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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Livin' The Dream

Happy day :) I was up at 7am, and I was sure tired. I'd only gotten 5 hours of sleep, and was pretty tired. Got the kids ready and out the door to the bus, and got a text from Andrea saying that she had a doctors appointment, and couldn't walk (for exercise with me). SO, I went back to bed.

Of course, I got texts from 3 different friends, and a call from Walmart vision about my contacts, and sigh. It just wasn't in the cards to go back to sleep. BUT, I gave it my best effort for about an hour.

At 9am, I crawled out of bed, and took a shower. I felt SO much better after the shower. I was supposed to go grocery shopping, but honestly, I didn't feel like it. I did print off my shopping list, but that's as far as I got. I decided to just sit at the computer, and get some busy work done. And I helped Jake with school for a while.

At 11:30am, Hilary came to pick me up, and she and I and Laurie headed to Olive Garden. We were meeting Veronica there. I just LOVE their spicy sausage and potato soup. And I can't for the life of me remember the name of the soup..... And people tell it to me ALL the time - ROFL! Oh well. Whatever it's called, it's DIVINE :)

We stayed and chatted WAY longer than we ate. hehehe. We got back home in time to get the kids from school. Eme got her stuff, and went to Bella's house to spend the night. Michael came over to our house to play with Tom, and Cassi came over to play with Joe. Everyone had a good time.

At around 4:45pm,Captain America came home! He looked SO tired. He unpacked, and relaxed, showered, then we went out on our date. We took Cassi back home, and headed to BJ's. There was a 20 minute wait, so we walked next door to Krispie Kreame, and happened to catch their "free donuts" coming off the conveyor belt. Sa-weet!

We headed back to BJ's, and sat outside for about 5 minutes, and they called us. Captain America and I each ordered a sandwich and salad. They were pretty good. I got a french dip, and he got a turkey hamburger. Tasty :)

We headed home, and stopped at a western clothes store on the way home. Captain America likes cow boy boots and hats, so we looked around for a few minutes. Then continued on our way home.

We were home by 8pm, and hung with the kids for about an hour. After the kids went to bed, Captain America and I watched a movie in our room, and here it is, 11:09pm. We're actually watching a few parts that we, um, er, missed - ROFL!

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Feelings

Happy Friday, to you all! Here's this weeks new products for ya :) Click HERE to go to Scrapbookgraphics.com, and remember, it's 20% off this week only :)

Layout by Anja

Layout by Charmaine

Layout by Sonja

So, full day again :) Up at 7am, morning routine, kids, school bus, Jimmy, Jake's school. I left the house at around 8am to meet up with Andrea and Veronica to go walking. Veronica brought her dog, Lola, this time. She pulled Veronica right along - hehehe. She seemed like a nice dog, even though I'm not a dog person. They scare me a bit - hehehe. I play it off well, though :)

So after the walk, I came back home and sat down to design. It was the last day to get products in the store before the newsletter went out. And I've had Friday be my new product day FOREVER. So, I had one done, and needed 4 more. Luckily, I had the quotes picked out.

I got a WordArt pack designed, and CAPTAIN AMERICA came home for a few minutes! I hadn't seen him since Sunday evening, and missed the man :) It was around lunch time, and I hung with him while he cooked lunch, ate, and got ready to go back out. He had to be back to work by 1pm.

When he left, Jake, Jim, and I headed to the new PX. Jacob wanted to spend some of his babysitting money at Game Stop. He found one that he wanted instantly, but after talking with the guys who worked there, I deemed it NOT acceptable for 12 year olds (hehe - Jake took it well, at least), and he kept looking. He ended up getting 2 used PSP games, for $21.65, I think. That included a 1 year warranty on each. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and Open Season. MUCH better choice, hon!

Oh yeah, and I just have to say that our new PX is FABULOUS! Still not all the way done, but it's gorgeous, what they do have. When it's done, it's gonna be the biggest PX in the nation :)

After Game Stop, we went into AAFESS. I needed to get a cord that goes from the laptop to the TV. That way, when I watch TV on my computer (like Chuck, Lost, etc, on their respective networks), I can watch it on my big screen instead. I'd taken pics of the connections, so I knew what to buy.

The guy there help me get the right cord, and he paid and headed out. We stopped by the food court, and got some burritos from Taco bell, then headed home. I had 2 hours. But first, I hooked up the tv. And it didn't work. I had a cord with a male/female connection. I needed a male/male cord. Sigh.

But, I was responsible, and didn't go right back. I sat down and designed. And I finished up part of what I needed to do. I got the kids from the bus, and went back to work. Tom went to Michaels (Veronicas) after school, and Bella came to play at our house. It was a nice distraction for our kids.

I worked fast and furiously, and had the stuff designed and uploaded in the store in time. I also helped Eme with her research project on the Olympians. We'd found pics of each of the Olympians last Sunday, and I photoshoped them, and got them ready for printing. I also sent the next Girls Party invites to Walgreens. Busy day :)

So at 5:35pm, I headed out the door, and picked up Tom from Michaels. He hurried and got ready for Football, I had Joe great ready for Scouts, and the 3 of us headed out. Jake stayed with Eme, Bella, and Jimmy (and Veronica came and picked up Bella and Eme within 20 minutes, so it was really just Jake and Jim).

I got Tom to practice right at 6pm, but that meant that Joe and I were late for scouts. We were meeting at Old Fort Bliss, for a service project. We pulled grass out of a gravel trail near the Fort. The boys did a great job :)

We got done within 45 minutes of starting, and Joe and I ran back to the PX. I turned in my male/female cord, purchased the male/male cord, and we headed home. And guess what? It works! No sounds, though.... Anyone else know how to fix this problem? Do I just have to hook up speakers to my laptop? Is that how I get around it?

I got Joe and Jim in bed, and headed back out to pick up Tom. It was just Jake awake at home now :) Eme had already gone. I drove back, got Tom at 8pm, then headed to Walgreens. I got the invites, and went to Veronicas to get Eme. She was just eating dinner, and she offered to let me print Eme's report pictures on her printer. Thank goodness!

I dropped Tom off at home, had them do their chores, and headed back to Veronicas. We printed off the pictures, I grabbed Eme, and we went back home. It was now 9pm. I sent Eme upstairs with her pictures, some scissors, a glue stick, and a box of crayons. She always does such a great job.

So I sit down, and design for my freebie, and about quarter to 10pm, Laurie and Hilary come over! We were gonna watch a movie. But it took us until 10:30 or 11pm to decide which one - LOL! None of us like to make a choice about such things :) We watched "Just Friends", which was pretty funny :) One of those stupid funny movies.

We chatted and laughed and had a fun ole time! The girls headed back home at around 1:20am. Here it is, 1:45pm, and I'm headed to bed. I sure hope that my tiny little wrist alarm wakes me up tomorrow, cause I'm gonna be tired! LOL!

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Yeah, this is what I'm gonna be needing in the morning, when I'm SO exhausted - LOL!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'm New (girl)

Hey girlies! Guess where I'm blogging from today :) hehehe. Laurie's house. It's 10:15pm, all the Harty kids are snuggly tucked into bed, and I grabbed a movie and headed for her house. And brought my laptop, of course. I've already designed, but need to blog. SO, I figured I could blog AND watch a movie. BUT, she's on the phone with her hubby in Iraq, SO, I can blog, AND still watch the movie. See how good things work out :)

Anyway, I should have been super tired when I woke up this morning, but surprisingly, I was ok. I hopped right up, got the kids going, dressed, fed, the routine, and out the door. I facebooked for a minute, started a load of laundry, picked up a little bit, and got my workout clothes on.

I grabbed an apple and a Pepsi One (gross, Pepsi, I know - it was on sale and Coke wasn't.... and they were out of Mt Dew) and headed to Andreas house. She and I and Laurie went walking. It'd been a long time since Laurie joined in our morning walk! She'd been doing P90X, and was getting all buff, while Andrea and I just walk. Oh well. hehehe. We have SO much fun walking and chatting.

Got home, got changed and dressed and all pretty, and helped Jake with school for a bit, and then the girls and I headed out to lunch. We went to Carlos and Mickeys, and it was SO much fun. It was Laurie and I and Leigh and Andrea and Veronica and Hilary. As I was writing this, I wondered if they would be offended if they weren't listed first.... Like I was playing favorites.... So I went and put it in order of appearance - ROFL! I rode with Laurie - ha! See, no favorites - you are ALL my favorites :)

Anyway, it was a GREAT lunch. Afterwords, we dropped by Walmart, and I ordered some new contact for myself and Jacob. I had the prescription, so it didn't take too long. AND, since I save 40 a month for Eye Doctor, I had cash to pay for it. Sa-weet! Thank you, Dave Ramsey plan...

Headed home, got the kids from the bus, and spent the rest of the early evening at home. I helped Jake refine his research paper, Tom helped Eme with her research report, Joe worked on his homework. I designed for a little while.

At 6:40, we headed over to the church. It was a Court of Honor for the Boy Scouts, and Jake was going from 2nd Class to 1st Class. I really wish Captain America could have been there. He did call from the field, and wanted me to make sure that he knew that his dad was thinking of him, and wished that he could have been there. It was so sweet.

I took some pics, and texted them to Captain America. Almost as good as being there, right? We came home after Scouts, and I put the little kids to bed. Eme and Tom and Jake and I worked on getting the chores done again, and the house clean. Jake went to bed after another load of dishwasher dishes were done.

I designed my freebie, and as I was saving it in the file folder labeled (15 Apr - Thurs), I realized what date that was. April 15th. TAX DAY!!! Holy crap! I'd already filed for federal, received my return, and stashed it away. State? Yeah, it wasn't in the mail!

SO, I dug through my room, looking for the right folder, and finally found it. Luckily, back on the 8th, I'd had Captain America sign it. I grabbed the state copy, the federal copy, ALL the many W-2's and such, stuffed it in an envelope, addressed it, weighed it, used www.usps.com to determine that it needed 2 stamps, and was done with it. Pfew! That was close. See, blogging every evening DOES has its advantages :)

So I checked on the kids, gathered up my stuff, and headed for Laurie house. And there you go. I'm all blogged. I'm all designed. Yeah for me :)

OK, treat for you today :) My good buddy, Jen, has a WONDERFUL new kit out, AND graciously let me play with it! I made 2 WordArts for ya. One for boys, and one for girls. But first, here's her new kit:

SO, she had the boy version on her blog (just click on the preview to go to her blog)

And I have the girl version! Isn't it pretty :P hehehe. I'm all about the baby attitude - ROFL! Anyway, click on the links below to go to my account to download the ZIP file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Clash of the Clothes

OK, I'm gonna preface this with it's 1:20am. I haven't blogged yet. I haven't designed yet (and you all know how my designs get after midnight - LOL). I really need to go to bed :) See what happens when my husband leaves for the week - hehehe.

Anyway, I got up at normal time, got the kids ready, and out the door. Andrea texted saying she wasn't gonna walk, but that she was gonna go to the on post thrift store at 9am. Worked for me. So I showered and got pretty, and she texted a few minutes before 9am, saying her hubby was gonna come too. Um, yeah, Ryan, you're an AWESOME guy and all, but I don't wanna hang with you and your wife - ROFL! I let the two of them go together to the thrift store, and have some time together :)

What did I do? I loaded up in my truck, and drove to Sonic, and got a Diet Dr Pepper for Hilary and I. I dropped hers off at her work, since she was running late, and didn't have time to stop on the way there. I called Laurie to see if she wanted to go and shop with me, but she was still busy.....

So, I had a morning to myself. I drove over to Fallas Parades, and shopped for a whole hour. I got a new shower curtain, matching towels, matching rugs, and a new soap. It was gonna look SO pretty.

After Fallas, I went to Family Dollar and got Eme hair bands, and then to Dollar Tree, where I got some decorations for my table. I'd picked up a table runner at Fallas. After about 2 hours total of shopping, all by myself (which was nice, for a change), I headed back home.

I got the kids lunch, and then started in on my Bathroom Makeover. It was kinda fun. Wanna see the finished product? Here it is;

And here's my table runner, table, and new hutch. Did I already post pics of those???

Just ignore the blatant computer geekiness in the background... hehehe.

So I worked on getting rooms in the house clean for the rest of the afternoon, as well as some computer work done. At 2pm, Jake was done with school, and he and Jimmy and I headed to the park to try out the new kites that I'd bought them at the Dollar Tree. They were pretty excited.

The kites worked ok for a Dollar kite. But you could tell they were only a Dollar. They kept crashing. But it was kinda fun.

We headed back home, and at 3:30pm, headed to the bus stop. We got Joe and Eme, and Cassi and William, and headed for the park. The girls started to trickle down to the park after that.

Hilary and Laurie and Veronica and I and Kari were there. We had fun laughing and chatting and eating Peanut Butter crackers, courtesy of Laurie. Jake went to the pool to play until I needed him to babysit.

We left the park right before 5pm. I went home and got my kids dinner. Hilary headed to the pool for her daughter for swim team practice. We started chores, and Joe on his homework, and such. At 5:30, Jake came home, and I had Tom get ready for Football. I drove him out to his practice at 6pm, leaving Jake in charge.

I swung by the pool after dropping off Tom, and saw the girls for a few minutes, then headed back home. I got the little boys all ready for bed, and teeth brushed, and such. At 7:50, I headed back to the field. Jake put the little boys the rest of the way in bed.

I got home, and came back home. I left Jake and Eme and Tom watching a movie together on the couch, and I headed out to my Primary Presidency meeting. It was at Lauries house. Now, imagine this. Me and Laurie and Hilary and Andrea. All in the same room. Trying to be serious and have a meeting. Yeah, it's a struggle to stay on topic - ROFL! We started at 8:30, and ended at 10:30. LOL! We got everything covered that we were supposed to, though. And even had a nice spiritual thought!

So after the meeting, I stayed and chatted longer with Laurie. At 11pm, we started making the invites to the April Girls party. Those have been SO much fun. This one's at Laurie's house, and is a "Tacky Party". We're supposed to wear something that's either tacky or that clashes. And bring a main dish to share, and an Under $3 gift for the exchange. SO looking forward to it. Next Thursday, I think is the date :) WOohoo!

I left Lauries house at 12:30pm, and came back home, checked some emails, played on facebook for only a few minutes, I swear.... and here I am. Finally done blogging. It's now 1:35am, and I need to design something. Unfortunately, my fingers are feeling like they have a mind of their own. Um, not such a good sign. AND, my bed is covered with laundry. I think I'll just shove it to Captain America's side. He's not here anyway, right?

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nodding.....off.....must....sleep. Even under the laundry works, at this point....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

In The Swing of Things

hehehe, Jacob thought it was Tuesday all day long. LOL! I knew it was just Monday :) Started off good. Got up, got kids ready for school, sent them to the bus, checked emails, woke up the other kids, got them going with school/activities, went on a walk with Andrea.

After our walk, she and I went to Self Help for Housing, and got grass seeds for the backyard, and I got new batteries for my garage door opener. Sa-weet! I just love getting free stuff. Those button batteries are expensive, and I needed 4.

After Self Help, we swung by the commissary, and I got a few things. I'd just gone shopping on Friday, so I was pretty much stocked. Andrea got a few things too. We had, between the two of us, less than 60 together, so that meant we could go through the self check out. 30 per person. Yeah, it was kinda pushing it, but the lady was nice. We kept getting stuck, and laughed, and had a good time. Only the two of us could make the self check out a fun adventure -ROFL!

After we paid, and loaded up the groceries, we headed home. My garage door opener worked like a charm! Sa-weet! I got my stuff put away, and checked on the kids. They were doing great. Jake was clicking away at school, and Jimmy was happy. I stopped by Lauries for a few minutes to see her and Hilary, and stayed for an early lunch. Yummy chicken with a green salad and homemade ranch! Thanks, girl! LOVED it!

Headed back home, got lunch for my boys, and we re-arranged the dining room. I moved the 6 old chairs to the garage, and disassembled the old table and took it to the garage too. I swept up the floor, and moved the computer desks around to accommodate the big table. It looked pretty good when I was done.

I was so engrossed with rearranging, that I forgot about the bus. I had Jake run there and get the kids. Oops. Laurie was there, so they weren't without grown-up supervision :) hehehe.

Tom went to Michaels house to play (Veronicas son), and Bella (Veronicas daughter) came to our house to play. Jake finished his school, did his school, and went to Hunters house, then to the park (Hunter is Leslie's kid - 3 days younger than Jake). I took Joe, Jim, Eme, Bella, and Braxton (Leslie's other son - Tom's age) to the indoor pool. Hilary was there, too, with one of her daughters, Megan, for swim practice. We had a good time chatting, and the kids had a good time playing.

We left at 7pm, dropping off Kayley, who was there for Swim Team (Leighs daughter) at her house, Braxton at his house, Bella to our house to get her backpack from school, then Bella at her house, picked up Tom, and got Jake. Pfew! That was a busy evening!

I made pancakes for dinner, and we had them with bananas. Yeah, maybe not the best, but we were all tired. Put the kids to bed, and sat down to decide which quotes I was gonna use for my WordArt packs for the week. But texted Hilary and Laurie instead. I'm such a slacker. hehehe. My Facebook fans DID come up with a TON of good ones, though! Thanks, girls! I've got a TON of ideas now :)

So, it's 9;33pm, I'm almost done blogging, just need to design something real fast, and I'll be done for the night. Hilary put her kids to bed, and her hubby is all drugged up on pain pills from his Knee Surgery from last week, and she's coming over. We're gonna watch House Bunny. It's SO funny - hehehe. Not for kids, just saying... hehehe.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

See You Later, Alligatr

Yeah, pictures from yesterday! Here's Tom and Captain America, Tom giving us "V for Victory" fingers - hehehe

And Captain America on the horse at the Civil War event. Tom is the camera man...

Eme and Tom taking a turn

Captain America was like, Yeah, the horse messed up this picture. I thought it was HILARIOUS!!

Joe and Captain America

Another new week begins. Actually, technically, isn't the new week supposed to start on Sunday? Yeah, it's Monday for me. Sunday is the last of the last week in my book. How about you?

Sunday was good, but busy. Andrea had borrowed Captain America's church keys on Saturday for a meeting at the church, and didn't give them back yet, so he was calling me at 8am, looking for them. I was in the process of getting myself and the 5 kids bathed and dressed for church, so took a brief pause to text and call Andrea. Yeah, she was getting herself and her 3 kids ready for church (hehehe), and didn't answer the phone.

He eventually figured something out, I guess. He left for church before I even got up. And I got up at 7:30am. Poor guy works too hard :) Even on his day off :) But, I know we're getting blessings for our service :)

Anyway, headed to church, and got there a few minutes before it started. Late, in my book. There were 2 babies being blessed, and two baptisms from the day before, so there were a TON of extra people in church. Our rows were taken, so we had to sit WAY in the back. Sigh. It's noisy back there. I'm getting to church way early next week - LOL!

Anyway, Sacrament meeting was good, primary went well. I did realize that the singing time lesson I'd prepared was for last months song. Crud. SO, I had to wing it. But, it worked out pretty good. The older kids already knew the song, so that helps - ha! I'll just save the other one, use it later.

We got home, and the kids and I had lunch, then watched Shorts in my room. Funny kid movie. The giant booger monster was kinda nasty, but funny - ROFL! I wouldn't mind having a magic wishing stone sometimes, though :)

Captain America came home near the end of the movie, and finished it with us. He and I and Tom headed over to Leslies house (2 houses away) with the truck and trailer, and got an old dining room table and hutch from her. She'd gotten a BEAUTIFUL new table and chairs not too long ago, and was giving me her old one!!! It's WONDERFUL. Even better than the one that Joe broke. I made sure the child knew not to sit on it - ROFL!

SO, we visited for a while, then took the stuff home. She has an 18 year old that ships off to the Army in June after he graduates, and he came and helped us. SO nice that I didn't have to be moving stuff and carrying it in. THANKS!

So we moved the old hutch, and put the new one in. We keep all our DVD's in there, and transferred them from the one to the other. We built the table, inserted the 2 extra leafs, moved the old chairs and table, set the new ones up, took the bottom to the old hutch to the living room, took the top to the old hutch to the curb, and cleaned up. I rearranged the living room furniture again (hehehe), put the TV on the old hutch bottom, and straightened up a bit. Looked pretty good!

I folded 4 loads of laundry, and had Joe help me put it away. Since it was his clothes. hehehe. And some towels. Lots of dishtowels, actually. Jimmy had gone in his room earlier, and was sleeping. He got a good 3 hour nap in. Dang!

I made dinner, and we all sat around the big new table. Well, except for Jimmy, since he was sleeping. But it was nice to sit down as a family again. We chatted and ate and enjoyed each others company. THANK YOU LESLIE!!!

At one point, the neighbor dude from across the street and a house down came over to ask if he could have the top to the hutch. Come to find out, he and his buddy were from near where Captain America grew up. Small world, eh? We stood outside and chatted for a while.

Captain America went back inside, and I spotted our neighbor Leigh, and we chatted for a while. Back inside, and Captain America started packing for his week in the field. Some army thing they're doing. He'll be back on Friday. I know for some of you who's hubbys are home each and every night at the same time, having your man gone for 5 days would seem like a long time. Really, it doesn't seem that long. But I bet we'll all be really glad when "dad" comes home on Friday :)

We watched a family show together for about an hour, and Jimmy had woken up by then. He ate all of the corn from his dinner he'd missed, and Joe ate all the green beans, and Tom and Joe ate his meat. I guess Corn is better than nothing. He kinda woke up whiny, so I guess eating something is better than not.

We put the kids to bed at 9pm, and Captain America continued packing. I'm blogging, then designing, then gonna go to bed. I'm gonna spend a bit of time tomorrow cleaning and organizing. I tend to find more time to clean when Captain Americas gone. I think it's the "I miss my man" energy channeled in a positive way. Whatever it takes to have your house cleaned, right? LOL!

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam

Howdy! Remember that headache from last night? Yeah, well, it didn't go away overnight. I woke up feeling SUPER nasty, and nauseous, and junk. I puked a little 2 times, and ate 4 crackers, and took a migraine pill. And went back to sleep.

I woke up at 10am, and Captain America wasn't in bed anymore. He was out with the kids. I snuck out, but the light was not my friend. And I left kinda sick. But my headache was at bay.

So I grabbed a banana, and went back into my room, and checked my email and such. I kept the lights off, and the door shut, and was ok if I didn't move around too much.

Captain America and Tom left for Tom's Football game at around noon. Yeah, the rest of the day was kinda a blur. I know I texted Hilary and Andrea a bit, and stayed in my bed for quite a while. Captain America and Tom came home at around 3pm, having won the Game. Tom was SO excited. Come to think of it, Captain America was SO excited too. hehehe. He was proud of those 10-11 year olds, and Tom in particular. He'd made a lot of tackles, and recovered a fumble, or something like that. Woohoo Tom!

I got a nice pic of Captain America and Tom together, but he has the camera, so you'll just have to wait - LOL

Anyway, Captain America hustled and got ready for the day Reenactment that we were all supposed to go on. I was feeling pretty nasty, so I decided to skip. I helped him get ready as best I could, and laid back down for a while. Tom and Eme and Joe were gonna go with him. Jake didn't really wanna go, and Jimmy was mostly well, but I figured that he could stay inside one more day. Poor streppy kid...

I did manage to call Verizon, and fenagle a new phone out of them. I told them that it was malfunction, and that the previous 5 phones, of the same type, were malfunction too. That I didn't want the Samsung Glyde anymore, and what were they going to do to fix it. They talked about flashing it again, or trading it out again, and I was like, "Nope, I've lost faith in the phone. I need a different one". I suggested upping my Contract date, like let me just get a new phone now, but they went another route.

They said that they'd give me a pre-owned, recertified phone. For $50. Well, i guess that's better than nothing. And it has a year warranty. And I can re-up my contract and get a new phone in November. Perfect.

So while on the phone with the guy, I talked him into waving the $50 fee, so it's totally free. Good. I shouldn't have to deal with a crappy phone for SO long :) hehehe. The new one should be here on Wednesday.

Hilary and Laurie came by to visit poor, sick me at around 4:30pm. Hilary brought me a Diet Doctor Pepper, and they stayed to chat for a while. Thanks, girls, for coming to check on me!

After they left, I went and did some work on my computer. I was supposed to be loading my store, but was losing interest real fast. So I hired someone to do it for me - LOL! I'm so bad :) Now I have someone repackaging my stuff, and someone else loading it into my store. Sweet! It feels like cheating - hehehe. More time for designing, right?

Here it is, 7;46pm, and I'm gonna get blogged and designed early tonight, so I can just relax and do nothing. Because nothing is SO good to do when you're sick ;)

This WordArt request is from Lexa-Rose. Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!