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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Time After Time

Hey girls! How was your Friday? Good end to the week? Yup, mine was fun and filled!

Woke up at 7 something, and didn't get out of bed until 8am. I got the kids ready for VBS, and we got them on the bus by 9am. Maddie and Lily headed off to the thrift store on post, and Aunt Sue and I followed in my car. Maddie didn't wanna come shopping after the thrift store, so we took separate cars.

We were told that there would be new stuff in the "bargin room", but yeah, there was nothing new that I could see. I found a few pairs of shoes my size for $0.50 a pair, a pair of Gap jeans for Jim, 2 Hot Wheels 48 cars holder, and some books. Books are always good. I lOVED the movie "Timeline", so I figured that the book would be good too :)

We paid, and headed out to the next store. Aunt Sue and I went to CompUSA to look for a micro SD card for the MP3 players. I got one for Tom and he's gonna pay me back, and one for Jake that he can earn money for. And then we went to the Dollar Tree.

And yeah, the bread man hadn't been in yet! Sigh. They had 4 loaves of good white bread, so I grabbed it, but it was still white... Not a white bread fan...

We paid, and headed across the road to Dollar General. I needed chocolate chips. You like how I said that... NEEDED chocolate chips. hehe. But I did. I have bananas in the fridge that need used. And yeah, you can't make banana anything without chocolate in it. I'm just sayin...

And we headed to lunch at Cattle Baron. Amanda swung by my house and picked up Maddie and Lily, and Aunt Sue and I got there first and got a table. Maddie ordered a sandwich, and the rest of us got the salad bar. It was super tasty. We had fun eating and chatting and having a good time.

This chocolate mousse stuff was only good when strawberries were dipped inside of it. Otherwise it was WAY too strong.

It took the waitress FOREVER to bring our check. And normally this wouldn't be a problem, because we love to chat. But when you have a 2 year old at lunch with you, getting the check on time is important...

Anyway, we eventually got it. Our waitress was training a new girl...
We headed home, and had about 30 minutes before we had to get the kids from the bus. I gave Boxer a MUCH needed bath. And totally squirted Dog Shampoo into my eyeball! It hurt SO freakin bad! But I was in the process of washing the dog, an couldn't stop. So I just pressed on, one eyed. And fixed my eye after the dog washing process.

Then the kids came home from the bus, and Lily went down for a nap, and Joe and Jim and Ella and Maddie and Aunt Sue and I went over to Amandas house to say hi. We stayed for a few minutes to visit and to watch her make her famous pinwheel appetizers. Oh yeah! Sounded SO yummy!

That's my boy!
Pirate Rock Star...
Nice one, Amanda!
And that's the last of the photos. My phone died. Crap... oh well. Too bad you're gonna have that lovely picture of pirate me in your head for the rest of the day. hehe.

We loaded up in the Suburban after Amanda's house, and headed to the commissary. We needed a few staples. Fruit, and cereal, and coffee supplies for Aunt Sue, and a few other things. Then we got to the frozen foods section.

And yeah, we had a major catastrophe in the frozen foods isle. Well, it started there. It ended at the checkout... See, I was gonna be a lazy parent, and feed my kids a microwave dinner for dinner. And I let Jim pick on out. And i knew that Joe would take YEARS to decide on one. Because that's just his MO. So I decided that I'd get 4 of what Jim picked. Corn and Mac N Cheese and Chicken Nuggets. Sounded good to me.

But not to Joe. He was mad. And he was mad at Jim. He was quietly being mean to him for the rest of the trip. Trying to trip him. Or punching him when I wasn't looking. Or hitting him. And finally, at the check out lane, I noticed. And I tried to restrain Joe. And yeah, it wasn't a pretty picture.

Every time I let go of the child, he tried to "get" Jim. Sigh. So I had to hold him in a "straight jacket" hold. I'm not sure what the other people there thought, but it was a tad bit frustrating. But I did a good job staying calm. Sometimes you see kids misbehaving, and then the parents freak out equally, and the whole situation goes to crap. I think I did a good job not reacting.

I took him to a bench and let the bagger unload and bag the groceries. I held him so he couldn't hurt me or escape, then came back to pay. And we walked to the car. And he kept trying to get away. So I grabbed his ear. Because he doesn't go "dead weight" on me when I grab his ear. I felt like a bad mom, but really, what was I supposed to do. I wasn't angry. I wasn't yelling. I was just trying to get some groceries and get the child to the car and home. Sometimes you've got to do what you've got to do.

I managed to get him in the truck, and we headed home. And yeah, he got a spanking when we got home. And he was sent to his room for 2 hours. He didn't get to eat his microwave dinner. I made him eat left over french toast from breakfast. In his room. Away from everyone else.

And at this point, my head was starting to hurt again. I took a migraine pill, and use my back massager on my neck for a while. And calmed down, and felt much better. The kids and I worked on getting the house cleaned. And finally, at around 7pm, Joe felt much better. I gave him a chance to earn his way out of his room. He just needed to clean his room. And he could come out.

We were totally supposed to go to the VBS concert at 6pm, and because of Joe's tantrum, we nixed that idea. There was NO way I was taking that child out in public again. And the other kids didn't seem too broken up about missing it.

At 8pm, Amanda and Margot and kids came over for girls game night. Maddie had put her girls to bed, but yeah, with the amount of chaos going on downstairs, they didn't sleep. But they did stay upstairs for quite a while. hehe.

We played a few round of Scattegories, and had a TON of fun! It's my favorite game, you know ;) We called it a night around 10pm. And the friends went home, and the kids went to bed. I totally didn't get any pictures, either.... sigh. Next time. ha!

I started blogging and watching Psych after the kids were all in bed, and it's now 11;45pm. Aunt Sue and I are finishing up this last episode, and we're gonna go to bed too. Night, all!

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Love this heritage page, Sharon! It looks perfect!

Friday, August 5, 2011


New stuff!!! Be excited! Be VERY excited. hehe. Click HERE to go to my store. All layouts are by Sharon, layout maker extraordinaire...

Morning, peeps! Jimmy came and snuggled with me for a bit this morning. Awe, what a sweet little boy :) I got up around 8:15am, and hurried and got ready for the bus. Maddie and I got the kids on the bus a little after 9am, then came back home. Lily and I watched some cartoons, and then, at 10am, we decided to go to the Outlet Malls.

We loaded up in my Saturn, and headed over the mountain. Aunt Sue and Maddie hadn't been that way before, so over Transmountain we went. It's SO beautiful up there :)

We got to the outlets, and looked at a few little kids stores, then ended up in the Jewelry Box. And Captain America called me! I got to talk with him for about 30 minutes, and it was WONDERFUL! I sure do miss that boy :)

I looked around the Jewelry Box, then Aunt Sue and I paid, and headed out to another store. Maddie and Lily had ditched us earlier for some more little kids stores. hehe.

Aunt Sue and I ended up at the Leather Store. They were having a 70% off of clearance sale, then an additional 20% off of that. Aunt Sue found a BEAUTIFUL purse that retailed for over $100 for under $25. Not to shabby, huh? I thought about getting a super cute yellow one, but decided against it.

We caught back up with Maddie, got some Subway to go (yeah, they were out of the bread that I wanted, and out out light mayo. SO not cool...), and headed back across the mountain.

We got home in time to go and pick up the kids from the bus. We relaxed for a while, then we played in nail polish. LOVE nail polishes. But they don't always love me. hehe. I tried out about 4 or 5 before I found one that I liked. See, aren't they pretty!

I even painted that funky flower on my thumb. I cleaned up a little bit around the house, and had the kids do a few jobs to earn candy. Oh yeah! I wanted to show you what I made for my hair flowers! It's a belt! Isn't it cool???
We were supposed to go to the Dollar Tree for Bread, and to the commissary for food, but my head started hurting. I put it off as long as I could. Thinking that maybe it would go away. But nope, it wouldn't.

Eventually, it got so bad that I went and took a whole plethora of meds. And laid down for an hour to let the meds work. Nope, they didn't work either. Crap!

I got up at 5pm, and cooked dinner. Hamburgers. I fed everyone, and still felt crappy. My head hurt SO bad that I felt like I was gonna puke. I took an additional migraine pill (i can take 2 in a 24 hour period), and laid down for another 45 minutes. And felt SOOOO much better when I woke up. That one did the trick.

And I got ready for our girls night out. I was SO glad that I felt better so I could go. Maddie decided that she didn't want to go, and she took her girls upstairs at 7pm, and the did whatever they do. Tom and Eme and Jim stayed downstairs and played computers and watched TV. We picked up Amanda at her house, and dropped off Joe. He was gonna stay and play with Austin and his day. Aunt Sue and I and Amanda went to the comedy club. Oh yeah!

We still had about 20 minutes before the show started, and Jake Skyped me. I went outside on the patio and Skyped with him. He'd fallen off of a mountain bike type thing, and skinned up his arm real bad. He had a nice bandage on it, and they were trying to keep it clean and dust free (super dusty up there). But he sounded happy and upbeat and positive. He was really enjoying camp! Thank goodness!

I went back in, and found the girls. We were sitting in the middle, about half way back. Close enough to see well, and far enough away to avoid being the butt of jokes. ha! The c.omedians were pretty funny. The 2nd one (headliner) more than the first one. He was pretty raunchy. The second guy was just plain funny. hehe.

After the show, we headed back to post. I dropped Amanda off at her house, and picked up Joe. We put the kids to bed, and I started loading my store. And blogging for the night. And here it is, almost midnight, and I'm SUPER tired. I sure need some sleep. It was a busy, but fun day.

Friday, we're hitting the on post thrift store again, and then going to the Dollar Tree and Comp USA for a micro SD card. Should be a good time. Maybe even do lunch while we're out and about. Living the dream, you know ;)

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Yeah, I'm SO tired today, I feel like this kid. ROFL! Thanks, Sharon!

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Morning, my friends! Wednesday :) How was it? Super busy here! Started off by not sleeping too well. Don't you hate that? My house is SO cold during the day, that we decided to turn the AC to a warmer setting. And then I sweated all night long. ha! I woke up hot, took off the blankets, woke up cold, put them back on again. Repeat all night... Yeah, I'm putting the AC back where it was for tonight.

Aunt Sue couldn't sleep either, and moved out to the couch around 6pm. And I thought it was because I was tossing and turning so much. hehe. She was afraid that she was waking me up. ha!

Anyway, since I'd showered the night before, I didn't have to this morning. lol. I straightened my hair, put on my make up, got dressed, and was ready for the day. Then walked the kids to the bus stop with Maddie.

The bus came, and there was a van behind it. And the bus driver said that the kids at our stop were going on the van this time. Ok, works for us. We got them checked in, and headed back home. And Amanda came over after Austin got on the bus, and Maddie and Lily and Aunt Sue and Amanda and I headed off to New Mexico. We were going to the Las Cruces Walmart. Cause it's always wells stocked.

And would it be rude to say that there are white people there? And they all speak English? I'm not trying to be rude. I'm really not. I love El Paso. But it's frustrating not being able to communicate with people... Ok, I'll stop now. This probably isn't coming out right... ha!

Moving on... Here's me in the car
Maddie was pretty impressed with Amanda's hubbys car. It had stadium seating. Cool, huh?
Me and Amanda. Check out Maddie in the background trying to pull a face...
Aunt Sue and LIly

Lily watched the movie Tangled all the way to New Mexico
We saw the kids and the buses on the way out of post!
We visited and chatted and giggled and had a wonderful time on our road trip to New Mexico. And finally got to Walmart And had about an hour to look for school supplies. I had Tom's middle school list, and knew generally what the other kids would need. And we headed inside the store to shop!
School supplies? Not a problem for Spider Mom!

We found SO many good deals. Amanda price matches. She had a Staples, Office Max, Walgreens, Albertsons, and many other more ads. And had marked the SUPER good deals. We got crayons for a quarter, composition notebooks for $0.10, pocket pencil holders for $0.05, Avry dividers for $0.50, 10 packs of pencils for $0.10. And many other deals!

We always look for a line with a checked who looks super patient and laid back. It makes it SO much easier for Price matches. The line was long that we picked, but we figured that the dude working the register would be worth it.

Check out what I found in line. Alcohol inside. Nice...

M&M's, Snickers, and MIlky Way for $0.29... Can't beat that. I can get my kids to do about anything for a candy bar. hehe. OR a popsicle...

Aunt Sue's stuff
My Stuff
Robert, we SO loved being in your line!!! I'd drive to Las Cruces again to get checked out by you. hehe :)
Dions is Amanda's FAVORITE restaurant in Las Cruces. And we ran out of time to go there. So we had to settle for Wendy's. But I still like Wendy's. Its super tasty.

I got a burger meal, and a frosty. Cause frosties and fries are a PERFECT combination. YUM!

We got home with enough time to unload the car, put away the school supplies, go to the bathroom, and get the kids from the bus. We were fast! hehe.

And the kids all said that they'd had a TON of fun at camp today. Thank goodness! I'm glad they're liking it.

Here's my trunk with supplies. It's all the way full...

We sat around for about an hour, and played with the kids. The little girls laid down for a nap, and the grown ups headed out for a pedicure at the mall closest to our house. We'd decided that our toes were NASTY and needed done. And Aunt Sue had NEVER had a pedi before. So we needed to go. hehe.

First step, pick out a color. I settled on a dark reddish one.

Amanda and Aunt Sue sat together, empty chair (broken massager), and then Maddie and I. My chair was NO WHERE as good as the first time, but it was ok.
We all the girls got the same package. The $25 one. It was a good one. They washed and filed and cheese grated and whatever else they do they did to our feet. Lotioned and massaged our legs. And beat our calfs. Yeah, it was strange. hehe. But good.

The painted our toes. Everyone except me got flowers painted on our big toes. I'd initially said no, like evryone else did, but the other people talked the other girls into it. And mine just took me at face value. So no cute flowers on my toes. I totally would have gone for it.

Once the pediucre was over, they sent us over to put our toes under the bright light. i guess it helps to dry faster? Harder? Yeah, I don't know. I just did what I was told.

And then they convinced Aunt Sue and I to get our eyebrows waxed. Because I REALLY needed it. Here's me, in the little side room.
My before picture.
My after picture.
So waxing vs threading... Waxing was faster. She was SUPER fast. And it only hurt for a second while ripping off the wax strip. But then she had to go back and pluck a bit, and that hurt. So I think that while the threading was slower, it may have hurt less? I don't know. I think I like both.

Amanda's feet and my feet

Here's Amanda and I and Aunt Sue. Well, our feet, anyway. Aunt Sue was getting waxed so she didn't get in...

We swung by Target (across the way in the mall), picked up some dinner items, and headed back home. We cooked frozen burritos for the kids, and nachos. They all LOVED it. And we hung out outside for a bit. I had the kids do jobs to earn a popsicle. joe cleaned the living room. Jim cleaned the grass part of the backyard. Tom picked up all the dog poo.

Ella and Lily and Joe and Jim cleaned up the gravel part of the back yard. And it looked pretty good. We played with Boxer for a while, then it was 8pm, and time to put kids to bed. We got the 4 little kids down, and the grown ups headed out to the Jewelry Box. Because we ran out of time to go before dinner.

We found a few things we liked there, then swung by Kohl's real fast before heading back home. i found a few rings that I couldn't live without. Aren't they cute!??!
We headed back home, stopping at Wendy's on the way home for a fruit frosty shake. Oh yeah, they were SUPER tasty! You'd like it, Captain America!

We got home, put Tom and Eme to bed, and watched a couple episodes of Psych. Aunt Sue played on a laptop, and I blogged. Maddie went to bed after the first Psych. The 2nd one is almost over, and I"m almost done. Totally going to bed after this. It's already 11;33pm. And I'm SO sleepy. Night, all!

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GREAT layout, Sharon! I have kids that would TOTALLY do this. hehe. Love the realistic look of the elements, my dear :)