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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy As A Clam

So I got to sleep in this morning. And yeah, I was a little bummed about it. hehe. Cause I wanted to go Black Friday shopping. 2 years ago, I went with Andrea. And last year, Captain America was gonna go with me, but I got a migraine. But he was totally gonna go. He'd even napped on Thanksgiving so he'd be ready. What a trooper, right?

Anyway, I woke up at almost 10am. And posted something on Facebook about wishing that I could go shopping. And Kim responded, and said that she'd go with me! Oh yeah, a shopping buddy!!! But she "bad mouthed" me into showering for the day. How rude, right? hehe. Actually what she said was that she was stinky and that she wanted to shower. Peer pressure at it's worst.... LMBO!

I got up, and started to get ready for the day. And yeah, it was about time for a shower. hehe.

And I decided to take a picture of the kids, too. Here's Tom.
And Joe. He's a squirmy one. Doesn't like to sit still for pictures. hehe.
And Jim!
Eme's such a cutie :)
Me by the tree!
And boxer. Jake had spent the night at Justin's house.
I left Tom with directions on what to do (and what not to do), and Kim came to pick me up. And out we headed. It was about 11am. We decided to hit Walmart first, and see if they had any deals yet. And see all of the crazy busy crowds. Cause that's always fun to do.

Nope, no crowds! It's wasn't that packed! We were somewhat disappointed :( hehe. We got an up front parking spot, even! Kim's handicapped sticker helped. LOL! Her broken back has it's perks. (did I say that outloud???)

We headed inside, got a cart, and started looking around :) And you know me, I always find the BEST stuff at Wally World... hehe :)

Kim does too!
There weren't really too many good deals at Walmart this late in the day, so we just got a few things. They did have the fake Scentsy things for $9, and they included 2 bars. That's not bad! I got 2. hehe. We got some popcorn shrimp from the deli, a Diet Mt Dew, paid at the express isle, and headed out. On to the Mall! Heaven help me! I'm SO not a mall person!!!

Kim had some gift cards for Macy's, so that was our first stop. $100, in fact! Pretty cool. Of course, that doesn't really go very far. hehe. But they did have some good sales, I guess. It's not Saver's $0.99 or anything, but still. It was ok, I guess...

We looked around, and found some clearance racks. And some funky mannequins. Like this one. Really? They have nipples? Are you kidding me???

And this scarf? Sure, it's pretty cool. I like the sequins. But is it really 40 times better? I paid $1 for my scarf, and the other ones is $40. Yeah, not so much...
And whose idea was this. Lets staple a slipper to the mannequin... Great idea...

Kim got a few clearance things, and some sweet deals on sweaters. Some SUPER cute ones! I got a few $5 tops, and we paid, and were out of there. We walked around for a bit, and found out that they'd opened a Jewelry Box back up there! We found a few things, then headed upstairs to Hot Topic! And got a scratch off coupon for 20% off! Oh yeah!!!

Check out this hat that we found! hehe :)
Kim tried on the pink and teal one hanging wall. Super cute!
I tried on the brown one, and yeah, it was LOVE at first sight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I tried on the purple one too, but it wasn't doing much for me.
Kim ended up getting a sock monkey hat, and I ended up getting the brown furry hat with the horns. LOL! Who knew that I'd end up with a "Look at me" hat!

We paid ($17.50), and headed to Marble Slab for some Ice Cream. I'd never been, and Kim wanted to share! She said it was like Cold Stone. Bring it on!

Check out the Santa's Village area! Super cool from up above!
White chocolate raspberry goodness!

We headed to the car, and drove on over to the Dollar Tree. To one on George Dieter. A new one that I'd never been to before! Gotta love that. hehe. We walked around forever! And when I'd gone down almost the last isle, I checked a message from Brent, and he wanted me to send him something, so I took a 2nd sweep through the store to get a few things for his package. ha!

We paid, and headed out, and then decided that we needed to put on our cool new hats! We'd totally forgotten about them! We could have been wearing them the whole time! ha!

I tried to get in the car, and my horns totally hit the roof! So Kim opened the sunroof! Much better! ROFL!

Even the tassles were hairy!
Next stop, Fallas. They had some fun stuff there too. We weren't sure what this was... Looked like funky pants.... We finally decided it was a jacket of sorts...
People liked my hat. They kept asking where it was from. One lady asked if it was mine. hehe. Um, yeah. LOL! I'm not wearing a strangers hat!

Kim! Where'd ya go???
This was SUPER cute, but really? Chest fur????
We paid, and headed out to the car. Check out our shadows!!!!!
On the way home, we went to Weinerscnitzel (or however you spell that), and got some corn dogs and chili dogs for the kids, then headed home. And had the kids meet us at the park. It was getting dark, and was windy. And chilly. So we didn't stay long. But the kids ran around and ate and blew off some steam. They were cooped up for quite a while today. But mine had had fun playing on electrons and watching TV. Especailly since yesterday was spent cooking and cleaning the house. hehe.

It says that it wasn't that cold but I SWEAR it was colder with the wind chill! Like 35-45 or so!
We were only at the park for about 20 minutes. Until we froze too much, then gathered the kids, and headed home. Kim dropped my stuff off at my house, then she headed home. I put all my stuff away, and the kids and I cleaned up the mess that they'd made while I was gone.

We watched some cartoons, then some Christmas shows. I blogged, and the kids played on the computer. Joe spent the night at Kim's house, and Jake did his homework from the week or so he was at the hospital. Not all the classes had a ton of homework, so it only took him a couple of hours.

And yeah, I'm ready for school to start again. The kids are getting a bit stir crazy. At the moment, everyone is getting along. But fights have been breaking out. hehe. You moms of boys, and of teen-ish boys, you totally know what I'm talking about. That Christmas song that talks about "Mom and Dad can hardly wait for school to start again" is SO true in my case!!! LOL :)

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LOL, what a cute smile!!! Sweet layout, Sharon, my dear!!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Eye Candy

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Hey guys! So I woke up this morning around 8 or 9am, and started getting ready for Thanksgiving. We'd decided to have dinner at 4pm, and yeah, I realized that we usually have dinner at 1pm. Cause it's hard to keep kids good until 4pm. ha! And hard to keep the house clean until then. ROFL!

Around 10am, Captain America was on Skype, and we got to talk for quite a long time! And the kids too! It was great!!!
I put the turkey in the roaster oven, and made a few pudding pies while the kids were skyping with their dad, and got to skype too. On and off for about 4 hours. So we DID get to spend Thanksgiving morning with Dad!!!! See, things do work out - hehe ;)

After we were done with the computer, we had 2 hours to finish off Thanksgiving dinner. It was 2pm, and we told Kari's family 4pm. So I went into rush mode. I had the kids help me peel potatoes. Who knew that I had 6 potato peelers. We all split up the bag of potatoes, and started peeling. It went fast when we all worked together.

I made a green bean casserole, and got my cheesecake out. It looked fabulous. I made stuffing, and heated up the rolls, got the cranberry sauce ready, and all the while, having the kids keep the house clean. I'm not sure who we did it. hehe. And I replaced the scentsy in the house with a clean scent. So the house smelled clean. ROF!L If all else fails, fake clean smell works, right? hehe.

Luckily, Kari's family was running late. Because it was taking me longer to cook than I'd hoped. Because of the extra long Skype session. They were about an hour late, and it worked out great for me.

We had dinner around 5pm, and the kids were STARVING. hehe. Kari and family brought all of the same foods, so that they'd have the same leftovers at their house, and yeah, we could have fed 5 families. Oh well. It was a fun time! hehe :)

Here's my turkey on my fish platter. ROFL!

My dinner plate
My dessert plate
The grown up table. Brian and Kari, and Tom and Jake and Justin, and then me.
Mmmm, pie!
Tom :)
The kid table

Our plates... Um, yeah, sale halloween plates.... hehe :)
After dinner and dessert, Kim texted and said that her in-laws had JUST left for Illinois. I said to come on over for Pie. So her and her kids walked on over, and had some pie with us. Brian eventually went home, and the kids all played nicely outside, and Kari and Kim and I chatted and watched some Myth Busters with Tom, and hung for about an hour. It was a nice relaxing Thanksgiving evening. I think we all had a good evening chatting and hanging.

And soon, we were all sleepying, and the kids were "ready" to go home. hehe. The loaded all up, and headed out. My kids watched a movie on Netflix, and I loaded my store. I debated going to Black Friday sales, but I had no one to go with. So nope, since I can't get any social time out of it, not gonna do it. I'll just sleep in. hehe. Andrea would have gone with me, but she's in North Carolina. Captain America would have gone with me, but he's deployed. Amanda would have gone with me, but she's in Arizona. So I'm by myself. So I'm sleeping in.....

It's now 10:24pm. I'm sleepy. All that turkey and pie is making my tired. Jake is spending the night over at Justin's house. Joe fell asleep on the floor. The other kids are watching Phineas and Ferb's movie. And I'm gonna turn this off and go to bed, I think. I'm sleepy :) Night, all! Hope your Thanksgiving was great!!!

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Nice whimsical layout, Sharon!!! Lovin' it, my dear :)