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Saturday, February 19, 2011

You're On Fire

Hey, my friend! Welcome to the weekend!!! How was your Friday? Mine? Pretty good :) I really think that I pushed it too hard yesterday, because I woke up just EXHAUSTED! After getting the kids on the bus, I texted Kari and told her that I wasn't gonna go swimming. I was pooped. And I figured that if I'm still recovering, another day of exercise was just gonna prolong the recovery process. Right? At least, that's what I was telling myself.

Anyhow, my plan was to go back to sleep, but Captain America Skyped me. And I chatted with him for a few minutes. He said that he was gonna go exercise, then be home around 10am my time. So that left me time to grocery shop! Yes! Kind of! hehe.

And I ended up NOT going to the grocery store. I just kinda hung out on the couch with Jim. And designed for a bit. See, that's taking it easy, right? And then it was 10am, and I got on Skype with Captain America. And Skype wasn't working so hot. We kept getting disconnected, and I was SO not happy with it... I think it's because it was his Friday night, and all the guys were online.... So the server was bogged. OR something like that.

Anyhow, I let Jake chat with Captain America while I got Jim ready for the bus, and then came back and talked with Captain America some more. And around 11:30am, we said bye, and I brought my promblem to Jake. See, my mom had bought us a Video Phone, and it was scheduled to be delivered today. And needed a signature. But, I'd promised Jake that tomorrow (which was now today) I'd take him to the hospital for X-Rays. For some reason, he thinks that it's gonna be fun.... ha!

So I put it in his court. What do we do? Wait for the package and go to the doctor on Monday, or leave a note on the door and hope the FedEx guy leaves the package. He wanted to go, so we went.

And we stopped at the shoppette hospital cafeteria place, and had lunch first. My FAVORITE salad in all the world :) hehe.

Lettuce, spinach, cranberries, slivered almonds, Mandarin oranges, and chicken. Doesn't even need a dressing!

And Jake got a hamburger, a corn on the cob, and he ate my croutons. Odd lunch, I know, but I let him pick out what he wanted...
And then we made our way to the 3rd floor, found the Radiology department, signed in, and sat. And sat. And waited for about 30 minutes. I had enough juice in my laptop to design 1 WordArt pack, and then it died. So I read a little of my book, and checked Facebook, and gmail. And he just kinda sat somewhat nicely.

And then it was our turn, and he wanted me to come wit him, so we all headed back to the room.

And I stood behind the leaded wall, so that I didn't get radiation. Jake was like, how come you have to stay back here? And I said, so I don't get radiation. And he was like, Well I"M over here, aren't I gonna get it! hehe. So we had the talk about risk vs. benefits. hehe. I thought it was kinda funny.

And I just had to share my funny outfit. I was wearing my new red and white shirt today, with the CUTE white sweater thingy, but it was too hot, so it got shed. Anyway, check out my nifty Easter socks with flip flops. Yeah, I've got some wicked fashion sense!

The made Jake stand like Frankenstein for his X-Rays. hehe
And then they X-Rayed his finger. Because we think that he broke it in the fall of '08 when he played Football. Or something like that. But he can now do this to his finger. And it's kinda nasty looking...

Gross, huh? Anyway, after the X-Rays, we loaded back up in the car, and still had an hour before the bus. So we headed to Wal-Mart. I was kicking around the idea of buying the 3 big kids a Netbook for their birthdays with Tax Return money, and giving it to them now. And I found some online at Walmart for only $248. Sure the specs aren't terrific, but they weren't altogether horrible either. 1 GB of ram and 250 GB hard drive. Good enough for most stuff the kids would be doing. Won't power any great games, but that's ok.

So I found the same one in the store as online, but only in Red. Captain America wanted one too, but he wanted gray. So I bought one, to see if it was worth it or not. So this one would be Jacob's. And yeah, he was ECSTATIC!
We got back onto post JUST in time to grab Jim from the bus, and headed home. And I helped Jake set his computer up. Install Avast Antivirus (the free on that we LOVE) and get rid of Norton/McCaffee, and install a few programs (and Firefox!). And then he was ready to go.

And around that same time, the FedEx guy came! PERFECT timing! So we got our phone, and I hooked it up. And didn't know anyone's phone number, so couldn't do anything with it hehe.

After the kids all go home from school, I tasked them with doing their chores, and I headed out to Big Lots to look for a laptop case for Jake. Because I knew it wasn't safe without one - ha! But, alas, Big Lots didn't have an mini laptop cases. Crap! I could have sworn they did.

But KMart is right next door, so I headed over there. And they had a few to choose from. But they were $15 a piece! Dang, that's spendy! But I figured that it was worth not breaking the laptop, right? So I picked one up, and got a new dog brush for Boxer. He's been shedding a lot lately. Any suggestions for that? Just brush him more?

And then I headed home, and it was 4:45pm. And my mom was home from work, and called to help me get the Video Phone all hooked up. And after a few minutes, we got it working. And the kids chatted with her while I took a shower. And got ready. And then I chatted for a few minutes, and then Terra was here to pick me up for Girls Night Out! YES!

I gave Jake directions on dinner and electronics and what not, and off I went to enjoy some Japanese food with my friends. Never had Japanese food before! And it was at a Teppan Grill, where they cook it RIGHT in front of you. I was STOKED!

Terra and I waiting in the lobby of the place

We were waiting for all 7-8 of the girls to show before we were seated, and the waiting area was pretty small. And people kept coming in and coming in. At one point, this HUGE group of Asian businessmen came in, and it was SO crowded I got pushed back into the decorations. hehe.

And then everyone but Maggie was there, so we were seated. And she called a few minutes later, saying we was helplessly lost, and was giving up and going home. Awe, I'm SO sorry, hon :( I felt bad that she'd given up, and wasn't gonna come. Next time, my dear, you're riding with us!!!

Here's my Diet Not Dr Pepper....(Because there's only 2 kinds of soda, Diet Dr Pepper, and NOT Diet Dr Pepper...)
See how happy I am to be out with grownups???
Laurie and I

I had a little bit of Sticker Shock, I must admit, when I saw the prices. I was figuring paying around $20, including tip. Yeah, the meals STARTED at around $19.... Sigh. Oh well, I don't usually go to these types of places. So, since the chicken was $20, and the steak and shrimp was $23, I decided to go with what I really liked. The steak and shrimp. Yes!

I thought the plates were pretty :)
Not Diet Dr Pepper #1
Here's Amanda, Alena, and Tera. New friends!!! Amanda lives over by Terra, and Tera lives between me and Laurie! How cool is that! And Alena lives on Col Row, a few blocks away. So we're all pretty close together :)

The girls on the end were having some wine, and Laurie wanted her water in a Wine glass. hehe. So the waitress brought her one, and she and I posed with our fake Wine. hehe.

NOT Diet Dr Pepper #2
Amanda spent who knows how much money on Sushi (hehe), and shared. I'd NEVER in my life had Sushi, so I tried a piece. This is mildly spicy tuna sushi. And it was really pretty good!

And then we had soup. This was a tofu and seaweed soup. And it was SO tasty!
NOT Diet Dr Pepper #3
And then the dude came out with our dinner. And prepared it RIGHT before our eyes. First, he heated up the grill, poured on some oil, and LIT IT ON FIRE! It was pretty impressive! I failed to get a picture of it, though... But dang, was it ever HOT!
He was doing these super cool tricks with the spatulas and

And then he cracked both of the eggs, and scrambled them, and added a TON of rice to the grill.
And added some veggies. And an onion. And separated the layers, and made a little volcano looking thing out of the onion. And poured a bunch of, now that I think about it, probably alcohol inside of it, and set it on fire! It was QUITE impressive!

Look at the looks on Laurie and my face! We're in TOTALLY amazement at what's being prepared before our eyes. Yeah, no one else found it QUITE as enthralling as us - hehe.

And he cooked up the rice, and the veggies, and dished it out on all of our plates.
And then brought out the meats. Shrimps and scallops, and chicken. And my beef, but it would be cooked later (rare, you know...) My shrimps were pretty tasty!
Not Diet Dr Pepper #4

It was a SUPER tasty dinner! I ate mine with chop sticks, and managed to get every single grain of rice and scrap of food off of my plate. hehe. Others were taking home boxes, but not me! I don't usually eat ie, so I was gonna take advantage of it! ha!

And the bill was SO big - hehe. Luckily, they gave us a military discount. It came out to just under $30. Still, that's a VERY expensive dinner for me, you guys. I'm not use to dropping that kind of money for something that's just food...
We chatted for a bit longer, then headed outside. But first, pit stop for the girl with the 4 Not Diet Dr Peppers to the restroom - ha!
And we must have chatted outside for another 30 minutes. It was great fun! I really liked the girls, and was excited to have more friends and neighbors in the neighborhood! I told them all about Savers and my crafty projects, and invited them to the activities we're having. Big groups are always fun, you know ;)

And then we all headed home. Terra dropped off Alena first, then me. And yeah, my kids were all still up, but they were happy. They were playing games. So I kicked them all off of games, and got everyone ready for bed. And they said that Grandma wanted me to call her when I got home. But first, I snapped a few pictures of myself for Captain America :)

And then we called Grandma on the Video Phone. Pretty cool, huh? We just hooked it up to our router, and it worked just fine :) See, that's my mom! And we chatted with my Dad too! Fun to see you guys!

Do any of you guys have an ACN phone? If so, and you wanna chat, email me! hehe :) Cause my phone is an extension of my moms, and I can only use it with other ACN customers. LOL :)

Soon we tied up with my parents call, and put the little kids to bed, and let them watch a movie in their room, and Jake and Tom and I watched an episode of Chuck . Then they went to bed too. And I sat down to blog. And then I noticed that Jake had just signed into Skype. Well, his computer did it automatically, anyway, when he opened it up. So I Skype called him to tell him to turn off the computer, bring me the laptop, and go to bed. Isn't that funny - hehe :) What a crazy digital age we live in.

I told him that it wasn't safe for teens to have laptops in their bedrooms. He didn't quite get where I was going with it, but I didn't care. No laptops, at night, in your room. Period..

And I blogged. And added pictures. And blogged some more. And now I'm SUPER tired. And I didn't design a freebie yet, so I couldn't get it to Sharon. And it's almost 1am. And I' sleepy. And I still need to design something. So don't blame me if there's a typo. You know how I am when I design after midnight... ha!

Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work (I must be getting tired, but I totally wrote "If you wanna...." I wonder what I was gonna put in there - ha!)