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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Change of Plans

Morning, peeps :) Hope you day yesterday was grand. I woke up to my watch alarm at 7:20am. A little early for me. I'm gonna have to get used to that, I guess, with school starting in a month or so...

Oh yeah, I have to share! I was at my goal weight this morning! 140 lbs! I was pretty excited to see that number on the scale. I'm 5'8", 140 lbs, which is right where I should be. SO, I decided to start on my "refeed" portion of my diet, and start adding back in good foods. I decided to add in 3 piece of bread, 2 more fruits (a banana and peach), some broccoli and carrots, and some rice cakes. Not all at once, lol, but throughout the day. I should be able to eat this much extra food, and maintain my current weight. That's the plan, at least.

Anyway, got up, got breakfast for the kids, got somewhat ready for the day. Bandanas are good, you know :) I printed out my shopping list, and went through the cupboards deciding what we already had, and what we needed.

Maddie and Lily and I got ready, and headed out to the commissary. Jake was watching the other kids. We got through the store in about an hour, and headed to the Ft Bliss Thrift Store. They were having a $0.10 sale, and Maddie and I were SO gonna be there. hehehe.

I swear we were there over an hour, digging and looking and bargain hunting. I LOVE thrift store shopping....

Let's see if I can remember what all I bought.... 2 pairs of jeans for myself, 2 pairs of swim shorts for myself, Eme got a swim suit, 3 pairs of jeans, 2 shirts, 2 dresses, Jake got 4 shirts, Tom got 2 shirts, Joe and Jim got 2 pairs of Jeans and a pair of Suspenders, we got 3 VHS Scooby Doo tapes, and 2 Ohio State hats. Any guesses as to how much I spent???

Here's me with my MASSIVE bag of stuff

Here's Lily in the stroller with Maddie's purchases. Those 2 plastic bags full of stuff, and the umbrella stroller. Any guesses as to how much she spent too??

We got home at 11am, handed out all the thrift store find stuff, put away all the groceries, and headed out to free lunch. I grabbed a piece of bread and a peach, and ate it on the way. It was SO yummy. Jake and Tom stayed home, and were happy to learn it was spaghetti (they HATE spaghetti) they were missing. hehehe. Then, it was off to the pool.

Captain America came up to hang during lunch for a few minutes, and I sat on the picnic table and chatted with him. Then he had to go back to work.

I took some pictures of Jimmy jumping in the big pool. My poor phone camera was having a hard time capturing the jump, but after about 10 attempts, I got there photos.

And here's me :)
And Lily. She' wasn't too happy
And Joe

And me again
And Maddie and Lily
We only stayed at the pool for an hour, then came home. We cleaned up a bit, changed clothes, put Lily down for a nap, and had lunch. I took rice cakes (4), and sauteed veggies and ground turkey with spices, put it on the rice cakes, and melted my cheese allotment on the rice cakes. Then broiled it. Mmmm, little pizzas :) Maddie and I headed out to Walmart to finish off the shopping. Diet Soda is cheaper at Walmart. I also had to get some body wash.

And I was noticing that my stomach was feeling a bit upset. I don't know what it was that I ate, but it kinda hurt a little.

We headed home, and woke Lily up when we got there. Captain America called, and said that he'd JUST found out that he had staff duty. Sigh. That's not what I wanted to hear. We'd planned on having dinner at home with the kids, then leaving for our date at 6:30pm. Going to the transmountain Circle K for our diet soda run, then over transmountain to the outlet malls to look around and get Captain America new running shoes, then back on Post for the 9:30pm movie, the A-Team.

And yeah, Staff Duty messed it all up. Sigh. I hate it when plans change. He was able to come home from 5pm to 6pm to eat dinner, and that was about it. Pouts..... I wasn't in a terribly great mood. After spending an hour with my hubby, though, it was a little bit better. We decided to move our date to Saturday night.

I guess I should explain Staff Duty, huh? He's gotta go after work and "guard the desk" at the higher up office (brigade). Then he has to drive around several times during the night and make sure that things are secure. He gets released at 9am the following morning. Yeah, it sucks. Especially after having gotten up at 5:30am this morning.

Anyway, here's a pic of Captain America helping Jimmy put his suspenders on his new pants. He was SO adorable in them. Looked like a pudgy little man.

And here's me cooking my dinner, and the kids' dinner. They had pork steaks with left over lasagna casserole and corn. I had fish and veggies. And yeah, my stomach still hurt. I just had crackers in place of the bread after that first piece this morning. I had a few carrots and broccoli along with my cauliflower for dinner. I think tomorrow, I'm going back to the original diet until my stomach gets back to normal, then adding in one new food at a time.

Jake and Tom went to the park to play with Hunter and Braxton, Jim and Joe played on Wii, Maddie, Lily, and Ella went to the PX to hang for dinner, and Eme played in her room, while I read for about an hour. It was a relaxing evening.

We all watched Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium together, and I just got done sending the kids to bed. It's 9:20pm, and I think Maddie and I are gonna put in a movie. A non-kid movie - hehehe.

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Friday, July 30, 2010


Happy Friday :) Or at least I hope it will be - hehehe. Thursday was good. Even though it started out a little rough. I woke up with my same headache. But I took meds this time, and by 9am, I was feeling better.

I designed 2 more WordArt packs, and was all done working by 11am. We loaded up the kids, and took them to free lunch. Here's some pics.

It was fish sticks, and yeah, it didn't go over well. Who knew that my kids didn't care for fish sticks. Or maybe it was just those fish sticks? I don't know. Or maybe they had a big snack right before we came? Whatever it was, lunch didn't go over well :) At least it was free.

We came home, and Jake and I got ready for his doctors appointment.

OK, I'm loathe to blog about this, since certain negative "anonymous" people seem to chime in with their opinions, but this is my blog, and I'm not gonna change who I am because of them, or they win, right?

So I took Jake to the doctor. Captain America came with me too. I'm gonna be frank about it. The child is odd. hehehe. Don't get me wrong, he's a WONDERFUL kid. Very grown up in some ways. Very responsible in some way. Trustworthy to a tee. But odd. Socially awkward. Some repetitive actions (tapping things) that annoy me quite a bit. Doesn't always say the right things in social settings. Kind of a loner. Has a hard time staying on task as school.

So I took him to the doctor to see what was the deal. I just always figured that he'd grow out of it. Well, he's almost 13, and he didn't seem to yet. Anyway, they referred us to a child psychologist, thinking it was ADD. So Captain America and I and Jacob went today to meet with him.

After an hour and a half worth of chatting with us and Jacob and filling out a TON of papers and questionnaires, the doctor thought he might know what was going on. Autism Spectrum Disorder (or something like that). He was like, now don't freak out and think severe AUTISM. Think VERY mild autism.

From what he was telling me, it seemed that they'd come up with a "label" for "Socially Awkward". hehehe. But, that's Jake. HERE's an article I found that kinda described it. The doctor said that at most schools, there's three or four kids that act kinda like Jake. We set up another appointment to come back as a WHOLE family with all of the kids and meet with the dude.

Anyway, I didn't really learn anything that I didn't already know. The doctor was concerned that we'd go home and stress about it, or feel guilty, or something. Jake's still the same loving, responsible, great kid that he always was. I just know now that he's gonna make annoying noises, whether I tell him to stop or not. And that he's not gonna be good in social settings, so he'll need a little bit of help and encouragement.

He's still a great babysitter for my kids. He's still a good student at school. He's still capable of doing the things he was doing before. We just need to learn some tricks for helping him do better as he gets older. Anyway, I'll keep you updated as we know and learn more :)

We stopped by Subway on the way home so Captain America could get a salad, then Jake and I headed home, and Captain America went back to work. I'm SO glad Maddie was there to watch the kids so Captain America and I could both go to the doctor with Jacob.

We cleaned up the house a bit when we got home, and got ready for dinner with the missionaries. I cooked Lasagna bake for dinner. Yeah, most of the kids hate it, but it's easy to make and goes a LONG way. And I guess that's good - hehehe.

The elders showed up at around 6pm, and Captain America got home at about the same time. We ate real fast, the Elders left us with a short spiritual thought, and 30 minutes later they were on their way to their appointments.

We cleaned up, kids went back to their various evening activities. It's now 7pm, and we're hanging out as a family. Not sure what we're gonna do for the rest of the evening :)

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Home Run

First off, as I was getting ready to blog, I noticed that it was blog post #1111. Technically, it's not, since I had other blog posts on my elegantwordart (not the 2) site, and some on my personal site before I started the "business" one, but you get the idea. It's SAYS post #1111, so I'm happy :)

And, in honor of that, well, I should do something special. Hmmmm, what should I do? Yeah, I'm a glutton for punishment.... So I decided to give you guys a KILLER bundle at my store. If you don't own any of my WordArt Packs, NOW is the time - hehehe. I picked out 20 of my favorite WordArt Packs, bundled it together, and am selling it for $11.11. Get it? That makes it $0.55 per WordArt pack, and $0.14 per WordArt. Yeah, DIRT cheap - hehehe.

Check out this preview of ALL the fabulous WordArts :) Click HERE to go to the product link. I think I'll leave this up till the end of the month. ENJOY!!!

OK, on to my day, cause that's why your here, right? (humor me, ok? hehehe). I got up a bit late this morning, closer to 8:30am. I had breakfast, made sure the kids had ate, and designed for a bit. I read some emails, and did a bit of work.

At 10am, we all loaded up in the truck and headed to Kelly Park for the water inflatables and free lunch. Tom stayed home, cause he didn't wanna go (and it's legal to leave a 10 year old at home for a few hours), but everyone else went.

Here's me and a few kids, waiting for Maddie to get Lily's car seat from her car into mine. No, I didn't drive around with a kid out of a car seat....

The had 2 Water Inflatables, and 2 non-water ones. The kids played, but there were SO many daycare kids there that it was a bit hard. Too many kids, not enough grown ups. It would have been better with just moms/dads and kids, I think. But anyway, I can't control what FREE activities I get, right? hehehe.

Here's a few pics from the morning. Here's Maddie and I

Eme, Joe, Lily, Ella, and Jim. Only person I'm missing is Jake. Well, and Tom, but he was at home.

Check out this MASSIVE bouncy castle. The kids liked it :)

This one was pretty cool. It had 2 long sections connected at the back, and the kids would run laps on it, slipping all the while. It looked painful to me, but the kids seemed to LOVE it.

Me, a little bored. But really, it wasn't too bad. I had Maddie and Heidi to hang with and chat with.
We had free lunch there at the park, and the kids had hot dogs and watermelon and carrot and celery sticks. With milk. And even had enough to take Tom home some too.

After eating, we went to the sprinkler part that we went to last week. The kids had fun, but eventually tired of it, and started being naughty, hitting each other with little sticks and branches. Kids.....

So we went home before anyone got TOO hurt. Kids did their chores, and had some electronics time. I worked on a work project, Maddie put Lily down for a nap, and Maddie and Ella headed to the commissary.

About 45 minutes later, I got a call from Maddie saying that he car had died at the commissary. I made sure Lily was still napping, and left Jake in charge, and headed up in my truck. We jumped her car, got it running, and headed back home.

We dropped off the groceries and my truck, and took the littlest kids and went for a drive to recharge the battery. We left post and got on I-10, then turned around and hit HWY 54, then back to post, and back to home.

Lily woke up when we got back home, and I got ready to clean my room. I needed to find Jacobs Boy Scout physical, which I'd lost in the VAST ocean of paperwork in my room. hehehe. I got my music going, cleaned off the bed, and was ALL set for the massive project. I grabbed the first pile of papers, and there it was, right near the top. SWEET! Now I didn't have to clean my room - ROFL!

So I went back out in the living room with the kids, and hung for a while. I cooked dinner at around 5:30pm. Fried eggs, and sausage, and oatmeal. Which Ella called rice. Whatever, as long as she ate it, right? It sure looked good..... hehehe.

I didn't feel like cooking fish, so I had cheese again for dinner. I think I'll have fish tomorrow for lunch. It sounds good now.... Or maybe just cheese doesn't sound good - LOL!

After dinner, we all loaded up in the truck, and headed to Captain America's softball game. Maddie and her kids stayed home, but all of my kids went with me. Jim and Joe and Eme mostly played at the park with the kids, but Jake and I and Tom all watched and cheered for Captain America. It was a close game, and pretty exciting. Captain America's team won 10 to 9, scoring the last run as the time ran out (it's set up differently than a 9 inning game, I guess...)

Here's the playground at the baseball field. Nice, eh?
Thomas and I (the one of Joe and I was all blurry.... pouts)
Jacob and I
SGT Daniels daughter and Eme
Yeah, Jimmy totally fell off the bleachers right after this picture. He didn't get hurt, but I was surprised that he was even in the picture he fell so fast. hehehe.

Captain America hitting and getting on base

We headed home, put kids to bed, and I started on my blog. And it took WAY longer than I thought, because of the "lets do a sale" idea. Yeah, that took about an hour and a half.... See how much I like you guys! hehehe.

Anyway, I'ts 11:12pm, and I'm gonna post this WordArt, and go to bed. Cause I'm sleepy. And I've had an "almost" migraine for the past 3 days. I sure hope it's gone tomorrow...

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Hey everyone :) Thanks so much for the kind comments on my blog yesterday :) It's nice to see such supportive words :) Big hugs! AND, for anyone interested in my diet info, you can follow the link HERE to see more info...

Anyway, got up at 8am like normal (yeah, not looking forward to school starting, cause I'll have to start getting up early...), had breakfast, got the kids breakfast, did the normal morning routine.

Here's me in the morning. Lovely, aren't I?

Kids did chores, played around a bit, and around 10am, I headed to Verizon. My phone's speaker had stopped working yesterday while trying to talk to Andrea, and it did it again to me today while trying to call the school to see when PreSchool registration was....

So I took the old and new home phones, and mine, and headed out the door. I got there 15 minutes after the doors opened, and there was already a 20 minute wait. Seriously??? That's SO not cool.

So I wait for them to call my name (luckily I brought a book), and spend the next 2 hours getting an new phone. Yup, it died. No, taking the battery out doesn't help. No, a hard reset doesn't help. So they give me a new one. And I even talk them into giving me a big discount on a screen protector.

They helped me activate the home (cell) phone on a different phone, and by noon-ish, I was heading back home. Maddie had taken 2 of my kids and her 2 kids, and headed to free lunch. I was about 10 minutes behind her.

I went home, got the other kids, and headed up there. Pizza day is always a big hit. hehehe. We ate, then headed back home.

Maddie's girls were ready for a nap. Poor tired things. Captain America was at home, and we chatted on the back patio, then he went back to work. Maddie and I ran a few errands while the girls were napping. It's SO nice having a 12 year old in the house :) hehehe.

We switched something out at Verizon (but didn't have to wait in line, thankfully), hit Circle K, Fallas Paredes, and a new cheap clothes store too! I'm SO glad we stumbled onto it. It was pretty cool. I got a new red and white polka dot shirt there for under $5, and a new pair of black sandals for $5. SO cool :)

So we come home, and have stuff we bought for the kids for $0.50 at Fallas. I got little song thingys for the big boys, which they liked, and butterfly nets for the youngest 3 of my kids, which some of them liked. See, here's Jimmy with his net. HE liked it.

Joe? He looked at the net, looked at me, and started to cry. "This Sucks!", he said, and ran from the room. Well, I guess you can't please everyone. At least he got something.... hehehe.

We had a fast dinner, and did some quick chores. The house was a little messy, but looked MUCH better by the time Captain America got home from work. Around bedtime, Captain America and I headed over to Paul and Hilarys house. We were gonna all 4 go in Pauls truck for a Circle K run, then come back and hang on the back patio.

Here's some pics of Captain America and I (and just me) before we left. See my new red polka dot shirt? And my new red purse? Maddie said that I needed a BIG purse. Because the bigger the purse, the smaller you look. And I'm all about looking smaller....

We got home kinda late, and it's not 12:43am. And I still need to design. Luckily the blogging is all done :) I'm gonna sleep in, or try to, at least. Poor Captain America has to be up before 6am. Yeah, glad he's the soldier, and not me - hehehe.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Crocodile Tears

OK, first off, I got a few comments in the past few days about my diet. About how I don't look like I need to be on a diet. Well, I don't look like I need to be on a diet because I AM on a diet. hehehe. Here's a pic of me when I'm not on a diet....

This was me at my heaviest. 240 ish. I'm now 140 ish. So yeah, I have no control around food. I need a regiment. A very strict one. I need to be told EXACTLY what to eat, when to eat it, and how much. And as long as I don't vary from that, I'm safe. A person has to know their limitations, and I know that I'm not to be trusted with food. hehehe. I need to eat it to survive, but that's about it. I shouldn't be finding happiness or joy in food. I can find that in other things in life. But for me personally, food shouldn't be that. It's not safe for me. Not healthy.

So anyway, I hope that answers your questions. Yes, I may not look like I need a diet now, but that's because I'm on one, and I'm sticking to it. :)

Howdy hey, girls :) Another long day in the Harty Household. Woke up at 8am, and yeah, I honestly can't recall what I did. hehehe. I'm all drugged up on Migraine meds and a plethora of other OTC stuff, so we'll just call it a drug induced stupor. hehehe.

I remember eating Breakfast at 9am. Oh yeah! I remember now. I was working on getting doctor appointments set up for people! I was signed up on the Triwest website, but because I wasn't the "sponsor", well, I didn't count, apparently, and couldn't access the kids' records. Captain America hadn't signed up online yet, so we worked on getting him set up, then he gave me permissions to access the kids' account. What a hastle....

Anyway, I printed out some Authorization forms, and got appointment set up. Jimmy had an appointment today at 1:45pm. I got the address, and such, and got more info for it, and printed out the Authorization letter for him.

I called about physical Therapy for my "butt bone", and printed out the Authorization letter. Yeah, the person they assigned me to only deals with infants. Whaaaaat? So I called Triwest, and they said to just pick another physical therapist. Nice. How do I know who to pick? She said to just put in Physical Therapist in the search on their website, with a 10 mile radius. Yeah, narrow the search down to 50. That helps. I think I'm gonna go back to the TMC and talk to the doctor chickie and ask who she'd recommend.

Next, I printed out my authorization letter for my "tummy tuck", and called and scheduled a consult. August 12th, or something like that. It's just a consult, but hopefully they can get the insurance to approve it.

Then, I called about a referral for Jacob, and got it set up for Thursday at the army hospital. Pfew! That was a TON of phone calls. And i HATE making phone calls :)

After breakfast, I sat on the back patio for a while, and Maddie and I talked about the plan for the day. I had a doctors appointment for Jim at 1:45pm, but we still wanted to do the pool. So we decided to skip free lunch, make sandwiches for the pool, and go at 11am. Then leave by 12:30pm, come back home, get ready, and Jim and I would leave the house at 1pm.

So at 10am, I hopped in the shower and got all ready. We made a BUTTLOAD of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and packed brown sack lunches for each of the kids. Sandwiches and carrots and waters and mini marshmallows and cheese its. Kids thought it looked like a pretty yummy lunch.

Here's a few pics of us on the way to the pool. Check out my COOL new zebra earrings to replace the ones that broke at the movies last Friday night.

I had Tom take pics of my earrings so you could see how BIG they were. Did I mention I like big earrings???

We headed to the pool. It was only in the mid 80's, so it was kinda chilly. LOL! And it was cloudy. Yeah, we were the only people at the pool. Some dad with 3 kids came for about 30 minutes, and then 2 teenagers showed up, but that was it. VERY sparse.

Ella And I. Silly big earrings...

Tom and I. Can I just say that I LOVE LOVE this picture of him and I?
Jimmy and I. I TOTALLY forgot that he was wet, and pressed his little face to my cheek, and got ALL wet - hehehe
Lily and I
Lily and her apple
I wasn't getting in the pool, cause I didn't wanna mess up my make up and hair, and Maddie wasn't getting in either, so poor Ella was beside herself that she couldn't get in the big pool. Maddie and her girls only stayed for about 45 minutes, then went home.

See, poor things, locked away behind the baby pool gate.....

Here's my kids, playing the the big pool together. They were having a lot of fun, all 4 of them (Jake decided to stay home from the pool today)

Jimmy trying to do a headstand. hehehe
Joe being silly
Jimmy still not getting the concept of a hand stand. He's got the HAND thing...
Good job, Eme!
Joe and Jim
Jimmy swimming underwater
Eme sitting underwater
Jim and Joe
I love it when the kids play nicely together...
So I felt REALLY bad when I had to make them get out of the pool at 12:30pm and go home, too. Since they were playing SO nicely together. All getting along and junk. BUT, I had to go get ready for the doctors appointment. I couldn't very well show up to a doctors appointment in a swim suit with a dripping wet child....

So we drove home, Jim and I got changed, and we headed out. I left a bit early, and stopped by FexEd to drop off my old phone (I should have done it last week, or the week before....), then plugged in the ENT address into my phone's navigation system. The phone lady said that it was by Bassett center, on Gateway west. But the phone said it was further downtown.... hmmm.

I got on gateway west, and drove slow past Bassett center. I found the ENT office, and the address was 5959, not 2929 like I'd plugged into the navigation thingy.... That would explain it. hehehe.

We got there early, and filled out paperwork, then waited. And waited. Good thing my phone has internet, and youtube. I let Jimmy watched 3 episodes of Wow Wow Wubbzy, and I read my book, City of Bones. I've been trying to ready it now for about a year, and I'm finally getting into it.

They finally called us back, and the nurse came in and talked to us. Then we waited for longer. Then the doctor came in, and he was AWESOME with kids. He looked at Jimmy's tonsils, and said that they were HUGE. He recommended a tonsillectomy, and explained the procedure to Jimmy. I thought it was AWESOME that he'd explain it in kid terms to a 4 year old. VERY impressed :)

Next, Jimmy had to go to the bathroom, so we took a potty break, then went to a different waiting room. We went into another office, and filled out more paperwork, and set up a date for the surgery. August 6th.

Back to another waiting room, then we went in with the nurse, and she told us a little bit of what to expect. And gave us paperwork for blood work. That needed to be done ASAP. I asked if we could do it on post, and she said no. I asked if there was a location near, and she said Del Sol medical center, which I knew were it was.

We left the office, and headed to Del Sol. We swung by Sonic first, and I got a Diet Doctor Pepper, and Jimmy got an Oreo sundae and a Cherry slushie. He was pretty excited. We continued on to the hospital. It had a parking garage, so I navigated my beast of a truck up the tiny, winding road. Yeah, didn't like that too much. I've got that weird habit of ducking while in parking garages. It just makes me feel more safe, I guess.

I found a spot on the 3rd floor, and even managed to back into it. Pretty good, I know - hehehe. It was a tight fit. Mad skills, you know....

We went into the hospital, and asked the dudes in the front where the pharmacy was, and they should us were to go. Down the elevator, and around the maze, and we finally found it. I handed in my paperwork, and the chickie informed me that I was in the wrong place. Whaaaaat? After all that?

So I left the hospital, back to the parking garage, found my truck, and looked at the address on the form. Yup, different location. I got back on the interstate, plugged the address into my navigation, and it led me to the right building. About a block down the road.

We parked, went in, and found the right place. Filled out paperwork. Found another bathroom. Filled out a TON of more paperwork. Back to the waiting room. Then got called back for a blood draw. Poor Jimmy.

Here's Jimmy BEFORE the blood draw. He was so brave, until the needle came out. He wanted me to go over and snuggle with him, which I did.

He had some BIG crocodile tears rolling down his face. I felt for the poor kid. At least when he gets his tonsils out, he's gonna be "under", so it won't be so scary....

He got a Garfield bandaid, we packed up our stuff, and off we headed. I found an alternate route home, which swung by Little Caesars AND Verizon. Score it!

I was in the Little Caesars parking lot, when I decided to go a block back, and go to Verizon first. If I could swing in, get my phones activated, THEN I could buy the pizzas. Jim and I went into Verizon, and the chickie said it would be an hour wait. WHaAAAAAt? Are you serious? An hour? That's just not right. That's no way to do customer service. I was royally ticked off.

Got back in the car with Jim, and headed to Littler Caesars. Jimmy was playing with the decoration balloons, so the dude behind the counter gave him his own helium balloon, AND pack of cookies. VERY nice of him :)

I got a cheese pizza, a pepperoni pizza, 2 crazy breads, and sauce for only $13 plus tax. Not too shabby, right? My head was starting to hurt, and I didn't feel like cooking.

Here's me on the way home, with my Sonic. Actually, the soda was LONG gone, and I was sucking on the ice. It may only be in the 80's, but it was still warm in my truck.

I was almost to the full blown migraine stage when I got home. I dished up the pizza, got my food together (cheese again for dinner - I was feeling nauseous from the migraine, and couldn't stomach the thought of fish...), ate, and soon Captain America was home.

He took over the kids, and I laid down for about 20 minutes. It was SO much better when I got back up. The family was having Family Home Evening, and talking about Temples when I came out of my room and joined them. Here's me, with my apple, at FAmily Home Evening.

So at the end of Family Home Evening, Captain America decided to let us all try on his Gas Mask. It was pretty funny. I just kept thinking about that Episode of Doctor Who from Season 2, was it, or was it season 1, where the little boy with the gas mask kept saying "Are You My Mummy?" Freaky.... hehehe.

Jake had already had his turn and was upstairs by the time I grabbed my camera. Here's Joe

Oh yeah, I make Gas Masks look sexy.... ROFL!
And Captain America
Captain America and the kids went outside to play around with the badminton rackets, and I went into the bedroom where it was nice and quite again. hehehe. Andrea called, and we chatted for about 30 minutes. She and her family were in Idaho vacationing, and heading out to South Carolina on Wednesday. It was nice chatting with her. She's SUCH A good friend :)

Kids went to bed around 8:30, and Captain America and the big boys went outside to change the oil in Captain Americas truck. I brought my laptop out to the living room to blog and design. Maddie and Ella were watching Beauty and the Beast, and she was on her computer too. It was a nice, relaxing, quiet evening.

It's now almost 10pm, and I needed to make y'all a quick freebie. Then I'll either go to bed, or watch the end of that movie I started the other day and fell asleep. Hmmm, decisions, decisions....

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