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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Bunny Time

I swear, all day today I thought it was Saturday. The kids didn't have school, and Captain America had an "Organizational Day" at work (think large scale company family friendly picnic), so it was very Saturday-esque.

I woke up at 8am, and got myself and the kids ready for the picnic. We didn't need to bring anything, so we just had to get ready, and get jackets. It was only supposed to be in the 60's today. It'd been in the 80's all week long. Sigh. What's up with that. Doesn't it always work out that way? The one day you plan on it being nice, it's nasty weather - hehehe. It really wouldn't have been so bad if the dang wind hadn't been blowing so hard...

So we get there a little after 9am, and find Captain America. His battery is doing the football competition, and he's on the team. So he goes off to play. The kids play at the park, and I watch them. And watch them. And watch them some more. There's a few activities for the kids, like a ring toss booth, sack racing, that kind of thing. Good for about 30 minutes. Yeah, back to the park. And the watching....

Eme had fun at the sack race, though. She was FAST. She stayed there practically the whole time. It was timed, so every time someone beat her time, she'd jump back in the race, and go until she was faster. Too funny :)

Captain America got done with his game, but had to play another game very soon after. We saw him for a few minutes inbetween. He was playing his 2nd game during lunch. We went and got in line, and even got closer to the front because we had kids. Thank goodness! Have you ever had to stand in a crowded line on a SUPER windy day with 5 hungry kids, and keep them from touching each other and those around them? Yeah, not fun.... hehehe.

We finally got to the front of the line, got our food, and found a picnic table. Brrrrr. It was cold. Captain America found us when we were almost done eating. He helped me clean up the table, and the kids went to play at a different set of playground equipment. I stood with him in line again to get some food. Soon after he got his and ate, his battery was up for a football playoff game. Sigh. Back to the park.

This park was a bit more entertaining. Better play equipment on this side of the big park. And one of the dads was there playing with all of the kids. Tag, or something like that. ALL the kids were having fun with him. There were a few moms there to visit with, but they weren't really talkers. Sigh.

The wind started to die down just a tad, and it was actaully pretty warm for those 2 minutes inbetween big gusts - ha!

I wandered around a bit more, and found a nice windblocker in the bathrooms. Just behind it, there was a patch of fun, and no wind. I put in my MP3 player, and sat for a while. Jake came over and joined me, and we hung out for about 30 minutes. Captain America was finally done with all his games, and came to hang. But son went and joined his group of guys from the battery.

Hilary came to the park at around 2:15pm, and hung for about an hour. They did an awards ceremony at 3 something, and Eme won 1st in the Sack Race (medals - pretty cool!), and Tom won 3rd in the Ring Toss. Yeah Harty kids! I think Captain America's battery won 3rd overall. Yeah for them too :)

We left the park at around 3:30pm. Captain America went home to get ready for the next activity, and I took the kids and swung by the mall. I didn't have time to make a dessert for the Ward Party, so I picked up some of those Little Debby-esque pre-wrapped cake thingys, and the last of the Easter stuff, and then met Hilary and her girls at the Jewelry Box. Eme got a few things, and Hilarys girls spent some of their allowance. VERY quick trip.

We headed back home, got all freshened up, and turned around and left again. Ward party at 5pm at the park near the church. It probably would have been fun, but I'd been outside WAY too long - LOL!

Captain America didn't say long, because the boys had football practice at 6pm. He left right before. They had picnic food, just like the picnic food that we'd just had at the "Organization Day" a few hour earlier - LOL! We were a bit picniced out. But the kids loved it. I guess "We" means me....

The girls from church were there, and I had fun hanging with them for a while. But once the sun dipped down under the mountain, yeah, that was enough for me. Hilary and I made a b-line for her car, and sat there the rest of the time. By 7:30, we were ready to go. I gathered up the kids, and headed home.

I got the kids to bed, showered (OMGosh, it felt wonderful after a lONG day outside.... and sunburn...), and here it is, 9:50pm, and I'm almost ready for bed. LONG day. All days are long if they're spent outside, I think. The fresh air tires you out :)

Our family has the Easter Bunny come a day early, so he should be making a delivery tonight while the kids sleep. Yeah for the Easter Bunny :) Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

Got some new stuff for ya this week! AND some old stuff has found its way into the store. Yeah for it! Now if only more old stuff would find its way into the store - hehehe. I think I need a few more hours in the day. Or to play less........ NAH! I like to play. I need a few more hours :)

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SOOOOO, good day, but long day :) Started off at 7am, before school routine. Plus add homework for Joe. We didn't get around to doing it last night, since he'd fallen asleep in the truck. Sigh. BUT, we managed it, and they still made the bus :)

Laurie and Andrea wanted Hilary and I to go to a food handlers class with them up by the Hospital, but we ditched. She came over to my house at around 8am, and we went walking. Felt good, too. Nice pace.

We got home at around 9am, she changed clothes, I took a shower and got ready for the day, and we went grocery shopping. I ended up under budget again (woohoo!). Last week I was over, so I think it all comes out in the wash - ha! It was pretty busy there, since it was payday, but it was ok.

I got done first with the groceries, so I headed out to Hilary's car. Crap, what car was hers? I found one that I thought was hers, and the bagger and I waited. I told him I THOUGHT it was her car. He didn't seem to speak much English, so I'm not sure he knew what I was talking about. She eventually came, so it was really her car - hehehe. Imagine if I'd been waiting and waiting and waiting, and she was across the parking lot unloading her groceries into the car - LOL!

We drove to her house and unloaded her groceries, then drove to my house to unload all of my groceries. Unfortunately, I was feeling a bit sick. A migraine in the works. It just came out of the blue!

I tried to ignore it, but I was starting to get the sweats, and really felt like I was gonna puke. After all the groceries were in, I told Hilary that I was feeling nasty. I felt horrible. Laurie came over about that time. We were supposed to go to lunch at Carlos and Mickeys. *sniff, sniff*.

I stood up a few times and tried to put some groceries away, but I quickly had to sit back done. Stupid headache! I took a migraine pill, some advil, some tylonel, and a decongestant, and a few pretzels, and half a diet mt. dew. Something was bound to do the trick.

I told the girls to go without me, and to come and pick me up after they ate. I knew that if I laid down in a quiet, dark place, that it'd be better. They left reluctantly, and I went to lay down. I hoped that they didn't think that I was faking to get out of going. I LOVE to go out to eat - hehehe. Why would I fake something like that? Makes no sense - LOL!

Anyway, Hilary, I really did have a migraine - hehehe. SO, I laid down, and by 1:45pm, I was feeling SO much better. Almost completely better. I wonder what it was that I took that did the trick... I guess that's the problem with taking too many things at once. You can't tell what it was that worked.

The girls showed back up at around 2pm, and we headed out to Sam's Club. I needed milk ,and Hilary wanted me to get the cheaper milk there than at the commissary. OK, that's cool :) We got the milk, and the strawberries that Hilary needed, and a sample of ALL the different kinds of Fudge from the fudge lady, and we each got a pair of the CUTEST stinkin' flip flops ever! What do ya think?

After Sam's, we headed back home. I had about 2 hours to design and upload products into the store, but I still had to pick up kids from the bus during that time. I sat down to the computer, and did as much as I could, then walked to the bus stop.

Holy Wind, Batman! It was CRAZY out there. Football practice was canceled because of extreme wind. So was AQ. So all the kids were on the bus after school. No park time today! We'd blow away, I think :)

So I work until 4:30pm, then drive the 2 blocks to the pool for an informative meeting about swim team. I thin kit would be good for Emeline. Have her own activity, with other girls. Poor thing spends a lot of time around boys here.

Anyway, Laurie and Hilary were already there. But no one else. I guess the meeting is on Monday. Oops. So I hurry home, and decide to get ready, THEN work. That way, at least I'm ready :) I try on the teal dress that Laurie let me borrow, and it looks good, but I just can't do all that color.

She had this tiny black dress that was really pretty, but I didn't think it'd fit. Just for the heck of it, I tried it on, and it looked SO good! Yeah for trying new things :)

Yes, I know it's sideways. I thought your neck needed stretching today :) hehehe. I'm not used to wearing things quite so short. Not so good. Especially in this horrible wind. I had Captain America pick me up and drop me off VERY close to the entrance - LOL!

So I couldn't do the teal dress, and I couldn't do the hair down either - hehehe. It got pulled up. With fake hair. It looked pretty, though :)

So we gave the kids directions, and headed out. It was at the Wyndam Hotel by the airport. They had a cash bar (but no diet dr pepper - drat! not that kinda drinks, I guess....), and then inside the main room they had an appetizer buffet line. It was pretty good food. Egg rolls, and little mini quiches, and mushrooms, and little sandwich fixings, and fruit, and veggies. Pretty tasty.

There were a ton of people there from the Brigade level, so most of them I didn't know. Mostly, I hung out with Captain America hanging out with 7 other dudes from his unit. Um, yeah. Not fun. There wasn't enough chairs, so we just stood up in the back of the room, with the rest of the 2nd LT's. Whatever. I felt pretty, so it was all good :) They had an awards ceremony, and a speaker. I texted Hilary and Laurie the whole time, and FINALLY it was over and we went home. It really wasn't too bad, I guess. Kinda....

We put the kids to bed at around 9:30pm, and hung out the rest of the night. It's not 12:21am, and I really should go to bed. Captain America's having a Battalion day tomorrow at work, and it's supposed to be for the whole family to come and participate. I hope it's a good time :)

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

April LDS Blog Train - Called To Serve

Welcome to the April LDS Blog Train. This month? Called to serve! Hope you all enjoy :) I'm gonna be mean, and put my posting at the BOTTOM of my post, so if your just here for the blog train, go ahead and skip down past my blather (hehehe). Cause I do go on and on and on some times.

So I wake up at 7am again. Tired, but not as tired as I have been being. I went to bed a little before midnight last night, so I was all feeling mostly rested. ROFL!

I got the kids up and dressed and fed and out the door to the bus. Andrea texted, and said that she couldn't go walking right away, that she was doing some FRG stuff, but that she'd go when she got back. Cool. I could do that.

Captain America didn't get up and go to PT this morning, because he was out so late at the battery last night. 11:00pm or something crazy like that. SO, he slept in, and left for work a little before 9am.

I was looking online, wanting to design for a little while, but got stuck at Facebook. I noticed that Hilary had as her status, "First person to bring me a Large Diet Dr Pepper (easy ice) from Sonic wins". Ha! I didn't care what I won, I was gonna win!

So Jimmy and I loaded up in the truck, drove the 5 minutes to Sonic, and went to her work (like 2 minutes from my house). She came out and chatted for about 30 minutes. She's already got one, but it's only because she stopped on the way to work and got one. I guess she won! ROFL! But if you exclude the person who actually MADE the contest, the I won :) My prize was to keep the Diet Dr Pepper - LOL!

I was back home by 9:30am, and Andrea and I went on our walk. We did the normal loop, then came back home. I stayed at her house for a bit, and chatted with her and her mother in law. She'd borrowed a book from me last time she was here, and returned it. I dropped off "The Hunger Games" and book 2 for her to read this time she's here. They're good books, I'm sure she'll like them.

When I got home, it was almost lunch time. I had some lunch, got the kids some lunch, and designed a WordArt pack. But then it was 12:30pm, and because it was early release for school, I headed down to the bus stop.

I stopped at the house on the way to the park, and Hilary was there. She'd gone and got her kids from school, and was back to hang at the park. I took all the kids who wanted to play, and we headed to the park.

It was SUCH a gorgeous day outside. I got a bit burned, but it SO felt good to be in the sun. I'm pretty sure it was in the 80's. Gotta love Spring in El Paso....

It was Laurie and I and Hilary and Kari at the park. I had to leave at 1:30pm in order to make it to my parent teacher conferences on time. The girls stayed behind and visited and watched my kids :)

I drove to the school, and met with Toms teacher. She said that he's doing pretty good in school. Almost all A's and 2 B's. Good job, Tom! She did mention that she'd like for him to "read less" and to socialize with the other kids more. ROFL! What teacher says that - hehehe. The child has his nose in a book at all times, and really does need to socialize more with the other kids :) She's got him pegged. I just thought it was a funny thing to say :)

Next, it was Eme's class. The teacher LOVES my kid - ha! You know, as a parent, I LOVE parent teacher conferences, because it's a time for me to hear good things about the kids. It's SO easy to slip into a "negative" mode, and focus on the bad things that they do. It's a nice reminder that my kids really are pretty good :)

Anyway, Mrs. Pratt just adores Eme. She said that she should probably be in the grade above, because she's not learning anything that she doesn't already know, but that the school isn't gonna let kids skip a grade. While I want Eme to be working on things that are at HER level, I'm just concerned after seeing Joe in a grade that he clearly didn't belong in. Hmmmm. She did say that at least, when we move to a new school, to get her tested and see if she could go to a different grade. That's a good idea :)

I was back to the park by 2:20, and hung out for another 15 minutes. Laurie was at parent teacher conferences, and Hilary and I headed back to my house. The kids were playing nicely, and she and I took Jake and Tom and headed downtown to get some Football ID cards. Captain America had hand written very detailed directions for me, so we kinda knew where we were going.

We found it without too many mess ups - LOL! We didn't end up in Jaurez, at least... Although we were pretty close :)

Had to show proof of reciept for the parents class, Birth certificates (or Military ID cards), pay the $5 per child fee, and they got their Photo ID cards. It's good for 2 years, at least. ...

We headed back home, relieved Hilarys kids from watching mine, hung for about 20 more minutes, and they went home. They took Jake with them, so he could go to Scouts with Nathan at 6 instead of 7 (for a swimming thing), and I kept Jannie to play with Eme. Kid swap, you know :)

We ate dinner, got ready, and headed for the football field at 5:45pm. Tom practiced, the kids played at the park, and Hilary came to hang with me eventually. Captain America came a bit late to coach, but he came.

At 6:50, we loaded back up in Hilarys car (leaving my truck at the park), and the kids and us drove to the church. Tom had forgotten his extra clothes, so he went to scouts in a tshirt, football pants, and no shoes. Cleats don't go in the church. Poor kid. He wasn't too happy.

The little kids spent the entire time playing in the gym. They ran around ,and had a great time :) The grown ups got a chance to chat and giggle and have fun, so it was good all around. And Jake had his board of review, and is now a 1st class scout! Way to go, Jake! Eagle is only 16 months away :) You can do it, my friend!!!

At 8:15pm, meetings were done, and the boys were back from swimming, and we gathered our kids, and headed back to the football park. Hilarys hubby took her kids home, and she took me to my truck.

The kids and I headed home, and of course Joe and Jim fall asleep :) I was able to carry in Jim (although he's heavier than his big brother), but made Joe wake up, because he was WAY in the trunk. hehehe.

Captain America was home a few minutes after, and we got the kids to bed, and hung out for a little while. And here it is, 11:29PM, and I'm almost done for the day. If I was smart, I'd design some more. But I'm tired. Hmmmm, when is this gonna get done....

Tomorrow Hilary has the day off, and we'd planned to PLAY for a while. Kids get out of school at 3:30pm, and we have a fancy dinner at 6pm. Maybe, if I skip the park tomorrow, I can design for those 2 hours, and get all my work done. And still play the majority of the day? Do you think? That'd work, right? I already have 1 of the 5 designed...... I'm such a slacker :)

Oh yeah, and remember, this is a blog train. We live in lots of different time zones. Don't freak out if someone isn't hooked up yet. They will be. Maybe they were late like me last month - hehehe. Yeah, not so good for me - ha!

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Next stop? Click HERE to go to Brandi's Digiscraps, the next stop on the blog train :) And if you ever get lost, just click HERE to go to the main page...

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Easter Basket

Howdy hey, ladies :) My goal is to be to bed before midnight tonight, so I'd better get crackin'. hehehe.

Woke up at 7:00am, threw on some clothes, made myself somewhat presentable (but with glasses, not contacts), got kids ready for school, and out the door to the bus. I left a few minutes later to go to Joe's parent teacher conference. The child is doing well in Kindergarten. The teacher said that moving him back to Kindergarten was a WONDERFUL move, and that he's really doing well. He's meeting all the goals that he's supposed to, and gets along well in class. Good job, JOE!

I came back home, got ready, and headed out for my exercise walk. Andrea and I and Veronica walked today. It was a good walk, for about an hour.

After the walk, I took a shower, and got pretty for the day. I did some housekeeping jobs, and played with Jimmy, Jake did homework, and got done with school at 11am even, and Captain America came home from work at noon for lunch.

At 1pm, Laurie and I and Hilary headed out to the stores to go Easter shopping. My mom was sending some money, and I had a bit budgeted to spend. I needed to get 3 more baskets, because I don't know where the others went. I think they got left out last year, and the kids played with them.

The Easter Bunny comes to our house on Friday night/Saturday morning. He always did this growing up in my family, I think because my mom asked him to. She knew that it wouldn't be conducive to getting kids ready for church on Sunday, so that was their deal. And it's our deal now in my family too. Keep the Bunny part on Saturday, and the Savior part on Sunday. Works for us :)

Anyway, I found chocolate bunnies, and jelly beans, and peeps, and M&M's, and some chocolate, and decided to go a small gift for each kid. We always had a small gift in our basket. Something around $10.

I found something for Tom at Walmart, but wanted to go to Big Lots to look for the other kids. We shopped for about an hour or so, then paid, and headed back to post. Hilary dropped us off at the park, and the kids came home off the bus, and we stayed and visited at the park until about 4:30pm. Well, maybe they stayed longer, but that's how long I stayed.

I'd started a crock pot with chicken and potatoes earlier in the day, so I dished up portable containers of food, had the kids grab a fork, and off we went. Jake had babysitter class at 5pm, Tom had football at 6pm.

We dropped Jake off, then went to the football park. I brought my folding chair, and my laptop, and managed to get part of a WordArt pack designed, but it was WAY too bright to see what I was doing. hehehe.

Hilary came to hang out with me at 5:45ish. She's such a fun girl! Love ya, Hil! She left to go home at 6:30pm, and the kids and I headed back to get Jake at 6:50pm. When we got to the building where Jake was doing his class, we noticed Andreas kids were out of piano early, so we stayed and hung with them until Andrea got back.

We got Jake, and headed to Big Lots. I had them look at toys that they liked, then sent Jacob with them to the truck, THEN went shopping and got what I "needed". It's so nice to have big kids. SO nice. I've waited a long 12 years to have a child this age. hehehe.

We loaded back in the truck, and headed back to football to pick up Tom. Then pack on post. On the way, I got a call from Leslie (my 2 houses down neighbor), saying that they had a dead battery, and wondering if I could drive them to the store to get a new one.

I dropped off the kids, had Jake help Joe with his homework, then put them to bed, and headed down to Leslies house. Luckily, her hubby was home on R&R (2 weeks leave from Iraq), so he was able to get the battery out of the car, and into my trunk. We drove to Auto Zone, and he went and got a new one.

Back to post, dropped them off at their house, and back to my house. Kids were still awake, and Jake was helping Joe finish up his homework. I helped put Joe and Jim to bed, and sent the big kids up stairs.

Jake helped me get the Easter stuff in the house, and assembled. He's such a nice kid. LOVE ya, Jake :) And I really appreciate everything that he does. He's such a responsible guy :) *gush*

So here it is, 9:55pm, and I'm doing blogging. Much earlier than yesterday. And the day before. And the day before. Hehehe. Captain America's still not home from work. They must have some kind of project they're doing, or something. I know that he said that he's gonna work on leaving at 5pm. What's the saying, though... "The Army demands results"..... such it is.

So, because I went Easter shopping today, I thought I'd make you guys an Easter WordArt :)

Feels really weird not to be doing WordArt Wednesday anymore, eh? Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Hey girls :) So it's the last day that my store at Scraporchard will be open. It's closing it's doors sometime on the 31st of March. So pick up some of my designs while there's the 50% off coupon. They'll eventually be repackaged and loaded into my store at Scrapbookgraphics, but it might be a while. SO, get it while they're still there (and while they're $1.25 per wordart pack - hehehe). If you need a coupon, you can use any of the following for a 50% off discount :

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Another long day :) I'm beginning to think that I don't have any other kinds - LOL! I was planning on having a morning at home, but it didn't quite work out that way. My alarm was set for 7:30am from church yesterday, but luckily I woke up at 7am on the dot. Don't know why, but I was grateful!

I got up, got dressed, got the kids ready, read Joe's book with him, fed them, and sent them on their way. I snoozed on the couch for a few minutes, and Jimmy and Jake woke up. The repair man was supposed to be at the house between 8am and noon, so I had to stay close. Andrea texted me to see if I could walk, but I couldn't. I had to be here whenever he showed up.

I was planning on designing all morning long. BUT, the repair man showed up right at 8:30am. He couldn't fix the molding strip on the floor, but said that he'd get ahold of the guy who could. I did replace the light switch in the kitchen, since he said that it was bad. He said that it's actually a common fix in these housing units.

He asked if there was anything else that he could help with, and I said that the caulking in the bathroom was nasty, and needed redone, so he went in and did it. VERY helpful man. THANK YOU!!!

He left, and I went on my walk. It was good to get an hour walk in again. The weather is getting MUCH nicer.

When Andrea and I got back from the walk, we chatted with Leigh in my driveway for a few minutes, then Hilary showed up. She was done early from work. We hung for a while, then I had her take me to the commissary to get a few things for Captain America. I'd forgotten Sour Cream when I went grocery shopping, and I didn't buy enough salsa, and he didn't like the new brand of deoderant. So we got the few things that I needed, went through self check out, and headed back home.

We briefly met Hilarys hubby at the Shoppette for lunch. At 1pm, we headed to Sams Club. I don't usually get to go, since I don't have a membership. Laurie came with us, and she has one. I guess that so does Hilary. It's kinda a fun store.

They were buying stuff for school lunches, but we're still poor enough to qualify for free lunches. Ha! At least until the summer, when my hubby goes up in rank, and has been in for 2 years, and he gets a pay increase. I think I'll take the pay increase over the free school lunches - LOL!

I just bought batteries. We go through them so fast, you know :) We were home in time to get kids from the bus, and all headed to the park. Jimmy and Joe had fun playing with the little kids. Tom and Jake played with Hunter and Braxton (Leslie's kids), and Emeline went to Bella's house (Veronica) for a while. Laurie and Hilary came to hang out too. We had a good time visiting.

When we left the park, we came home and fixed dinner. At 6pm, Bella came over to the house to play (actually, I think she came after the park), and Tom went with Michael to his soccer game. Captain America took my truck to his friends friends house to get it looked out.

At 7:30pm, Hilary came to pick me up for our Primary meeting. Jake was babysitting until Captain America got home. There wasn't much overlap. He was supposed to put the little kids to bed at 8pm, and the bigger kids as soon as Tom got home from the game. He texted and said that it all worked out great :)

Karin is the new Primary President, and Hilary and Andrea are the counselors. I'm the Singing Time leader. I know, dangerous combination. We have WAY too much fun. We went to Carinos Italian restaurant and had dinner, and had our primary meeting. It was pretty good. We got everything hashed out, and divided up, and sharing times assigned, and such. Then we chatted and laughed and visited and had a good time. We were out WAY too late, but it was fun :)

On the way home, Hilary was showing us fun songs from her MP3 player on her car stereo. HERE's the funniest one. She had it BLARING as we came in through the gate. The poor little man who was on guard duty, taking our ID's almost passed out. I think we embarrassed him. I know I laughed so hard I almost wet myself. My stomach hurt by the time we got to Karins house. TOO funny :)

So here it is, 11:29pm, and I'm all done blogging. Just need to make a quick freebie, and I'm all done. I have a parent teacher conference tomorrow for Joe, and need to still schedule one for Tom and Eme. Fun times....

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Cute, But Dangerous!

First off, my Scraporchard store will one be open for a few more days, just until Wednesday morning, I think. Now's your last chance to pick up some WordArt at 50% off. Here's the codes:


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OMheaven, I was very tired when I woke up this morning. 4 1/2 hours of sleep is NOT enough for me - LOL! Note to self: go to bed tonight before midnight.... It's 11:06pm right now, so I'm doing ok :)

Anyway, I showered, got ready, got the kids ready, got my stuff for Singing time ready, got ALL my stuff loaded in the truck, and headed to church. The church's TV is broken, which is why we couldn't play the "Follow the Prophet" DVD that I'd made a few weeks ago. I brought my own TV and DVD player from home. Good thing I had a few big kids to help me carry stuff - hehehe.

We got there in time to go and set up in the Primary room, then go to our seats in the chapel. Sacrament was good. We had a TON of kids/youth share their testimonies (fast & testimony meeting this week). I think there were only 4 adults that got up. It was kinda cute :)

Primary went well. Sister Creason did a really good sharing time, and we watched the "Follow the Prophet" movie that we'd made, then practiced the song for a bit.

We were home by 12:30pm, and got lunch for the kids. Captain America was actually home before 1:30 pm, and we had lunch together. Then, I got a nap. I have a hard time sleeping during the day, but we put a movie on for the kids, and I hit the pillow, and was OUT. I didn't wake up until 4:15pm, when Andrea texted me, saying that she and Leigh were at the park. I snuck out of bed, and the little kids and I went to the park.

It was SUCH a pretty day. Warmish, no wind. It was fun to just sit on the bench and chat with the girls. Captain America was still napping when we got home, but woke up shortly after we got home. We all had dinner, and cleaned up a bit. Well, a lot. The kitchen was pretty messy, and I had a TON of laundry to fold. But with everyone helping, it was pretty quick.

I put the little kids to bed at 8pm, and at 8:30pm we had a little Family Home Evening lesson. I wish the little kids had still been awake, but we waited too long. It's hard for Joe to get up in the morning if he doesn't get enough sleep...

Anyway, we had a little lesson, talked to the kids for a while, and sent them to bed too. Captain America and I watched a bit of Napoleon Dynamite, and he headed to bed. OMGosh, it's a strange movie. Funny, but strange. I think the later it got, the funnier it seemed. hehehe.

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Angels Unawares

Happy Saturday to everyone. Well, I guess it should be Happy Sunday to everyone, but hey, I'm blogging about yesterday, so Happy Saturday to everyone - hehehe.

I heard my hubby and my older boys get up this morning to go to Football, but tried to pretend like I was asleep so I wouldn't have to get up - hehehe. I think it worked :) They left at 8:20am, and I kept sleeping until around 9:30am. LOVE Saturdays.

I texted Andrea to see if she wanted to go walking around the block for some exercise, and she was up for it! We left at around 10am. We walked for 45 minutes, but it wasn't quite as good of a workout, since we didn't go very far. LOL! For some reason, in a straight line seems to work better than constantly looping on yourself. But whatever. I did get a walk in, so it's all good :)

When walking past Veronicas house, we noticed that her garage door was open, and that her kids were getting loaded in the car. So Andrea and I snuck over, and got in the car with the kids. We were laughing and giggling with them, saying that we wanted to surprise their mom. Well, those were my words. Andrea said scare - hehehe. We went with surprise - LOL!

We got her a little, but not much. She said that the fact that the car was SO quite, and that there was no fighting alerted her to something going on - ha!

She headed off to her kids' soccer game, and we finished up our short neighborhood walk and headed home.

I hung out for a while at home, and took a shower, and balanced my bills, and realized that I'd broken my contacts. Sigh. When I took them out last night, I was SO tired and drugged from the Niquil, that my contact only made it half way into the container, then got the lid shut on it. Sigh. I tried to salvage it, but it's broken.

I knew that I had a few more pairs in the bathroom closet, but couldn't find them. Where did they go??? Sigh. So I wore my glasses a lot that morning. I showered, and got ready, and fixed the kids lunch.

And at 1pm, Captain America and Jake and Tom came home from their football scrimmage. They seemed like they had a good time. Captain America had lunch, and then went to take a nap. I really wanted a nap, but wanted to be on the computer a tad bit more. (wishing I'd have napped now...). I watched last weeks episode of LOST, then started working on a new forum for my CT. It's gonna take a LONG time, cause I don't know what I'm doing :)

Captain America woke up at 4pm, and I started on 2 batches of Taco Bake. One for a family in the ward who needs a little help, and one for my kids. I got the one for the family in the ward all done, and in the casserole disposable pan, and got the kids started on the one for our family.

Captain America and I headed out for our 2nd date in 2 days! This makes up for the almost month it's been since we've been out, I think :) We dropped the food off at the lady's house, then headed for the movies. We went to the Theater on Post and saw "Dear John". What a great movie. Very sad, though. But I liked the ending, so it's worth the sad :)

After the movie, Captain America had to make a work related phone call, so I texted my buddies and played on Facebook and such. After his call, we headed for the West side. He was gonna return his bluetooth, and try a different one. This one doesn't work well enough, he says. The took the one back, and gave us a 25% discount if we bought 2 bluetooths. So we got 2. One for each phone.

After Verizon, we headed to the mall. There's a restaurant there that Captain Americas commander recommended. It was pretty good. We got the 1/2 sandwich and salad combo. Pretty tasty. I got the Club Sandwich with a salad with vinegar. Mmmmmmm.

We were home by 10pm, and Captain America decided to go to bed early this week. He's gotta get up at 5:30am or earlier to be ready for church. Poor guy. He works so hard :)

I searched my bathroom for a box of hair color, then headed to Lauries house. She was gonna color my gray! And Hilary came too. It only took us about an hour to do the hair, and another 3 hours worth of chatting. Those girls both have these palms, or plam pixies, or something of the sorts (cell phone), and they found this AWESOME app that changes the number you're calling from, and can disguise your voice. Like to a man. Or a woman (chipmunk). It was SO very funny. And you could record it, so we have a really funny recording of it.

At 2pm, we decided to call it a night, and head home. Here it is, almost 3pm, and I'm done. I'm off to bed. I've gotta get up at 7:30am to get kids dressed and ready, and me too.

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