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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Love Friend

hi all. im updating my blog from my phone so I won't be long winded. ha! the trip is going well so far. it 930 central time on friday night, and we're still driving. guess we'll be setting up in the dark...again. we've only set up in the day once, and that's because we got there at 4 am, slept in the truck until dawn, then set up camp. hehehe.

kids have been good on the trip, so that is good. I think they're finally old enough to be managable on a trip. I thought this day would never come. ha!

i've about had my fill of fast food. if I never go to mcdonalds again, I wouldn't complain. looking forward to my homemade camp food. much better than fast food. sigh. shoulda brought sweats for the trip. hehehe. I ate too much. lol!

k, im off to navigate my sweetie through houston. you'll find your wordart for saturday below.


LImited interenet, only uploading to one place for the moment :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Confidence In You

It's that time again!!! Fresh Fruit Friday at the Orchard, and you're chance to get my new stuff at 20% off!!! (Only $2.00 a pack!!). But first, here are a few FABULOUS layouts by my CT, using my new WordArt packs :)

Here's one my Minna

And another by Minna :) (this one is AWESOME!)

And a hybrid by Jaimee (gorgeous!!)

Click HERE to go to the Orchard to start shopping :)

Well, I was almost done with the post, and I somehow deleted THE WHOLE THING. 20 minutes worth of blogging, gone. Lost. Never to be found again. Not so cool!

Let see if I can highlight was I was talking about - sigh - sob - cry!!!

Captain America and I had a financial appointment yesterday morning at 11am, and I spent all morning getting papers copied, and found, and gathered. We went to Wal-Mart to buy the food for our trip before the appointment, but only got about 1/2 done before we had to head over to the appointment. We headed back home about 1:30, and started packing. I headed back to a different Wal-Mart (closer to home) to get the rest of the food stuff, and Captain America started packing the truck (I hate that job, anyway!)

I almost cried when I realized that this particular Wal-Mart didn't carry book on CD's . I wanted to buy Twilight on CD to listen to on the trip over to Houston. 12 hour drive - 12 hour Book. Makes perfect sence. AND, Jacob, Thomas, and Emeline were pretty excited to hear it. AND, Captain America didn't have time to read the book, so here was his chance to hear it.

I had to decided wether it was important enough for me to track it down elsewhere. You know me. If it's not at Wal-Mart, is it really worth getting??? LOL!!

Well, the Book won out. I drove 20 minutes, one way, to find a Barnes and Nobles to buy the silly thing. I didn't really wanna help pack anyway - hehehe.

When I finally got home, a lot of the stuff had been laid carefully out on the front walkway, and the trailer was all hooked up to the truck. It looked like Captain America had a pretty good handle on the situation.

I packed the clothes for the driving days of the trip, and my things, and got the food organized. Boy, does it take a lot of food to feed this group! Too bad we weren't all like little Joe - we'd save a TON of money - hehehe.

We finally headed out the door, and on our way at 6:00pm. We stopped once for fast food dinner (Whataburger wasn't all it was cracked up to be - hehehe, it was OK, but not fabulous), once for vitamins at GNC (yeah, not for me - hehehe), once for gas, once for a potty break and ice cream at McDonalds (after we were done, Captain America headed to the truck ahead of everyone else. It was dark-ish by now, and as I walked out of the store, I noticed him next to our truck, on the side walk, doing push ups. I was MORTIFIED. People were looking at him funny as they were going in the restaurant. Nice, honey. Next time, do your push ups where the general public can't see you - hehehe), once because the police were pulling us over (NO, i wasn't driving. Captain America was doing 78 in a 65 (and he thought the truck couldn't go that fast!) and we had no tail lights. The officer gave us a warning, and said to drive ahead to the next exit and get off the interstate before we checked out the taillights for safety - THANK YOU, Mr. Policeman, for NOT giving us a ticked!), once to check the taillights (OMGosh, the stars out in the desert are WONDERFUL!!! We turned off all the lights in the truck, and pulled the kids out to see - we could see the big dipper, and the milky way, and everything. We've been in the City, and the pacific northwest too long to see the 'beautiful heavens'. It was FANTASTIC!), once to switch drivers (Captain America was getting sleepy, and I decided that I could follow the taillights of the truck in front of me, and listen to the budding relationship between Bella and Edward, and be thoroughly entertained :), and once to stop at the hotel.

It was a long day, and here it is midnight EST, but we're in central time, so I guess it's 1am. Yes, I need to go to sleep :) I'm waiting for the ole sleeping pill to kick in - I have a hard time sleeping in strange environments. Sigh. I'm tired, but can't fall alseep - now that doesn't make any sense at all - hehehe.

I'm pretty sure this one was a request, but because of my limited interent, I can't look it up at the moment. So, if it's your request, just leave a comment, and let us all know :) Click on the links below to go to my accounts to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work ;) Thanks!

My internet at the hotel is too slow to upload it anywhere else - maybe when I get back home...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fairy Tale

I've got a few random pictures for you :) Just because I know you're ALWAYS interested in my pictures and my day - ROFL!!!

One of your commented on a layout of Joe the other day (you know, the Satan One - hehehe), and said "How did you get your kid to make a face like that?" Ha! How do we stop Joe from making that face - LMBO! Here's a few pics of Joe from the other day in the car. I always said that he should be a cartoon character, because he has SO MUCH expression in his face - what a Character! I just LOVE his blue eyes - they sparkle :)

I must be getting some sun, because I'm getting freckles - hehehe

Me and my new red bonnett. I have one in blue too - they're pretty :) I love the white eyelet lace trim :) And no, those earring are NOT period correct - LMBO! Nor is the gray sweatshirt. Or the hair - hehehehe. Girl ALWAYS parted their hair straight down the middle. Did you know?

Joe was SO proud of his clothes. I had to physically force him to put them back in his box - hehehe. He's SO excited for our Civil War Weekend :)

And here's Tom, with one of his outfits :) My handsome boy :)

And his other outfit :)

We call these our Trooper Boxes. Each kid has one, for all of their clothes and gear. They can sit out in camp, and don't distract from the "feel" of authenticity :)

Here's my new blue apron and bonnett. I like 'em :)

And my corded petticoat. A lot of people use the metal ones, but I'm going for a "poorer" impression, and this is probably what they would have done. Take a normal petticoat, and sew on cording. Then, soak it in starch, and let it dry. It dries pretty stiff, and give your dress a nice full shape. To let it dry and shape it, I took the dolly outside, and put a circular laundry basket on top of it. Then, I put my petticoat over that, and tied it at the top. I had 3 cheapo Wal-Mart curtain rods, still in the plastic packaging in the garage, and I straight pinned those to the bottom, to keep the skirt "full". I could have been the female equivalant to MacGuiver, don't you think? hehehe.
So, there were a few pictures of our last few days - I remember to take pictures every once in a while :) hehehe.

We had playgroup at the park yesterday, and it was a GREAT time. Jimmy enjoyed playing outside with his "buddies", and I took a pile of Civil War clothes that needed button holes hand sewn on them, and chatted with the other moms. I'm glad I went - I really needed to get out of the house for a little while :)

I did get almost all of my sewing done. I made myself another apron and bonnet, and Eme another bonnett and apron. My sewing machine stopped working at one point today, and I almost started to panic, but Captain America did something to it, and it started working again. Have I ever expressed how much I LOVE that man :) It's kinda making a weird noise now, but it works. I'll take it :)

We did Scouts tonight at the church, and the little kids and I went to drop something off to Captain America, and I stay to chat with the ladies. OMGosh, we had fun in the hall. It's been a while since I chatted with people. I've gotta get out and socialize more often - hehehe. I'm becoming a computer recluse - hehehehe. It felt good to chat and laugh and joke around. I'm a funny person, you know - LMBO!

Well, it's late as I pre-publish this on Wednesday night, so on to WordArt :)

OK, girls, here's the final installment of the Twilight Wordart pack. I really had a BALL making these. I just love the books, liked the movies, and am having SO much fun listening to the soundtrack. And now that the series is done, I can stop talking about it - ROFL!

Click on the links below to go to my accounts to download the PNG files, and remember, leave some love if you like my work :) Thanks!

OR, Click here to get the zip file, with all 4 WordArts and the document that lists the fonts :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fell In Love

OMGosh...I'M SO TIRED!!! Yesterday was one of the longest days.....ever!!! Started off at 4:45 am, when one of Captain Americas guys from work called for directions. While he was awake, and talked to the guy, it still woke me up. Luckily, I was able to go back to sleep, and woke up at 7am to get the kids ready for school.

After that, I busted out the sewing machine, and started up again (ok, so you caught me, i didn't "bust" it out, I'd never cleaned up the mess from the last few days - hehehe - don't tell me mom how messy my house is :) I sewed 2 vests for Jimmy, and then Captain America came home. I was able to check my email, and do some brief "work" stuff, then straight to the showers.

We went onto post, stopping first at El Taco Tote to pick up a quick bite to eat. We made it to our appointment at 1:30, to make up a Will. I feel better now that that's done. We got to pick up the final copy next week, and sign it. Mom, if something happens to Captain America and I, you get to handle our money. :) And Paul and Carol, you get to decide what happens to the kids. That way, both sets of Grandparents will have to work together, and my kids are guaranteed to be involved with them. Well, that's the plan, at least. Well, I guess the plan is for Captain America and I NOT to die at the same time, leaving minor children. Yeah, that's a better plan - LOL!

Jimmy fell asleep in the car on the way to Legal, and he was SNORING when we brought him into the waiting room - LOL! Do your little kids snore? I have 2 (the 3 and the 5 yr old) that are SO loud. It's embarassing, really - hehehe. He was sleeping so soundly on my shoulder, that I got a GIANT drool mark there. Nice. I though the drooling on my shirt stage had left me - hehehe.

After legal, we headed over to the Battalion office, where Captain America had to check in. We visited with the Captain (she likes Jimmy - but then, who doesn't - hehehe), and one of Captain America's ... um ... buddies. Is that what you call soldier friends? Anyway, after that, we headed back toward home to pick up the truck. It was all finished Tuesday, not Monday like we first thought. Then we finally headed for home.

The big kids were already home, and Jacob had given them their snacks, and had read scriptures with them, and they were just starting on their chores. Good job, Jacob! Although the younger ones weren't too thrilled that he had them doing their chores - hehehe.

We made sure everything was under control, then headed off to the store, taking Joe and Jim with us. We first went to the tire place, and had them look at our front tires. They were almost out of life, and we ordered new ones. Boy, does the tax money go fast :)

Next, we went to Verizon, and got an additional line on our plan. I figured that if I was gonna let Jacob babysit, he needed a "home phone". Not safe to leave people at home without one. Currently, I'm leaving my phone with him, and Captain America takes his phone with him, so we can keep in contact. But when Captain America goes back to Benning in April, we'll only have one phone, and I won't leave kids home without one. SO, for $10 a month, we can have a "home phone". It was made for old people, so it have big buttons, and is SUPER easy to use. It even had a charging cradle that comes with it. JUST like a landline.

Then, we headed to Wal-Mart. I needed new sewing machine needles (I was on my last one, and I was just SURE it was gonna break before I got new ones, but it didn't - pfew!), buttons, and a few other things.

Back home, dinner, kids to bed, and a LOT more sewing. I made Jimmy another shirt (he's now got 2 vests, 2 shirts, 2 pants), fixed the crotch of Toms pants (blow-out last season), made myself an apron, and made myself a bonnett. And I was POOPED!!! I headed upstairs at 10:45, and still hadn't posted anything for Wednesday. Sigh. No rest for the wicked - hehehe.

And you know what? I really had every intention of dressing up the kids in all of their various outfits, and even trying on mine, and taking pictures. But, if just ran out of time. And by the time I dragged my sorry butt upstairs, I was WAY too tired to even care - hehehe. Sorry, you guys. I'll try harder today :) I think. LMBO!

So, on to the next installment of my Twilight WordArt pack! Today, you'll need to go to scraporchard to pick up the 3rd piece. I just LOVED this quote. It's really what Twilight is ALL about, isn't it :)

Click HERE to go to Scraporchard to pick up the 3rd piece, and be sure to leave some love if you like my work :) Thanks!

AND, don't forget to go back and pick up part 1 and 2, if you missed them, on my previous blog posts :) If you get all 4, you should have a complete WordArt pack :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sing All Night

So, has anyone made a layout with yesterdays WordArt??? Anyone? hehehe. I know I didn't do any scrapping yesterday. I was busy busy busy all day long. First day back to school from Spring break. I literally had to DRAG the kids out of bed. Sigh. Poor little things :)

After they left at 7:20, Jimmy, Captain America and I got ready to head onto post. We were meeting with Legal Aid to see what our options were housewise. But first, we dropped off our Surburban at the car fixing place. The rear differencial was bad, and it needed a new rear end (yeah, I have NO idea what I'm talking about, I'm just spitting back what Captain America told me - hehehe). Then we headed onto post.

Captain America had to check in at the Battalion office at 9am, and that took about 30 minutes. Jimmy and I hung out in the car. I chatted with my mom for a little while on the phone, and Jimmy ate his homemade trail mix snack. Sorry about the mess in the car, hon.

We then took one of our computer towers over to the repair shop. $65 just to look at it. Holy crap! That's SO expensive. BUT, Captain America had some family history information on it, and really wanted it off of it. SO, hopefully it won't be too much to fix. Or we'll just get the report of what needs fixed, and have either Nathaniel (Captain America's brother) walk us through it, or Joe (my sisters hubby). They're both computer wizzes. Fun thing, when we were there, the man was looking at it, telling us it was dirty, and maybe that's why it was having issues. He was like, "did you know there's a cherrio back here". Nice. Jim must have slipped one in while in the backseat at the Battalion office (cherrios in the trail mix) - nice.

Next, we went to GNC at the PX (army mall) to buy some vitamin supplements. Captain America found a site online that showed some good suppliments for improved breathing. Seems to be working, so far :)

We headed off to our appointment at legal aid at 10:30. The lady was SUPER nice, and had a few options for us. Finances are NOT fun to deal with. Sigh. Being rich was obvisously not a trial that I needed to have in this life - LMBO!

After Legal, we headed back to the PX for lunch. I also stopped by the Exchange (kinda like Wal-Mart on post, but you don't have to pay sales tax) and bought Joe a "Leap Pad" alphabet thingy. It's a little fridge magnet thing, where you put a letter on it, and it sings "A - A says ahhhh, and A say AAAA, Every letter makes a sound, A says ahhhh and A". Jimmy was THRILLED with it. He tested it out quite a bit. Joe needed a little bit of extra help learning his letters, and I thought this would be a fun way to learn.

After lunch, we headed back to the Battalion office for the 1pm check in. More waiting in the car (this time, though, we had a toy to play with - hehehe). When Captain Americawas done, we headed back home. Jimmy fell asleep on the way, so when we got home, I had about an hour and a half of un-interrupted sewing time.

I got buttons sewed on a few shirts and a vest, pants fixed, and Joe got a new pair of pants. Now, Joe has 2 shirts, and 2 pants, and a vest. Jimmy has 2 pants, 1 shirt (so I need one more shirt, and a vest for him).

I also did some designing before the big kids got home from school. 2 more WordArt packs for Friday. Woohoo!!!

After dinner, we had Family Home Evening, and after that, we all played Superman Uno. It was fun, but not as fun as Batman Uno - hehehe. The Kriptionite card kinda slowed the game down. When it's played, everyone else has to either lay down a green or a wild. If they can't, they have to draw 3 cards. It kept the game going, and going, and going. Oh well :) Family time is family time, I guess.

After the kids went to bed, I got 2 more WordArt packs done. I meant to stop at 9, and go watch Medium, but I forgot - hehehe. I'll have to watch it tomorrow online. And Heroes too. LOVE that one :) Monday night is good TV :)

Today is, hopefully, my sewing day. Oh drat. I just remembered that we have ANOTHER meeting with Legal. But in the afternoon. We're drawing up a will. That's always a good thing to have when you have 5 kids - hehehe. But I should be able to get some sewing done in the morning. I need to make a list of what I still need to do. Lists are my friend! Ha!

Hopefully I'll get some pics of the kids in their outfits today. Then I can post them for you all tomorrow. They're just SO adorable. My kids, that is. The outfits are passable - my sewing skills leave MUCH to be desired, but they're ok. Just don't get to close - hehehe. They're good from a distance. But then, I don't really want people getting that close to me, anyway. Ha! I have a LARGE personal space bubble - hehehe. At least with strangers - ha! (how do I keep getting off on these RANDOM tangents ???)

So, on to WordArt :)

And, just so you know, I've fixed the spelling mistake in yesterdays "Life" wordart. You won't notice it, really. I had to look REALLY hard to find it, and that was after it was pointed out to me - hehehe. The beauty of having a LOT of words in there - it's had to spot a mistake - hehehe. SO, all of the links from yesterday have updated files, as of 10pm MST. So, if you downloaded it before that, you got the "Point of light" instead of "Points of light" version - ROFL! Sorry about that, girls!

Here's part 2. I just LOVED this one - I could envision layouts of moms (or dads, or siblings, or family memebers) holding little ones, rocking them to sleep - awe, so adorable! I can just see them now :) Makes me want another little one...... ok, maybe not - LMBO! I guess that's when you know you're really done with having kids - hehehe. Baby fever is DEFINITELY done at our house :) OK, where did THAT tangent come from - :)

Click on the links below to go to my accounts to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work, or if you just plain LOVE Twilight :) hehehe.

Click HERE to go to yesterdays post to pick up the first part :)

Monday, March 23, 2009


OMGosh! I'm SO tired of sewing :) I made Emeline a new dress, complete with apron and bonnet. She still needs new bloomers. And probably another apron and bonnett. And some undersleves. And a new petticoat.

I made Jim/Joe a new red shirt. They still need at least one more shirt, and another pair of pants. And the shirts needs buttons sewed on them. And Jimmy needs some Civil War jammies. Probably Joe too. Not sure on him, though.

Tom needs an extra pair of pants. Not too hard for him. Jacob needs new a new jammie shirt. His bottoms are just fine. I think he has enough regular shirts, though. And I need a new pair of bloomers. I have one pair, but I'd like 2. And I really need new undersleves. And a new apron. And a new bonnett.

Do you think I can get it all done by Wednesday afternoon? We'll see how much I can manage to get together :) hehehe.

I'd been doing SO well on my diet, then I got a little derailed last week. Friday night, the kids and I had pizza (yeah, SO not on my diet), but Saturday, I got right back on, and did perfect. Well, Sunday wasn't the best for the diet - hehehe. I had cereal, and left over hamburgers with the kids while Captain America was napping. He's good about keeping me on the straight and narrow. He know's how much I want my pants to fit - LOL.

So anyway, I'm sewing downstairs, and he's in the computer room, so I figure I'm safe to sneak some chips and bean dip. Well, he comes out and starts washing dishes, and is like "Who's chips and bean dip are that?". Oops, I've been caught! "Mine", I say. "Well, is that on your menu plan?" he asks. "Um, yeah, for today", I say. "Oh, well, as long as it's on your menu plan, that's ok".

Are you kidding me? Is that all it takes to trick him - LMBO!!! I'll have to remember that one in the future - hehehe. "Yep, it's on my menu plan. Chocolate ice cream with hot fudge and a brownie are DEFINITLY on my menu plan". ROFL!!!

And ladies, I'm STILL enjoying the Twilight soundtrack. SO not my normal listening genre, but I'm LOVING it :) I put it on while I design, or play on the computer. Awesome :) hehehe. I'm sure my hubby thinks I'm a bit obsessed. But then, it's not that much different than his obsession with Cardinals Baseball. Or Brad Paisley. To listen to him talk about "Brad", they're long lost friends - ROFL!

So, today I'm giving away the first part of the Twilight WordArt Pack! Aren't you SO excited!!! This part is a quote from Edward, talking about Bella. I think we all want our men to feel this way about us. I just LOVE love stories :)

Click on the links to go to my accounts to download the PNG file.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Faith, Hope, and Charity

Hi! SO, did you run out and buy Twilight??? Saturday at 8am, the kids and I headed out to Wal-Mart to pick up our copy. I even splurged and bought the soundtrack. I LOVE it. Not my typical music (it's emo), but it's working for me :) I listened to it ALL day long. It's growing on me. We bought snacks, and watched the movie when we got home. I LOVED it :) I would have liked the snacks, too, but I was being good on my diet. I guess that's why I bought the generic cheese puffs, rather than the real ones - LOL! We do what we have to, I guess.

In keeping with my "Twilight" theme for the day, I designed a WordArt Pack for Twilight quotes, which I can't sell - LMBO! Because of copyrights, I'm not allowed to sell any quote that is under 40 - 50 years old. Well, that's from a movie, song, or person, anyways. SO, I have this AWESOME WordArt Pack that I'm gonna be giving away. Look for it next week. I'm gonna split it up over 4 days, and if you come each day, you'll be able to get the 4 pack. Wanna see a preview??? Oh yeah, I'm sure you do :)
AND, have you seen this thread at Scraporchard??? If you tell me what WordArt pack from my store is your favorite, you could win a $2.50 gift certificate to my store. Just follow the above link, and reply there. Not here. I'm not picking a winner from this post - hehehe.

AND, have you heard about DSA?? Digiscrapaddicts is a brand new Scrapbooking site, from the creators and owners of Scraporchard. Their plan is for it to be the next Digishoptalk. I've even got an ad running there, that I made all by myself - hehehe. I was quite impressed with myself. LOL! It's a good think it doesn't take much to impress me - LOL!

I went through some more emails today - sigh. That's a never ending process. BUT, I'm finally done with the ones from 2008. Woohoo!!! And I have under 100 in my inbox. Thank goodness! So, if you haven't heard from me, I'm still getting to it. I need another couple of extra hours in the day. Anyone have some extra hours they want to give me - ROFL! Wish it worked that way :)

Oh yeah, get this. So the rental house inspecter came Friday, right, and put in 2 work orders for us. One, for a new screen for the kitchen. It doesn't have a screen. OK, that makes sense. The other one is for a peephole in the door to the garage. What? Why??? He said that the front door is metal, and it wasn't possible to put one in. And Texas law (or was it just El Paso) is that you have to have a peep hole in a door that goes to the outside. And a door to the garage counts. Weird. I'll be sure to peep into my garage (storage room) before I go in there to get something. Sigh. What ever did we do before all these laws. I guess we had to think for ourselves, and do things for ourselves to keep us safe. (I know, I know, it was made for a good reason, I'm sure).

As I sit here on Saturday night, prepublishing, I think I'm gonna go talk my hubby into watching Twilight with me again. LMBO! He and Jacob were at the Boy Scout campout (which was GREAt, by the way), so he didn't get to have a Twilight party with me. :( I think I'll go remedy that problem :) Date night at home!!!!

Click on the links below to go to my accounts to download the PNG files, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks, girls!

Faith, Hope, &, Charity - AL Professor

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