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Friday, February 15, 2013

The Gift of Family Freebie

Hey there, girls.  Shocker, I know.  I'm giving blogging a shot again.  I really miss is.  But I don't know how hard it is gonna be to get back into it.  I did my taxes a few days ago, and my income decreased by 2/3!!  Just from stopping blogging.  Wow, huh!  So here it goes again.

I went to lunch with the kids today.  I'd been baking homemade treats for them all year long, but the school FINALLY decided to crack down on it last week.  So no more homemade goodies.  Which freed up my morning, but was disappointing.  I did like chatting with my kiddos, though.

Julia and Corby were there to eat with their kids, and Tom and Maggie were there to eat with there kids.  Which was hard.  Because I was by myself.  Sometimes I feel sorry for myself.  I need to snap out of it, I guess.  CPT and I are having a rough patch.  And I'm not sure if we are going to snap out of it or not.  I can't make someone like me.  I really can't.  And would I even WANT to force someone to like me?  No, I don't think I would.  But I'm about done with the whole situation.  If something doesn't change, I may make some permanent changes myself.

Anyway, since it was an Army 4 day holiday, watching the happy couples at lunch was kinda hard.  But I tried to ignore it, and chatted with the kids.  Then came back home after.  And worked on my computer.  It's been freaking out lately.  It's been trying to update, and then I have to restart it to make it to work right again.  Sigh.  So after about an hour, and a system restore, I got it going again.  And here I am, blogging.

Good news, Jake is doing good.  He is managing quite well.  His therapist is VERY impressed with his progress.  He does therapy once a week, and is learning how to manage people the right way.  Tom and Joe are in therapy once every few weeks, and things seem to good. 

Joe and Tom are both in Hockey.  Eme is in Piano.  We do Scouts on Wednesday.  I'm going to play with the girls about once a week.  And CPT and I fight a lot.  Other than that, that's my life.  Oh yeah, and I'm watching a lot of Bones.  That show is great.  I like it.  I don't know why I didn't start watching it sooner.  hehe.

Man, I sound like such a downer!  I hate that.  I wanna be a ray of sunshine.  I want to be happy, and spread happiness.  And I know that I have the potential of being that way.  It's inside of me.  I know it is.  But it isn't today.  I just feel like crying.  Sigh.  Deep breaths.  Some of my friends from church are going to a support group for "deployed spouses" and I was invited and thought might go tonight.  Tom is old enough to babysit.  At least then I can be around people who like me.  Maybe that's what I need, some positiveness.  Some laughter.  Some happiness.  Sitting at home and feeling down isn't working out so well for me :)

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