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Saturday, October 1, 2011

October Calendar

Oh wow. Now that I sit down here, I realize how sleepy I am. I mean, I've been sitting here all evening, but now that I've put the kids to sleep, I'm REALLY tired. I guess the 10 pm hour hits and my body knows that it's time to go to bed, right?

Anyway, I woke up at 5:25am, and got ready for seminary. Jake and I headed out, I dropped him off, and I napped. With my new snuggle blankie. Any thoughts on a good name for it? Black short fuzzy on one side, long fuzzy on the other side....

Anyhow, soon, it was time to go home. Jake came out, and we listened to music and the morning show all the way home. We got Tom off to the bus, the little kids off the bus, and I thought that Eme was SO stinkin' cute today, and I couldn't resist snapping a picture. She's looking SO mature these days! She's the one with the pink backpack

And Joe, my naturally shy-er one, wanted to take a picture with me! And when the kid wants a picture with mom, I take one! Even if I don't look good - hehe. Here it is :) I didn't look 1/2 bad

I came home, and Jake headed to the bus about 30 minutes early. You can't miss the bus if you go 30 minutes early. Oh yeah. That's right. I'm such a mean mom. hehe. He takes it well, at least.

I did a very little bit of computer work, and at around 8:45am, Amanda texted to see if I wanted to head to the PX for an errand with her. OF COURSE! She's my errand buddy. hehe. I changed clothes, and off we went :)

I thought these were hysterical!
And Amanda was SO excited to see the new Bliss NOW magazines on the shelves!!! I grabbed a few!

And she grabbed a few! Ha!

We'd talked about going to Walmart after the PX, but decided their really wasn't time. Jim as student of the Month, and we needed to be to the school at 11:15 for lunch. Amanda was gonna eat with Austin too. Friday is the only day you can go and eat with your kid apparently. Kari goes and eats with her kids all the time, I guess. Show off (ROFL! Just kidding, Kari...)

We went to Gamestop real fast to put a game on reserve for Amanda's hubby, then headed over to the Hotel Surplus store. Friday's are their sale day to the public. Today, they had a buttload of end tables on sale for $5 a piece! And I figured that if I put enough of them together, Jake could have a Jimmy-rigged bedframe with shelves! Like this:
That's with 6 end tables pushed together. I'm so smart, huh? Oh ... hehe :) We paid, backed my truck in, loaded it up, and ditched the truck in the parking lot. We decided to take Amanda's Jeep for errands today.

We headed to Burger King on post for lunch. We got meals for the boys, and meals for us, and headed over to the school.

When you ordered a meal, you got a free cone. So here's me taking a picture of me eating a cone. And of course, after I took the first bite, I wanted a 2nd picture. So I took a 2nd picture, and the 1st bite proceeded to fall out of my mouth in the 2nd picture. ROFL! That's right, I have mad skills. It landed right on my leg. Oh yeah. MAD skills...

Jim got to sit up on the stage with the other kindergartener student of the months, and I got to sit with him.

After he was done eating, he kissed me by and went to play outside, telling me that I could finish up eating on the stage by myself. Heck no! I decided to go and join Amanda down on the main floor. ha!

She and I had a great time eating lunch with all the little kindergartners after our boys ditched us to play outside. We decided that we'd be mega popular with kinders and 1st graders. They think we're super duper cool. And like that we talk to them. Oh yeah. Big time....

Maybe we should come every Friday? It would be a big ego boost to come and hang out up here, I think! ROFL! I'm cool here!!! LOL!~
After we were done eating and chatting with all the kindergarteners, the 1st grader came in. And then the 2nd graders. And we saw Joe! And he was just sobbing. Almost hysterically! Poor kid! He said he'd lot his meal card, and couldn't remember his number. I felt SO bad for him. The principal was near, so we asked if the principal could help. He took Joe to the office and wrote the Joe's number on a card for him so Joe could use it in the meal line. And Joe got his food. Poor kid. He came back and sat by me.

We chatted with him and his buddies (2 girls), then Amanda and I headed out to the Kindergarten recess. And we saw little Jake (Maggie's kid) and his "girlfriend" hehe

And saw them back to their classrooms. And we were done with lunch. They were back in class, and we were off for our errands. Next stop, East side of town! Namely, Verizon store.

Amanda needed to see about a new battery. It wasn't holding a charge. And you all know how annoying that can be! We hate the Viscount store, so we drove on over to the East side store. And the dude was SO funny! I'd definitely go back to him again! He had GREAT customer service!

He was joking with us, we were joking with him. He was having a hard time finding a replacement battery for Amanda though. I guess they were out in El Paso, though. Or something. Who knows. He spent a lot of time calling people and not being able to get ahold of anyone. hehe. I know the feeling - ha!

Ha!We tied up with Verizon, and headed next door to Walmart. Cause we needed a few things. Like birthday presents for a 10 year old girl and and 11 year old boy. Cause you can't go to a birthday party empty handed, you know. You really can't! Ha! I picked fuzzy jammies and a jammie top for the girl, and a nerf gun for the boy. I didn't really know what to get, but just tried to get stuff that my aged kids would like. I thought that Tom and Eme would find those gifts good :)

And I thought this "hat" costume was hilarious

And I just HAD to have these.... One can never have too many bandanas....
As I was out and about, I checked my email, and saw that Captain America had received my package, and gotten my stuff with the pirate party crap in it! So he decided to pose with it all! He's such a great sport! Love it, honey :)
We got the crap on our list, and a few other things, and off we went. It was a relatively short trip to Walmart. Well, as walmart trips go, anyway. You know how it goes.

Next stop was Savers for Harry Potter stuff. Eme and Tom needed capes for the birthday party. I told you it was Harry Potter themed, right? They were SO excited!

I found this Hat, and just WANTED it SO bad. But it didn't have a tag and didn't want to mess with it...

I found this scarf in maroons and grays and hunter green and cream/yellow for eme. I thought it looked Gryfindorish for Eme too! And it was a Christian Dior! And only $0.99!

Amanda and I got cheap capes, and some other costume stuff. They had isle after isle of costumes. New and old and used and homemade and pieces and ideas and such. I need to ask the kids what they wanna be and go back, I think.

We also found graduation robes. And decided that they could be choir robes. And that the moms could dress up as the choir!!! So, whoever wanted to go as "The Choir" could pay me $2 and be part of our group for trick or treating. It'll be a good time. hehe.

We headed back to post, and met the other girls at the bus stop. Kari got her choir robe (ha!), and we chatted and waited for the kids. Then the mad dash started.

The kids ran home, and Amand dropped me off. We dropped off the one dresser that was in her car, and all the bags. And the kids got dressed for the party. And Joe got dressed for the game. And Amanda took me to my truck.

I grabbed the truck, and drove it back to the house. And we unloaded all the nightstands, and put the seats back where they belonged. And by the time we get all that craziness moved around, Jake was home off the bus.

We loaded up in the truck, and drove the 15-30 minutes around the loop to get to the kids' birthday party. Tom felt kinda weird about "inviting" himself last minute, but the mom had responded to the email last minute saying it was fine. And Tom is the BIGGEST Harry Potter geek ever that it would have been tragic NOT to have let him go - hehe.

We drove clear across town looking for the house. And luckily my phone knows where most thins are. Because I found it without any incident :)

We headed inside, and I snapped a few photos as I chatted wit a few of the other moms before I left.

Wow, this mom REALLy went all out! Harty kid. NEVER in a million years expect a party like this from your mother on a birthday. I apologize in advance. I just don't have it in my to throw a party like this for kids. I really don't.....

Ha! Anyway, I headed back to post. And drove, and drove and drove some more.

When I got Home, Jake was still working on his room. It looked TONS better!
I turned on some Prison Beak, and relaxed for a bit. Well, after we cooked some dinner, that it. We had Taxocs on Corn tortillas. Jake hated it. With a passion. He hates corn tortillas. Oh well, my friend... Such it is, sometimes.

I got Joe ready for his game, and ran him and Leo up to the game at 6:15 pm. I just dropped them off. Since Tom couldn't babysit, I didn't wanna go and take kids. So I dropped them off. And Kari was at a party and couldn't take them. So Brian (Leo's dad) is gonn pick them up on the way home from work. So I only had to leave once. Sounded good to me!

(Wow, I'm falling asleep...)

I came back home, and watched some more TV. Jake was done with his room by that point. The house was a bit messy, but he cleaned up his chores. Jim did his chores. So it was a messy house, minus 3-4 chores. But not the most visible ones... Crap.

Anyway, I hid out in my room so I didn't have to see the mess. ha! Brian brought Joe back around 7:40pm. And I didn't get a call to go and pick up the kids until 8:10. It takes about 20 minutes to get over there, I tracked it. I guess that's not horrible. So it's only 40 minutes 2 times. So that's only 80 minutes I was driving. For the whole process, that is.

I grabbed the kids, and they'd had "THE BEST TIME EVER IMAGINABLE". They'll be talking about this party for years. Probably be telling it to their children. Yeah, it was that good. Oh yeah! They got candy and play Harry POtter games. It was WONDERFUL!

Here's some of the loot they brought home. Solid Chocolate frogs. I had one!

I let the kids stay up till 10pm, playing and doing whatever while I blogged. The house is messy. Not electronics until affter chores are done and house is cleaned. I'm tired. I wanna sleep in. Hopefully sleeping tilll 8am will do. Cause we have an 8:30 appointment at the soccer field. Freaking soccer game. At least most of them are NOT on Saturdays...

Then, at noon, we're having a picnic at the water park and Amanda is taking photos of the kids for school pictures. Thanks, friend! You rock!

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SUPER Halloween/October layout, Sharon! I love it :)

Friday, September 30, 2011

There Will Be Blood

Hey... What up? Things are good here in Good Ole El Paso :) You know, I really like it down here. El Paso is growing on me. The South West has really grown on me.

Anyway, before I headed to bed last night, I realized that my phone had slipped into the couch. And had fallen into the space where the bottom and back of the couch meet. And I couldn't get it! It was stuck in the lining or something. But I could sure get a lot of other crap!

I pulled a bunch of junk out of the couch. DVD's, books, trash, misc junk. And then I stabbed my finger on something ouchy! I eventually found what it was. A rotary cutter tool for fabric! It was the blade! I'd pulled the cutter tool out already :(

Anyway, I'd let it bleed for quite a while, then put a bandaid on it. And after about 30 minutes, finally figured out how to get that silly phone out of the feakin' couch! And went to bed, but it was 11:30pm when I went to bed :(

I woke up at 5:25am, and got ready for Seminary. I got Jake ready, and we headed out the door. He slept the whole way there. He seemed a bit grouchy. I told him to grab his scriptures as he headed in, and he freaked out. Sigh. It was gonna be one of those days.

I went back to sleep, and woke up a few minutes before seminary got over. Jake and I headed back to post. We enjoy listening to the morning show on the local rock station on the 10 minute drive back to post. They had some comedian on there this morning, and she was pretty funny.

We got back home, and saw Tom off to the bus. And got the other kids ready for the bus. I looked for my Franklin Mountains park pass, but I just couldn't seem to find it in my wallet. I knew it was Green, and I knew right where it should have been, but it wasn't there.... hmmmm. I wondered if maybe Captain America had borrowed it when he was home for R&R, and just didn't put it back? I emailed him, and texted Kari to let her know. We decided to just walk the loop instead.

I took the kids to the bus stop, and chatted with the girls. We invited a few more girls to the movies today, and more to the facials thing on next tuesday. SO much fun!

I always like expanding my group, you know. So I always try and invite new people out for fun activities and such. Rebecca from the bus stop said that she'd go to the facials thing with us, and Liz from the pool was going to the movies with us today! Sweet!

Oh yeah, here's my finger from last night. poor me!

After the bus stop, I headed back to the house. I told Jake to go to the bus at 7:45am. He was like, How am I gonna know when its time???? Um, look at a clock? Go now? Set an alarm? You're freakin' 14 and a freshman in High School? Figure it out? Sigh. Just don't miss the bus, because I'm going exercising. He frustrates me sometimes.... And sometimes I'm better at dealing with him than others...

Anyway, Kari and I started off on our workout. And I felt SO much better than when we were walking on Tuesday night. We walked and chatted and talked about kids and life and husbands and such. It was a great walk and a greater talk. Kari is a wonderful friend and I'm so blessed to have her :)

About 15 minutes before the wlk was over, Jake texted. He'd missed the bus. Sigh. I was angry. I texted him. YOU'RE GROUNDED. CLEAN THE HOUSE. Then I calmed down. And thought about it. That doesn't teach him anything. What would teach him to be on time to the bus. Going to the bus early would teach him to be on time. So, for tomorrow, and all of next week, he has to go to the bus 30 minutes early.

And I'd drive him up to school and he'd be tardy for today. And he'd have to go to the office and get his own tardy slip. Which is a lot for him... Anyway, we finished up the walk, and I got Jake from home and headed up to Austin High to drop Jake off. Then headed back home.

Here I am, proud of myself for walking 4 miles today :)
I showered and got ready and soon it was time to go. I wanted to wear my new hat that I'd gotten at Fallas the day before. The black fadora style one. And to use the new zebra shell for the Miche purse. I was pretty excited. Yeah, I kinda looked like a female version of Micheal Jackson, but I didn't care. ROFL!

Kari came to pick me put at 9:45am, and we headed up to building 440 for the Autism Support group meeting. We met Liz there, and stayed for about an hour. It really was a great meeting. I like to go and hear what all the other moms are going through. I was actually sad when we had to leave early! hehe :)
See, with my hair pulled back, and the hat, can you see the Michael Jackson-esque look???

Kari was driving, and we took Liz with us. We drove over and picked up Amanda, then swung by and picked up Veronica. And off we went to see Super 8. We got there right as the movie was starting. We bought the popcorn and drinks and headed into the theater. Maggie and Tom were already in there.

I really like the movie. Despite all the potty mouth middle school pre-pubescent boy talk, I really like it! hehe. I jumped and startled and had a great time with the girls! And I didn't fall asleep once! Or even think I was gonna! I definitely passed the test! I can pay full price and see Contagion now :) Sa-weet!

Our popcorn came with free refills, so on the way out, we refilled it one more time as an afternoon snack for the kids. Who doesn't like movie popcorn, right? hehe. They'd be excited :)

We chatted forever in the parking lot of the movie theater, then headed back on post. Kari dropped Amanda and I off at Amanda's house, and Amanda and I headed to Bassett Center. I wanted to get some new hair clippies and a few new scarfs. Then we went to the 2 for $15 phone cover store. I got one, and I got one for Kari. Then to Target. I got some Vanilla Coke Zero. We'll see how it is. Can't be any worse than anything else, right? Ha! And it was on sale.

And these footed jammies were pretty schmezy. what do ya think??? hehe.

I really liked the socks! I bought them! And wore them to Jims game tonight. hehe. I'm such a dork. LOL.
What I really needed was contact solution cleaner. That stuff with peroxide in it. And it was the last stuff that I needed. We headed to the front and paid. Then headed back to post. It's SO handy having the Jeb gate open at 2. Cause it's SO close!

We got the kids from the bus, and headed home. And yeah, the house was trashed. And the kids were on ban from fun. Complete ban. Until chores were done. Luckily, it only took them about 30-40 minutes.

And my house was clean again! I makes me happy when the house is clean! And everyone feels SO much better! We finished off the butterfinger, and got them individually bagged out. And I started on cooking dinner. And I watched an episode of Prison Break.

Check out the cricket that Tom found in the fake Scentsy warmer! LOL! Super nasty :)
Here's our Chicken Salad from dinner :)
And the butterfinger
Jake got done with chores first, then Eme. Then Jake. Then Joe. And they got their movie popcorn. And then had dinner. Then got their butterfingers. Then had free time. It was great. Except for poor Jim. He never finished chores. He never finished chores. So he never got the movie popcorn. Or the butterfinger. And he STILL didn't clean. Freakin kid...

And I don't know how, but before I knew it, it was 6:16pm, and it was totally time to go to soccer, and Jim wasn't dressed. And didn't know where his clothes were. At all! We found a tiny pair of black shorts. Like a pair of 5's. He wears a 16. I stretched them as far as they'd possibly go. And I grabbed a dark yellow shirt of mine. And turned it inside out.

And grabbed a few baggies of butterfingers to pass out to my friends, grabbed some soccer socks and shin guards and cleats and Jim and hit the road. We were late, but we were there. I brought the drink for the team, left it on the bench, and went to sit by the other moms. Kari got there a few minutes after me. She was even later than me - ha!

We decided that coming late to the game was great, because it helped the game get over faster! Spoken like a true Soccer mom slacker :)

Kari and I visited for the 30 minutes or so that the game lasted, then passed out the snacks and drinks to the players, then headed home. I swung by Amandas house on the way home and delivered the butterfingers, and realized that my finger was bleeding again! I'd done too much this evening and it'd cracked open again :(
Amanda sent me home with her left over salmon. Holy crap! Left over salmon??? Really??? I was so freaking excited!!!

I swung by Kari's house and dropped off butterfingers for her family, then went home. I got all my kids to bed, and started on my blog. Jake, though, was having a rough night. Poor kid. And all over a bookmarker. Because, bless his hear, he couldn't fathom making a bookmark that was not printed on cardstock.

Just take a plain piece of paper. Or a piece of trash from the trash can. Or something from the floor. Anything can be a bookmark. Oh no. Not in Jake's head. It has to be JUSt the right thickness. And look. And feel. Sigh. I finally found a battery package for him. The cardboard backing. 1/2 of that worked just great for him.

And he finally went to bed. Because we were out of ink. That's where I was going with this story. hehe. I knew I had a point to all of this random story-ing. hehe. Anyway, so Jake finally went to bed, and here it is, 11pm again. How the crap do I keep letting this happen?

I'm sleepy I need more rest. But prison Break is just so good! I guess I need to watch some during the day, right? 3 epiodes at ight is just not enought :) hehe. But I'm falling asleep again, as this sentence before is proof.

night all! See ya tomorro!

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Sharon, my dear! Fabulous! I can sure us this one! More than I wish I could. Ha! We have blood all the time! hehe.