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Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Day 11: Miracles

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Hey there you guys! So I woke up this morning, and after getting kids off to the bus (well, the youngest 4 anyway), I started designing. I was frustrated with Jake. More like over the last 4 days of trying to wake him up. More like over the past few weeks of trying to wake him. I was tired of trying.

So when CPT got home from PT, I was glad for the help. He wasn't so happy getting roped into helping, but I was happy for the help, none the less. But the stress of it wasn't good for me, which led to had headache. Sigh. So, after Jake went to the bus 5 minutes after waking up, and after CPT went to work, I designed my 5 Wordart packs with a developing migraine, then took a bunch of meds, and laid down.

My goal was for my migraine to go away by 11:30, so that I could go to dance lessons with the girls. They had had a bunch of fun last week, and I'd missed it. And I SO wanted to go this week. And yeah, when 11:30 rolled around, I did feel a bit better. Good enough to go out, at least.

And CPT and I had texted, and we felt better about the situation from the morning. See, from that seminar over the weekend, we'd learned that we are from different "countries". CPT is from the country of Perfect and the country of Control. Nice... And he has dual citizenship. Double great. I'm from the country of fun. And a little bit of Peace. And each country has a National vehicle. Well, this morning, I was using my national vehicle of Peace country. The Gondola. Slow mode. Peacefully sitting on the couch. Composing my thoughts for the day. Getting ready to design.

Anyway, CPT's national vehicle is a combo of a bulldozer and a train! Can you imagine what he did to my poor gondola! LOL. Needless to say, that's where the contention came from. Anyway, that's what had happened.

Julia came and picked me up, and me and her and Kari and Kim and Jenny went to dance lessons. It was on the West side, at a little dance studio. $7 for an hours worth of small private lessons in Salsa. I sucked, but it was ok :) Those mirrors were brutal - LOL.

After dancing, we were STARVING, and we all went to lunch at Chipotle. It was DELICIOUS! I absolutely loved it. I'd never eaten there before. I got the burrito with some kind of meat. Beef, and a sauce of sorts. With pintos and cheese and sour cream and cheese and mild salsa and OMGosh it was divine! I'm going back, and bringing CPT with me!!!

After lunch, Julia dropped us all off. And on my doorstep was my Miche new releases! Oh yeah! And the new purple animal prints are SO PRETTY!! And I'm not even crazy about purple! I absolutely love them! And the Skylar for the Petite. Super cute! It looks furry in the photo, but it's faux leather. But you'd swear that it's furry! So all of the style of fur, but none of the hassle of keeping it clean! Score!

CPT was home a few minutes before Tom got off the bus. Then it was time to go and pick up the little kids from the bus. I stayed and chatted with Kari, and soon CPT came and joined us. He got a call from some of his soldiers who wanted him to come and visit them at Buffalo Wild wings on post. They'd just been promoted, and they wanted him to come and celebrate with them. Awe, they like him!!!

We chatted a bit longer, then headed home. I started loading my store, and the kids did chores. And Jake was in a mood. I think he may have missed a dose or two of meds. I can always tell. Soon, CPT got home from the "party", and I was so glad. I was at my witts end. And I convinced him to take Jake to Hockey practice with him and Joe.

So it's now almost 6pm. CPT and Jake and Joe are off to the hockey rink. Tom and Jim and Eme and I are watching Psych. I'm done blogging and loading the store. No school tomorrow for Easter Break. And I think I need a LONG nights sleep. Oh yeah.

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Day 10: Belief

Hey girlies! Busy busy day today :) I was SO sleepy when I woke up, that after I got the elementary kids and Tom off to the bus, that Jake and I went back to sleep. Cause he had therapy at 9am, and there was no reason to hustle. I could sleep in till 7:45am and still get ready. Worked for me :)

CPT got home JUST as my alarm went off. We got ready and chatted, and then both headed out. Jake and I went to his therapy. The session went very well. I dropped him off at school, then drove over to the West side for couples therapy. I was about 40 minutes early, so I designed. Unfortunately, my computer was freaking out, so by the time I restarted it, I only had time to design one pack. Still, that's one pack more than I had earlier in the day, right?

Soon, CPT got there, and we had our session. And it was another good one. After the session, we went to a QUICK lunch at Wendys. I said quick, right? hehe. He headed back to post by 1pm, and I met Kim at Dollar Tree. I needed to work on Easter Baskets. Its quickly approaching, you know. Cause the Easter Bunny comes on Friday night/Saturday morning in the Harty Household. No sugar rush on Sunday morning here. LOL.

Anyway, we grabbed a few things, then headed to Walmart. And I got the rest of the stuff for Easter. My baskets were gonna be cool :) We both paid (her in the quick check out, and me in the slow boat to China lane) and headed home. She had to go earlier, because her kids get out of school earlier.

I headed back home, and Tom and I assembled the Easter baskets. They really did look pretty good. And then it was time for the bus stop. I stayed and chatted with Kari and Julia for quite some time, then back home. And I made Chocolate Almond Cheesecake Brownie bites. O...M....Gosh. They looked awesome!

Jake was at the Youth Center, and CPT was in charge of picking him up. And in charge of scouts. And I was going to my Miche meeting in Las Cruces! I was SOOOO excited. It was such a good time last month! And we get to color this month :)

Anyway, I got Tom situated with the kids, and directions, and the phone, and junk, then I headed out at 4:45 ish. It was a good drive. I took Anthony Gap to Las Cruces, and avoided all of the El Paso rush hour. Oh yeah, I rock! I was afraid that I'd miss it somehow, and get lost, but I did it JUST right. I was proud of myself!

I got there about 15 minutes early, and got to visit with everyone as they came. It was a great meeting :) Those girls are so much fun. We had our sales meeting, and colored our shells, and had our refreshments, and had our drawing. I won 2 magnetic key finders, and a Hope Charmer, and a coin purse. I was very very pleased!!!

Barbara and I and her daughter ended up chatting outside after the meeting for a bit, and then I headed home around 9pm. And I was SO sleepy. I turned up the music, crappy though it was, and drove. And drove. And drove. And my ears felt like they were bleeding by the time I got home. CPT was helping Tom with a homework project. I started blogging, and Tom went to bed, and CPT started ironing, then got ready for work. It's now 10:54pm, and I'm beat. *yawns*

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Day 9: Resurrection

Whirlwind version tonight :) Got the kids to school, and felt lazy. But I did manage to shower and get ready this morning :) Then I went to Fallas around 10am. Just to look around. And I found a dress/shirt that matched with my tiger/leopard shell for my prima shell for Miche. So I got it. And another product suitcase. And some socks for the little boys. Then back home.

I had lunch at home with CPT, then I watched some TV. Yeah, that was about it for the afternoon. At around 2:30, CPT texted and asked if I wanted to go to the TX parks office with him to ask them some questions about an upcoming something or another army day with him. Sure, field trip sounded like fun. We stopped for a Happy Hour Sonic run on the way home.

Tom had collected kids from the bus, and I hung with my kids and friends at the Park once CPT dropped me off back at home. Eme had piano lessons with Jenny at 4:30, and I was home by 5:30pm. We had dinner at 6pm (crock pot beans and rice with biscuits), then CPT and Jake and I went to Verizon to upgrade the home phone line. Couldn't leave Jake at home. He was being a bit aggressive.

Jake sat in the truck, and we looked at phones. We didn't want internet on it. And we wanted something that was easy to text with. We ended up getting the LG Cosmos 2, or something like that. It was free after rebate. And I got a $10 pink case for it! My boys will LOVE it! ROFL! I wanted the to KNOW that it wasn't their phone! It's the house phone. You hear that JAKE... It's not your phone. You too, Tom! ROFL!

Then we headed home. Of course, it was the first thing that both Jake and Tom said... Why is it pink? I'm just mean, I think. I thought it was freakin' hilarious. Poor Verizon man. He thought I was SO mean. He really didn't think that I would do it. He really didn't... Oh yeah, I sure showed him!

We put the kids to bed, and I started blogging while CPT read the little boys a story. I'm gonna watch an episode of Grimm while CPT does his bedtime routine. He's got QUITE the extensive bedtime routine - LOL :)

So, night, y'all! See ya in the morning!

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Day 8: Gift

Well, back to reality today :) I got up and got the kids ready for school like normal. Then, since it was Monday, it was off to Savers! Woohoo! CPT wanted me to fill up the Suburban so that we could track gas mileage. So, before it was driven anywhere, it needed filled up. So, of course, in an ultimate show of laziness, I took the Saturn today - ROFL!

Kim and I headed to Savers, and got there a little late, but what the heck, we were still there :) We met Kari there, and shopped our hearts out. I got a few things for Eme, and tried on Ball Gowns. I had one at home for $0.99, but I wanted to see if I could find a prettier one. And I did!!! It's a bit snug, so I need to be careful about what I eat from now till Friday, but it's pretty. It's a seafoam color, and gorgeous! And Kari had a 30% off coupon that she wasn't using, so I ended up getting it for only $14. Not too bad, for a formal, right? Not $0.99, but it was a lot nicer than that one, too...

I also found a few pairs of super cute shoes. We paid, Kari left, then Kim and I headed to Walmart. I had a few things on my list that I had to get. We were there for about an hour and a half, then we paid, and we headed back home. We were home by around 12:30pm. Not too bad for a morning of shopping. CPT was home for lunch when I got home, so I got to see him for a few minutes, even.

I spent the rest of the afternoon working on invitations to Kim's Miche party and Leigh's Miche party. Then sent them to Walgreens to be printed. Then it was time for the bus. Yup, it took the rest of the afternoon. But they looked really good. My Miche order with the Silver/Pewter rope handles came in, too! I think they are sold out on the website now. So, if you want a pair, I have some. You can buy them them me :)

Then, I went to pick up the kids from the bus. I stayed and chatted with Julia and Kari in Julia's van for about 20 extra minutes. Silly, because we totally see each other at the pool. hehe. Well, not Julia, I guess. Because her kids have Karate. Anyway, we eventually all headed home, and got our kids changed for the pool. And out we went.

And we were at the pool FOR-EVER!!! I was waiting for CPT to text and say that he was on his way home, and he forgot to text and say that he was on his way home, and just came home, and apparently it was peaceful and quiet, because he just stayed home and did whatever. LOL. Miscommunication. I think we were at the pool until around 6:30 or 6:45pm. Jenny and Kari and Erin and I. We had fun and the kids had a BLAST.

We eventually went home, and the kids had nachos for dinner. Then CPT and I went to Big Lots for a new alarm clock for him. And, of course, we found a bunch of other "junk". We did find some new fun books for the kids. Walter the Farting Dog was my favorite!

Then a quick trip to Walgreens to pick up my prints, and back home. We read the book to the kids, put them to bed, helped Tom with his homework, I blogged, and CPT is getting ready to do his ironing. Yeah, busy and full day. And I'm sure tomorrow will be more of the same. hehe :) Although, I did buy a 7 oz bag of Prunes at Big Lots tonight, and I've seemed to have eaten them ALL GONE! So maybe my plan will involve staying near a restroom...

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter Day 7: Faith

Today really was a great day, but I don't have time to blog right now. I'll come black and blog in a little bit on Sunday. Look for it, ok. And I'll add the rest of the Easter info :) K, guys :)

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