we decided to go :)

Who knew they sold these in grown up sizes. hehe. Andrea, if you're reading this, these are DEFINITELY for you :)
I liked this hat and scarf too :)
After Bassett center, we headed to the East side. We stopped at a Howdys first, and guess what? There was a Cold Stone in there! Who knew? hehe. OK, so maybe we knew there was one in there. ha! We got a large signature cookie dough thingy to share. OMHeavens, it was heavenly. LOVED it :) Diet Coke (gag, this Howdys didn't have Diet Dr Pepper), and Ice cream. We sat inside the store at the one table they had, ate, and then headed to the New Walmart on Montana.

The parking lot was sparse, and we both took that as a VERY good sign. In fact, we got a parking spot SUPER close to the door. Holy Cow!

But then when we got to the door, and it was locked, we figured out why we got such a good parking spot. hehe. We walked down to the other enterance, in the cold (hey, it really was cold...), and went inside. And there really wasn't that many people in there. But there were a lot of employees. We had at least 5 people ask us if they could help us with something. Not the typical El Paso Walmart - ha!

We came for Soda. And just a few other things. And we were the for like 2 hours. Because it was SO well stocked. And there weren't a lot of customers there. And it was peaceful. ROFL! But we sure had fun walking around and talking and goofing around and being with each other.

Here's Captain America wearing the Iron Man mask. And his John Deere hat. ROFL!

Me and a white hat and scarf, which Captain America bought for me :)

And then we were in the bullet section.....
And at 11:35ish, we paid and were done. And it was FREEZING outside. So I broke out the new blanket that I got. King sized fuzzy greatness. I loved it :) Loved it a lot :) I snuggled with it the WHOLE way home :)
And then posed with it when I got home. You can see the joy on my face, can't you.
And then we were home, and I took my fuzzy blanket, and Captain Americas laptop, and we watched some Office, and I blogged. And yeah, it's 1:40am. I'm SUPER tired. I need some sleep. BUT, if I sleep in tomorrow, I'm getting up and eating breakfast first. hehe. Does that work?

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Trip to the Zoo

OK, so this blog post is gonna suck. Just warning you now. hehe. At 11:30pm, I started blogging. THEN remembered that I hadn't loaded my store yet. WHAAAAT? How could I forget that??? I guess it was because Captain America had the day off, and the kids had the day off, and my day was "off". Fun, but off. hehe.

Anyway, I was SO glad that everything was designed, and only needed loaded in the store. Thank goodness! SO, here's my new stuff for the week. I'm offering the Alphabet Series in 5 chunks or in a bundle. Enjoy!

Click HERE to go to my store :)

So here's the speed version of my day - hehe. Captain America and I were up late last night, and so we slept in. Yeah, till like 10:30AM. And so my eating was off. Cause I didn't get breakfast until 10:30am. I had my yogurt and my apple, and got ready for the day. And we got the kids ready, and gave Jim and Joe hair cuts. They looked mUCH better :)

And at a little after noon, we all headed out to the Zoo and to McDonalds for lunch. It was gonna be a fun day :)

Here's Eme in her new jacket, and Tom, and his picture that he drew of Eme
And me playing with the Vampire teeth...
I french braided Eme's hair for the day :)
And here's us at McDonalds. This is the same one that we went to on Joe's birthday. With Maddie and the girls. We had fun!

Everyone drinking soda and taking pictures of themselves, just like me! hehe
The kids got tops in their Happy Meal, and we had fun playing with them :)
Snortin' Coke? hehe

And then we go to the Zoo. We paid $70 for a year membership, free admission. Well, not free, if you pay $70, right? But it was cheaper that way than paying for everyone separately :)

And yeah, I took almost 200 photos. And no, I'm not gonna post them all here. hehe. But they were SO good. They're on my Facebook page, if you wanna look :)

HAD to put this one on here - AAAAHHHH! Tiger Attack!!!

So I put it out there on my Fan Page for someone to scrap some pages with my zoo pictures, and Dara took me up on my offer :) And here's a few that she made with my "trip to the zoo" pictures. Cook, huh???

We were at the zoo for about 2 hours, and saw the whole thing. It's a small zoo. A 2 hour zoo. hehe. It was the perfect size. Not too big, but big enough. Liked it :)

We headed out a little after 4pm, and saw Flags on the way out, and took pictures in honor of Veterans day. Yeah, I'm not a Veteran, but I'm married to one, so that counts, right?

Captain America by the Army flag :)
And we came back home. And I started feeling weird. Emotional, and sad, and a little depressed. Very strange. I hadn't felt like that in WEEKS. What was up?

I got home, made Homemade pizza for the kids, and went to my room. In tears. And I didn't know why. I was just upset. Captain America tried to help, but I was all upset. I prayed, and decided that I needed to eat. Because my eating was off all day. I'd had yogurt and 2 apples and a salad at McDonalds. And that was it. Not good.

But it took me a while to decide to cook dinner. Because I was feeling SO sad and strange. Captain America recognized it, sent me to my room with his laptop to watch an episode of Lie to Me, and he cooked me steamed veggies with spray butter and garlic powder, and a Turkey Burger on a bun with lettuce and tomato. What an AWESOME guy.

And you know what? About 10-20 minutes after eating, I felt normal again. hehe. See, it was just the food. I've found that after having a stint with NO eating, yeah, I can't skip meals. At all. It messes with my mood. And my emotions. So I need to make sure that if I do sleep in, I get up and eat, then go back to sleep. ha!

I came back out with the family, and hung for a while. Captain America was playing Guitar Hero, and some of us were watching him, and some of us were playing video games on the computer. Eventually, we said family prayer and put the kids to bed, left Jake in charge, changed clothes, and Captain America and I headed out on a Mini Date.

We went to BJ's for dessert. Because I've been thinking about Pizzookies for a few days now - hehe.

Here's me with WATER. Aren't you proud?

See, Pizzookie. And some strawberry thingy. Captain America ordered that. I got the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Pizzookie
Captain America

My Pizzookie
The Strawberry thingy
And yeah, we were supposed to eat 1/2 of each. But I ate a little more than 1/2 of mine, and Captain America ate everything else. ROFL! It's ok. The old me would have fought for my 1/2. But I'm not eating out of control anymore - hehe. 1/2 a Pizzookie was good enough for me. And I had a bite of Captain Americas strawberry thing. It was good, but I liked the Pizzookie better :)

We ate dessert, and paid, and out we went. But not before I donned Captain America's hat and snapped a picture. hehe.
And we came home, and watched episodes of The Office. Until 11:30, when I realized that I hadn't blogged OR loaded my store. Sigh.

And now it's 1:30am. And I'm sleepy. The office is still on, and Captain America fell asleep next to me on the couch and is lightly snoring. hehe. We had a busy day tomorrow. Kids go to school at 7:30am, we're going grocery shopping in the morning, have couples counceling at 11am, lunch after that, Captain America and I are going on a hike, then get kids from school around 2:30pm. See, busy day.

Let's home I have stamina for it all - hehe. And I promise to eat at the right times. Because I'm not gonna let what happened today happen again... That sucked :)

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