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Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Game

Not sure what happened to this post. I just noticed, with a bit of help, that it was MISSING??? Where could it have gone??? Anyway, here's the WordArt, and if you happen to find a lost post, please let me know - LOL!!

Woohoo!!! Thanks so much to :

Mandy, Roelie, Dottie, Sarah, Kim, Gail, Becky, Sally, Cathy, Tzigane, Trina, and Jaimee :

for sending me the original post from their email. See, my blog may be haunted, but I'm tricker than that silly blogger poltergeist! Ha!

OK, you know how busy I normally am? How I keep going and doing and doing and going ALL DAY LONG? Well, yesterday, I just sat home and did NOTHING. OMGosh, it was so boring - LOL! We didn't have to be up at a certain time, but I couldn't stay in bed much past 7am. Creature of habit, I guess. All my girls had other things going on, so no walking.

Kids were all home, and wanting to play on electronics, but trying not to ask about it too much, for fear of losing the privileged. They knew they could play at 9am, but it seemed to be taking forever. Seriously, I don't even know what we did all day long. I know that I finished Twilight, and started New Moon. I'm about 100 pages into it. I took a nap on the couch. Well, tried to. You can imagine how it is to nap on the couch with little kids running amok. Yeah, not too effective. But I gave it a valiant effort, none the less :)

Jimmy was messing around near my end table yesterday, and knocked off my HUGE vase that Captain America made in college, and it came crashing down, shattering. I wasn't so happy about that. Jimmy knew he'd done something TERRIBLE, and sent himself to his room. He laid on his bed, and fell asleep, giving himself a 2 hour nap. That was kinda nice. Except for the ruined vase. Sigh. Again, why can't they trash things I don't like?

After all day long of nothing to do, I decided that we need more structure this summer. I need to come up with a plan. Sure, they'll be down time. Scheduled blocks of time of nothing to do. But not the whole day of nothing to do :)

At 5pm, we headed out to Day Camp. Captain America stayed home with most of the kids, and Tom and I went with Andrea and Sam (10 yrs old). It was another good day of day camp. The boys learned about German, did Archery again, made cool neckerchief slides, wrote stories using Indian markings, and learned about safety. Our pack did the closing flag ceremony, and Tom got to be the Caller. He was pretty proud of himself.

I wanted to go walking when we got home at 9:30pm, but Captain America was on the computer with his brothers. Sigh. My house is VERY echo-y, and all I could hear was battle sounds. They were playing battlefield. Sigh. And people smack talking each other. Not my idea of what to come home to. And the stray profanity, which I'm NOT at all happy about (not coming from my DH's mouth, at least). I try to keep in mind that it's how he "bonds" with his brothers, since they live in St. Louis area, and he lives in Texas, and getting together on the server is the only way to interact. But boys, I want to see my hubby. He's been in class ALL DAY LONG. I kinda miss the man. Maybe I'm just being selfish. And jealous. But I'll tell you this much. I wasn't too happy.

And my head was starting to hurt. And I was hungry from being on day 4 of my diet. And I may or may not be PMS-y. Yeah, not a good combo. Anyway, on to more happy things :)

This request is from Dara. Well, actually it's from her 8 year old. It was SUCH a cute email that I'm gonna share with you all :)


Got a kinda strange request for you.

My son & I were in a sports store and he saw a quote on the wall.

He turned to me and said, "Mum, do you think that lady who lives in Texas on the military base with the cannons could make this saying?" When I gave him a "huh?" look he added, "You know, the lady who makes that good wording. You check her website every morning!" Blink ... Ah, Bethany's site - okay, gotcha. :-)

They do pay attention, eh? :-)

With baseball season wrapping up for my son, it seems really "fitting" because they're in double-elimination rounds. I think that's why when he saw it he liked it ... though maybe he also likes Vince Lombardi. :-)

"We didn't lose the game, we just ran out of time" - Vince Lombardi

Oh, yeah, in reading this over, my son said "Mum, you didn't thank her!" He's right ... thanks for not only doing the great "wording" [fonts!] but also for accepting quote suggestions. He loves seeing photos of the "cannons" [anything military; he knows their names, but they all blur together for me] you post, too.

What a SWEET email :) Thanks so much :) So, just for you, my friend, here's the Vince Lombardi quote! We all run out of time, every now and again :)

Friday, June 5, 2009


Real fast, just a warning. This post is MASSIVE. Sorry. I'm kinda long winded :) But you know you like it - hehehe. OK, on with the blog post :)

Woohoo!!! Friday is here, and SCHOOL IS OUT! At least it is in our district :) Hopefully, I'm sleeping in right now! We'll see how that plays out, though. I told the kids that Electronics couldn't be turned on until the following 3 conditions were met. 1. 9am. 2. Chores done. 3. Rooms cleaned. I also told them NOT to come in my room at 6:30 am saying "Mom, my chores are done, and my room is clean, can I do xxxx early". That would NOT be a good time - LOL!

Anyway, here's my new stuff for the week! Since it's been nice and sunny and summery, I just couldn't resist :) Click HERE to go to my store, and remember, all my new stuff is 20% off the first week (or $2.00 each)

Layout by Charmaine

Layout by Trina

Layout by Tammy

Layout by Trina

Layout by Neverland Scraps
AND, I promised my mom some photos from our week, so bear with me. I know you wanna see them! My kids are so cute, who wouldn't - LOL!

Here's on of Tom and Jake in the background at the Scout Nite At the Baseball game. He's such a cutie!

I love this picture of the boys, but especially little Joe. Him and the CRAZY eyes again :)

And, here's what my backyard looks like after the sprinklers turn on. Sigh. They're coming on Monday to fix them. Don't you wish you had a mud pond in YOUR backyard :) I know you're jealous!

Here's my friends' baby, Luke, at the park. Isn't he a cutie! LOVE those blond curls.

And me at the park.

Tom at school getting an award. He got the AB Honor roll trophy and a perfect attendance trophy.

Jimmy and I at the assembly. Hmmm, I guess this is why I should wear make-up. My face is all sweaty - gross! LOL!

Tom with his awards. He was SO proud of himself :) Love ya, Tom!

Tom and I

Tom's teacher Mr. Gonsalez, Tom, and his teacher, Mrs. Jula

Which bring us up to yesterday. I was up at 6am to read a little bit before the craziness that is my life began. hehehe. At 6:30am, I started making my dessert for my lunch group. I made little dessert cups. They had a layer of Sugar-Free jello on the botton, followed by a layer of Sugar Free Pudding, then a few sliced strawberries, then a layer of Light Cool-whip, and finally, crushed Graham Crackers. Doesn't that sound DIVINE!!!

Anyway, I made those up, and enough for my kids to have one with their breakfast. I figured, it has milk, and it's sugar free - must be good - LOL! AND, it's the last day of school. So, I got the kids out the door by 7:30am, and kept cooking.

I made little sandwiches. I went to a tea party (herbal tea) at a local restraurant in my home town one time, and they served these ADORABLE little sandwiches. I tried to duplicate them. I made cream cheese with mandarine oranges, cream cheese with cucumbers, egg salad, cream cheese with ham, and peanut butter and jelly. They looked SO yummy. I cut each sandwich into 4 triangles. So cute!

At 8:40am, Jimmy and I headed out to Jacobs school for his award ceremony.

He ended up getting a medallion for Excellence in Reading and Excellence in Math. Way to go, Jacob! All I can say, after being in the gym with SO many 6th graders for an hour, is I"M GLAD I"M NOT IN JUNIOR HIGH ANYMORE! I hated those years - LOL! He seemed to be enjoying himself, though :)

I came back home, and spent the remaining time before noon cooking and cleaning. My house looked pretty good by noon. I also made Tortelinni soup. OMGosh it smelled good. It had

1 onion
1 green pepper
basil / italian seasoning
8 cups chicken broth
1 sweet potato (not yam)
2 cans diced tomatoes
2 bags of dried tortelinni
1 zuchinni

Sautee the onions, garlic, and green pepper until tender. Add broth, sweet potato, and tomatoes. Cook until potato is tender. Add Tortelinni and cook as directed. Add the zuchinni in the last 5 minutes. OMGosh, it looked FABULOUS! I should have taken a picture :) Top with mozarella cheese, and you've got yourself a WONDERUFL meal.

Anyway, I had the soup, and the sandwiches, and mini muffins (Triple Berry, Blueberry, Honey Bran, and Chocolate Chip), and the little parfait desserts. Yummy!

My friends started showing up at noon, and we had fun eating and chatting. It's supposed to be a game group, but I didn't really feel like playing games. We just chatted. I think that most of us come for the grown up conversation, and that's what we got :)

The kids kept slipping outside to play, and the hose was just TOO big a temptation for some of them. See our "rock" back yard. Half is "rock" and half is grass. Um, more like dirt. Just waiting for a small child to add water, to make mud.

This poor little girl was NOT thrilled by the mud on her sweet little face.

But this one was :) LOL! This is Rowan. Doesn't he look similar to my Jimmy :)

My friends all went homy by 3pm, and I straightened up the kitchen a bit, then laid on the couch and read. I needed a break. It was a very nice one :) The big kids were home by 3:45pm, bringing all of their "last day of school" stuff with them. Joe, Tom, and Eme had report cards with them. Joe got mostly S (Satisfactory) with a few N (needs improvement). Most of those were staying on task and participation. Yup, that's my Joe :) Shy and non social, yet goofing off with his buddies - hehehe.

Tom got all A's and B's, and a few S's on his report card. Good job, Tom. And, this is one that I've never had before in a kid, Emeline got ALL O's (Outstandings). I've never had a kids with straight O's before! Way to go, Emeline. I think you need an extra special treat for that!

At 4:45pm, we were ready to head out to Day Camp. I got the directions from the internet, and packed the rest of the food from lunch for dinner. We didn't actually leave the house until about quarter after 5, but we were trying. We ended up only being about 5 minutes late to day camp. But, it started about 10 minutes late, so we were actually 5 minutes early - ROFL!

Tom's group did Knots, Crafts, Archery, and Citizenship. The boys REALLY liked the archery. But then, what kid doesn't :) Captain America was teaching the Citizenship class, and did a WONDERUFL job. Jacob went as a Boy Scout helper, and the little kids went to the nursery. I was able to walk around as an Adult Leader for our pack. It was a great time.

Here's Tom listening to the Archery director.

And Jacob and I in the Citizenship class. Aren't we cute!

We didn't even get home until after 9pm. Long day. And, I had to report on my diet, too. You guys can keep me honest :) Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday make 3 days on the diet. On Monday, I'd gone out to eat mexican food, and I knew that I was gonna weigh heavy on Tuesday, but I weight anyway. Tuesday, I weighted 166.2 lbs. Then, Wednesday, I was 161.8 lbs. Thursday I was 160.2. Woohoo for me! I still can't believe that I let myself gain 25 lbs. Well, 20 now. But, I'm making good progress towards my goal :) But dang, it was sure hard to pass by ALL the yummy food I made. But I can honestly say, I didn't eat anything off my menu. I had 1/2 a cup of diet jello, which I guess is technically not on my diet, but I figured it had the calorie content of a stick of sugar free gum, so how bad could it be :) Yeah for me!

This WordArt request is from Rose. I thought is was cute, so I wordart-ed it :) Hope you like it :) click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!



Be - TURBO ripped

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Someone to Love

Wow, I'm super tired last night when I was writing this. You know, it's hard to know which tense to use when pre-publishing. Hmmmm, too tired to care now - LOL!

I went to bed on Tuesday night at 9:45 ( I KNOW!), so when my hubby woke up at 5:30am to get ready for PT, I was awake and alert. I decided to stay up after he left, and read some in my book, Twilight. By 6:45am, I hopped on the computer, and checked my emails and such.

Kids were out the door by 7:30am for school, and Jimmy and I were ready to head out at 8:10am. Tom had an awards ceremony at school. I did take pictures, but am WAY too tired to mess with that right now. Maybe tomorrow.

Tom ended up getting a perfect attendance trophy and an A/B honor roll trophy. He was SO proud. After the ceremony, I got a picture of him with his trophies, and one with him and both of his teachers. They said how WONDERFUL Tom was, and how liked having him in class. Awe, that's JUST what this mom wanted to hear :)

Since were were already off post anyway, Jimmy and I headed to Wal-Mart. I needed to get supplies for the lunch at my house today. I bought stuff for Tortellini Soup, sandwiches, dessert, and muffins. Mini muffins are SO cute, and fun :) The dessert is a layer of diet jello, a layer of diet pudding, layer of diet cool whip, layer of sliced strawberries, and topped with graham cracker crumbs. YUMMY! Too bad I'm still on my diet. I think the diet jello is ok for me to eat. At least I get that :)

I also got another antenna for my living room. When Captain America was gone, the kids and I would watch TV in my bedroom, but now that he's home, that can't really happen. So, we set up a TV in the living room, and the kids won't be all over Captain America's stuff - hehehe.

After Wal-Mart, on my way back to home, Andrea called and said that she was going to the on-post thrift store. I hadn't been in a while, so I met here there. She'd had me pick up a few things for her at Wal-Mart, so I was able to pass those off to her. Her son, Sam, was gonna bring a shirt to school to have all of his classmates sign. I thought it was such a good idea that I bought one for Eme and Joe also. I think they're gonna have fun with it today.

I found a VCR at the thrift store for $5.00. Awesome, eh? The one off post at Goodwill was $20.00. Who pays that much for someone elses used electronics? That seems pricey to me. $5.00 was DEFINITELY in my price range.

I also found a Lord Of The Rings Movie Trilogy Trivial Pursuit Edition game, for $2.00. I was SO excited! I aslo got 8 videos for $3.00. There was some Dragon Tales, a Sharks Tale, Ninja Turtles, um, can't remember the rest. Jimmy was pretty excited about it.

I got home at about the same time as Captain America, and we had lunch together. I hooked up the VCR for Jimmy, and laid on the couch and vegged. I was tired. I read my book until 2pm. I went into the kitchen, and made jello, and pudding, and 4 batchs of Mini Muffins, and put a pot of Black Beans and BAcon on the stove.

I straightened up a little, then went back to reading. I read till the big kids got home. Then, it was dinner. At about 6:30pm, I decided it was time to design. Wednesday night is my last day to get products into my store. So, it's always a mad rush to get everything done. Luckily, no Cub Scouts tonight. Jacob and Captain America went to Boy Scouts, but the other kids and I were still home. So, I was able to get a lot done.

My friend Andrea and I went for a walk at 8pm. We cut 5 minutes off our walk without children. Woohoo for fast walking :) We walked, and chatted, and walked some more :) Friends are good!

When I got back home at 9:30pm, Captain America and I headed out to the store to get some treats for Eme's class. I'd TOTALLY forgot to pick some up at Wal-Mart when I was there. She'd be crushed if she didn't have something to contribute to the party today. I couldn't let her down :) We were home by 10:00pm.

Then, Captain America went to bed, and I went to work :) I designed 2 more WordArt packs, and loaded them all in my store. I designed a freebee for you all for today, and then made this post. It was midnight before I was in bed. I slept well, though.

Oh yeah, I have to tell you :) You know how the last 2 days I've been on my diet again, right? Well, on Tuesday night I had food dreams. I was at this dessert table, and there were a TON of cookies. I was loading up my plate and eating them as fast as I could. I felt really bad that I'd cheated on my diet. I was SO glad when I woke up, and it was just a dream :) hehehe.

This wordArt request is from Janet. Elvis is SO cool :) click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work.


Someone - Title Wave
L - Beautiful Caps ES
ove - Beautiful ES

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Boys Need Parents

One of these days, I'm not gonna have a thing to report. It's gonna be, "I just stayed home and relaxed". Well, yesterday was not that day.

We woke up super early, and got the kids ready for school, and Tom for his doctors appointment. Luckily, Captain America came home by 6:30am, so I was able to leave Eme, Joe and Jake with him. Tom, Jim, and I were at the doctors office by 7:00 am. They weighed him, measured him, checked his ears and throat, blood pressured him, and told me that someone would be calling me in 5 days or so to set up a speech consult. Hmmmm, you'd have thought they would have asked the child to speak - LOL! Oh well. We were home by 7:35 am, pleanty of time to get everyone to school.

I dropped the kids off at 7:50am, and met my friend for our walk at 8:30am. After the walk, we went to our own homes, got ready for the day, and headed out again :) She's one of the FRG leaders (yeah, not sure what it stands for, but it's the wives organization inside of your soldiers organization), and they were selling food at lunch time. I was invited to go and hang out for a while. Sounded like more fun that sitting home and doing nothing - LOL!

We went and bought ice for the coolers, then headed to the army place. We saw all sorts of army vehicles. It was at the motorpool place. Aweomse! We even got to see inside of one of the vehicles. Pretty cool!

At about 12:30pm, we headed out again. Both little boys had fallen asleep in the car, but we needed to go shopping. We tried to carefully transfer the kids to a shopping cart/stroller, but they woke up within 5 minutes. Oh well. It was a valiant effort. Andrea and her hubby are gonna do Captain America and my diet with us for a few weeks. I'm excited to get back into it. I know I've said tht I'm gonna do better, but this time I'm serious - LOL! So far, I haven't cheated. Granted, it's only been 12 hours - LOL! Small steps, right?

Anyway, Andrea and I went shopping for supplies. Veggies, and fruit, and crackers, and meat. Basic staples - hehehe. The kids were mostly good (well, by mostly I mean Jimmy - Luke was good the whole time :)

I got home at the same time Captain America did, and had time to put away the groceries and have a little personal time with the old laptop - ROFL! Dinner, kids baths, stories, bedtime routine. I started reading Twilight again (yeah, like I have time to read that - hehe), and even to a hot, relaxing bath. What a day!

There's not nearly as much planned for today. I need to finish designing my WordArt packs for the week. Scouts is cancelled because of Day Camp on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Wednesday lunch is cancelled because of the school Awards ceremony. I do have that to go to, but it's at 8:30, so my walk is cancelled too. Looks like my schedule is clearning up - ha!

So, this weeks WordArt Wednesday is taken from an Email forward I received a while ago. I just made me laugh! Pictures of little kids getting into some sort of trouble. I thought it would be PERFECT for a lot of my photos. My kids are forever getting into situations like that :) hehehehe. Click HERE to go to Scraporchard to download the zip file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!

Layout by my CT girl, Jen
Layout by my CT girl, Charmaine

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Love You Dad

Another busy day in the Harty Household yesterday :) After getting the kids to school, (yep, they were all healthy enough to go - gotta LOVE the 24 hour variety of sicknesses - LOL) I made some phone calls. I set up an appointment for Tom for speech at the doctor. Apparently, the doctor can refer us to a specialist, and hopefully help the kids during the summer. Maybe he can start 4th grade without his speech issues. Woudln't that be nice :) So, today at 6:45am, I'll be at the doctors office with 4 children (Jacob is capable of getting himself ready and getting to school on his own. The others? Not so much - they'll be with Tom and I)

I tried to get an appointment for Jake to get his wart removed, but they were all filled up. They said trying calling back the next few mornings at 6:30 am and seeing if they had anything those days. Yeah, like I don't have anything else going on at 6:30am. SLEEPING, people! LOL! I have some warts (yeah, EMBARASSING!) on the soles of my feet that need to get removed too. But again, unless I wanna camp out on the phone in the wee hours of the morning, I'm stuck with them. I did find the number for the migraine medicine refill place. It's gonna be ready on Thursday. So don't go saying your me and trying to take my medicine. I wouldn't be too happy about that - LOL!

I called the Housing place, and got a few work orders put in. The bathroom fan doesn't work, the front door jam and screen door is all jacked up, and the backyard sprinkler head was ran over by a lawn mower before we got here. So there's a little lake in the backyard when the sprinkler turns on. They're coming on Monday of next week.

Then, it was off for a walk. We made it short, because the other girls had Doctors appointments for their kids at 10am. Captain America got home from his meeting at about the same time that I did, and we hung out for an hour or so. After Andrea was done with the doctor, Captain America, Jimmy, I, Andrea, and her little one headed out for El Taco Tote for lunch. It was a lot of fun. But BOY was it spicy. I'm still not used to this spicy food. My lips and throat were BURNING. Good thing El Taco Tote has Diet/Caffienne Free soda! Light Lemonade is the BEST. hehehe.

Captain America headed back to work, and Andrea and I headed back to her house. Some woman almost ran us off the road, but we were fine. Good thing Andrea has good breaks. Dang! Crazy woman drive - ROFL!

We had a fun afternoon, hanging out and cleaning at Andrea's house. Remember, Maren, when I used to come to your house and help you clean! Miss you, friend! I watched Andreas little boy so that she could go and pick up our kids from school, then we headed to the park at 4pm.

It was a BEAUTIFUL sunny day, and the park had just the right amount of wind. It was a GRAND time :) Captain America came too, and taught 3 of the little boys how to throw, catch, and pass a football. I think they had a good time :) Andrea and I help watch the little kids of a lady at church who's hubby just deployed. I'm SO loving the Army community. They really watch out for each other.

I got a 1/2 hour nap after dinner, and cleaned up the house a bit. I'm sure there was some facebooking in there somewhere too - LOL!

My neighbor was telling me about the new Twilight Trailer yesterday, and then one of my CT girls ALSO sent me the link. Thanks, girls! It was AMAZING! Can't wait until November! Check out the trailer yourself below:

<a href="http://www.mtv.com/ontv/movieawards/2009/" target="_blank">The Twilight Saga: New Moon 'Trailer'</a>
Did anyone watch The Tonight Show last night? What do you think about Conon O'Brien? Like him? Think he's gonna do good?

This WordArt request is from Allison. I just LOVED it, and had to "wordart" it - LOL! Hope you like it too :) Click on the links below to go to my accounts to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work ;) thanks!

Monday, June 1, 2009


Well, remember how last we "talked", I was on the mend, and everyone was feeling grand. Hmmmm, not so much now. I'm still on the mend, but the same can't be said for the rest of the gang. About 10:30pm on Saturday night, Eme started off the "festivities" by puking ALL over her bed. Her nice new comforter (well, new to us - it's a hand me down, but gorgeous!). French fry puke is DISGUSTING! Take my word for it.

I was just about to go to bed, while Captain America was out on the computer in the dining room. He and I made short work of that nasty puke mess. Gross. You know how when you clean up puke, it makes YOU wanna puke. Nasty! But, I doused myself in hand sanitizer, soap, and warm water, and went to bed.

At 5am, Captain America came to bed. He'd been up, um, er, facebooking, but also cleaning up MORE puke. Tom started puking at about 1am, missing the toliet, of course. Joe started some time after that. When Captain America came in at 5am, Joe started in with another round of puke. I took over for the morning shift. Luckily everyone on my watch "hit the target". No more cleaning up puke on the floor. I put Joe back to sleep on the couch (no carpet in the living room to make a mess), and went back to bed, but with the door open.

I woke up at 7:45 am, and got things ready for church. I figured that it was best to let Captain Americasleep, and let ALL the kids stay home. No point pushing our luck. Jake and Jim may not have been puking, but I didn't know when the "fun" would start.

I left the house at 8:45 am, with Jimmy crying. Poor little thing kept saying "But mommy, I'm NOT sick!". How do you explain to a 3 year old that he could contaminate all 10 of his classmates at his church class. Sigh. Poor guy :(

Church, actually, was WONDERFUL. I got to sit and listen to the talks, undistirbued. That hasn't happened in YEARS. My friend, Andrea, and her family spoke in church today, about Gratitude in Family Life. Great talks :) Good job, you guys!

Primary (kids age 18 months - 11 yrs old) flew by in a blur, as usual. I'm on of 3 ladies in charge of all the kids. We don't have teachers for all of the classes, so things are always kinda tricky. Hopefully we'll get some more teachers in the next few weeks :)

When I got home from church, people were just chillin'. They'd watched a few videos, and were just taking it easy. As they should. At about 3:00pm, Jacob started puking. Sigh. At least he made it to the toliet the first time.

By 6:3o pm-ish, kids were starting to feel a bit better. Captain America and his brothers hooked up a server, and played a bit of Battlefield. It was kinda cool, having all the voices talking in the living room. Even though I knew they live across the country. Kinda cool. The kids love "playing" with their uncles :) And what was I doing, you ask? Farming. Sigh. I actually spent 2 hour re-arranging my FarmTown farm. Sad, I know.

I put the little kids to bed at 8ish, and spent a little "quality" time with Jimmy. We laid in his bed and "talked". It's SO fun to really talk to a 3 year old. They have such funny things to say. It's facinating to see how their little minds work. We talked for about 45 minutes. He told me that he wanted to be a Monster Truck driver when he grows up. It's gonna be Orange. Later, he said that it's gonna be an Orange Edward (from Twilight) monster truck, and he was gonna buy me a Bella truck - LOL.

He said that his wife is gonna have brown hair, and blue eyes. She's gonna be tall, and can sing. She's gonna be pretty, and they're gonna have 5 kids. He said that his kids are gonna call him "Jimmy". LOL! I tried to sell him on the benefits of having his kids call him Daddy, but he wasn't buying it.

We talked about his favorite TV shows, and his Primary class. His teacher is moving in 2 weeks, and I was trying to prepare him for it. He almost got tears in his eyes when I said that they were moving. He really likes them. I told him that we'd take a picture of them and him next Sunday. That brought a smile back to his cute little face. I'm definitly gonna have to work in "late night Jimmy talks" into the schedule :)

This WordArt request is from Janice. Her mom is in a nursing home, and she has this plaque hanging when you walk in the door. I thought it was WONDERFUL! Hope you like it too :)

Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work :) Thanks!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Echoes Through Eternity

First off, thanks for all of your well wishes yesterday :) It sure brightened my day :) And yes, I'm feeling much better. My tummy feels a little weak, but better. But I think I'm gonna need to stick to a gentler diet the next few days. Whatever I ate on Saturday wasn't the right food to be sticking down my tummy. I"ll do better today :)

Oh yeah, and for those of you thinking that maybe I'm prego, um, no. Not a chance - LOL! Medically improbable. Well, for it to be Captain America's baby, anyway - ROFL! Unless something reversed itself. Which is HIGHLY unlikely. I'm just sick AND headache prone. That's all. I promise.

I made Captain America go walking with me yesterday morning. 4 miles in 1 hour and 8 minutes. Not too bad :) It felt good to go walking. And I just LOVE spending time with my sweetheart :)

We spent quite a bit of time at home cleaning on Saturday. I can't believe how messy the house can get when I'm out of commission for only one day. Sigh. See, I guess I'm needed :)

We decided that we needed to take the kids out to celebrate their good job at school this year. We decided on Chuck E Cheese. We got 100 tokens for $15.00, and split it between all the kids. They each got 18 tokens, and Captain America and I got a few. I used mine on the Pictures thingy. Maybe I'll scan them one day and show you. hehehehe. I didn't take an pics there because I forgot my camera, only to discover when I got home that I had it the whole time - LOL!

We ended up eating some Fast Food for dinner (because I don't like Chuck E Cheese food, we went somewhere else - LOL!), and it was REALLY not what my tummy needed. A Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich with Sour Cream and Bacon fries. Um, yeah. You could have probably told me THAT's not what my tummy needed - ROFL! It probably would have upset my stomach on a good day :)

When we finally got home for the night, I just laid in bed and relaxed. Captain America had bought me a few slim fast shakes at Wal-Mart (the generic ones), and I think I'm gonna be eating those today. Real food is just KILLING my stomach. But at least I'm not feverish and puking. I'll take upset stomach any day of the week over that :)

Oops. I realized after I'd already made this one that it doesn't really fit with my Sunday spiritual theme. Well, I guess if I stretched it, it could fit. Eternity. Choosing good gets you good things. Granted, it's a movie quote from a rated R movie I never saw, but what the heck. I don't wanna design anything else as the moment, so this will have to do :) LOL!

This WordArt request is from Cathy. I just LOVED it when I saw it, and knew that I'd have to make a WordArt out of it :) Thanks for the suggestion :) click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work :) Thansk!