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Saturday, April 9, 2011

I Love

OK, so remember how I said I felt yesterday when I woke up? Yup, same today. Except I was out of my non-drowsy decongestant, so I took a regular one. And it made me EVEN more sleepy and groggy. Sigh. I did manage to get all of my kids out the door before the bus, though. But it was close. Aren't I lovely?

Here's me when I woke up after 10am. Well, I wasn't sleeping the whole time, but I was definitely resting. See, my spunk is back - LOL!
Jimmy had been watching a marathon of Phineas and Ferb, so he was well "taken care of", so I had a few minutes to put on a new layer of make up. Shower? Pffft! Who needs a shower! LOL :)

This is my "Quick! Pass the DDP" face. hehe :)

I got Jim to the bus at 11am, then headed over to Terra's house. Her kids were at Daycare, and Jim was at school. So it was just the 2 of us, KID FREE - hehe. What to do, what to do? We talked A LOT about the impending Government shutdown, and trolled Facebook for a while. Then decided to go to Walmart. I needed to get some painting supplies to send to Captain America.

So we drove over to the Transmountain Walmart, got the few things that we needed, and decided to go to lunch. El Taco Tote was RIGHT next door, BEGGING for us to come. So, we did! I got my Brochetta platter for 2, enough for me for lunch today, kids for dinner tonight, and me for lunch tomorrow. Works for me!

It came with 2 drinks (hence the "for 2").
One is Diet Coke, and one is Coke Zero. Yeah, I decided that I like Diet Coke better. Less sweet, or something.

We finished eating, then headed back to Terras house. And while on Hwy 54, we noticed this blue car coming up FAST on the onramp. And started spinning out of control!!! He spun at least 3 times, and the cars behind him had to slam on their brakes. And he FINALLY regained control, and floored it. He passed up going at least 90 mph... Sigh.

After some deep breaths (it may not have phased the dudes in the car, but the moms in THIS car didn't like it...), we headed back home. At Terra's house, we worked on some homemade T-Shirts for the girls. And yeah, totally butchered them. I'd used Iron On Transfer before, but this stuff that she bought wasn't like what I was used to. And we ended up ruining all 3 of them in the package. Hmpf! We'll have to buy some BETTER stuff and try again. Cause the graphics were SOOO stinkin' cute!

I headed to the bus stop to get Jim at 2:30pm, and we hung at the house for the rest of the afternoon. Jake and his friend Zach were going to the teen center after school, and Zach's mom was supposed to pick up the boys, because I was going out with the girls. Sounded like a plan.

Tom and Eme and Joe were home around 3:30pm, and I laid down on the couch and took a nap. Well, kind of took a nap. hehe. As much as you can with kids and a dog and the TV blaring. It was restful, to some extent.

I cooked dinner for the kids around 5pm. I took the leftover beans and rice and taco shells from lunch, and cooked them up with 2 lbs of ground turkey and some taco seasoning and some cheese. It kinda looked nasty, but the kids really liked it. El Taco Tote Casserole.... there ya go :)

Terra had texted to say that it was just her and I going for GNO tonight, and that we should skip dinner since we had eaten Tote for lunch, and just go to a movie. Worked for me :) We decided to go to the on-post theater (I haven't been there yet!) to see Arthur at 6:45pm. Sounds good to me!

I left Tom with directions, and headed out. Here's me in my car, driving to the movies :)

I totally had to take my contacts out today because of, Allergies, I'm assuming. What else could it be....

Anyway, here's the theater!

And the popcorn
And the Diet Coke (yeah, STILL no Diet Dr Pepper in my life....)
The movie was SUPER funny! I laughed and laughed and laughed SO hard! It was a good one :)

The only bad thing was that Tom started Skyping me about 2/3 of the way through the movie, saying that Zach's parents didn't know where the boys were. Hmmm, that was strange.

We finished up the movie, hit the bathrooms (with these COOL hand dryers), and headed out.
Zach's dad called, and was TOTALLY freaked out that he coudln't find the kids. I told him that they were on the Biggs field Teen Center. He didn't know about that one. Only the on post one. BIG miss communication. I headed over to the teen center, and he was on his way too.

I got there a few minutes before Zach's dad, and told him that his dad was SUPER mad. And yeah, he was. You know that "Holy crap, I can't believe I almost lost my kid" kinda mad? As a parent, we know it... And I could see it. But I think Zach was just feeling "in trouble".

I guess Zach's parents had gone to the youth center on main post, and they had no record of our kids checking in. So they called they called this youth center, and didn't have record of Zach signing in. Jake had signed in, but not Zach. And Zach's dad didn't remember Jakes name to think to ask. So they had told him that they didn't check in. So they panicked.

Zach's parents and I talked in the parking lot for a while, and I think his mom and dad were cooling down. They were pretty upset.

I made sure, after getting in the car with Jake, that he knew that he didn't do anything wrong. He didn't know that Zach's parents didn't know which center they were at. He'd followed the plan that we'd set up perfectly. He was where he was supposed to be. I just wanted to make sure that he knew that he wasn't in trouble. And we talked about why Zach's dad got so upset. I asked him if he knew, and he said he thought it was because he had to drive around looking for Zach. Nope. It was because he was WORRIED about Zach. Ohhhh, Jake said.

We got home, and Tom already had the little kids in bed. And I told Jake and Tom that if they cleaned up the house a tad bit, that we'd watch an episode of Chuck, even though it was already 9:30pm. But they were bickering too much, so I ended up just sending them to bed. And sat down to blog. It's now 10:36pm, and i'm done blogging. And I may watch a show, or read, or just sleep. Haven't decided yet :)

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Awe, precious little one! And I LOVE the clustering and colors, Sharon! Great layout!
Scraplifted from a layout by Jadelyn Alvarez

Friday, April 8, 2011

Be Our Guest

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Layout by Sharon

Layout by Sharon
Layout by Sharon

Layout by Sharon
OK, look at this face....
That's what I felt like when I woke up this morning. SO not good. Head hurt, pressure in my sinus. Yeah, SO not good. I tried to get up, but it wasn't happening. I left the door open to my room, and could hear kids getting ready. And then Jake came in at 6:55am, clearly having just woken up. Crap. His bus comes at 7:05am. He was darting around, and I heard the door shut at 7:03. I'm guessing he made it, since he never came back. Plus, he'd just realized that he'd left his backpack at the youth center the night before. Ooops...

Anyway, I conned Tom into bringing me a Howdys cup full of ice water, and an apple. And I took an Imitrex, an Excedrine migraine, and a decongestant. One of those things was bound to help. And I laid back down. Jim was with me, since he'd come in to snuggle at 6:30am when the other kids woke up.

At around 8am, I decided that I wasn't well enough to hike. The drugs weren't working fast enough. And, honestly, if I have to medicate myself, I probably shouldn't be exercising anyway, right? So I texted Kari to cancel, my friend Tammy, who was gonna come with us, had to cancel, I called the Main Post CDC where Jim goes to child care, an canceled my appointment, and turned on my neck massager, and went back to "sleep". And finally was able to get out of bed at 9:30am. And felt a lot better. Able to function. I had breakfast, and sat at the computer and designed for a few hours. I got 2 WordArt packs done, and a Store Project for SBG. Pretty productive morning.

At 10:50am, I threw on some slightly better clothes, got Jim in the car, and headed to the bus stop. And then headed over to the Northeast side. I was meeting my "New to Be" friend, Lesa, for lunch! McDonalds playland with her kids. I was excited to make a new friend!

She's pretty cool, too! About my age, and from Oregon too! We had fun chatting, and getting to know each other. Her kids were Jim's age, and then about 2 years younger than Jim. She has another in Kindergarten, or is it 1st grade... Anyway, we had a nice lunch. I brought my cheese sandwich from home, and ordered a big soda and 2 side salads.

Her little boy trying on my glasses. He was adorable! And he thought I was funny, so he can DEFINITELY be my friend...

They had to leave at 12:30ish to make it to a dentist appointment, and since Walmart was RIGHT across the street, I decided to go and look around. I texted Terra and Amanda to see if they needed anything, but they didn't. But Amanda said that her and Austin would come and keep me company. Sa-weet! So I shopped around for a little bit, then hung with Amanda at Walmart.

And for only needing Glueten free cereal and soy milk, yeah, I got WAY more than that... But things that we mostly needed...

Ever try the Sun Drop soda? I googled it, and it has more caffeine content that Mt Dew. OMHeavens.... So I got 2...

I headed home in time to get Jim from the bus, and sat back down at my computer for a bit. Then Jake came home from school, and then it was time for the rest of the kids to come home from school, and we were going to the ice rink.

And my headache was slightly starting to come back. But just barely... Jake asked if we could bring the neighbor kid, Zach (who he spent the night with the other night), and since I had 2 empty seats in the truck, I said ok.

Me and my diet Sun Drop. Not DDP by far, but not horrible... Better than Pepsi, that's for sure...

So off we went, down to the ice rink. Here's the kids playing with the Rhino... Nice, Tom...

That shorter boy standing by the kid in white (Jake) is Zach, the boy who is a little bit older than Jake... Wow, huh?

And by half way through the ice skating, my headache was definitely coming back. Ouch! Kari knows massage, so she rubbed my neck for me, since it was SO tight. I think it helped a little. Finally, skating was over (the kids had a BLAST this time), and we headed home. But first, we detoured over to the Teen Center for Jake to get his Backpack. And found out that it's opened till 9:00pm tomorrow. And that Zach's mom will pick them up. Sa-weet!

Anyway, headed back home, and I was dying. I had about enough energy to grab my pills, and lay down in bed. I left the door open, and told the kids that if they were quiet, and did their chores, they could play, and even have friends over. So the friends helped with chores, and everyone did whatever it was they were doing quietly. Before I knew it, an hour and a half had passed, kids had eaten Ramen for dinner (SO glad that I bought them as an afterthought today at Walmart when I was feeling good), and it was time to put the little kids to bed.

I came out of the room, and forced myself to eat dinner. Tuna sandwich. And about 30 minutes later, I was feeling MUCH better! Little kids were put to bed, and Jake and Tom and I watched Chuck. I loaded my store, and blogged. And here it is, almost 10pm, and my headache is mostly gone. I should probably just go to bed. I don't really feel like watching anything on Tv. Maybe I'll read. I bought the new book in "The Mortal INstruments" series by Cassandra Claire today (#4), and I should read that ... We'll see.

Tomorrow, I need to exercise in the morning (if I'm feeling good), and need to go grocery shopping. Then I'm hanging with Terra after I drop Jim off at the bus, and need to be back to get Jim at 2:30pm. And we're going out for Girls Night (I know, I do that a lot) to Applebees later that night, and maybe even a movie afterwords. Terra wants to see "Arthur". It looked pretty funny from the previews.

Anyway, that's all from me for now. Enjoy the weekend, everyone! Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work.

What a cute picture, Sharon!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Look How High I Can Fly

Hello, hello, hello! Hope today finds you all well! It was a good day for me. I got up, got kids ready and out the door on time, and to school. And went back to bed. Noticing a pattern, aren't you? hehe. I LOVE it!

I woke up in time to throw on some exercise like clothes (all my good ones were in the wash - yes, Captain America ,I'm still doing laundry....sporadically!), and apply a new layer of make up. hehe. I washed off the old layer, so it's all good. AND, back to my good choice, step up thing from yesterday, I was gonna turn on my music and sing as I put on my make up, but decided to listen to a church conference talk instead! And it was SO good.

It was from the Sunday afternoon session, and talked about the difference between Be and Do. VERY good. I liked it.

I grabbed breakfast, got Jim ready, grabbed a DDP, and headed out. Here's me, at the church, with my DDP :)

I had skipped Exercise group, and was meeting Tammy there for an Activity Days meeting. Well, I made it in time for a 15 minute P90X abs workout. Oh the joy...
I tried a little. I really did. But my monkey nub wasn't having anything to do with it, and my abs (or lack thereof) weren't having anything to do with it either. So I just ended up sitting on the mat, facebooking - ROFL!

Tammy and I met after, and planned out or Activity for tonight. We're learning about the Savior this month, so we thought that we'd have a celebration of his life. And a lesson about it, then decorate cupcakes. Mmmm, yummy! But not for me :)

And we finished up, and Jim and I headed out. And I had enough time for a Howdys run. And still enough time for a quick Dollar Tree run to get Jim a snack. Because I'm not paying convienene store prices for a snack.

Anyway, got there, grabbed a few things, and got in line. And waited. And waited. And waited. Yeah, we totally DID have time to make the bus, but not after that line... Hmpf!

So, I scrapped the idea of catching the bus, and took a different route, and dropped Jim off at the school. Did I tell you he's been pocketing his lunch money? I found him with $8 the other day. SO not cool! They're gonna stop giving him lunches, you know - hehe. So I gave him a $5 bill for school. And I dropped him off, and headed out to Yoga.

Kari usually drives, but since I had an appointment RIGHT after yoga, we took separate cars. And yeah, I totally found the $5 bill in the backseat. Grrr, JIM! And, once I got near post, I found Kari right in front of me! She didn't notice me for a while, but I was just glad that I wasn't gonna have to walk in late to Yoga. Power in numbers, right? hehe.

I turned my music up loud, sang, and drank my Howdys all the way to Yoga. It was great :) And I'm sure it was entertaining to the cars around me. I really get into it. Dancing, hand motions, oh yeah, I go all out. So, Aunt Sue, are you ready for a Road Trip with me? And my microphone? hehe :)

Yoga was very nice. We worked on Spine Stretches. VERY nice. And I'm starting to wonder if my monkey nub has something to do with my EXTRA SUPER tight hamstrings... Hmmmm. I'm pretty flexible everywhere else but there...

Anyhow, Kari and I left, making plans to meet at the park after school, and I hit the bathroom, then headed to the West side. And found a short cut of sorts, and chatted with my mom for a few minutes on the phone. But she was busy, so I just ended up turning up the volume on the iPhone, and singing. LOVE it!

Here's me waiting for my session at therapy :)

It was a pretty good session. We talked about my kids, and Jake, and church, and movies, and Captain Americaand I, and food issues, and exercise. Yeah, we talked about everything. About socialness, and how I was thinking about things. It was a good hour :)

And I loaded back up in the car, and headed back to post. I needed to get Jim in 30 minutes, and maybe get little Jacob too. If Maggie's Tom wasn't home from work in time, I was gonna grab him and take him to my house.

I chatted with my mom the whole way home, had about 15 minutes to let Boxer out of the kennel, then walked on over to the bus stop to get Jim and maybe little Jake. And there was a police officer checking us out across the street. Weird. Eventually, he got out of his car, and wandered over.

Apparently, he was checking out the bus drop off procedure. Cause, since their doing construction where the bus stop is, the bus stop moved to the MAIN road. Which, in my opinion, is dangerous. I told the dude that I thought that they should move the bus stop to the park. Yeah, that would TOTALLY make more sense from a safety point of view, and it wouldn't have the MAIN road traffic held up. We'll see if it goes anywhere...

I grabbed Jim off the bus, and little Jacob's dad was there, so we went home. I baked a box of cupcakes for tonight, and soon Joe and Eme and Tom were home. And we all went to the park to play. But they didn't all stay long. Jake had ridden the bus to the Teen Center.

Kari and Amanda and the other Tara were at the park, and we all chatted for about an hour or so. It was a nice time. Here's a picture of me and my Diet Dr Nasty. I'm out of DDP....

After the park, we headed home, and I had the kids do minimal chores, and I cooked dinner. I found a few chicken breasts in the freezer, and had defrosted them. So I cooked up some rice, and then cut up the chicken breasts, and browned them, then added 2 cans of cream of chicken soup and some garlic powder. And served the chicken stuff over the rice. And the kids actually liked it! Well, except Jim. He refused to eat anything. And Jake didn't like the rice when he eventually ate.

I cooked myself the last of the chicken breasts on the grill, and ate it as a sandwich. And had some veggies. See, making smart little food choices. Good for me!

And at 6:20pm, we all loaded up in the truck with everything we needed for tonight, and drove over to the youth center. I went in, and picked up Jake, and we headed over to the church. And everyone was in a decent mood. Thank heavens!

The boys went to their activities, and I got mine set up. And soon Tammy was there, and we started our lesson. We talked about how we celebrate someones life. Through birthdays, and things like that.

The funniest part was when Tammy started talking about Obituaries. Yeah, some of the girls hadn't every heard that word before, and thought it sounded like a bad work, and kept giggling every time she said it. LOL! Never thought of it like that before!

We had the girls write their Testimonies of Jesus Christ inside of their books, or on a piece of paper to tape inside of their books. Then, once done, we decorated cup cakes. It really was a good activity.

At one point, I went to see where the little boys had wandered off to, and found them in the hall, getting candy. hehe.

The girls working on the cupcakes
Working on her testimony

We had enough cupcakes for each girl to have two. And asked that they give one away to someone. So here's some of the girls giving cupcakes to the Missionaries :)

Joe and Jim were here for the whole lesson, but TOm and Jake came in at the end for the food. Yeah, they're smart kids...

All the girls and their cupcakes!
It was funny, because Tammy and I were both wearing yellow. And one other girl had on yellow. They girls were like, how come no one told us it was yellow day??? So I told them that next time they came, everyone had to wear red. I don't know if they knew that I was just joking - LOL :)

We cleaned up a bit, and my kids were SO ready to go. Jim was falling apart more and more by the minute. He was SO ready for bed. Tammy said to go ahead and go, that she'd finish cleaning up, so off we went. Jake and Tom had both had OK evenings at scouts, and were both in good moods, at least.

Tom has a campout coming up weekend after next. Sounds good! And Jake's group talked about Summer camp. Cool. Jake talked Video Games to Tom the whole way home (I think he's recognized that I don't like talking video games, at least to some extent), and we had on music and were signing, too. Great trip home. No fighting, and everyone was happy enough!

Jim had fallen asleep in the truck, and Jake carefully got him out of the backseat (all 75 lbs of him) and carried him upstairs and put him in his bed. OMGosh, what a nice, helpful big brother! I guess being away from home all day can have its advantages. He was actually happy to see everyone! Thanks, Jake! You're awesome :)

We put the kids to bed, and I had Jake do his chores real quick, and then we watched an episode of Chuck. Big kids went to bed at 9:30, and I started blogging. And Facebook was TOTALLY distracting me. Serioulsy. It wasn't me. IT was Facebook. I'm innocent here! Whaaat? You don't believe me? OK, fine....

Anyway, I'm done now, and it's 10:49pm. I'm putting Jim in childcare from 8-11ish tomorrow, then meeting my new friend Lesa (from church and Facebook - haven't actually ever hung in real life) at McDonalds playland for lunch! I'm SO excited about visiting with my new friend! Should be a grand time :) Then, after school, we're taking the kids to ice skating. Another busy, fun filled day :)

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Awesome page, Sharon! LOVE trampoline pictures!