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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hurry Home

OK, so because I took my pill last night at 8pm, yeah, I was up at 2:30am. And COULD not fall back asleep. I laid there for an hour, to no avail. So at 3:20am, I went to do some laundry. And I found Jake's wallet in the washer. Oops. I think he's laundry-ing money - hehehe.

I folded and washed and who knows what else for about an hour, then went back to bed, checked emails, looked at facebook, and finally, at around almost 5am, I fell back asleep. Sigh. Oh yeah, and I set an alarm for noon, everyday, for my pill. ROFL!

Anyway, needless to say when my alarm went off at 6:35am, it was reset for 7am. I read scriptures, said prayers, and tried hard to get kids ready and out the door for school. I was SO tired, though.

Check out Eme in her new outfit for her birthday :) Isn't she beautiful :)

And remember this picture for later in the blog....

I did chores until 8am, then went back to bed, and woke up at 9am. Yeah, I was supposed to go running with the girls at 8:30am, but I was sleeping. I kinda felt a headache coming on, too, and figured it probably wouldn't be a good thing to run with an almost migraine.

I helped Jake with school, which he got done with super fast today, and played with Jimmy for a while, and cleaned my room for a while. And put out a plea on Facebook for someone to go to lunch with me today. hehe.

Both Leslie AND Captain America wanted me to do lunch! Sa-weet! Leslie and I went to the PX to look around, since I hadn't been there since they expanded AGAIN. That things is ALWAYS growing. The clothing section is GINORMOUS and there's even a section of Victoria Secret AND Coach purses. And a ton of other stuff.

Check out these funny clothes we found. People always tell me that I find the most INTERESTING things when shopping. Really, I don't look for them. They just jump out at me. hehe.

We joked that this should be Leslie's "goal outfit". hehe. She had gastric bipass a few months ago, and is getting SUPER tiny. Good job, my friend. Just promise that you really WON'T wear that. hehe.

And these pants were even better/worse! The even had that tight elastic in the crotch. Permanent "camel toe", I'm thinking...

And, um, yeah, zippers? Really? And just over that one boob? What could the point of that POSSIBLY be. If there were one on each side, MAYBE it could be a nursing shirt.... The things that people wear these days...
So after the PX, we headed to El Taco Tote. And I ordered a platter for 2, and so did she. We were gonna bring our men back lunch too! Aren't we sweet :)

Here's me, posing with my soda, wondering WHY I didn't take more time to take a shower... Oh yeah, migraine coming on... I was really starting to feel it here. I grabbed my soda, and downed my Prozac AND a migraine pill. It should be better in an hour...
We ate and chatted and had SO much fun. I really enjoy Leslie, and will miss her terribly when she moves to Hawaii :)

She and I drove to Little Cesars so I could pick up a few sodas and pizzas for Captain America's crew, and we headed back to post. She dropped me off, I went to the bathroom, checked on Jake (he was working on a practice test for the TAKS - state assessment testing...), and was REALLY feeling my headache now. The pill wasn't touching it fast enough. I got home, took a decongestant, some Tylenol, AND some Motrin. One of those should knock it out...and headed out to where Captain America was in the field.

And got stuck behind this SEMI going 5 MPH. Sigh...
I gave him the pizzas and sodas and we passed them out to all the guys, and I sat with him while he ate his El Taco Tote. I was STUFFED from eating at the restaurant, so we just visited. After about 45 minutes, it was time for me to go.

He thinks, that if they can pass their battles (practices) tomorrow, that they may be able to come home. Pray for them, cause I don't want him to be gone until Monday. He went to the field on Tuesday...

And by the time I got back home, I was feeling a little better. Feeling a little less of everything, actually. hehe. I made sure that Jake and Jim were good, and went to lay down for a while. And ended up facebooking and texting for a while, but it was quiet, and dark, in my room.

And JUST as I was about to doze off, Eme and Tom and Joe came home, and Eme and Tom were FIGHTING SOOOOOO bad, I had to go and step in. Sigh. Remember that darling picture from this morning, where you could physically see how much they loved each other? I wish I'd have snapped a picture from this afternoon, because they were both spitting fire at each other.

So I sent them BOTH to their rooms to cool off. About 20 minutes later, Eme's friend Bella came to pick her up, and she headed out to a sleepover. And to the pool. Only 4 kids for the night now :)

Tom and Jake and Jim and Joe played around the house for a while, and I chatted with Andrea on the phone for about an hour. I miss that girl! She's in South Carolina now. It was SO good to chat and joke and laugh with her. She really is a GREAT friend. I think of her like a sister!

And then we had dinner, and watched a movie together. It was fun sitting on the couch taking turns snuggling with Jim and Joe. My little boys :)

And here it is, 8:31pm. I'm gonna design a quick freebie, and watch a few episodes of "Glee", I think. Everyone I've talked to LOVES it. Or maybe Fringe! Cause according to y'all, they DIDNT cancel it. hehe.

The kids are all upstairs watching Star Wars Episode 1. Apparently it's gonna be a 6 Episode Star Wars weekend. ha!

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(How crazy is this, I can't get my Dell laptop to upload to box.net, but my DROID phone will)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Birthday Girl / Birthday Boy

Woohoo!!! It's Friday, and you know what that means! NEW STUFF in the store. hehe. Check out my 5 new WordArt packs. Hope you like 'em! Click HERE to go to my store to give it a look. 20% off (or $2.00) the regular WordArt packs for the first week (the calendar pack is $3.00)

These 3 Calendar layouts are from Reba (AWESOME! Lovin' it!)

Layout by Jessica

This Layout is by Lori. FANTABULOUS layout, girl!!!

This layout comes from Kat. She posted it on my Facebook fan page, and I didn't see it until the next day. Oops! Sorry, hon! It's on here now :) You did a FABULOUS job on it! LOVE it :)

Layout by Jessica (FANTASTIC job!)

What a good day it was! I woke up at 6:35am with my alarm, and reset it for 6:55am. Yeah, I was still sleepy. hehe. I woke up then, read scriptures, said prayers, and headed out to help the kids get ready. I got them fed, dressed, ready, and out the door at 7:30am, then went back to bed until 8:30am. I know, I know, I'm making a bad habit of that. hehe.

Oh yeah, but wait! Here's some pics of Eme on her birthday! Happy Birthday, Emeline! Look how cute you are :)

OK, so I wake up at 8:30am, and get ready for the day. Shower, hair, everything. I was going out with Leslie and wanted to look pretty :) I wore my new black sweater from Savers.

I got Jimmy and Jake all ready for the day, and organized, and such, and Leslie came to pick me up, and we headed to Pro Ranch Market. It's this Hispanic Grocery store and more. It's across town, and I had never been there. And it was SO cool. The front looked pretty much like a grocery store, but the meat department was HUGE.

Check out this AWESOME fish display
And then there was a MASSIVE fresh fruit area, and little food shops, and ALL sorts of stuff. Bakery, and restaurant, candies, and deli. It was SO cool :)

Check out the size of these pork rinds. MASSIVE! Bigger than my head!
Look how festive it is! Mom, if you ever come back to visit, I'm TOTALLY taking you here. hehe
AND, there was a Fallas right next door. OMGosh, food AND fun! hehe. AND a Melrose. And one of those clothes store like I found with Maddie. Yeah, I don't remember which store this was in, but check out these SPANDEX pants. They LOOK like Levis. OMGosh!
And I know these are supposed to be "hot" right now, but yeah, I'm not crazy about this style... My age is showing,...
Ha! Pick one animal print, me thinks...
So after looking at the clothes store, we stopped back by Pro Ranch Market and got a HUGE cup of fruit to share. Melons and pineapple and grapes. It was pretty good :) Here's me holding the fruit cup.
And me and my DDP!
And Leslie and I, heading back home. But, first a stop at Savers!!! She'd never been, and I can't pass up a chance to go. Especially on One color tag 1/2 of day :) hehe. It was green tag day :)
I found a new pair of jeans, and a few tops and jackets, Leslie found a Hawaiian shirt for her hubby (they're moving to Hawaii - Lucky!), and off we went. She dropped me off at home, and I had lunch with Jake.

And he and I loaded up in the car to go to Dollar Tree. To get a few things for Eme's birthday. We weren't gonna do an official party until Captain America got back from the field, but we were still gonna do something.

We found a few party decorations, and a balloon, and a cake topper, and a few other things.

And we swung by the commissary to get some strawberries and cool whip and cream cheese and ice cream. Only the essentials, you know. And some frozen dinners for dinner. I never buy those, and I figured it would be fun for the kids on Eme's bday to have them :)

After the commissary, we stopped by the bus stop and picked up Jimmy.

And I baked the cake. Strawberry cake in 2 round cake pans. And I cleaned up a little bit, and started on my weekly designing. I was mostly done, just had to repackage some stuff. And the cakes were done, and I totally burned myself while taking it out. Sigh. Freaking hot cake pan...

So because it was Thursday, it was my day to pick up kids from AQ. So I took the Saturn and drove on up and got Tom and Eme and Bella. Here's me, driving to get the kids. TOTALLY forgot I still had on my apron. hehe.

So we came back home, and the kids all did their chores. And the house looked pretty good when they were done. When Leslie's family brought us a desk the other day, Jake took his old desk downstairs. So I put it in place of one of the tables in the dining room where the computers are, and took that table and put it in the laundry room. So now we have a clothes folding table. I hope it works out :) hehe. Better than just putting the clothes on the couch. ROFL!

Anyway, after the cake was cool, I assembled it. I took a package of cream cheese, a carton of cool whip, and a 1/2 jar of strawberry jam, and whipped it. OMHeavens, it looked good. And I spread almost all of it inbetween the 2 layers of cake.

Then frosted it with a can of strawberry frosting. And put sliced strawberries on it. And put the cool decorations from the Dollar Tree on it. Doesn't it look pretty?
And here's Eme with her cake.
And then Jake and Tom had Hunter and Braxton (Leslie's kids) came over to play, since all the chores were done. And the boys played computers or whatever it was they were doing. And Eme had Bella (Veronicas daughter) come over to play. We had 8 kids in the house. But you know what, they were all playing with each other, so no one needed me to enterain them. Ha!

Here's Eme and Bella before we had cake.
And all my kids, and Bella, and Braxton and Hunter.

And we sang to Eme
And she blew out her candles
And look! I even had some cake. OMHeavens, it was good. I could have eaten ALL the filling. hehe. AND I even had some ice cream. Black Raspberry Chocolate Bryers ice cream. Oh yeah...
And then Bella left for her Soccer game, and my kids played with Hunter and Braxton for a long time. Tom and Joe and Jim went to the front yard for a while to play, and everyone was happy, for the most part. I finished my weekly work of designing, and got my products into the store, and such.

And at 7:30ish pm, I put the kids to bed. And sent the company home. And we read scriptures (for last night too, since I forgot...), and said prayer, and then everyone was asleep.

And then I tried on my new clothes from Savers! What do ya think?

And Jake and I watched a movie, The Village, and I grabbed my old laptop, and blogged and designed a freebie. And it really was a good day. I did forget to take my Prozac until 8pm. Yeah, that's not good. Hopefully I sleep tonight. hehe. I need to set an alarm on my phone to remember to take it. Around noon. Maybe I'll do that once I finish up with this.

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