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Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Star is Born

OK, so my family has been getting on me for my lack of photos. So, the rest of you, just bear with me here. I'm posting a TON of photos, so these should give my family the "fix" they were looking for - hehehe.

So first, on the way to church last Sunday for Stake Conference (30 minutes away or so), I saw the COOLEST thing ever. A Wal-Mart, that was only the grocery store part. WHO KNEW??? What a brilliant idea - hehehe. Miracles will never cease!

Here's me in the truck on the way to (or from, can't remember) church.

Here's our Stake Center, Mom. Isn't it pretty!

Here's some scenery pics from the way back home.

This is the view from the road the church sits on.

The view of the city from the Franklin Mountains.

Then, we drove up to Wiler Tramway, where Captain America had a morning PT one day. It was seriously, like STRAIGHT up in the air. Well, not really, because we drove up it, but it was pretty steep. You'll have to take my word for it :) Here's the view from the top parking lot.

And here's the tram. Captain America said he wanted to take me on it for a date, and I was like "there's no way in heck you'll get me in that death trap". Not my idea of a romantic date. More like torture. Ha! A case for knowing your audience - hehehe.

Ok, fast forward to Wednesday. Here's pictures from the Blue and Gold banquet. You remember, the one that was at 6:30, but we thought it was at 7:00. Yeah, that one. Here's the entertainment. It was pretty cool, I must say. They had a group who did Indian dancing come and perform. Here's the singers.

And the dancers. Jim and Eme are in this picture, having the Indian dancers teach them a dance.

And Tom is on the other side.

Fast forward to Thursday afternoon. Captain America, Jimmy, and I went to El Taco Tote and the Boy Scout shop between his morning and afternoon check-in. It was pretty fun. I LOVE the guacamole salsa they have there. And I hate avacados. Go figure on that one :) It's perfect for dipping chips and cucumbers :) Here's Captain America and Jim. Jim was TOTALLY loaded up on sugar. we'd gone to the doctor in the morning, and he'd gotten a big tootsie roll from the nurse. Then, at Captain America's Battery officer, one of the SGT's gave him a GIANT chocolate cookie. Then, at the Scout office, he got MORE chocolate. He was literally bouncing off the walls. Poor kid :) Yep, here he is sucking down some orange soda. Luckily I realized what I'd done and re-filled it with some light lemonade. Much better. ha!And, here's me.

And, skip ahead to Friday. Here's me, after my attempted Well Woman's visit (who knew that if "Johnny" was visiting, you coudln't get a PAP)(rescheduled for Tuesday), Captain America, Jimmy, and I went to the commisary. We had to get some crackers and some more apples.

See, Mom, that's the commisary :)

Then, at 7pm, we loaded up in the truck and headed downtown to the El Paso Rhino's Hockey game. Woohoo!!! Did you know that military families get in FOR FREE!!! Talk about a deal! We just had to show current Military ID's. SWEET! We might be going more often. Here's the kids and Captain America standing in front of the Rhino statue in front of the stadium.

And Captain America and I (aren't we cute together!)

And me again :)

And the game :)

During one of the breaks, they had this fancy car drive out from a local car dealership. People were able to purchase pucks, and throw them out onto the ice, trying to make it into the sun room. If you made it in, you got $5000. Sound do-able, right? Long shot, but do-able.

Check out the hole they expected you to get it into. I don't think people knew it was like that! Dang!And, the Zamboni, our personal favorite :) hehehe. We were sitting RIGHT next to where it was parked. We were on a set of bleachers behind the goal line. Good seats, but I swear those bleachers weren't hooked down, and I just KNEW that they were gonna tip over backwards. We were all sitting on the top, and it could feel it every time someone shifted weight. Captain America assured me we were save, and that it wasn't gonna tip over, but I worried about it the whole time - pathetic, I know. But, I'm happy to report that it did NOT tip over - ha!

Me and my kiddos at the hockey game :)

We got them popcorn at one point, and they sat quietly for about 10 minutes. We should have thought of that LONG ago - hehehe.

As the night wore on, we started looking for other things to entertain the kids. Here's some FUN pics of us. Jimmy and me :)

This one was HILARIOUS! Tom wanted a silly picutre, so he tucked his head inside his vest. Well, it looks like Jacob has a shrunken head on Tom's boday. Ha!Joe Joe has the most GORGEOUS eyes ever!

Here they are again. Dang, boy! You've got some killer eyes :)

And, about 20 minutes before we left, both Jim and Joe fell asleep. Here's me holding Jimmy.

And check this out. Several of my kids do this. Sleep with their eyes part way open. It's so NASTY! hehehe. He's dead asleep here, but his eyes just won't stay shut. I kept closing them, and they'd pop back open again - LMBO!!!

So, Mom, there's some pictures from my week. We've been having a TON of fun, and I even remembered my camera (see, Cheri, I do bring it SOMETIMES!)

OK, on to WordArt. No request today, since I was feeling a bit tired last night, and just wanted to pick a quick and easy saying. I thought this would be perfect on a layout with a little kids "play acting", or singing, or just being an all around ham. I know I have pleanty of those kinds of pictures - hehehe. Would also be great for pictures of Guitar Hero, for any of you who have that game :)

Click on the links below to go to my accounts to download the PNG file, and remember, leave some love if you like and apprectiate my work :) THANKS!!!


Also, just wondering if having multiple download sites is working for ya'all? (see that, I'm fitting in just fine here in Texas - ha!)

All rest - Harting

Friday, March 6, 2009


Well, I had my first doctors appointment yesterday. I'm now the proud owner of Migraine medicine. Next time one hits, I'm prepared - LOL! Hopefully Imitrex will work for me. Anythings gotta be better than my tylonel and advil combo. It's nice, but it doesnt' touch my headaches :) Now, lets just hope I don't need it for a while :) ha!

Captain America and Jimmy (in the stroller) and I took a nice brisk walk around the neighborhood yesterday. 2 laps was about 34 minutes. I thought I was gonna DIE! How did I let myself get this out of shape. Seriously, I had to come home and lay in bed for an hour or so to recoop, and then I was worthless the rest of the night. Sigh. I KNOW that just a few short (or long) months ago, I was jogging 3 miles a day. WHAT happened? Durn Thanksgiving/Christmas - ha! Let's blame that :)

I'm trying to get back into my diet, and stay on track. I know I can do it, because I've done it in the past. All I need to do is string a week together of good eating, and the pattern is set. The most I've done since Christmas is 4 good eating days in a row. Sigh. My closet is getting quite sparse of clothes that actually fit. It sure looks pretty, though. Lots of fun clothes, just waiting for me to fit back into them again. Maybe today will be the day I get serious about it, and decided that food is not what I should turn to when I feel stress. Maybe.....

So, I thought I'd make up a fun freebie, using my new "linear" style. I thought it was pretty cool :) Hope you guys like it too. It's from a WordArt request from Linda. Hope you like it, girl! Click on the links below to go to my accounts to download the PNG file


And as always, leave some love if you like my work :) Thanks!

AL Verdigris

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Beautiful Spring

So last night was my sons Cub Scout Blue and Gold. The week before, Captain America had just got back from his Ohio trip, and was beat, and didn't take the kids to Scouts. Well, they made invitations to the party, and changed the time from the normal meeting time, and planned a potluck dinner. Yep, you guessed it. We didn't know. No one called us. Apparently, it was assigned to someone, but that person didn't do it.

So, we showed up for scouts at 7pm like normal, to find a big party going on in the gym. People are just finished up a HUGE dinner, and eating cake. What did my kids get for dinner? Pancakes. Yep, it was pancake night at the Harty House. That's what happens when mom designs all day long, and is too pooped to cook. Pancake night. You should try it some night. You're hubby will love it (LMBO!!! I'm SO just kidding).

Of course, all the tables are full, because people have been there since 6:30. We manage to slide in somewhere, just in time to watch the entertainment. Native American dancers. It was AWESOME. Jimmy (3) LOVED it. At one point, they asked all the scouts/siblings to come up and join in a dance. Eme (7) and Jimmy jumped at the chance, but Tom had to be coaxed from his seat. Joe (5) refused to get out of his chair (he's SO like me - ha!) Jimmy did SO good at the dance. That little white boy's got some rhythm - LMBO!

It got over at 7:30 (short for us, since we got there at 7), and we had to wait until Captain America's meeting got over at 8:30. Yeah. I wasn't a very happy camper. I'm the type of personality that likes all the details before hand. I'm not a very good "go with the flow" person. Well, that's not true. But I don't like to go into a situation and not know what to expect. It sets me on edge. I wasn't the nicest mom last night. Sigh. I guess we all have days/times like that. When we finally got back home, Captain America let me just go to my room and relax, and he put the kids to bed. Sometimes me can be SO GREAT! Gotta love 'em :)

I still haven't picked out my phone yet. There's a list of about 15 freebies that I can get, and I don't know which to choose. I know. Life and death situations, eh? All the reviews I read online just confuse me more. hehehe. Wasn't there a movie that talked about dating options being like Blockbuster. She didn't like to go to blockbuster, because there were just TOO many choices. The grocery store movie store had a lot less selection, so it was an easier choice. Anyone know what movie I'm talking about? Or did I just make that up - LOL!

Well, that's what I need. Less options. Grocery store movie isle selection. Better yet, just give me the phone, Verizon. You pick for me. Then I can just be mad at Verizon if the phone I get sucks. Better than if I pick it, and it's a lemon. Ha! Ok, enough about the phone - LMBO!

I've got a treat for you today! Tina (Lady Saphira) has a FUN kit that she let me use to make two FABULOUS (if I do say so myself!) WordArts for you all! Aren't you SO excited for spring!!! I don't know where you all live, but we've had 70-80 degree weather the past week, and I'm in HEAVEN!!! The neighbors tree has the most BEAUTIFUL white/pink blossoms on it. I'm taking a picture before the spring winds blow them all apart - LOL! Did you know it's windy in El Paso (LMBO!!!)

Anyway, below is my first WordArt, but you can't get it here. It'll be availabe soon at "Michelles Angels" blog. Click HERE to see if it's up and working yet (don't you just LOVE how technical I am - ha!) I just LOVED LOVED LOVED those flowers, and the colors. So cute! Remeber to leave a big THANK YOU over at their place (people like that, you know - ha!)

And, as you know (or should if you read my blog - LOL!), I'm not the animal lovin' type, BUT, this chick is ADORABLE!!! Not scary at all - hehehe. I just LOVED how this one turned out. I got to use my new CU fonts I bought last month on it - they're AMAZING. Check out 2 Peas if you're interested. Anway, click HERE to go to my mediafire account to get this PNG file (nonshadowed here)
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Sheesh! I remember when it was easy to give stuff away - ROFL!!!

Give Our Children Wings

So did you know that yesterday was square root day? Neither did I, until I heard it on the radio. 3-3-09. Cause 3x3=9. Last time it happened was 2-2-04, and next time it will happen will be 4-4-2016. OK, now you're life is complete. You know all about square root day - LMBO! The things they talk about on the radio - LOL!

Thanks so much for all of your kind words on yesterday post. It still seems pretty surreal to us. I can only imagine how our other friends in Joliet must be feeling, who socialized with the Charles' more. Dang.

Life keeps plugging away here. I have an appointment tomorrow to go and get some migraine medicine - Woohoo!!! Next time one strikes, I'll be prepared. Or at least I HOPE they give me drugs - hehehe. Then Friday, I have a Well Woman exam. Fun times. But it's important, so I'm going. This is the week for doctors appointments, I guess :)

My mom sent the kids a package yesterday. They each got a calendar (some with cars, some with kitties and puppies, and one with patriotic stuff), a Pirates of the Caribbean book, a Cat in the Hat card game, and some clearanced Valentines stuffed animals. The kids were SO excited about their "Grandma Lyn" box.

Captain America and I went out to try and get my new phone last night, but we found out that the store didn't offer a new phone. You have to get it online to get a free one. Dang. I'll look into ordering one today. Any suggestions for a free Verizon Wireless phone (maybe with music capabilities)?? Anyone get a new one recently?? I'm open for suggestions.

So this WordArt request is from Diana. She needed this quote to finish off a layout she was working on. Hope it helps, girl!

Click HERE to go to Scraporchard to download the zip file, and remember, you need to be logged into the gallery to get the download :) And as always, leave some love if you like and appreciate my work :) Thanks, girls!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Angels Called Home Too Soon

Wow. I just found out that some acquaintance/friends of ours from Chicago were murdered in their home Sunday night. I haven't had that many people I know die. My grandpa died of lung cancer a few years back. A little boy that I used to babysit from the time he was 4 got hit by a car and died when he was 14. Not many others are coming to mind, though. Not many that I knew and associated with.

Brian and Angela used to come to our house and play D&D (I know, I'm a dork - but Brian was a FANTASTIC Dungeon Master - LOL) every month or so for a while. They really were nice people. My friend from Chicago sent me the news link about it, but they don't really know any details yet. I brought them dinner when they had their baby. (He must be 2 by now) Wow, I'm still just trying to process this. After we moved from Chicago, we didn't keep up with them, but I still counted them as friends. So sorry if my post isn't as fun loving as normal :(

Somehow talking about going grocery shopping and cleaning the house, and Jacob having a friend over to visit, and watching the season finale of "The Bachelor" (twists and all) just doesn't seem too important. Sigh. (I really didn't see that one coming, though - Jason and Melissa, then Jason and Molly)

This WordArt request is from Judy, who lost a dear friend in a car accident not too long ago, and wanted to know if I'd make up this saying into a WordArt. I figured it would be appropriate, after the news I got last night.

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Angels - AL Fantasy Type
All rest - AL Modern Type

Monday, March 2, 2009


Well, yesterday we made it to Stake Conference. It was a satellite conference of 73 stakes. We learned some pretty great stuff, for the 1/2 we got to see. See, we thought it started at 1o. Nope, it started at 9. So, we missed 1/2. We'll get it figured out next time - hehehe. We were trying :)

On the way home, Captain America drove us over to the "Tram" station, where they had a run last week. OMGosh it was steep. Glad it was him and not me - LOL! Anyway, the road was a bit windy, and I was getting car sick, so I took a few generic dramamine. Yep, I have a whole MEDICINE cabinet in the truck. Seriously. It's kinda humerous. I have tylenol, advil, motion sickness drugs, stay awake drugs, peptobismol, and childrens tylenol. The Boy Scout motto IS "Be Prepared", you know - hehehe.

So, by the time I got home, I wasn't motion sick at all, BUT I was so drowsy, I was of no use to anyone. I did my best to make some lunch for Captain America and I, and cooked some Mac N Cheese for the kids, and headed upstairs to bed. I slept from 12:30 to 4. Seriously. I was wiped out. This coming from someone who can't nap during the day. It was awesome :) hehehe.

The rest of the day was nice and relaxing. We had a little family council in the evening, and talked about getting more serious with our family prayers and scripture study. We talked about our daily routine, and keeping the house more clean. We talked about respecting parents, and how to treat each other. It was a pretty good meeting, and well received, I think.

So anyone else amazed that it's MARCH already??? How did that happen? Seems like just yesterday it was Christmas. Holy cow, time does fly :)

And, I just wanted to say THANKS to all of you who took advantage of my sale this past weekend. I'm over my quota (yeah!!)!! And for that one anonymous poster who said that I was a loser for asking for sales, well, maybe I am a loser. I've never pretended to be anyone but who I am - hehehe. I actually found it quite comical that someone would take the time to come to my blog, read my post, (maybe grab a freebee or two) and call me a loser. LMBO! So, loser I may be, but I'm a nice one. And a happy one :) And nice and happy and important in my book :)

Cheri found this quote for me - isn't it great?? I just LOVE it :) I don't want my soul to be wrinkled - hehehe. Wrinkles aren't good - LMBO!

So, click on the image below to go to my mediafire account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!

OR, click HERE to go to my keepandshare account to download the PNG file.

Enthusiasm - Calvin and Hobbes

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Look how close I was to Mexico yesterday!!! That's the boarder fence. The fence was at least 20 feet high, and on our side, there was a massive electric fence to boot. Major security. No one's getting past that puppy :) It's the closest to a foreign county I've ever been :)

Jacob had an Orchestra Solo Contest yesterday. His bus left from his school at 11am. The family followed at about 12:30, getting to the school at about 1pm. He was supposed to play sometime between 1 and 2, but we'd left the paper with the room number in the truck, so for the next 30 minutes, we wandered around, trying to find out where he was playing.

It was a MADHOUSE! There were hundreds of teachers and students and instruments ALL over the school. And it was a BIG school. Every classroom, auditorium, gymnasium, and cafeteria was being used. Goodness! My little kids just followed in tow with eyes wide open.

We finally found a place that the students were listed, which told us who the judge was. WAY across the school, there was a poster that told us there the judges' rooms were. We treked it over there, and found out where Jacob was. Captain America peeked his head into the room where Jacob was supposed to be, and we'd missed him playing by 20 seconds. Darn!

So, we turned around, and headed back home. While I was sad tht I didn't get to see Jacob play, I know that it counted as something to him that we tried. I could see it in his face that he was pleased that we were there. He later told me that it meant a lot to him that we tried to come and watch him play. OK, so the day wasn't a total bust :)

And we DID get to be close to a foreign county. THAT was pretty cool. We got home around 2, and Jacob got home around 4. He'd won a metal!!! He was SO excited. He said that all of the kids in his orchestra did fabulous, and brough home good score. Way to go, Jacob!!!

And, if you wanna hear my kid play the cello, click here. It's only 46 seconds.

Also yesterday, my photoshop was possessed for about 2 hours. Really. It wasn't fun at all. It decided that it coudln't write PNG files. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? I use PNG files (and make them) every day. And it decides it doesn't know what I'm talking about. I was almost to tears.

I un-installed and re-installed photoshop, but it still didn't work. 2 hours later, I open the file I'm working on, and drag and drop each layer into a new document, and viola, it works again. I went on to make 2 new WordArt packs after that. Weirdest thing I've ever seen. What was up with that??? I'm going with 'possessed'.

I'm kinda liking doing the "faithbooking" WordArts for Sunday. Puts me in the right mood/mind set for the Sabbath :) This request came from Teresa...um... I'm embarrassed to say it, but from back in October. Girl, sorry about the wait :) Um, unless I've already made this WordArt, and this is a repeat, which is always a possibility - LMBO! Anyway, here it is. Hope you all like it. It's made with a new Alpha I worked on last night. If you look closely, it's an Iron Alpha. Kinda fun :) I MAY be giving it away as a freebee one of these days in the not to far away future :)

Click HERE to go to my mediafire account to download the PNG file.