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Saturday, December 26, 2009


I'm longwinded today. I really am. Just a quick warning. My mom and aunt and grandma will love me, but the rest of you? Sorry, girls.....

*shameless plug...*

I have an extra special treat for you guys for Christmas!!! I made up some more WordArt Bundles!!! 8 Christmas WordArt Packs in a bundle, all for a low price of $5.00. That's $0.625 cents per pack, or $0.15 per single WordArt. Now really, you can't beat that, right? $0.15 a piece? I'm practically giving it away - hehehe. Anyway, I have 3 different packs to choose from. SO, Merry Christmas!!!

I hope that you all had a FANTABULOUS Christmas day yesterday! I know that my family sure did :)

First off, here's some pics from Christmas Eve. I was too tired that night to download the pic and post them on my blog for my mom. Sorry! BUT, here they are today :)

Jimmy :)




Captain America

Andrea and I

Eme and Joe pestering Sam - LOL!

Joe and Ben coloring on their dry erase board presents
Tom had the MOST fun putting baby Luke in the giant bag. I think Luke had fun too - hehehe.

Captain America & I

I can't be serious for too long without my crazyiness slipping through :)

Luke and his chocolate face mess - hehehe

Jimmy and his funny face :)
My alarm went off at 6:40am, because I forgot to turn it off. Drat! I half slept in longer, though. At 8am, the kids were "accidentally" bumping into our door a bit too regularly, so we decided to get up - ROFL! I thought it was good of them to wait that long for us - hehehe.

We went out, and found that Joe and Jim had gotten into their stockings. Jimmy had opened up a Hot Wheel trailer, and they'd both found their packages of Thin Mints. Sigh. Little boys, right? We had the talk about not opening up Christmas presents/stocking/stuff until Mom and Dad wake up. Hopefully they won't do it again next year. At least it was just the top layer of their stockings those two got into - LOL! It could have been a lot worse ;)

We made the kids eat breakfast, do a few quick chores, and then we were ready for opening presents. Let the fun begin!

First off, we opened the Wii from my mom. The kids were SO excited to get it! Because Santa was bringing Jake Wii games, it woudln't make sense unless we'd already opened the Wii gift. Hence the order - LOL!

The kids when they realized what was in the box - check out Tom - hehehe.

This about says it all - LOL!

OK, this really bothers me that they're not in order, but I'm just gonna have to go with it. See, we opened the Wii, then did stockings, then did one present per person from Santa, then passed out the ones from Madi, then the ones that we drew names for, then the rest of the stuff under the tree. But I divided it up unto Wii, each child, then Captain America and I. So, just for my piece of mind, know that we didn't open presents in this order - LOL!

Here's the Wii Fit Plus

Wii Guitar Hero (only $40 at Big Lots!)

Wii Lightsabers (the ones I stood in line a Ross FOREVER for....)

Rechargable station. This oughta be handy...

Here's Jimmy on Christmas Morning. I forgot to have them open their new pajamas on Christmas Eve, so here he is, opening them.

See, much better! Lightening McQueen jammies!

Mini CARS cars from Santa

This car drives and plays music and is annoying....I mean fun...

Shake and Go Chick Hicks. He LOVES it! Thanks, Santa!

2 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys from Santa

Shake and Go Sarge was from my sister Madi. Thanks, girl!!!

And the fake Nerf gun is from me! I drew Jimmy's name ;)

And JOE!!! Joe is such a fun kid at Christmas time. He likes the good old fashioned toys. He asked for Cowboy stuff this year. He's SO fun :)

Here's Joe before his new jammies...

And after...

Cowboys and Indians in his stocking

A cap rifle from Santa

And a bow and arrow set

He was SO excited about this. A Cowboy shirt, bandanas, and a leather vest and chaps. He was ONE happy kid :)

Here's the outfit so far...

Add some caps for his pistols...

and some new Cowboy Boots, and you're stylin'!

He wanted a Slinkie from Santa also

And a Cowboy Hat (although it's a foam one from the Dollar Tree, and I'm thinking it won't survive the weekend...)

Oh yeah, there's my little Cowboy!

He got a dart gun and a sword from Tom from the gift name draw thing...

Reach for the sky...

And here's Eme with her new Jammies

Eme looking inside of her stocking

Eme and the Easy Bake Oven (She was SO excited!)

And the "goodwill" Easy Bake Oven - she didn't even know - LOL!

The Tea Set

A horse

A fuzzy warm red blanket (I'm SERIOUSLY jealous :)

A mini Furreal Friend puppy

A nightlight

And with the gift from Aunt Madi

And with the Paint-Your-Own-Tea-Set from Jimmy

Tom with his stocking (and his booklight)

Tom with his Tommy Gun. Dang, that thing is powerful - LOL! It had batteries, and power shoots 20 bullets one after another. Steer clear of that child - hehehe.

Tom and his Star Wars Legos. He really really really really really liked it!

The 5th of the Percy Jackson books!

Tom with his present from Joe. A Star Trek action figure. Spock. Or Sylar, if you watch Heroes - ROFl!

And a cool Lego creation that he made :)

Jacob and his stocking. Really, he was happy. I just snapped the picture and he looked sad. Really.

He was pretty happy about the Star Wars Lightsaber Game

He didn't know he was getting this one all for himself, so he was pretty excited!

And some cash. Cash is good!

He got 2 shirts from his Dad for the gift exchange.

My sister got Captain America and Jake and Tom "Legos Batman" for the Wii, but it was sitting in the mailbox as we were opening gifts- LOL!

Here's Captain America with his stocking stuff. He got a tin with Civil War DVD's inside it - he was SO excited!
ROFL! It looks like I like the guy in the DVD, not the DVD - hehehe. Tay Diggs IS hot, but mostly I just like the show!
This is my present from my sister! Thanks, Madi! I almost bought it the day after Thanksgiving! See, you're just that good!
Here's Captain America with his present from Emeline. A shirt from Fallas Parades.
Me with my present from Jake. From the Jewlery Box. I just LOVE my hat, but it's stinky. Smells like oil. I washed it with Woolite in the sink, so hopefully it smells better tomorrow :)
I give up, don't shoot!

Captain America opening his gift from Santa. Horse tack for his Civil War impression :)
So, after opening presents for about an hour and a half, we were done. Seriously, 1 1/2 hours of presents. I was tired by the time I was done. And so was Captain America. Do you know how hard some of these toys are to get out of the box? Dang!

So, we hooked up the Wii. Andrea had given the kids a HUGE TV a while back to use with an older gaming system (it worked, but every once in a while you had to whack it to get it to work - LOL), so we hauled it downstairs, and put it in the living room, on the desk. I think it's gonna work out fine. You can still watch TV, and have most of the living room, AND play the Wii.

Captain America and the boys played most of the day. I watched on and off. I did go in my room with Eme and Joe (and a few on again/off again stragglers) and watch "White Christmas". It was SO nice. Such a nice way to spend the afternoon.

I went into the little boys' room, and helped them clean it. They had SO many dirty clothes. It's amazing that they even have clothes on - ROFL! I vaccumed, and straightened out toys, and shoes, and clothes, and everything. It took an hour or so. BUT, it looked SO good when I was done.

Then I looked at the rest of the house, and about had a cow. It was TRASHED. Remember, we opened presents for 1 1/2 hours. That's bound to make some mess. Then we just kinda pushed it to the side. Luckily Andrea had called and said that she was "ditching" me for Christmas dinner. Pfew. I didn't wanna cook or clean anyway. It's almost scary how we're on the same wavelength all the time - hehehe. A nice relaxing day at home was JUST what I needed!

At 6ish (or was it later?), I announced that I was going in my room to watch one of our new movies. Cloverfield. Captain America came and watched with me, as did Eme and Jimmy. Man, there's a lot of language in it. Well, just one word. The poop word. I hate that word. Sigh. But I really liked the movie. Captain America didn't really like the ending, but I won't give it away. By the time it was over, Jimmy was snoring.

Captain America went and put him to bed (since it was SO clean - hehehe), and I made everyone else come and help me clean the house. Actually, I just grabbed a trash bag and started cleaning, and the big kids volunteered to help. I was pretty surprised. What great kids. Of course, they lost interest fast, but still. It's the thought that counts.

After about 20 minutes, Captain America jumped in and helped out too. All the kids and I cleaned for about 30 minutes straight, and the house was spotless. Seriously, it looked good! By 9pm, it was looking nice!

After that, we all sat down on the couch, and did our Christmas Program. I was really glad that we did it. We read about the birth of Christ, and sang our hearts out. Eme and I sat next to each other and had so much fun singing. It's definitely a tradition that I wanna continue. If you wanna see our program (no, I didn't write it - I "borrowed" it from someone else), click HERE.

We got done at 10:30pm. The kids /Captain America started playing Wii again, I started blogging and editing Christmas pictures, Joe fell asleep, Jim was already sleeping, and Eme went to the table to draw. It was gonna be a late night.

I spent HOURS blogging. Here it is, 12:36am, and I'm just now nearing the end of my day. Sigh. I guess this is why I usually don't take so many pictures - ROFL! I wonder if anyone is still reading? That's a lot to read. hehehe. You've probably had your fill of Hartys :)

In honor of the ginormous mess that my house was BEFORE we cleaned it up, here's your WordArt for today :)