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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Be Little

Wow, is it already the 21st of JUNE! (Isn't this the first official day of summer?) How did that happen! Time is sure flying by fast at the Harty House :) The kids are having fun just hanging out and having fun. They do chores (yeah, that's not their favorite part), play on the computer, swim in the pool, play in the backyard, card games with mom, coloring and drawing, letters to pen pals, movies - what could be better! Don't ya just love summer!!!

This WordArt request is from Maria - Isn't it cute! I do like my kids at the ages they are right now, and try not to wish too hard that they were older (and less messy). I"m sure i'll look back with fond memories on this time in my life :) The messy, but cute and cuddly, stage!

Click on the image below to go to my 4shared account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work.


Kit from www.digitalscrapbookplace.com

This layout was sent in by Maria. Always love your stuff! Great job :)

"My Greatest Gift" by Joni Gray

Thanks so much to Rachel for sending in this layout - Didn't she do a GREAT job!

Friday, June 20, 2008


So, have you all been over to Benevolent Boutique lately? Well, Crystal and I have a new freebie for you! You're gonna want to snag this one! Crystal made this AWESOME ocean alpha! Isn't it cool! Love it!

Click HERE to go to Benevolent Boutique to download the alpha.

I took this AWESOME alpha, and made a neat WordArt for you all. It's SO COOL! If your kids are anything like mine, they LOVE the pool and the water! They spend SO much time in the water, I'm surprised they haven't sprouted gills! Ha! Here's a really cool WordArt to go with all of your pool pictures (or fishing would work too!).

So, just click on the image below to go to my 4shared account and get the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work! Thanks you guys! (It seems in my haste to post this and lay back down because of my massive migraine, I forgot to link it up - sorry girls! It's all linked up now!!!)

Tingle Institute

This is a pic of my niece, Ella - Isn't she adorable! I think she may be getting ready to flop in the pool. My youngest son, Jimmy, did this too! Must run in the family!

This layout was sent in by Kim - Isn't it sweet! She did a great job :) I LOVE that face that your little girl is making - so adorable!!!! Kids are so much fun :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Family

OK, this isn't a request - I TOTALLY ran out of time yesterday to make a freebie (but I did get a lot of designing done!), so I had to give you all this - I was saving it for a WordArt pack, but you get it instead! WooHoo for you!

I'm taking all 5 kids to the doctor today for check-ups, immunizations, camp physicals, regular physicals, a wart to be checked out, and an undescended testicle (yes, I'm sure you're SO glad that I shared). Hopefully they're on their BEST behavior, and it goes QUICKLY! I may have to resort to "If you do good, we'll go to the dollar store, and you can pick something FABULOUS out!" That might just work with this lot!

FONT: Pharmacy

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Who Wants a Sale?????

So basically, it's almost 50% off your purchase! WOW!!!

And, I have a few NEW products in my Secret Store (ok, so it's not really SECRET, but the products aren't officially released until Friday, so you can snag them NOW, and on SALE!!!)

secret store here
$2.00 for the first week!

secret store here
$2.00 for the first week!

secret store here
$2.00 for the first week.

Ok, so stay with me here. If you went to my store, and put these 3 new WordArt packs in your cart, then added 2 more WordArt packs (at $2.50 each), you'd have a total of $11.00 - Then, you'd get $4.06 off, so you'd only pay $6.94 (or $1.38 a pack - or $0.34 a WordArt - hey, maybe I need to re-think this sale - lol)

I'm just saying - wanna save a little bit of money on my really cool WordArt packs, now would be the time :) LOL!!!

And yeah, this is ORCHARD-WIDE, so feel free to browse the other stores (after mine, of course - LOL!!)

WordArt Wednesday Week 2

Yah! It's WordArt Wednesday again at the Orchard! Here's the COOL WordArt you'll be getting this week - a request from Judy. I'm so glad that I have a sister! She's the best :) She's 10 years younger than me (so we weren't too close growing up - I mean, come on, when your 15, the last thing you want in your room is a 5 year old), and just starting her family, while I'm just getting done. I do wish that we lived closer together so we could hang out! She's in Utah, and I'm in Ohio, so gmail chat is as close as we get. Miss ya, Madi!!!!

So, head on over to the Orchard to get these fun new WordArts (yeah, I had to put more than one in there - can you tell i'm a people pleaser? always trying to make it fit for everyone!). Just be sure that you're LOGGED INTO THE ORCHARD to be able to download the freebie - One more thing, if for some reason, it takes you to the main page (with the apple tree), just click on WEBLOG to see their post about the WordArt- Thanks everyone :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Remember You

The kids and I get to go to a bowling party today at noon for our homeschool group. We're all non-bowlers, but have a LOT of fun doing it. I'll try and get a few pics (for you, MOM!)

This WordArt request is for Laura. What a nice scripture! I thought that it would be GREAT for all of those "friends" layouts. Well, it would work for even more than friends, wouldn't it.

Remembrance, Remember - Minya Nouvelle
You - LainieDaySH

Monday, June 16, 2008

Family Friends

Hope everyone had a WONDEFUL Father's Day yesterday! We had a little Father's Day party on Saturday night, since we usually don't see my husband much on Sunday's. He was out the door at 7:30am (no breakfast in bed :(), and didn't get home until about 3. He took a nap (that's always my favorite part of Mothers day!), then had to turn around and got out Home Teaching. The 2 oldest boys, and Captain America, and I did get a chance to play some games tonight, though. That was a lot of fun. We played "Magic, the Gathering", a card game. We'd just recently bought some new decks at Wal-Mart, and wanted to try them out and teach the boys how to play also. I won, and that always makes the game seem more fun! lol!

This WordArt request is for Dania, who's working on her parent's 50th anniversary scrapbook. She thought that this quote would be perfect for a photo of family and friends. I bet it would! Love this saying :) Thanks for the request!

Click on the image below to go to my 4shared account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. :)

Friends - Al Sandra
Family - SectionIntersection

Thanks so much to Lynnette for sending in this layout - Didn't she do a fabulous job? She couldn't remember the credits, but if you recognize some, just post it in the comment box! Thanks :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Thin Feels

This WordArt request is from urgrlfrdy. She's doing Weight Watchers, and says that it's her favorite new thing they say there. I've heard it a few times, and also think it's great. I have to keep this in mind when I'm watching my kids eat things like Wendy's Frosty's, and fried chicken, and quesidellas (yeah, it's definitely not spelled right!) with ranch. While my food is tasty and satisfying, sometimes my brain likes to feel sorry for itself. I just need to repeat this saying more :) But, something is working, cause I'm 14 lbs down. Yeah for me :)

sorry, too tired, maybe tomorrow :)